Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Man United – Trossard on the bench

So, the big game is nearly upon as as we wait for the team news to see how Mikel Arteta will line up his team to take on one of Arsenal’s biggest challengers for the title, Manchester United.

We all know the boss doesn’t like to change his team around too much, but he does seem to like to drop in the odd surprise or tactical change to confuse our opponents, and I wonder what that will be today?

I doubt that Trossard will actually start the game today, but hopefully he will come on for the last 20 mimutes or so after we are already 3-0 up ;-), and I fully expect our wildcard Zinchenko to start in front of Kieran Tierney, so this is the team I predict….

White Saliba Gabriel Zinchenko
Partey Odegaard Xhaka
Saka Nketiah Martinelli

so now we just have to wait and see which XI Arteta has decided on….

Exactly as predicted lol!


  1. Strong team but I am worried and nervous…
    Bruno Fernandes, Erikson and Rashford, this trio need to be tackled well to see out this match..
    But I have bad feeling about this..
    May be because fear and nervousness in mind…

    1. Yes I think we are all nervous but on the other hand the team are better prepared because they are more mature now

    2. You worry about 3 guys there, I bet you Utd fans are more worried and are probably scared of what 6 of our players will do

  2. Arsenal vs Man United will be fire for fire. It will be a tough and exciting match. There will be a long pass from a player that will set a quick attacker free to score a goal as if on the counter. However Arsenal are celebrating the EPL trophy. No matter what happens today Arsenal fans will still celebrate in the end.
    From how I see it the likely scorers are Nketiah, Martinelli or Rashford. I call it 1-0 or 1-1.

    1. “Celebrating the EPL trophy”? How can that be, when we are still half a season away from either winning it or not? CARE TO EXPLAIN THAT mysterious and plain wrong remark?

      1. I’m speaking in spiritual terms but you don’t need to believe me. It’s a free world. Rashford and Nketiah have scored. In the realms of the spirit Arsenal have been crowned EPL Champions 2022/2023. Nobody can stop Arsenal this season. Its a done deal.

        1. “Spiritual terms”? Here on Earth?

          At least I am on EARTH. Have no idea what planet you inhabit though!

  3. Well done to the team and the manager on the first half of the season, we definitely did better that most expected. First half banked, and behind us. Whether we over-acheived or did as some expected is irrelevant now as the 1st half is gone.

    For the 2nd half of the season I hope the team can perform well even if we see a loss or two which is understandable.

    Fot those that are still happy if the team ends 4th from where we are now I have 2 questions.

    -Do you know for us to end 4th we’ll have to play with the form of a 7th place team?
    -Why would you be happy with that?

    At the start of the season I would’ve said 4th place was decent considering the huge spending we did. With new evidence on how we can play for half the season, I cannot understand the weak mentality someone has that would now be happy with 4th based on the EVIDENCE and ABILITY we’ve all seen?

    Now we’ll see how strong our mentality is with City smashing Wolves. COYGs let’s see us roll United over, we all know you can!

  4. We got for the jugular from the start as we can do, get an early goal and get the crowd even more riled up. This UTD side can be got at and why not we have the talent and team play to do so.

    A huge win today and maybe, just maybe, we can start thinking we can do this and one game at a time but at this point anything less than Top3 come End of season would be really disappointing.

    Reverse scoreline from Old Trafford.
    Arsenal 3 – 1 United

    If we lose though we dust ourselves down and carry on looking infront of us. Let’s go Gunners ❤️

    1. At least we shouldn’t loose..
      Our standing match is with Everton which we will win..
      So worst we can we can have 6 points lead on City..

      1. I won’t be too confident beating Everton at Goodison Park. I looked back to as far back as 2019 and saw we’ve only gotten a point there, losing all the other games. It could even be trickier with a new manager coming in as well.

        We need to win this game against United on our turf and open up the gap between us and to 5 points. I saw a stat last week that United have not lost a game they scored first since 2014 or 2018 (not sure). We need to go gung-ho in the first 20 mins and get the opener. We must not allow them settle at all.

  5. Man United would likely park the bus, because that tactic was successful against us at Old Trafford and Man City

    Hopefully Magalhaes and Saliba can score first from set-pieces

  6. Our tactics will be same as the last time we played and hopefully the ref and VAR will not help man utd by disallowing our early goal. No way Man utd gets anything if we score 1st, they will have to open and with Casemiro they will be wide open.

  7. We had 5 tough games coming off the World cup and getting 13pts from 15 pts would have been massive regardless of Jesus injury.

    I was nervous before the reverse fixture not today i just feel we are gonna win, a big win even.

  8. Please pick your favourite 1.will the ref blow every 50/50 challanges in favour of utd 2.VAR lights go off when arsenal contest a stonewall pwnalty for arsenal 3.fernandes and utd players telling ref what decisons should he make and when to blow the whistle 4. Refs and linesmen to celebrate when utd score 5. VAR room refs all to take a selfie in utd tops 6. Xhaka to be red carded because he blew kisses to rashford 8 . A total biased game from refs towards utd choose

  9. Loved the response from the team right after the goal, took it on the chin, called for more noise from the fans.

    1. Neville deliberately ignored that Arteta was complaining about the fact it was repeatedly fouling by Shaw, not the challenge itself.

    1. White has not had a good half either, misplaced passes, both he and Partey need to tighten up and find some sharpness.

    1. I guess only Zinchenko is playing fearlessly…
      That’s the difference between seasoned PL winner and 1s time PL contenders

    1. Commentary is a farce, saying it’s about time Arteta gets a yellow and no mention of Shaw constant fouling.

      Refs are a joke and so are commentators.

  10. I think Arteta would replace White and Martinelli with Tomiyasu and Trossard after the 70th minute, if the scoreline is still 1-1

    Great cross by Xhaka and excellent positioning by Nketiah

    1. I think hw should do it now. Martinelli lost all his 1v1 and has been in poor form since the world cup, and White has a yellow card and not in his top game.

      1. I think so, but it would destroy their confidence. Rashford and Wan-Bissaka were just too good in the first half

      2. But I said here other day that Martinelli won’t get better of Wan Bissaka..
        Wan Bissaka is really solid defensively…
        Arteta need to tweak something around…

  11. Pretty even first half ,utd grew into it before the half was up .
    Rashford is the danger man ,he’s on it today .

    1. So far we kept Erikson and Fernandes quite..
      That’s the good thing..
      But Partey needs to improve his game..
      He is being very very poor so far..
      He has lost possession 2 or 3 times pretty cheaply…
      He is not controlling game the way he normally does

      1. Yes Admin. That Saka goal was top quality. This win is very sweet. To win it late and united go back with zero points makes me happy. The composure from Trossard. Wow

  12. Arsenal need to tie him up with contract…
    Otherwise City, Liverpool, Newcastle Chelsea will start knocking his doors….

  13. Well that was a setback. A miscommunication betwen tomi and ramsdale, trying to catch that was dangerous but that comes with the ubber confidence personality of ramsdale.

  14. Possession %
    Home 55.9 Away 44.1
    Total Shots
    Home 18 Away 5
    On Target
    Home 3 Away 4
    Off Target
    Home 5 Away 0
    Home 10 Away 1

    “Are we getting to that point where both don’t want to lose?” Seriously without even mentioning the obvious mistake that led to the equaliser. The commentary has felt like watching the United fan channel.

    We will keep going whether we score we’ll see but we are not settling for a draw here that is clear.

  15. If anything think Eddie caught that too well so it went at De Gea, a little bit of scuff to it and it probably goes in.

  16. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! Deserved. Eddie has really stepped up to the plate this season.

  17. What a win! Done the hard way, sign of champions they often say!

    Enjoy your celebrations everyone! Know I’m going to even with work tomorrow! Huge, huge, huge win

  18. I think that puts to bed any debate about Nketiah – I’ve gone back and forth on him in the past myself, but he’s brilliant and proved his worth today.
    Another massive win, probably the biggest yet – I thought we might draw this one because utd are so awkward and tough to put away, but they did it and deservedly so!

    1. Man utd are built to be near perfect counter to us with their players and gameplan. I think man city match will be less difficult especially since we have no obligation to win.

    2. You have no idea how many sad souls in here. They will continue their agenda against Nketiah as soon as our next game.

      Glad positive football prevailed over negative football today. The win is a vindication for Arteta and his philosophy of playing positively. We were the better side in the reverse fixture too.

      1. Ah well, for me the debate has been put to bed then. People can have their differing opinions. It doesn’t seem to affect Eddie anyway. He’s clearly got self belief – I’ve always said his attitude is top class (confident but humble, hungry and willing to learn), and I believe that’s why arteta has shown faith in him since becoming manager, and why Eddie’s progressed so much in that time.

  19. My heart! Time for bed 🤣

    Well done to all and thank you Mr. Kroenke on the massive investment over the past few years.

  20. Could never say that was never in doubt but what a result and my 6 year old grandson’s first ever game. Grandma gave up her ticket but I’m so pleased for him.

    1. He will never forget that day.
      We’ll done for giving your ticket to your grandson SueP
      What a match!

  21. Up gunners. We are arsenal. We don’t forgive. We don’t forget. Revenge is best served cold. Man united, That is payback.

  22. I’m over the moon for this victory! Had we played a draw, pundits like Neville would claim Arsenal have been found out by Newcastle and United, claiming teams only need to sit deep and play narrow, and encouraging other teams to copy the template.

  23. THIS IS REAL!! I’m glad I changed my opinion about Eddie during the summer, after overcoming the shock of him getting 100k a week. There was just something that made me see the light before the season started haha. Am I crazy for still thinking Zinny is MOTM tho? He RAN that game!!!

  24. My respect for Arteta went up 1 more nudge today
    Was Ben White slow or Rashford was fast or we just played a team that showed us a weakness of his

    I saw it a couple of times & was wondering
    Thank God Arteta was not watching the match just like a fan

    Trossard adds something to us
    Martinelli’s form and confidence is dwindling

    1. On the martinelli’s dwindling form…I honestly feel for the lad, some fans turned on him the moment mudryk saga started even till date.

      The lad loves this club and didn’t deserve such energy from fans, it could affect confidence as well though I feel that he needs to rest a bit from all the running from game one till date.

      He needs our love and support now more than ever, we should always hype our own, as for me Marty is better than mudryk and other LWs in the EPL, that’s the energy he needs from us.

      We’ve got Marty and trossard, no need to compare them both because we love them both, please guys

  25. Special mention for Granit quietly going about his business efficiently and effectively combines so well with the Zinch.

  26. Zinchenko man of the match with xhaka very close behind. The two of them were immense , martinelli was nowhere in this game and Arteta should have subbed him earlier but all is well that ends well. Xhaka came back to help partey out cos Bruno and Erikson were all over him and it sometimes felt him ( partey) and Ben were a bit nervous in the game a little fidgety or scared , perhaps it was the occasion.
    Great play saka that goal cooled every nerve in the team. Coyg.

  27. Eddie rise to the occasion and should have gotten an hat trick in what will now go down as a classic

  28. Well done!

    Enjoyed every moment of this game.

    Marti needs to rest and can be used as a sub for Nkeitah.. ESR and Trossard are good options, we can use them on the left side now.

  29. No disrespect to Everton but this would have been a good match for one of those on yellows to pick up that fifth yellow so they do not miss the tougher games on paper at least

  30. What a game…. congrats gunners worldwide…..

    Said over and over again…that’s this is Nketiah’s breakout season…He would be the next great Number 14….

    Then patino takes over next season …..

    Gunners for ever🔥🔥🔥

  31. We Have Left :
    Man City
    Man City

    Man City Have Left :

    1. Damn, it’s going to be so dramatic. I think we play Man City, Chelsea, Newcastle all three in a row with 2 of them being away games.

      I think the very key to these fixtures is NOT losing to City. Draws would be excellent.

      And I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m rooting for Spurs next round to beat City!

      But first we need to knock the oil merchants out of the FA Cup.

  32. Wow, what a win with so much at stake. Kudo’s to Nketien and Xhaka for that pass. I’m still buzzing. Zivchenko is something else as well, both on the pitch with his skill, and what an intelligent, articulate post match interview he has just given. Overall too many players to mention them all but also pleased for Tomiyasu for his hard work all over the pitch.

    1. To win the game close to Firgie time with him in the crowd was even better for me get in you gunners happy days!

  33. The Zinchenko debate will remain a funny one to me. He had a good but only to salvage a poor one ‘defensively’ in same game. Zinchenko is like TAA you all forget is first A DEFENDER (as announced for the formation) and isn’t great there.
    Zinchenko on countless times he lost his man and was out of position, and Gabriel had to cover for him, exposition Gabriel to Antony – credits to Gabriel – on another day, Antony could have had a goal or an assist as a result. You’ve got do your primary stuff right first, and that’s why I never rate TAA (as a defender).

    God knows I would play Zinch in his most comfortable role in midfield where he excels and excelled last night, and will argue any day Tierney is better at LB.

    On Partey, you’d argue he misplaced some passes, but he still had a stellar performance, alongside Xhaka.

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