Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Fulham this afternoon

The teams are out for today’s 3PM kick-off between Arsenal and Fulham FC.

The Gunners have won both of their league outings so far this term, beating Nottingham Forest and Crystal Palace, and today will hopefully be no different.

We knew we would be without both Jurrien Timber and Mo Elneny today due to injury, while Takehiro Tomiyasu’s double yellow on Monday night forces his absence also.

Gabriel Jesus is back in the squad however, and it will be interesting to see how many minutes he plays out today.

With the above information, we named the below predicted Arsenal XI:

Partey White Saliba Zinchenko
Odegaard Rice Havertz
Saka Nketiah Martinelli

As you can see, we were just two players away, with Kiwior taking Zinchenko’s LB spot, most likely down to the Ukrainian’s fitness, and Trossard making his first start of the season.

This team should be able to get a convincing win this afternoon, but what are your predictions after seeing the sides?


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  1. Despite having the same squad/players,this team and our football are unrecognizable from last season.i think it’s time to go back to the tried and tested plan A from last season.

    1. If Arteta goes back to the “tested and trusted” that hasn’t won us anything yet, are other teams going to set up the same way they did last season. Teams are going to keep resorting to low blocking tactics at the Emirates, so it is Arteta’s job to vary his tactics and set up. In my opinion, he is doing the sensible thing.

      His changes today were early and spot on. It is clear he is learning quickly and does not plan to drop points, the same feeling we the fans have.

      1. It hasn’t won us anything yet but it took us very closed. injuries and lack of depth squad, rotation (fatigue )played a big part.we know have the players able to make an impact from the bench.let’s start with that same XI and if it doesn’t work make those substitutions.there is a difference between knowing what a team will do and trying to stop them.

    2. Rather than reinforce and strengthen, tinkerman decided to reinvent the wheel.

      Rather than push on from last year looks like we’re starting over from scratch.

      1. Yet we should of won the game easy. As I said opposing you guys previously proof will be in the pudding and if it’s not I’ll back you guys if it happens. Just like back when arsenal supposedly would never finish above 8th under Arteta I said the same. Move the goalposts all you want.

    1. Not so much unlucky as Zinchenko with a sloppy and lazy pass leading to a goal.

      He is either the most unlucky guy or his brain switches off when pressure mounts.

      Yet another goal conceded leading from Zinchenko mistake

      1. Kind of ignores the impact Zinchenko had coming on which I’m sure had we won you were all going to point to the fact it was more similar to the old system and artetas new system had failed (precisely my issue with certain negative voices.) There is a element of truth in various criticism just not the way it’s presented.

  2. Bizarre team setup. Everybody watching will be confused by how we were set up. Silly setup and tactics. We missed Gabriel.

  3. Arteta has won us many games but this time it’s his fault we drop. And listen, let’s all just call it how we see it and how everyone all predicted. Havertz is going to flop and we wasted a bunch of money on him. Poor signing, poor player.

  4. We didn’t deserve to win today. Not sure why we become defensive after leading. That’s the big difference between us and city who keep the pressure on. The team selection and setup is also very odd. I am not an expert in tactics but can see the difference in fluency of play after the substitutions.

    1. One good thing about being a pundit is that you have the benefit of hindsight. We have the opportunity to criticize the tactics if it does not work.

      If Arteta had stuck with the same tactics (which could not have even happened till today as Zinchenko is just returning) and we dropped points, we the fans would have blamed him for not bedding in the new signings.

      He probably needs to consult we the fans before each game to help him with his team selection, which will make things “fair”.

  5. Wow, just wow.
    We should not be letting a team with a man down getting near our box let alone scoring.
    We didn’t have the personnel Gabriel mangalles who is good at defending Corner kicks on the pitch.
    2 points dropped.
    I hope Arteta learns from this game and quickly too.

  6. I would rather have lost 1-0 to be honest. Write it off as a bad day at the office and get on with it.
    But to throw it away like that. and against ten men is very poor.
    Partey at right back.
    Havertz at the club (and no doubt will start against Man Utd)
    Gabriel not playing.
    Its just baffling.
    Havertz starting every game is the most worrisome as he offers absolutely nothing to us.

  7. @Angus . This is not a political rally or debate and football isn’t that deep for people to need to peddle narratives . Eddie scores goals and is a good player but an upgrade will benefit this team and im sure we are all in agreement of that, I’m no prophet but we can all see Havertz is not good and hasn’t been for 3 years that’s not a narrative that’s the truth . Viera last season was rubbish and as a player your judged as good as your last game . As for Arteta’s tactic we can all see he is tinkering . Might his pans work maybe but for now we are dropping points while the contenders are gathering theirs . As for luck it is a vital part of football and il argue Fulham had more of a gameplan than arsenal today . So please pipe it down with the narratives . A draw against Fulham at the emirates isn’t as good a result as you think .

  8. Urghhh!!! Pained i could’nt catch the game from the start.1 point gained, on to the next one, united. COYG!!!

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