Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Fulham – No Ozil, Ramsey or Aubameyang! WOW

Unai Emery took a strong Arsenal squad to Qarabag on Thursday, and today we will find out if it was a good idea or not, as we now have to face a fully rested Fulham side at Craven Cottage. Emery seems convinced that his players should be fit enough to handle three games in a week and I certainly hope he is right!

As he seems nearly settled on his starting XI in the League, this was my prediction for the starting line-up….

Bellerin  Sokratis  Mustafi  Monreal
Guendouzi  Torreira  Xhaka
Ozil  Lacazette  Aubameyang

And here will be Emery’s final decision on his team to face Fulham…

Well, this is a very radical choice from the new coach. Who would have thought he would put out a line-up like that? Ramsey and Aubameyang on the bench, but where is Ozil? Not in Turkey recovering from another cold I hope!

Updated: October 7, 2018 — 11:06 am


  1. it’s still a strong squad

    1. Astrong line up i mean.

      1. We are going top 4!!!!!!

  2. Oh Christ I’m scared

      1. Well I saw no Aubameyang & Ozil in the line up. At least Pierre is on the bench if needed. Not bothered about Ramsey… was hoping Ozil was on the bench, but oh well… hope we get all 3 points

        1. Think we’ll miss Sokratis though

  3. I am surprised Sokratis isn’t starting. He has been our best defender so far, IMO.
    Yes, and where is Özil?
    But I am happy to see Ramsey benched,

    1. For a change I am more impressed with the defensive line up than the attack!
      We haven’t conceded with Holding playing, but I’d rather see him beside Sokratis than Mustafi….

  4. Emery is learning, apart from the defence, this is our most balanced formation this season. We have good wing players and a well rounded number 10, Lacazette our best centre forward…
    Am so excited about this!

  5. Rotation is key.. Who remembers when Emery was employed and people thought lacazette would be sold because He wants to build the team around Pierre. Anyway, I don’t know the managers strongest line up and formation but I m glad he is able to rotate players properly and make substitution rightfully.

  6. Auba as been I’ll this week so that’s probably why he’s on the bench .
    Ozil Injuried again ,sigh ,
    Nice to see Ramsey benched
    Don’t think the line up looks that strong though
    ,welbeck and iwobi in the same side with miki ,looks like a cup side that would play .

  7. This is an example of strong management although I would have preferred Socratis to Mustafi.With the latter and Bellerin in the back four I expect Fulham to score but I think we will scrape home to keep our winning run going.

  8. i expect to see mhkitarian and iwobi swoop places during the match. welbeck will be more on the left flank. should be an interesting match. we have 2 ball carriers and one energetic player in welbeck all behind lacazette. would be nice to see how that works.

  9. Poor Ozil sick again? We won’t miss him, as he’s barely done anything this season, or for a long time, but it’s interesting that’s now twice he’s not even in the match day squad. A bit frustrating that some players have clearly been benched because of form, yet Xhaka retains his place yet again?

    Other than Xhaka, really pleased with the line up though. Even dropping Aubameyang I like, because he’s not a winger, and he’s been poor out wide.

    1. Third Man JW, it is back spasms apparently, according to thr TV commentators. I don’t buy all these fake sounding injuries of his and have said so further in more detail down this thread. Better off without this Walcottt mark two wimp. Spot on about Xhaka too. Can’t stand him personally.

  10. I trust Emery for his line up. Win is a must for the gunners. Fulham 0:2 Arsenal OR fulham 1:3 Arsenal

  11. I really love this lineup. My only concern is with the defense, i’d have loved to see Sokratis in place of Mustafi.

  12. Iwobi is the second most overrated player at Arsenal after ozil. Such a liability

    1. Is he back to normal then???

      1. Sue, I don’t know what match he’s watching cos Iwobi has by far been arsenal best player in this match. Loving the guy👍👍👍

    2. Now eat your words….
      Iwobi is far more productive and threatening than your god, Ozil

      1. He’s not threatening coz he has no final pass … but definitely a step up from Ramsey … best player for me has been holding … a massively improving presence in defense with a good relation with torreira

  13. Lacazette is proving his worth

  14. I’ll take that back ,front 3 look pretty good and iwobi having a great game so far .

  15. Come on Gunners

  16. Bellerin has to be benched

  17. 1 a piece a fair reflection of the half … and shows just how much we need to improve esp when we leave put our quality players

  18. Bellerin and Mustafi shouldnt start PL matches
    Prefer Lichtenstein and Holding

  19. Very sloppy from Monreal

  20. that was all monreal’s fault leading to the goal. had enough space to pick a pass or play it out, yet he put himself under pressure by pushing the ball out wide before trying to play out. Very poor from one of my best player in this arsenal team.

    1. A very stupid mistake, and it gets even more stupider as you rewatch it

  21. What was Monteal doing? Just clear the ball and not pass to opponents. Defensive mistakes will never end at Arsenal till Jesus return. F**K

    1. Trouble with the Arsenal defense as exemplified by Monreal; they want to over elaborate play. With minutes to go before half time and 1-0 up, just put the ball in row 10; Monreal has now allowed Fulham back in the game!

  22. Darn it! Fell asleep for both goals! Hope I’ll be able to stay awake for the 2nd half. COYG 1-3!

  23. It seems Ozil is out with a back spasm this time. Colds, spasms etc. What next? An ingrowing toenail perhaps? What a WiMP. I am rapidly getting chessed off with this mans bogus injuries. It seems he just “doesn’t like it up him. ” And yes, perhaps i am being too hard on him but all these non realistic footballers reasons for missing games do sound really suss. Who agrees? I know who will disagree and could name most of them them here but what do others HONESTLY think, putting bias aside?

    1. He needs to TTFU.
      Not that I agree with players taking injuries into games; here in Australia the talking point is Cooper Cronk playing through the Rugby League Grand Final with a fractured scapula.

    2. This 👆 😁

      I liked how the four attackers worked without Ozil and Ramsey

      They were swiftly interchanging their positions instead of stuck in each starting position and very willing to do duels with the opponents. I guess this is what Emery has been envisioning

  24. Ooh arsenal fans are the only fans who will pray Some players have a bad game to prove a point,iwobi so far this match has been playing well,all of our attacks has come from iwobi and welbeck

    1. I wonder. I am beginning to think that there’s a difference between a Club’s fan and a Club’s supporter.
      Up Arsenal. Upward we go.

  25. WOW Iwobi is killing Fulham. Lacazette is just amazing.

  26. Goalscorer. No touch necessary. Come on laca!!! Come on Arsenal!!!

  27. Why is xhaka still on the pitch … hapless

  28. How many points has Laca won us this season already?

  29. Xhaka is such a shite player playing for us. He takes far too long to decide to what to do with the ball. he always do that which puts us under pressure, he either loses the ball or puts a teammate in trouble. Speed of thought is what makes a player in epl.

    Just saw a good example of xhaka holding onto the ball allowing Fulham player to press him then he disgustingly throw the ball to mkhitaryan who loses the ball because of xhaka error.

  30. What A COUNTER ATTACK!!!

    1. Simply amazing
      Lol to fans who thought we wouldn’t see such football with emery.

  31. Whoooaaaaaa what a goal!!!

  32. Ramsey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Why is Ramsey playing in front of Lacazette?????

  34. I see 9 players working hard and together today, xhaka is useless and welbeck despite his willingness is not connecting well with the others.

    Iwobi has reverted to the daring audacious player that made fans love him when he started. Free from useless sideways passing. Yes he will lose possession especially on a bad day but he can be the winger we need.

  35. Difference between welbeck and auba … control plus awareness equalss threat

  36. torreira is a beast of a DM

  37. Have to say torreira is a bargain .. transformed our midfield even with the hapless xhaka next to him

  38. How many passes was that fifth goal?

  39. What a striker pair Arsenal suddenly have on their hand!!! 2 goals 1 assist in less 30mins for Auba

  40. When was the last time we were above Spurs?

  41. What a brilliant 2nd half!! EVERYONE has played brilliantly, all the goals were superb! I am buzzing…. 5 goals!!! 3 points!!! Hard to pick a MOTM… they all deserved it 😊 3rs in the table & above the spuds 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

      1. a good feeling – another thumbs up for emery 😀

        1. Too right waal2waal

  42. Oh boy…5-1 what a game…. everyone tried outshining each other with the goals…well we finally have a game that falters the scoreline…biggest fear is the media picking us apart.

    1. we have thrived being ignored by the media. United’s implosion has been a positive in more than one way. Hope they keep making headlines and keep us out. Nothing to see here! 🙂

  43. Oh my arsenal

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