Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Man City at the Emirates

The teams are out for today’s big clash with Manchester City, where Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal will be hoping they can end a record run of wins.

Pep Guardiola’s side come into the clash on the back of 17 straight wins in all competitions, but all records must come to an end at some point right?

Arsenal do not have the best form going into the match, so fingers crossed that this goes against that, but we do have a six-match unbeaten streak at home to defend also.

Arteta will be hoping to mastermind his second victory over his former boss, after his side’s 2-0 victory in the FA Cup semi-final last season, but he is yet to overcome Pep in the Premier League in his two attempts thus far, although this will be his first attempt at the Emirates.

A win today could see the Gunners climb up to eighth in the Premier League, depending on Aston Villa’s result with Leicester which is currently ongoing.

We were aware that Runarsson was already missing from the line-up, but it’s nice to see Rob Holding return to the team. Nicolas Pepe also deserves his start, in what looks like the manager showing priority to the Europa League.

After seeing the team, what do you predict will be the scoreline?


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  1. Ffs, no martanelli.

    Guess he does not want a game changer because he happy with result.

    Elneny been better than xhaka, i just dont get his subs

  2. I’m goer moan .
    No Martinelli ,very weird playing a loan player then bringing on another loan player .
    I’m not a football manager but ffs surely I’m not the only one that can see how good this kid is .

    1. Yeah, I just dont get it, Arteta seems to have his favorites and if youre not one, no matter how good you are, tough you not getting in team.

      I hope he leaves for his sake or goes on loan at least, he ismgoing to rot with Arteta in charge

  3. I hope Martinelli leaves. He’s obviously not injured. Pepe starting over Martinelli? Yes it makes literally no sense.

    1. I’m actually quite embarrassed by this club at the moment. No guts no ideas no leadership but then I grew up with real men playing for us
      Ie: peter story charlie George frank McClintock and so on. Where do we go from here 25pts off the top so so sad and I really cant defend the players anymore. If anyone can please post as I need some cheering up but no crap please because if anyone says that man city are top and that was a good performance I just dont see it. There were spells in the game but nowhere near enough for arsenal

  4. Once we get rid of bellerin xhaka elneny Luiz Pepe aubemayang lacazette might start rebuilding !!! … but not under arteta .. a clueless manager

    1. ESR has been faultless. Odegaard starting over ESR didn’t make sense. Also odegaard didn’t as well as ESR has been.

    2. Rumor is shin splints for ESR, they want to be careful he doesn’t get injured while he builds up the muscle around it

  5. Martinelli, poor kid. Probably the best work rate + potential in the team

    Playing loanees over him? We going to lose him.

    1. Just played for damage limitation this team had no belief that they could beat city and it showed how much longer do we have to put up with this clueless manager!!

  6. Tbh pretty similar to the Villa game concede while still asleep in the first minute, then spend the rest of the game toothless in attack. Really disappointing to have the same sort of game again.

  7. City took it from the villa book. Score in the first 2 minutes cos we’re crap at knowing when the whistle blew, then sit back and relax as they know we can’t hit a barn door.

    You know you’re shit when EVERYONE knows how to beat you.

    1. Really? City has been outstanding and we just gave them a tough time. They are No. 1 on the log and you comparing them to Villa. Come on.. Really?

      1. Yes really. City are cantering. They know crappier teams have beaten us so they can play us at 60% and still get all three points.
        They have bigger fish to fry in European competition.

  8. Oh Well. Good contest City didn’t have it all their own way. Bring on next game. We need to stop conceding in the first half and so early too. Man the board really needs to back the Manager financially.

  9. Keeping the score at 0-1 was quite an achievement, although City were mostly in second gear and are light years ahead of Arsenal in all aspects of football (other than financing).

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