Confirmed official Arsenal team to take on Liverpool today – Tomiyasu and White start

So today is the biggest day of the season so far (just like last week against Spurs!), but I’m really glad the game is at the Emirates as Arsenal are aiming to continue their 100% home winning streak this season.

We were quite lucky with the Queen’s funeral and the international break gave us a chance to get most of our injured stars back to full fitness, although Oleks Zinchenko has been revealed as a doubt for today’s game.

But we have more than enough firepower available and we will be seeing a practically full strength side, so there will no excuses available to Areta if it all goes disastrously wrong today, as it does so often when we come up against Jurgen Klopp’s superstars.

So this is the team that Patrick predicted in his Preview earlier, and without Zinchenko I personally can’t see it will be any different, unless there is a late unexcpected surprise…

Predicted Arsenal XI:

White Saliba Gabriel Tierney
Partey Xhaka
Saka Odegaard Martinelli

And here we now have Mikel Arteta’s official choice…


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  1. Interesting to see Tomiyasu over Tierney. Liverpool has gone with the 2 man midfield formation they played against Rangers as well rather than reverting to 433. Big calls! Let’s smash them!

  2. might be because salah likes to cut in so more tackles with the right foot needed from the left back

  3. tierney should b left back ,tomi should b right back full stop …rolls royce white gona b caught out 2day COYG

      1. There was no need to experiment especially against this opponent…
        It’s not about Tavares or Tomiyasu, it’s about selecting Tomiyasu ahead of Tierney when he is available..

        1. Two simple answers are either Tierney isn’t fully fit or Arteta believes Tomiyasu is the better choice for this game. Acting like it’s completely wild, the man is two-footed and nobody would complain if he started over White at RB so not sure why you’d be concerned with him playing LB. Understand if people rate Tierney above him but we’ll see how it works out. Tomiyasu was impressive midweek.

  4. There will be 3 defenders when we attack…me thinks White will attack more on the left with Saka….we going to run their LB and LCB ragged and then the substitution…..wonder what the game plan really is….?

  5. Tomiyasu showed that his weaker foot was quite adept in the EL game

    Maybe Tierney isn’t fully fit. Or perhaps Arteta got inspired by Cancelo’s movements yesterday, so he could instruct Tomiyasu to cut inside and shoot more often

    1. He’s completely two-footed so if you are happy with him playing RB you can be happy with him playing LB.

      1. He made many good runs down the right wing, but I have never seen him do it on the left. Hopefully we’ll see him shoot as Tavares often did in France

  6. Good time to play Liverpool ,just feel like Liverpool are due a big performance ,let’s hope it isn’t today .
    Tomi atbleft back is maybe because of past games where salah as made tierney look like a under 16 player ,big call but I like it .
    Still going for a Liverpool win ,but hope I’m wrong .
    COYG .

  7. Those who know football would not complain about Tomi being deployed at LB especially facing Salah. Wenger deployed AMN at LB to neutralize Salah and it worked.

    Let’s keep calm and see what happens. MA is not stupid

  8. Tierney is fit. It’s just a match tactics. With Salah it only means out left side is going to be already running back to our goal and it’s best to use a right footed left back who’s good at both fit and assured in one on one situations to help Gabriel who’s a suspect atimes. Let’s leave the man to do his job instead of complaining pls

  9. Has anyone observed that Liverpool is playing long balls behind the defence??
    Unlike of Liverpool…

  10. We need to start creating chances because apart from goal we haven’t created or threatened much of Liverpool..

  11. How we are still playing like an underdogs at the Emirates especially this year when we are so good and Liverpool is so poor..
    We are not even able to keep possession for 20 seconds

    1. Pool may have had a poor start to the season but
      there more than capable of beating ANYONE in the
      world on any given day.

      Arsenal may be in the ascendancy atm but
      psychologically they haven’t been anywhere near this
      collection of Liverpool players since Klopp took over.

      Rome wasn’t built in a day last I checked

  12. It was coming…
    It was coming…
    We were not playing the same level the way we have been so far this season

    1. I saw the same thing, exactly!

      We were conceding position so easily letting Liverpool right back in. Typical Arsenal letting Liverpool grow in confidence at our ground..

    1. Our whole team is not playing well since we have scored…
      We are playing like an underdogs against this poor in form Liverpool side
      We still have that fear against Liverpool or we haven’t closed the gap against Liverpool in terms of mentality and quality…

    1. Basically Liverpool has so much quality, you can’t really point out any player.. they are still ahead of us in terms of quality..

  13. After that start, I thought we’d dominate but a bit of the old Arsenal sitting back on the lead a little. We’ve not been great in possession. Will say Saka has been repeatedly fouled and half the time they get away with it. Tsimikas push that wasn’t given was appalling.

    1. I think didn’t sat back on lead but we have outplayed by Liverpool…
      We didn’t even manage to keep the possession…
      We have been very poor..
      So even in this bad form Liverpool has outplayed us at the emirates

      1. please, outside goal name the Liverpool chances. We were poor in possession overall but we’ve had the best chances.

  14. Saka has lost his mojo this season. Partly looks an hour late to everyone situation. The rest of the team now look nervous when pressed. Thought we got passed this but not so, obviously!

    1. Liverpool has the best press in the league…. But I still think we were narvous sometimes, we need to do better in d second half

    1. And yet I feel we will concede again too..

      MA needs to get this team working again. We’re not winning the 50-50s enough and we’re giving the ball away when pressed.

  15. Sakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  16. I said it!!!! The game reminds me of our loss at Old Trafford. We need to take our chances and keep our shape whenever Liverpool are in possession.

    We’re not gonna win all our games having the lion share of the possession.

  17. Seriously how does the referee not see the deliberate tactical fouling by Liverpool. They just kill any potential attack with a foul and nearly never get punished. Watch our 2nd goal our van dijk takes out jesus, no foul, no yellow nothing.

      1. No Mention of the Gabriel handball and Odegaard hacking down their player .
        Stop with the “worlds against “us act ,we have had some good calls go for us this season .

        1. Enlighten me where i said the ref is against us, aint no biased ref in this game, they are just crap. Man city and Liverpool tactical fouling never gets punished.

        2. Gabriel’s handball could be given but would be harsh, worth noting that was VAR as Oliver couldn’t see it so irrelevant to this particular point. The Tsimikas push on Saka was clear as day and not given.

      2. Oliver is the best ref in the PL and could have given a penalty against us for handball by Gabriel and then gave us a soft penalty for a foul on Gabriel

  18. Credit to Arteta for the job he has done this season. The players we brought in the summer have improved us. It is easy to see the improvement in this arsenal squad.

  19. lucky to go in 2-1 up. still not convinced by gabriel, would like white or even tomi given a game at centre half, gabriel gets flustered too early.
    think tomi at left back is why xhaka doesnt look great in this game, due to playing a different way we have in other games

  20. The persistent fouling is such a shame, similar to a Championship side tactics. They are so scared of Saka that they always foul him not to allow him time to pick a pass since they know the EPL referees have got their backs.

  21. Martinelli 👏
    Fans last week moaning that he holds onto the ball for too long 🤌,this is what he brings ,unbelievable talent at his age ,looks a carbon copy of Sanchez which is aways a good thing .
    Xhaka and Odegaard for me are getting bypassed once again ,so would like to see a change there .
    Overall Bestvteam in the first half .
    We have had some luck as well ,saka looked offside to me for the first goal and the handball could have been given agaist Gabriel .

    1. Agree but Martinelli is Martinelli, never liked these comparisons he easily could far eclipse Sanchez’s career. Same way Saliba is Saliba not VVD.

      Saka was not offside otherwise it would of been given they literally checked it. The handball I could see get given but Liverpool got lucky with their goal anyway so it evened out which is rare.

  22. I dnt mind us not having possession, I dnt want what happened to man u to repeat. As long as we keep making use of counter in the best way am good

  23. For Liverpool’s goal if Gabriel doesn’t touch the ball Nunez picks it up and is offside 🙂 Not to mention the only reason Diaz was running away with it is because of the touch from Gabriel too. Lucky, lucky goal. Here we are 2-1! Hoping for a more dominant 2nd half, we allowed Liverpool too much possession even if they did nothing with it.

  24. We led by one goal, but the first half showed that Liverpool are still more confident and better passers than us. They looked very vulnerable when we countered them, but they generally won the midfield battle

    I suspect our attackers were instructed not to press Liverpool’s defense too much, because Arteta might be afraid of Allison’s excellent distributions. As the result of the half-hearted and ineffective high press, our defense suffered

    I think Tomiyasu started ahead of Tierney to deal with Liverpool’s towering CBs in set-pieces, unfortunately we lost Zinchenko’s playmaking abilities. I’m afraid our defense won’t be able to weather Liverpool’s pressure in the second half, if we don’t intensify our high press

      1. I believe Arteta’s tactic to catch Liverpool using counter-attack was what Conte wanted to happen last week

  25. Best Liverpool play of the game but seriously why does Firminho love playing against us so much? He doesn’t do it the rest of the season for Liverpool in the finishing term. 1st time Liverpool actually created that sort of chance. Pleased with the start until then 4-2 my prediction.

  26. 2nd time Tsimikas has hit one of our players in the face. Still no yellow or foul was given either time. Let’s punish them!

      1. but he had to needle Xhaka who is having a good season and wasn’t involved in anything bad this game.

          1. How often do they complain players don’t care anymore? Xhaka cares that is for sure. If that was various other people it would be held up as an example of how they care.

  27. We are completely dominating this 2nd half but still wasteful in front of goal. The only real deficit we have to mancity/liverpool.

    Our mentality however wow, we never drop our head after conceding anymore, we just get on with it.

  28. The absolute dominant 2nd half. The scoreline flatters Liverpool! Martinelli, Saka and everyone else! White was fantastic at rb. Tomi got Salah substituted! Dare to dream?

  29. All players were terrific today but Martinelli is man of the match for me. Scored the first goal and set up the second and looked dangerous all game

  30. For those who like bringing up history when Arsenal loses, this is only the third time in history that Arsenal has won nine of the ten opening games. But, they will pretend it’s not something to talk about while they never ceased to drum it in every other day, when we lost the first three games last season.

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