Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Burnley today

The confirmed line-up has been released by Arsenal, and we have I’m a little confused as to why we have no striker in our squad.

As expected, Alexis Sanchez has been given the central role, with his impressive partnership with Theo Walcott set to continue, but the surprise comes with both Olivier Giroud and Lucas Perez excluded from the bench, with three defenders included.

We come into the match on the back of four consecutive Premier League wins, but face a tough trip to Turf Moor today, where Burnley have not lost in three, including two 2-0 wins over in-form Liverpool and Watford sides.

We will need to make sure we respect our opponents, but with the form we are in, you would have to say that if we continue to play the way we have been doing, we simply must win.

Gabriel has been included in the squad and could make his first Premier League outing of the season, but may have trouble forcing himself ahead of the impressive Rob Holding, Shkodran Mustafi and Laurent Koscielny in the bid for a starting role.

Confirmed XI:

Bellerin  Mustafi  Koscielny  Monreal
Xhaka     Cazorla
Walcott          Ozil        Iwobi

Is this the perfect line-up to ensure all three points from a touch away match-up?

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  1. Commentators head in Spuds butt.

    Lol if they had aguero they would be favourite to win league. Lol dumbest who is this dummy

  2. need a big statement of intent today … man utd already losing momentum … need 100 per cent effort and concentration … intensity of spuds man city game was impressive … 3 points today needed before break

  3. in the post match conference whorinho said ‘it could have been 5-0 or 6-0’… i thought stoke were good today but not certainly that good 😛

  4. Forgetful 1st half. Needs to be played at a faster pace. Mustafi looking great today, Ozil needs to get in this game more though.

      1. i noticed. And it always ends with a failed pass from him through the center. His best games for us have been when he drifts out wide. Ozil still hardly in the game until last 2-3 minutes though. Overall our attack is playing at snail pace.

      1. I miss it too, but today is not ideal for Coq’s expertise. We need intencity going forward with fast and accurate passing, we already have players out there that are better than Coquelin at this. Also we need our best dribblers to start beating the first man so a next one will have to leave space behind.

  5. If Arsenal drop points today, it would be typical of Arsenal to do so. We play in the last fixture of the weekend knowing 1st place team has dropped points, so we do the same.

    Lets see if this really is a different Arsenal side compared to the recent past.

    1. We need to grind this one out. Energy levels look low at the moment. Unfortunately our sub bench looks a bit uninspired in terms of attack. No Giroud or Perez. Thinking Elneny can quicken the pace of our play a bit though if needed. Missing our urgency players in Ramsey and Coquelin.

  6. This is why resting one or two players in midweek would’ve helped. We look a little tired compared to last week. We need more urgency and quicker passing, who’s on the bench that could give us this. Also dare I say it, Giroud would be better seeing as we’re resorting to crosses. And what happened to Xhaka’s long ball routine, don’t say Arsene told him to hold off on it. Mesut, stop peeing about, we need some killer balls, come on. Come on Arsenal, we need these points, come on, you can do it Alexis Sanchez.

  7. No need to worry or get angry. its an away match, which is always tough
    We aren’t losing. Its 0-0
    We have a whole second half to win it
    We just need to get more intense in the second half


  8. This is the exact kind of match title winners should be winning.. but we aren’t..

    Wins over Chelsea, United, Leicester or even City don’t matter much if we can’t pull off 3 points against “smaller” teams.

    Anyone remember Norwich draw and WBA loss last year? That’s when it started going downhill..

      1. Are you stupid or what? I said this is the match we should we winning when the game was 0-0.

        And we won it in the end. Like champions.

        But next time I can spell it for you so you can understand!

  9. It doesn’t get any closer than that … Giroud and Xhaka are the ideal antidote to barn door bus parking opponents … I don’t understand what it haooening to Giroud, and why Xhaka was taken off early

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