Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Man City at the Emirates

The teams are out for today’s big clash with Manchester City, where Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal will be hoping they can end a record run of wins.

Pep Guardiola’s side come into the clash on the back of 17 straight wins in all competitions, but all records must come to an end at some point right?

Arsenal do not have the best form going into the match, so fingers crossed that this goes against that, but we do have a six-match unbeaten streak at home to defend also.

Arteta will be hoping to mastermind his second victory over his former boss, after his side’s 2-0 victory in the FA Cup semi-final last season, but he is yet to overcome Pep in the Premier League in his two attempts thus far, although this will be his first attempt at the Emirates.

A win today could see the Gunners climb up to eighth in the Premier League, depending on Aston Villa’s result with Leicester which is currently ongoing.

We were aware that Runarsson was already missing from the line-up, but it’s nice to see Rob Holding return to the team. Nicolas Pepe also deserves his start, in what looks like the manager showing priority to the Europa League.

After seeing the team, what do you predict will be the scoreline?


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  1. Sue says:

    Good to see Tesco and Mari back!

    1. Twig says:

      I thought the Tesco was a typo initially then I thought for a moment and laughed to myself 😀

  2. Declan says:

    I like the team. COYG

    1. Perry ames says:

      I hope we win I did say 2-1 to us but would have preferred to keep the two centre backs the same and also smithrowe playing but ma picks the team so let’s get behind the team

    2. Johnze says:

      Despite underperforming again and again and again… Willian is here. No balogun. Why not giving a try there ??? We have nothing to loose.

  3. Kazzy Emzy says:

    Fantastic Lineup

  4. Kedar says:

    Nice Team Sheet
    Hopefully Pépé will match Performance of ESR today

  5. Andrey says:

    After playing so well the last two games Arteta decided it best to Bench Ceballos for Elneny or does he wants to park bus?

    1. Eddie says:

      Errrrr Elneny is an hustler and runner?
      Tell me you seriously don’t consider Xhaka-Ceballos as runners to chase City’s players?
      Also How does that lineup looks like a bus parking one?

      1. Andrey says:

        Then u just answered the question he’s scared and wants to defend. Both of them for one forward pass they make they give a thousand to the back. Also last I checked Ceballos seems to be our best tackler and make more interception than any of our midfielders

        1. Eddie says:

          So you call 4 attackers, a DM and a Deep Lying Playmaker with 4 defenders a plan for a defensive game?

          I ain’t even debating this with you anymore.

      2. Lenohappy says:

        Eddie that midfield is bad take it or leave it. Elneny and Xhaka against city lol. We are going to defend throughout this match.

    2. adajim says:

      you always have to complain, isn’t it?

      1. Pepe says:

        I have always complained about the xi but today he is spot on…
        You can’t play same players every game in this crazy season.
        Rodri is not in the city xi even though he is one of their best midfielders this season
        Sometimes you go with players that can give you energy for 90min

  6. Eddie says:

    Nice team, love it… Looking strong, with creativity and trickery behind Auba.

  7. adajim says:

    both Mari and Holding are slow but more composed than Gabriel. hopefully Elneny and Xhaka do not lose ball often

  8. Kedar says:

    I am worried for Playing out from back..
    Loosing ball in dangerous position

    1. adajim says:

      spot on. if we could do without those, we would have good game

  9. Joe Allysons says:

    In comes the moaning

    1. Defund_My_Opinion says:

      Are you moaning about moaning?

      1. Defund_My_Fanboys_Opinion says:

        Clearly not lol, hes making a sound assumption based on the last 30 games give or take.

  10. Jah son says:

    Lacazette should have played. Hold up play will be nonexistent. Saka needs rest simple. Arteta is a clown officially.

    1. Chuxzzy1 says:

      Will remind you this if we produce a good performance

    2. newera gunner says:

      hold up play? I thought it was why we wanted giroud gone sometime ago.

  11. Grandad says:

    Big test for Mari in his first game back after injury.

    1. Jah son says:

      At Grandad
      Big test for the guys first game back coach put him against the most inform team. And to play with a slow Rob Holding.

      1. Chuxzzy1 says:

        Who is slower btw holding and luiz if I may ask

      2. Mickmematethemasterfarter says:

        Bellerin LOL

  12. gotanidea says:

    The four left-footed players on our left side and Odegaard would likely pin Cancelo down in Man City’s area. Arteta surely knows better than me, but I’d prefer a right-footed LW instead of Pepe

  13. Grandad says:

    Holding is not quick, but he is quicker and better than Luis in my opinion.

  14. Innit says:

    Good lineup
    Especially attack

  15. Wes says:

    Good luck to the lads cos they really need it and cant some guys here stop moaning every time a squad is chosen jeez?

  16. Kazzy Emzy says:

    Much work required from both Xhaka and elneny to nullify City’s Midfield monsters

    1. gotanidea says:

      I consider Man City’s midfielders as artists, but starting Fellaini, Pogba, Matic and McTominay in midfield would be monstrous

  17. Iykmatt says:

    Goodluck to the team…the performance will be assesed at the of the game,result is secondary in this type of game

  18. Kenny says:

    Bayern Munich beaten;
    Atletico Madrid beaten and Liverpool beaten.

    Today, can it be Man City?
    I certainly hope so.

    1. Wes says:

      Am also feeling it #majorupset

    2. Dunchirado says:

      Kenny, with Man City form, I don’t hope so

  19. bukky says:

    This team selection is fantastic and i think it’s build around Odegaard. An assist or two maybe from him today. COUNTERATTACK FOOTBALL TODAY. And any arsenal fan that understands football knows that that is MA’s gameplan today. COYG. Prediction: one nil to the gooners

  20. Olasunkanmi says:

    Good line-up from the coach and lets hope the players selected get the result

  21. mickmematethemasterfarter says:

    we have 4 brazilians and there on the bench!!!holding LOL watch him cost us..COYG

  22. Wyoming says:

    Leicester has won so the Man City lead is now just 7 points. However I still think Arsenal start as favourite. I am expecting a good win for the Gunners Final whistle it is going to be Gooners 3-0.

    1. Johnze says:

      With a brace from willian coming out of the bench ?

    2. mickmematethemasterfarter says:

      ill have what ur on by 4

  23. Reggie says:

    Xhaka AND Elnenny is a worry playing together, no pace or positivity there but the rest of the team is better balanced than normal. I just think the midfield is a defeatist line up but we will see. Surprised again Lacca is not involved, something not right there.

  24. Sue says:

    Already??? Sheesh

    1. Defund The Media says:

      I know sue fantastic start 😂🤯

    2. Eddie says:

      Holding came to the pitch with his mat

  25. Perry ames says:

    Where the hell was holding game over already maybe

  26. AlexLaca9 says:

    Wow 😂

  27. Jah son says:

    I now love it when people on here call me negative and fool. Arteta 😂😂😂😂clueless

    1. Skills1000 says:

      It is still early in the game. Let us support our team.

      1. Defund The Media says:

        Skills that’s not his style bro

  28. Kedar says:

    One of the shortest player on pitch scored with head..
    So frustrating..

  29. Mickmematethemasterfarter says:

    Holding i told u guys

  30. GunneRay says:

    Way too Ez.. game already over..🤨

    1. Kedar says:

      Yes… It is

  31. S says:

    We’re the easiest team to concede in 90 seconds against. 10-0 incoming.

    Top of the league MEANS top of the league.

    1. S says:

      I mean score against. Lol

  32. Bur says:

    Flip me I don’t believe that shite.

  33. Mickmematethemasterfarter says:

    Could b a cricket score

  34. Kieron Blandford says:

    Its gonna be a cricket score today! One down already 🙁

  35. Kev82 says:

    Sterling’s 50th goal against Arsenal at the emirates!

    1. Sue says:

      Why do we always make him look like Messi, Kev?!!

      1. Kev82 says:

        We make every player look like prime messi Sue lol sterling is hardly known for his aerial threat but he’s playing against us so he’s gonna be like miroslav Klose today 😂

  36. Johnze says:

    Sad to not see balogun making the team sheet. Especially with willian out of form. Why not giving just a few tries here and there ? The way arrêta is handling this case is concerning. What does he see that we don’t ? Seems clearly not football reasons here… If he is waiting for him to sign, it is not fair. At 19, he can also expect few game time before signing too. He is not that young to wait and wait forever. If they were clearly only better options ahead. But for many weeks nketiah proved little and was ahead. Same with Willian. Balogun is not stupid. He can see how some players (sancho for example) can develop elsewhere. So arsenal on their side too have to show him some faith… Anyway, lets see what will happen on the pitch today

  37. Jimmy Bauer says:

    I’ve seen enough…3mins of this dross is all I can stomach..
    Good luck to the boys..
    Don’t complete disgrace the shirt today pls..

  38. Gmv8 says:

    What’s more worrying is pathetic start and no reaction to conceding the goal. Still like Bambi in the headlights

  39. Sean says:

    No challenge on the ball or player by Bellerin or Holding! Teirney getting ripped to shreds, not match fit but nice to see him and Mari in.

    You have to give City credit they are on form… maybe a really bad day for Mikel!!

  40. Mickmematethemasterfarter says:

    Holding was dropped 4 a reason he’s shite sub him now

    1. Thebush says:

      Totally agree, but you need a bold decision for that

  41. Innit says:

    So many so called fans not supporting our team. Instead of saying it’s all over, say COYG. It’s only 0-1 ffs

    1. Perry ames says:

      Why “so called fans” who the hell are you to say that. We are supporting the team but we are all intiled to Express our opinion

    2. Thebush says:

      Supporting is one thing, hoping is something else Innit. City so good as a team and individually.
      I do wish for an Arsenal draw at least

      1. Defund The Media says:

        Thebush can you be an effective supporter or even a supporter at all if you have zero hope for your team? What’s the point?

  42. Kieron Blandford says:

    With the form Gundogan has been in I feared for us today when I heard de bruyne was back.
    Bless us wers getting excited about Odegard when city have 4 or 5 if them!
    Bernardo Silva, foden, de bruyne and gundogan all ruthlessly creative with immense vision in attack.

  43. Perry ames says:

    A big difference is that man city look to play quick ball forward but we quite clearly dont. We could have the ball on the edge of city’s area and 3 passes later Leno has it. Way too negative

    1. Davi says:

      The difference is that their movement is so much better. They have so many options and are always in space when they receive the ball. Even when we make a successful pass we’re under immediate pressure

  44. RW1 says:

    Aubemayang is a liability in these games doesn’t work hard enough and chickens too readily … but we just don’t have enough players who are comfortable on the ball … critically in the middle of the park where their dominance is massive

  45. Declan says:

    It’s 1-0 that’s all, stop fcuking moaning everyone!

    1. PJ-SA says:



  46. Gmv8 says:

    Teams know we’re still asleep in the first minutes so push especially hard then.

  47. Thebush says:

    Seems like we’re growing into the game however

  48. Clive says:

    Am surprised the way you people are moaning just after 20minutes. Where is ur support? Get behind the team and stop moaning.Man city is the most inform team on planet Earth nw.

    1. POES_LEKKER says:

      Come on Clive please stop moaning and let’s support the team!

  49. Kedar says:

    We can’t even keep ball for 10 sec

  50. Mickmematethemasterfarter says:

    Looks like city have 15 players on pitch there toying with r poor very poor players, mari can’t pass the ball 2 yards

  51. Ackshay says:

    How did Saka not see that aubameyang run😠😠

    1. Kedar says:

      And how Pépé so lazy coming back to onside line when Saka tried in 2nd attempt..

  52. Sean says:

    This is poor tbh no fight at all, waiting on a mistake. 30% possession on 28th minute. Who’s at home here!

  53. Goonster says:

    I have just turned it off.
    Can’t take the gulf in quality. It feels like City have 22 players while we are down to 7 men.
    I can’t watch this anymore.

  54. David says:

    I don’t care how good City are, what’s pissing me of are these cowardly Arsenal players. Everytime a Arsenal player gets the ball they look terrified of their own shadow, desperate to give City the ball back rather than try to do something themselves (saka the 1 exception). Really embarrassing this crap.

    1. Kedar says:

      Soon Saka could end up playing for City, Utd or Liverpool..
      How good he will be if he play with Players Like Firmino, Salah, Robertson

      1. Joe. S says:

        Saka will look good in a City shirt. He deserves better than this.

  55. Goonster says:

    Our players are so scared to even show up for the ball. They are all hiding and don’t want the ball to be passes to them.
    And evey time they receive a pass it feels like the ball on fire and they want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

    1. Perry ames says:

      I thought you turned it off 😊 but I agree with you

  56. Ackshay says:

    Arteta needs to get rid of elneny at half time, the amount of time you see xhaka telling him bellerin and tierney are free and he just passes backward or sideways is criminal.

    1. Goonster says:

      Lol. Every time he receives the ball he slows down then pass it side ways to any player close to him. Absolutely doing nothing out there.

  57. Perry ames says:

    We are getting into the game more but city seem to be only in 2nd gear but it is better

  58. Dan kit says:

    Bring back Emery and Denis Suarez all is forgiven

    1. Sue says:

      😂 Another high scoring weekend in the predictions, Dan 🤪

      1. Dan kit says:

        Fcking awful sue ,what are you on for the weekend ?
        Think I’ve got one point 😂

        1. Sue says:

          Just the one, Dan 🤣 And that was for Wolves!! I’ve been awful lately…

          1. Dan kit says:

            Same match as me then ,the wolves one .
            I’ve just stuck a tenner on Arsenal winning 28/1 😂 you never know

          2. Sue says:

            Feeling flushed, Dan? 😜 30 minutes to go…

  59. RSH says:

    Seems like both teams are bored honestly. Is this an EPL game?

    1. Ackshay says:

      That’s our bloody tactic, boring city to sleep and boom we score.

  60. Kazzy Emzy says:

    Getting an upgrade on Elneny during the summer is key.
    Good game so far
    Need more sharpness in attack from the right

    1. Ackshay says:

      It’s like playing with 10 men, he is slowing play down and worse of all he is hiding when we pass from a goal kick. When we compare his performance to xhaka who has more physical limitations it’s almost criminal.

    2. Trudeau says:

      Getting an upgrade in our back up DM is the key for Arsenal in the summer? Like your optimism.

  61. Jah son says:

    Arteta’s system is shit but most prefer to abuse players. Aubameyang could easily start for city. Manager has to play to his strength.

    1. Dan kit says:

      Can’t see it ,I would say the only 2 players that would be close to that Man City team would be Saka and Leno

  62. gotanidea says:

    I know the game was going to be hard to watch, but Arsenal players seemed to have thrown in the towel before it even started. Tierney, Holding and Leno absolutely had no fight when Man City’s first goal process was being created

    Our excessive long clearances instead of building from the back also showed a low confidence level. The Gunners seemed to just avoid injuries for the Benfica game, instead of putting in extra effort now

    1. Perry ames says:

      Shall we run a sweepstake to see what time willian comes on

      1. Defund The Media says:

        And a sweep stake of how many comments willian coming on generates

      2. gotanidea says:

        Willian could be the saviour

    2. Phil says:

      GOT- how can you blame Leno for the goal? The cross was brilliant as was the finish. Cant see what Leno has done wrong

  63. Twig says:

    Switch Pepe and Saka for the second half

    1. Dboy says:

      Maybe that could work, but I think Pep already had a plan before the game. What they should do is interchange during the game that could confuse city a bit.

  64. Dboy says:

    We started bossing the game towards the end. Just not able to create clear cut chances. Tierney and Saka had terrible start. But came nicely into the game towards the end. Difficult game we should not have conceded so early though it makes it a lot more tougher. Let’s hope the second half favors us.

  65. Rux says:

    You are moaning like kids, why can’t you wait until the last minutes?

    1. Perry ames says:

      But are you not moaning about moaning, just saying. And if we waited for the last minutes no one would post anything

  66. adajim says:

    we always have psychological issues against this teams. lots of displace passes

    1. EDU says:

      Are you just watching Arteta Arsenal team today, or you just decided to be negative. Like you want to compare Arteta records with big teams and that of Wenger later years. Let’s try and be objective sometimes.

  67. Phenom says:

    I still see us winning this game. Be patient and support the team.

  68. Mambo says:

    Tbh, i thought Elneny had a good half, he slots into a back three very well and makes us much more solid imho.

    Yes, he is not going to play amazing through balls, but he is making us more solid as is my player of thr half.

    Defensively, i think we look good, but what is costing us is our ability to keep possession.

    Players not even under pressure and cant make a simle pass, tierny runs ball out, bellerin passes ball out, saka passes straight to city when Odengard open, hilding passes to empty pitch.

    Fix these silly individual errors and we are in the game.

    1. Dboy says:

      I totally agree. Elneny working his socks off.

  69. Mambo says:

    I would like to see saka and pepe switch sides 2nd half

  70. Bur. says:

    We are second fiddle to City. No aggression no closing down nobody wants to tackle. Aubu is rubbish.

  71. GunneRay says:

    The lack of progression over the current season is worrying. On paper we look fantastic. On the pitch we look less than average. Almost like we’re in the wrong division. The team looks like it doesn’t beleive or have the confidence to play let alone win. This team is not moving forward. Simple as that! Let’s hope we see a fight in the second half!

  72. Dboy says:

    COYG!!!!!! 💥💥💥

    1. Mambo says:

      Where is that fluid one touch football like against leeds, its not like City applying lots of pressure.

  73. FootballisTrivial says:

    Please bring on Martinelli Arteta boy.
    The whole right wing is 100% useless. Aubameyang can’t hold on to the ball at all as well.

    1. Mambo says:

      Martanelli and move sakha to right, bring Laca for Auba

      1. Mambo says:

        Take xhaka off for Cellabos, guy is going for red if not taken off

      2. FootballisTrivial says:

        I really don’t think Bellerin is a footballer. That first touch makes me hate football.
        While Pepe thinks he’s walking in a park.

        1. Mambo says:

          He is not, he is a model, football just his 2nd gig that pays the bills

  74. Pco says:

    Isn’t it time for some subs?

    1. Mambo says:

      Arteta loves waiting till it is too late and he will probably bring on Willan.

      People said Wenger was stubborn, but Arteta might be worse.

    2. Kedar says:

      It seems Arteta is happy to take 1-0 loss instead of battering so not changing anything..

  75. Thebush says:

    Xhaka is killing me…..and our chances of scoring a goal lol

  76. Ackshay says:

    Pepe needs to go off, not doing much in attack and is leaving bellerin alone in defence. He is always 2 vs 1 and gundogan and KDB always playing there.

    1. Perry ames says:

      Aubameyang off
      Pepe off
      Xhaka off before 2nd yellow

  77. Thebush says:

    Teirny is exhausted need to be subed soon

  78. Pco says:

    Aubameyang Pepe they’ve not offered much today. Bring on esr martenilli.
    It seems like common sense.

  79. Mambo says:

    Whats up with saka that he cant play a ball with the right weighting?


    1. Ackshay says:

      He’s been dropping off physically in the 2nd half for a couple of match now, must be fatigue.

    2. RSH says:

      He plays every single game and rarely gets subbed. I would imagine he’s tired and just happy he hasn’t gotten injured yet.

  80. Thebush says:

    Saka LB and bring in Martinelli

  81. Zamind says:

    Can Auba ever hold a ball and retain possession?

    1. Kedar says:

      Today whole team is not keeping possession or retaining it, forget about only Aubameyang

  82. Mambo says:

    City making a sub and they controlling game, what is Arteta waiting for

    1. Perry ames says:

      Why wasn’t sterling booked for throwing the ball very weird

      1. Sue says:

        👍👍 And moments later the ball was kicked away – still no card!

        1. Perry ames says:

          Well spotted sue

  83. FootballisTrivial says:

    If Willian comes on instead of Martinelli, it will be disgusting.
    It’s already disgusting that he doesn’t start.

  84. Zamind says:

    Pepe, is like a tree to pass the ball around

    1. Mambo says:

      Lol best comment all day

  85. Zamind says:

    Pepe our. Sana to right wing

  86. Thebush says:

    Oh and Laca for Auba

  87. Zamind says:

    Pepe out. Saka to right wing

  88. Bur. says:

    We are playing like boys against men.

    1. Mambo says:

      We can be lucky City just in cruise mode.

      Pep maybe not wanting to embarrass his friend

  89. Mambo says:

    Come on, what is Arteta waiting for.

    Does he want us to be 2-0 before reacting

  90. SadGunner says:

    Dont worry..Arsenal’s messiah Willian will soon come and save us…

  91. Dan kit says:

    Get Martinelli on Ffs

    1. Mambo says:


  92. Ackshay says:

    City look bored to death just like the 1st match. I would find that insulting if I was on the pitch, do these players even have pride?

  93. Mambo says:

    Maybe now we hold onto ball and up tempo, need pepe off though

  94. GunneRay says:

    What does Martinelli have to do for a game these days?!

    1. PJ-SA says:

      Leave the club….its very clear MA doesn’t want him in his teams.

  95. FootballisTrivial says:


  96. Mambo says:

    I wonder how Odeggard would fair playing next to Partey with smith rowe in front

  97. POES_LEKKER says:

    Come on boys

  98. FootballisTrivial says:

    Head injury to holding. Why wasn’t play stopped? This fat guy shouldn’t be refereeing.

    1. Mambo says:

      Should have been stopped immediately

    2. Perry ames says:

      Jon moss isn’t a very good ref imo definitely a foul on aubameyang by stones

      1. Ackshay says:

        That fat f**k is always biased against us.

  99. Mambo says:

    Lol how is that not a foul

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