Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Man United with Martinelli starting

The teams are out for tonight’s Premier League match between Arsenal and Manchester United, and there are a few surprises in the line-up.

The Gunners go into the clash with fourth place in the table in their sights, while the home side will be hoping to break back into the top six.

We go into tonight’s game without both Granit Xhaka and Sead Kolasinac, while we had worries over Bukayo Saka in the build-up also, and the latter was only deemed fit enough to fill the bench.

The good news is that Gabriel Martinelli gets a rare start as reward for his performance at the weekend, while Mo Elneny is a surprise name in the line-up.

Nuno Tavares in the teamsheet is another one, with Kieran Tierney unable to get in the team, and you can expect that to give us extra on the counter and in attack.


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    1. My guess is he didn’t handle the Liverpool match well at all and Man U is closer to Liverpool quality than Newcastle.

        1. Agree. Looool. Gai always have very good justificafions about all temas selections. His trust in arteta is endlesa. But sometimes, i think arteta’s choices just arent the best. Did not he play martinelli last time hust because saka was injured lol ? And got lucky that Martinelli was on top shape. Did not he start AMN last time just because Partey was injured and what happened… AMN put a MOTM performance… I dont say arteta is bad or good or should stay/leave. it is not binary like that, he dies some good things, but still is a rookie manager and does not have every selection right.

  1. Elneny/Partey played well at OT last season; more of the same please!
    Good to see Gabi…


    1. And we’ll lose AMN soon if nothing’s change. Arteta play Lokonga in front of him even after he put a strong performance before liverpool. And now play an old elneny that will be gone soon and will never improve. If you did not prove yourself recently, would be normal to be on the bench. But now i cant understand. I really cant. Bjt i would now fully understand if AMN wants to leave because he does not have the time, he would deserve simple as that. And the one he was promised last summer.

  2. quite surprised by Mo’s inclusion. i would have gone for AMN. Hopefully playing it safe does not backfire and give manu confidence

  3. This lineup is not really filling me with confidence, i guess Arteta wants to defend and play counter attacking football. I just wish for the first time against a big team we should play full attacking football, if we can’t play possession attacking football against this present Manchester United team, then I don’t know which big team we are going to play it against. But I’m behind the team. COYG.

      1. Double NOs for me as well Reggie. I don’t understand the rationale behind it but Let’s hope they both prove us wrong though. COYG

        1. I hope to be wrong but i would go for some arteta genius/stubborness. Why not doing it simple ? That being said, i will apologize if elneny destroy everything and score a goal lol

  4. BTW just seeing Martinelli gives me good vibes. Hopefully another Maguire disaster class. Press them hard from the front boys. Arsenal win to nil hopefully.

  5. Not a bad line up. Though would have preferred Pepé left and ESR in the center. Odegaard is an absolute liability, worse than Ozil.

      1. @ GAI,

        I believe we have to find a way to limit Man United from making forward passes to CR7.
        This game is about the midfield battle

        1. I’m not worried about Ronaldo, because he doesn’t do pressing and he isn’t quick anymore. In my opinion, the most threatening players are Sancho and Maguire

  6. Well I wish us the best,

    No confidence with this lineup, no holdup play, no speed in the middle,
    I hope this formation changes after the first 25mins, Elneny and odegaard are slow, our flanks will be left open , we might be in trouble.

    1. Elneny’s long shoot skill is the best in the team, so maybe Arteta would like to use it against Man United. Odegaard is required to make diagonal passes and take-ons to the left side

      1. I guess Elneny’s stamina is the reason he’s starting him. I have a feeling the team is set to press the hell out of them!! Coyg!

      2. That has to be a goal. It was his own player that stood on him and ref didn’t blow until after it was in.

  7. Strong bench if needed 👍
    Looks like he’s playing safe again 👎
    Surprised saka is on bench ,if he’s fit enough he should be starting

    1. I guess, in the second half, saka will come in for odegaard, pushing ESR to the middle where he should be. With saka on the left(his best position) ESR in the middle, martinelli on the right. Laca to replace Auba and AMN/lókonga to replace elneny.. If things don’t go right. I’m not entirely confident in this line up.

  8. I’d have been happier with Ole at the helm. A win was on the cards. Carrick has had an influence as will the arrival of their Messiah watching from the stands. New boss bounce
    Show us that a possible 4th place is deserved

  9. Elneny in Midfield is a surprise, but understandable seeing how Lokonga – Partey got ran over against the scousers.
    Still good enough to keep the midfield working today.
    No complaints from me.
    COYG, let’s work hard for the three points.
    Behind the team 👏🏼❤️

  10. If we get a draw, I will be happy, utd at home in the evening are tough to contain, I feel nervous 😬

        1. Yes he will try to compensate and we are gonna get screwed for his fault.

          Fred popularity is gonna further increase with man utd fan after this🤣🤣🤣

  11. That has to be a goal. It was his own player that stood on him and ref didn’t blow until after it was in.

    1. Hilarious, but give me a break, the game doesn’t stop unless it’s a head injury. De Gea could have saved it if he just sat there 😂

      1. Not watching Dan just reading the game, Taveres injured? Agreed he is an abso steal for us. Keeing Tierney out completey! Id try one or the other in front of eachther at some point. That left side would be solid defensively, especially if we have to hold out for a victory

  12. Martinelli these are the chances that make u a permanent player in this 11…
    0-2 up at HT wouldve been perfect

  13. 15 match without a goal of course he was gonna score vs us. We need to fix dropping back after scoring a goal. Even arteta has questioned that mentality.

    1. We need Lacazette in this match. We need someone to get Maguire busy.
      Also, this playing out from the back is an issue we have to look into.

      1. Skills1000,

        I agree, Lacazette and Saka will unsettle that defense.
        Auba is the new Willian, take him out and we will do better imo.

  14. Just too defensive a set up … lack of attacking ambition against one of worst man utd defenses in a long time … aubemayang should be put in the reserves .. he’s hopeless and with partey just as bad and odegaard absent we should be happy it’s all square at half time … should be dominating this team

    1. It’s not about the set up the players are not at it. Partey has been sleeping in the midfield. Smith Rowe losing possession anyhow..

      1. Gogo,

        I am surprised at some of our fans! He even used the word “too”.
        What is defensive about our set up?
        So we should go to OT and dominate UTD for the entire 90mins? Because we are prime Barcelona? Football is a game of spells for crying out loud!

        Arteta has got the team set up fantastically, he won’t make decisions for them! So many terrible decision making, bring in our technical securities in Laca and Saka, take off the hapless Odegaard and Auba and problem is solved!

  15. That golden opportunity Martinelli squandered, hopefully it’s not coming back to hunt us.
    That’s where experience count

    1. That is because his left foot is not strong, now imagine Saka or Pepe in that position.

      United are really there for the taking, some of our players lack intelligence. Tavares while exciting, overdoes things sometimes.

    2. yes Adajim.

      Composure is key.

      I am really worried about this match. we need to win it

      Lacazette and Saka should come in

  16. We started the game with the right mentality to press high up the pitch, hence we dominated the opponents in the first ten minutes. However, we reverted to our conservative approach after the lucky goal

    Partey’s playing style scared me, because he has been sloppy lately. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get conceded because of his bad first touches

    Partey should’ve maintained his level after signing the big contract. Luckily, Elneny’s tidy playing style stabilized our midfield a little bit

  17. In all our games, we always have players playing against us, Partey is the culprit this time, our progressive play is immature at times making us miss several opportunities.

    If I was the manager, Odegaard is not starting the second half at all, Saka would have combined well with Martinelli and that flank would have been more dangerous. Honestly, I do not like Odegaard.

    1. Why ode? He’s played fine. His ball to martinelli deserved better. Just as good (better actually) as the Fred pass for United’s goal.

      1. Why Ode? Because we have someone who can be more effective and aggressive in the position he is playing. Unfortunately, same can’t be said for Partey, who, as bad as he has been, no one on the bench is better than him.

    2. Decent enough 1st half but we sat back deeper again after the goal and I know they are not coached for that. Hope we come out fast 2nd half, big half win it and top 4 is really on.

  18. That game was depressing to watch.
    Why do you guys keep blaming Ødegaard?
    When he’s been trying to pick these passes and the attackers are no where to be found, plus Elneny has been totally clueless today.
    How can anyone watch that and Ødegaard is the one you’re blaming?
    Even White has been pretty poor with his clearances. Matter of fact, it’s been a poor game from everyone.
    Elneny makes the game hard to watch.
    Arteta just stood there and watched that poor show.
    No pressing and no pressure.
    They better take this chance to get into the top four

    1. Different opinions make the world habitable.

      Eddie, game was not depressing to watch for me!
      Elneny is having a solid game, Odegaard is too soft, slow and actually clueless.
      There was pressing and pressure in the game I saw, not consistent but it was clear, I do not agree with your assessment.

  19. Someone asked in a recent post is arteta right for us in long run .. the next 40 minutes will answer that question

    1. I could read what was happening and what would happen before Manure scored the second! At least we have another but may need to score four at this rate!

  20. It was obvious we were going to lose after going 1-0 up. Zero style of play,tactics etc. And Arteta watches on the sidelines clueless

  21. There you have it. Tavares can not be our main LB yet. His defensive positioning isn’t good yet

  22. What was that about Ødegaard? Give the kid time he has talent. Martinelli also should have gave him an assist too

  23. We just don’t feel like a winning team under arteta … am sorry but that’s just a profound limitation … and his changes are late and invariably poor

  24. I hate to say it, but in a few weeks we’ll be tenth, and they will be fourth. Downward spiral, here we come…

    1. Are they though? They were nailed on favs for top 4 start of the season (naysayers who said we couldn’t catch them no matter what happened now say we must finish 4th and above them for the season to be good, funny these ever moving goalposts.) Wouldnt rule out at result yet either given the way the games gone.

  25. Very sloppy play in parts and sone decent play.
    Seems like the players have just finnished a summer tournament, tired and messy.
    But still in with a chance come on the lads.

  26. Only Arteta can bring back a player in such a crucial match who has not played most of the season. Why oh why bring Elneny in and disturb the team balance, it’s not like Eleny is Kante. So that’s why some intelligent ppl were saying don’t be fooled by our results against the small team. Our results against city, Liverpool and now poor United prove that we are not progressing in direction. Arsenal fans have gold fish memory few good results against the poor teams and wlthey forgot what we have suffered under Arteta.

  27. I obviously saw a different game to some
    It wasn’t a poor performance as a whole.
    Ronaldo knows how to put the ball in the back of the net and sadly Auba is having a mixed period. Commitment has been good and the wrong time to play ManU. Disappointed but sometimes it’s not your night

      1. Meaning what Perry?
        I’m not micro analytical but if Auba could convert chances then the result might have been different. If Odegaard hadn’t made a silly foul….. if Ronaldo wasn’t the ultimate professional…

    1. @Sue P too many of these results now! Conceded 5 to man city, 4 to Liverpool, 3 to a extremely poor man Utd team with Michael Carrick in charge and Chelsea played us off the pitch at home. Wouldn’t bet 50p on that team beating Everton.

      1. I beg to differKev82
        It absolutely wasn’t a beating. I can definitely agree that sometimes there is a switch that goes off and complacency can set in, but that rectified itself with Odegaard‘S goal and then got ruined by the penalty which was silly
        No, it wasn’t a beating but I’ll always be disappointed after a loss

    2. I totally agree with you Sue P. I think too many people are f–king around on their computers instead of watching the game

      1. Thanks for your support there.
        Some people have totally unrealistic expectations from every game that is played.

        1. I totally share your opinion…… we’re one man short playing with Auba these days, it’s up to Arteta to drop him though.

    3. No, an ageing Ronaldo can be shut up as proven by Watford and many more. We got complacent after our 1-0 lead and gave Utd alot of space to play. Elneny and odegaard had no business playing this game. Auba too.

  28. Nice gift for Manure there! Like I said, when we score we stop playing. It’s criminal and MA won’t change it. Can’t change it.

      1. I get your point though. decisions like this affect the results. I also felt our strikers lack composure a little bit.

        Aubameyang deserve to be on the bench

  29. Should have known odegaard getting away with a penalty last game was a red flag and Arteta still played him at the detriment of making ESR look bad. Everyone knows ESR doesn’t play well on the wings. He was built for the center

  30. Auba is finished surely Arteta realizes this , no movement , no attack , no nothing ,We have been duped with Partey , Athletico players function only in Athletico (Turan, Greizman,Saul etc), Odeegard is useless , in the last game he gave a newcastle player a bear hug and in this one he decided to get his penalty , Elneny was Elneny . Lokonga and AMN are available for Godsake .

  31. Do not change a winning team as simple as that….

    elneny coming in and saka not playing though injured totally unbalanced the team…

    ESR became anonymous, right side of attack lacked width, left side of attack completely dead as Tavares kept passing back than running into the 18 yard box, I hope he hasn’t lost his confidence and fearlessness

    The fight and holdup play of lacazette was missing, odegaard is too lightweight….

    Aubameyang’s form is shocking, shots are very weak recently… anonymous most parts of the game…

    Poor poor game ……

  32. Wow, this game was easy to not lose
    Arteta has a certain inability to read what a game need

    We were not able to play our game cos of lack of a side-midfielder – Smith-Rowe was also joining the midfield (which seemed needed to compliment Odeegard & that in itself is 1 why Odeegard weakens us)

    And why and what does Arteta have against Lacazette – that guys improves our 11, why does Arteta want any slight reason to drop him, our compactness and tenacity reduces with Odeegard.

    That said, why is he not treating Auba the way he’s treating Lacazette.
    Lacazette doesn’t get this sooooo long grace to be messing and still be making the team

    Auba’s level now, he should be our 3rd choice.

    I am not happy cos this game was easy to win, we were better than Man Utd

    there was even Pepe – even if he doesnt want to bring in Saka, all we needed was a side midfielder to pivot our gameplay to – that’s how we play -should have made that change since, the game was loudly screaming for it (Saka or Pepe)

    We were evidently struggling to play our game

  33. I hope Martinelli gets the nod ahead of Auba for a bit. Really like to see

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