Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Newcastle in PL early kick-off

The teams are out for the early Saturday kick-off between Arsenal and Newcastle this afternoon, where we will be looking to claim an eighth straight win over their side.

Much of the talk in the build-up has been around the fact that this will be Eddie Howe’s first time in the dugout with his new club, especially as there was doubts that he would be there until he tested negative for Coronavirus yesterday.

His team are still in search of their first win of the 2021-22 season, having failed to win a single game in any competition, seeing their side drop to the bottom of the table, while Arsenal will be hoping they can claim all three points to see them move level on points with West Ham in fourth spot.

We were aware that we would be without Granit Xhaka and Sead Kolasinac today, leading us to name the below line-up in our Predicted Team:
Ramsdale, Tomiyasu, White, Gabriel, Tierney, Saka, Partey, Lokonga, Smith Rowe, Lacazette, Aubameyang

As you can see, there was a couple names different to what was actually named.

Who else would you have started today? What are your score predictions on seeing the line-up?

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  1. I don’t why Tierney is dropped again??
    Is hé having any fight with Arteta or he doesn’t fit in Arteta’s ethos now
    I hope Arteta is not loan him out

        1. I bet nobody asked him to be so predictable in attacking. Tavares’ movements are the proof of the creativity freedom

    1. Can never satisfy fans though.
      Folks constantly accuse Teta of poor man management.
      KT has always been one of his most trusted players, the only reason Tavares came in was cuz of KT’s injury.
      Now that KT’s back, you just can’t drop Tavares because he had a bad game against Liverpool.

      Why does every decision the manager makes, fans try to make it look like he’s having issues with X player that’s why X player is not playing?
      When does it end?

      1. Because of his history man..
        In 2 years he is having issues 2 players
        Ozil and Guendozi
        Not sure why he never choose Martinelli that’s another secret when it’s evident that he is much more hungrier than Aubameyang…

        1. What issue did he have with Ozil? That was Emery. Arsenal higher ups decided to kick Ozil out because of his public statements about China.

      2. It doesn’t end Eddie, see a couple more posts below this one. I’m certainly with you on this subject, apparently a manager can’t make changes unless he’s being unfair to X player or is punishing X player for something. So much rhetorical hyperbole and It really grinds my gears.

        1. There could be others reason as well like to boost Tavares Confidence…
          But we as a fans gets frustrated when we see something goes against our will or expectations and I don’t think it’s wrong to express your frustration here

          1. Expressing your frustration by trying to discredit the manager and questioning his integrity is uncalled for and dishonourable

    2. Kedar. Tierney not DROPPED! He lost his place through injury and must wait to get back in. Please use the correct word.

  2. Decent team, we should dominate which will hopefully allow Ode to play a free role.

    Would prefer Laca to Auba though, especially because Newcastle will prob sit deep.

  3. A strong starting line-up. I bet Odegaard starts because Arteta would like to pin the Toons’ defenders down

  4. I’m not expecting Newcastle to sit back as they have quite a potent strike force but they are suspect at the back which on both counts is the opposite of our team.

  5. Agree with most of team, send them out to put right their wrongs but Laccas treatment poor, singled out and dropped again, no wonder he want to go. Odergaard makes our front two weak but shouldn’t matter against poor Newcastle 4-0.

    1. Hahaha he was one of the worst on the pitch Vs Liverpool particularly tactically when ode came on too late we started beating the press through him (broke down shortly after but he was beating it.) Think Arteta got it wrong Vs liverpool on not bringing in ode for laca/lokonga and Tierney Vs tavares. Against high presses who will see a lot of the ball ode has to start over laca every time and against salah/Trent, Tierney all day. Otherwise should be based on form.

  6. lmao this manager is so predictable Aubameyang played worse than lacazette and yet he gets dropped saka and smith rowe seem undroppable no matter how bad they play it seem the only way martinelli gets chance is if arteta get sack and new manager is brought in

    1. Lacazette is leaving. We shouldn’t drop Smith-Rowe or Saka for a fans’ favourite like Martinelli, just because they have one bad game

  7. For a number of reasons I am disappointed with the team selected and I am not as optimistic as some who predict a comfortable win.I would not be surprised if Newcastle get a ” bounce” from their new Manager and get a point, at least.Sorry to sound so despondent and hope I am proved wrong.

    1. A draw is a possibility grandad, early kick off games are not out best games but I expect a hard fought win.

  8. Good lineup.COYG👌
    I think Tavares starts purely because
    couldn’t bench him. That error ftt55he made the past week, and then get benched could have ruined the boys confidence! Good thinking from the manager.

  9. Hoping Newcastle give us a tough game, can only make the team better!

    A push over game todays won’t benefit us, barring the 3 points obv.

  10. Don’t see the point of Odegaard when you already have ESR. Maybe someone can explain his requirement in the team.

      1. Isn’t ESR a better fit for the role, and a better performer? Maybe Martinelli on the left could be tried?

    1. Its to give Ode a free role cz he’s a Ozil type play….loads of skill but doesn’t seem to siut the EPL either

  11. Lack of runs is the reasons for most of our problems. Midfield dont give options when passing from the back and little to no runs from our attacking players when in opponent half.

  12. Lack of pace and intensity. If they play such slow sideways football it won’t entertain us or maybe even help us win. Is Aubameyang on the pitch?

  13. So far I am enjoying this performance. No great cutting edge, but we are looking organised and a style of play is starting to evolve. A work in progress? Good to see Tavares and Tomiyasu playing with both feet.

  14. Our press is so half hearted today, not looking good at all. Slow passing and Auba invisible.

    Need to pick it up!

  15. Very poor … no movement no strategy no threat … we are just going to repeat the man utd mistake of keeping on a neophyte manager way out of his depth

  16. Why bother playing aubameyang if you are gonna play a playstyle that doesn’t suit him at all. Lacazette would suit this playstyle much better.

  17. Aubemayang need to be put out to pasture … the fans who blasted ozil but tolerate this guy need to get real

    1. That’s not age related, his head is completely gone. Look at his face minutes after that miss, still calculating how he didn’t score.

      1. That’s what edu, vinai, Kronk Jr and Mr Arteta call it… The Arteta brigade think we’re massively improving 😜

    1. Way too early….looking more like 88th minute sub followed by people saying, “Well he never changes a game for us” 😂

  18. Maybe the players need to spend more time doing shooting practice this next week as today has been embarrassing

    1. Shooting is terrible but at least he’s putting in a shift and trying to make something happen!

      I’d take off Auba and Ode long before him.

  19. Odegaard lost the ball too many times in the first twenty minutes and Aubameyang should’ve buried it. White and Ramsdale were outstanding in the first half

          1. I guess Arteta trusted Aubameyang and Odegaard, so he might keep them in the game for at least seventy minutes

  20. Odegaard totally ineffectual. No intensity. No midfield maestro creating play. It’s a NO performance. We still have 45 min, give Martinelli a chance, Auba is not on the Arsenal planet…anonymous to say the least.

  21. Not a bad half and not good either. We can’t break them. They are playing for a point and if they get us with a counter attack it is going to be very difficult.

    We must be 4th after this game so hoping for a different second half.

    Odergard and ESR still does not work.

    1. We won’t even if we win because of our amazing GD
      Yes if we beat them by 14 goal margin then we can be on 4th

  22. Newcastle should’ve had a penalty 100%.

    Without Ramsdale we’d likely be around 13th in the table…single handedly (excuse the pun) keeping MA out of the sh!!te.

  23. Now we see why Tavares is given that starting shirt. Not to take anything from the brilliant Tierney. But tavares has been unplayable

          1. I don’t see Robertson and TAA cut inside every now and then but still they both are amazing as attacking fullbacks… And Liverpool doesn’t use Big strong and powerful CF yet they score many tap ins
            I don’t see Ashley Cole used to cut inside still they we

            1. Our left overload tactic requires a good attacking LB who can do more than just making long crosses from the byline. Watch how Italy and Man City play with their attacking LBs

  24. Two more goals to go. We won’t be 4th as I have just been informed but if we keep beating the lesser teams it is only a matter of time.

  25. Saka injured unfortunately, been completely overplayed already this season. Usage of our bench to keep players fresh has been poor even when cruising games…was always a risk.

  26. Ya Martinelli is terrible and doesn’t deserve minutes and us that want to see him get a run of starts are delusional 😂

    Technically fantastic goal, especially considering he just came on.

    1. yes PJ. I was not expecting him to score that goal. it looks easy. one thing about martinelli is the fact that he chases everything.

    1. (and I’m not on the side of starting Martinelli, but he should definitely be subbing in more to show if he can start. )

      1. Well said Bob…give the guy a good 30 mins in a few games and let him start the odd EPL game.

        This routine of giving him 1-5 mins every few games is BS and also can cause players to be over played…..e.g. Saka injury now

    1. Agree. Shoulders a slightly less pointy bone than the elbow but still a bone. Didn’t try to play the ball and hit his face, curious decision.

  27. Three points. Can’t argue with that. The game at Old Trafford will define the season. Certain players need to step up. Isn’t that right Auba and Ode?

  28. But… but… How did we won against such great team, they played 1:1 with mighty Brighton two rounds before🤔

      1. Not at all Pat, I am very pleased with a win and the performance, just wanted to point out with a little sarcasm how stupid were those coments a week ago saying that Brighton played draw at Anfield.

        1. Fanbase is in a weird place currently with all the different currents that swirling around, misunderstandings are natural. Onwards and upwards 🙂

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