Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Chelsea in crunch derby match

Unai Emery has revealed his team to take on Chelsea today at the Emirates,

The Gunners boss will be hoping to get one over on his London rivals, while closing the gap between our sides to only three points, while also hoping to reclaim fifth spot from Man United, who are just about to leap-frog us with a comfortable win over Brighton.

As you can see below, we were right in a few predictions from our XI earlier, with a return to a back four, as well as a surprise inclusion of all three of Guendouzi, Xhaka and Torreira.

Bellerin Mustafi  Sokratis Maitland-Niles
Torreira  Xhaka Guendouzi
Lacazette/Ozil  Aubameyang  Iwobi

I can’t figure out if this line-up is a 4-4-2 formation, with two DMs and two AMs, and think Ramsey will be playing more advanced off the strikers almost in a three. 4-3-1-2 or 4-3-3 maybe.

Chelsea’s team on the other hand is exactly as we predicted this morning, with no actual striker named to start.

Does their predictability play into our hands? Or does our shakey defence leave too many questions to be confident?

Pat J

Updated: January 19, 2019 — 4:37 pm


  1. Team with two strikers to lose to team with no striker. Called it. The mess ain’t gonna change overnight…

    1. Those “non-strikers” are highly skillful and explosive forwards that Arsenal do not have

      Actually I’d prefer Arsenal to rely on the more versatile attackers that can score and assist from the wide positions, compared to relying on conservative strikers that could easily be marked

  2. I think the best we could aim for is not to concede more than 2 goals.

    1. it’s a given we are conceding one already. We have to score at least twice to get anything from this game. Also hope we can limit it to just our usual one this time.

  3. I hope it’s 3-4-1-2, because Koscielny could be a disaster if he starts as a CB in a two CB formation. If this is correct, the no 10 must not let Jorginho dictate the tempo and hopefully Xhaka can control it instead:

    …….Koscielny . Sokratis . Xhaka
    Bellerin . Guendouzi . Torreira . Kolasinac
    …Aubameyang …………..Lacazette

    1. Lol…why would you want Xhaka at the back?? Ramsey, this is your chance though

      1. He would have less pressure there, hence he could control the flow better

        My only concern is Ramsey’s motivation

        1. Ramsey’s motivation has never been an issue before. I don’t think signing for Juve would suddenly change that.

  4. Bro be positive,If Chelsea score 2 goals am sure we will also score 2

  5. Jesus Ozil, Mustafi & Iwobi on the bench!!
    Will Mesut ever play for us again??

    1. at least one if ozil and iwobi should start, how are we supposed to create chances, Ramsey?

      1. Will we create anything Sarmmie?? Ramsey needs to step up!! COYG

        1. Sue I’m surprised Iwobi is on the bench though.. he’s still a better option for the LW.
          Ozil on the bench, I hope this is a 4-4-2 formation though, like we’ve all stated, nobody knows what team Emery would pick and he hasn’t disappointed us with that, Ramsey starting, Iwobi bench, who would’ve thought bout that?

        2. I don’t know, Sue, I really don’t know
          Ramsey playing well today will really affect our game, though

  6. it’s funny how some fans want ozil out. Now he isn’t playing and some wants him back.
    Hope we win but not looking positive at all.

    Hoepfully we win… I don’t want a draw. I want a win even if my confidence is on the low

    1. I’ve always wanted Ozil to play!
      I don’t want a draw either.. if we lose I’m going to be absolutely raging!!!

    2. A win is a must and I don’t want Ozil to be back

      I suspect another club is negotiating with Ozil and Arsenal

    3. well the fanbase isn’t one collective mind and some want him to start and some want him benched. Why is that hard to understand?

  7. Bloody Genius?? The line up, who’s gon serve Aubameyang and Lacazette? Your father?? Lol good luck..
    elsewhere he was asked why Torreira has been on the bench lately and here’s his reply.

    ““He is the same (as Ozil),”
    “Sometimes he is with a good performance, sometimes he is with worse performances. And sometimes he can play and sometimes somebody else can play. I think this is normal.”

    And some of you question our sanity when we say Emery’s a rétard and a joke to this club….Okay lads

    1. Eddie, keep saying it often enough and you might believe it; “Emery’s a retard”!!!

  8. Emery is an idiot.
    He is starting to have the same issues Wenger had ignoring what is best t=for the team and playing his preferred line-up . Xhaka and Guendouzi are at best best bench players not
    the caliber you need to get I top 4.
    If we win this match it will be a miracle. Chelsea on paper have a better player in virtually every position. I hope we get very lucky.

    1. Who’s the idiot?

  9. Interestingly, Ramsey is the only British player that starts tonight and there is no single English player in both teams

    Liverpool started with three English players tonight, but they manage to stay on the top

    Arsenal should focus on English and young player development, rather than hiring highly paid expatriates that are inconsistent

    1. Maybe Willock and Smith Rowe should have replaced Ozil and Iwobi on the bench. Also AMN play ahead of Kolasinac.
      Dont you think?

      1. Only the ones that are ready should play

        I reckon Maitland-Niles is the best young English player at Arsenal currently, therefore he should have gotten more chances to build his confidence

  10. Emery would play Ozil when Arsenal is goal behind. If he’s lucky, it would be because Emery is a tactic genius. If Arsenal still lost, it would be because of Ozil, even if he only plays not mire than 20 minutes.

  11. 4-3-3 it is.Not so bad,but Monreal would have started then Kolasinac plays further ahead in place of Guendouzi.
    Let me say nothing about Xhaka,he is wearing an arsenal Jersey so let me just support the team.

  12. When the game is done and dusted, Ozil, Iwobi and Mustafi can come on in the 2nd half to see out the game.

    Its gonna be 2-1 to Arsenal.


    1. I hope you’re right ?

      1. Nearly…
        Ozil will start the next match surely.

        1. ? well done Tolucoyg

  13. This is hard to swallow

  14. People mad about Ozil, but Koscielny over Mustafi is a move that will cost us more dearly.

    1. Swear down, Koscienly over Mustafi doesn’t seem like a bright idea

      1. Sorry guys, he proved y’all wrong today.

  15. When you give a months notice at work your focus is not really there for your last month. The effort is not there and if things go wrong you know you are leaving.
    Why play Ramsey?
    Ozil has creativity in the No 10 position.
    This Arsenal side has no creativity and is a defensive shambles.
    We HAVE to win. Its season over if we lose.
    This really is no improvement over last season. I have to wonder what exactly Emery has brought to Arsenal apart from additional calamity…

  16. Koscielny is our best central defender, so very happy we didn’t go with Mustafi

    Hopefully Ozil will get a chance in the 2nd half. I don’t see Ramsey being useful at servicing Laca and Auba as Ozil

    1. Leon, can you quote me one acknowledged football expert, who agrees with your assessment of Unai Emery?

  17. Things are changing

    A lot of doom and gloom on here. We can win this without a doubt.

    If we play as we did against Liverpool or Spurs there might be some happy fans tonight. This team has more character than last years team don’t count them out.

    Great opportunity for Ramsey to show us what we will be missing by leading our attack.

  18. Sorry to say that after 7 months in job am willing to predict emery ain’t going to be an arsenal legend .. he’s just too predictable and unimaginative a mind and anyone playing xhaka week in week out has no ffing idea in my books

    1. Emery is a tactician, if you take a look at arsenal team you will notice that there are no reflects players like Hleb and rosicky , but emery is doing to make used of what is available to him. Xhaka is the only midfieder that can usher long passes. That is the point of view he is been used

  19. I don’t care if he scores a hat trick, Xhaka is easily one of the worst players to have ever played for Arsenal

    1. Politics aside … the worst to hold down a regular place

      1. That’s the only thing I had in mind. Nothing more, nothing less

    2. how would you not player if he scores a hatrick, it shows you don’t like him irrespective of what he does or whatever he will do

      1. Because we could concede a hat trick the way he gives the ball away

  20. Well done Laca
    Hope Auba scores too


  21. Lol kolasinac launching kante on koscielny who gets the foul…

    1. Kolasinac shoving Pedro to the ground. Stop being a bully kolasinac.

      1. Haha he’s brilliant… I love it

      2. …its encouraging knowing we’ve a few tough hombres in the side – gotta admit – i do like having the guy in our ranks – i.e. particularly when we’re driving forward. #kolsinac

        1. Hell yeah waal2waal ??

          1. LOL – i already know he’s a favourite of yours Sue 🙂

  22. 2 nil up!!!!

    1. Egg on face!!

  23. .Koscielnys shoulder did it thats the goal we need lets go Arsenal!!!
    dont give up !!!

  24. what a first half, we were really good. Kos proving me wrong so far today. COYG, strong 2nd as well please

  25. What a superb half of football! EVERYONE put a shift in & we were brilliant ?
    More of the same in the 2nd half please

    1. Plus why can’t we play like that every week??

      1. Sue that’s the problem!! this team ain’t stable

        1. I know Eddie….. if only we could play at home every week then ?

          1. Eddie, you are finally right about “stability”; Arsenal now have 4 fit CB’s.

  26. A lot of pre-game bitching as usual . . . .
    Good half.

  27. the game is not over yet Chelsea will come up after us at the second half our defense is weak but survived the first half
    we were lucky with Alonso heading at the post anyway I take it but we have to be very careful dont slow down and keep forward all the time and score again to secure the win

  28. The first commentator – in this thread has identified themselves as “S” – clearly by the gloomy outlook you expressed in your comment, the S (attached to your name) is for Spud 😀

  29. I just love Sokratis

  30. Oh ffs doesn’t look good for Hector

  31. must get a right-back on loan then… or play lichtsteiner lol

    1. jenkinson is world class. we’re good

  32. …last week some were slating emery and wanting him gone – we need to stop all that… and get behind the manager. Happy for emery, the team and all of our fans – it’s a wonderful day indeed 🙂

  33. A second half to forget,another very poor performance from Auba but we have won!!!and that is all that matters.

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