Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Newcastle released

Arsenal are in Newcastle as they look to win consecutive away games for the first time since May 2017, but the task may not be too easy.

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The Gunners have confirmed that they will start today’s game without any changes to the side which took on Cardiff before the international break, with Lacazette and Aubameyang set to continue their partnership in attack.

It seems a miracle to think that Arsenal, the team renowned for players picking up injuries whilst away on international duty, would actually be able to fill the same starting XI after two fixtures, but maybe our luck is beginning to change when it comes to fitness and injuries.

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Would you have made any changes for the tie with Newcastle?

Pat J


  1. Sue says:


    1. Red and white says:

      After 45 minutes I’m wondering how Emery is expecting a result with Ramsey ozil xhaka and mystafi all playing at the same time seems deluded

      1. john hodges says:

        i saw better games in the 70s and 80s on the hackney marshes. did you watch the spurs gamewhat a diverence .

      2. Wizard of Oz says:

        We are playing a very boring game…
        I dont see any clear cut tactics…it seems like a group of amateurs playing football…
        +We have a very unbalanced team to put into emerys formation..
        rather we should play 442
        Lich mus papa monreal
        bella xhaka/ramsey torreira mickhi
        laca auba
        sub ozil my one time favourite

  2. Sean says:

    Torreira mustn’t be fully fit! How he doesn’t start yet it beyond me…

    Anyways good to see Laca & Auba starting together again with Mesut on behind!!

    COYG 3 precious points today please!

    1. gotanidea says:

      I’m afraid it’s gonna be Ramsey behind Lacazette and Ozil will play as an RW

      1. Sue says:

        Will Ramsey actually do something worthwhile today????

        1. gotanidea says:

          I’m sure of it

          Even if his flicks fail, his energy will pressurize the opposition

          He is a tenacious midfielder

          1. Ks-gunner says:

            If all of our players would jog around only all of our players would be full with energy.

      2. Sean says:

        Should’ve realised that!! Would rather Ozil in the middle…. need a win no matter who plays!

      3. kev says:

        Vindicated again.When I said Auba at RW won’t work I was bashed.This is even Newcastle.I just can’t imagine him against a top RB.People will probably forget his performance after he scored.If it was Iwobi then he’s be bashed even if he had scored.The guy is not a winger and was a normal RW at Dortmund.He became world class at CF.Common sense!

  3. Durand says:

    Drop Ramsey for Torreria in midfield. Xhaka form is better with Torreria in midfield to defend and intercept. Ramsey really offers nothing except traffic jams in midfield and slowing down attacks. At least he runs around a lot, but offers little.

    Otherwise, figured this lineup, so sticking with prediction 3-2.

  4. Clive says:

    No Torriera again today!
    keeping my fingers crossed

  5. Xxnofx says:

    Wow Ramsey again ,what the actual f4ck

  6. WiserthanWenger says:

    Oh why oh why ? Why Xhaka again ??? What did Emery see in him ? Don’t tell me training ground , it’s absurd to base selection on training ground performance , he simply doesn’t deserve to start games !

    1. Sean says:

      If Xhaka has protection in the form of a proper CDM then he will do a lot better…. hope he would anyway, always does better for the Swiss in that roll!!

      1. James says:

        I hope that was an intentional Swiss roll!

        1. ozziegunner says:

          ?? plus what has Lichtsteiner got to do; I thought he must have to learn Spanish?
          At least Arsenal have Lacazette up front with Aubameyang, so at least Arsenal has a chance of scoring more goals than are conceded.

      2. WiserthanWenger says:

        Xhaka is supposed to protect , not to be protected , however , i have never seen him providing any protection , most of the time , he just watches the opp player run past him , or he will do a stupid foul and collect yellow or red cards , moreover , he is a liabilty by always passing the ball to the opp players ! i really can’t see any good contribution from him .

        1. l says:

          To rate Xhaka with incidence of Red card at this point shows that you are still seeing the Xhaka of 2016/2017. You failed to realize that he has moved from that stage. Wenger was clueless for fielding certain players, now Emery is fielding most of those players. I think that shows that there are qualities these guys possess that viewers don’t see.

          1. WiserthanWenger says:

            Can you list out what Xhaka has contributed so far ? the fact that you are defending Xhaka basing on him not have any red cards for the past 3 games shows that you are basically his die-hard fan and will defend him even if he is uesless on the field , did you really watch the past few games ? if so , how come you didnt see him committing unnecessary stupid fouls ??

          2. ozziegunner says:

            Xhaka is not a DM; that is why he should be teamed with Torreira.

          3. WiserthanWenger says:

            He is similar to Ramsey but worse than Ramsey in terms of everything , that ‘s why I said before , don’t ever start Ramsey & Xhaka together .

      3. Goonster says:

        What is with this “With protection, a proper CDM, so and so will do well”.
        I keep hearing it when it comes to Ozil, Ramsey, our Back Line and now Xhaka. Smh

        So how is a single CDM going to cover all these players flaws at the same time? Where will we ever find that Superman / superhuman DM that will do all the defending and covering for all our entire team? Because to me it seems like fans have convinced themselves that their particular favourite player in the team does not have to defend or cover. We have to play and defend as a team, not a single superhuman CDM will ever sort out our defensive problems until every single player takes responsibility.

        Tired of all these excuses. No wonder we are a 6th placed team nowadays. All Players need to start taking responsibility if we want to get back to being taken seriously as a club.

  7. WiserthanWenger says:

    If Emery has done his homework , he should know Ozil should never be on any wings , left or right , Wenger tried that and it failed miserably , it’s a waste of Ozil’s talent !
    And if he has done his homework , he should know Ramsey only had one good season , he ‘s not worth the fuss to be pampered , to sacrifice & push Ozil to the wing to accomodate Ramsey in No.10 is the most stupid idea ever ! Ramsey doesn’t have the technical nor visionery ability to be No.10 !

  8. Leon says:

    Torreira needs to put a transfer request in.
    And the Arsenal board of directors need to ask Emery why they have been asked to shell out £26.5 million on a player that never plays.
    Or even whether Torreira was a player he even wanted in the first place.
    Same can be said for Leno and Lichsteiner.
    I get the feeling Sven Mislintat purchased these players without Emery’s blessing.
    Whatever the reason may be its a waste of money…

    1. Time to sell Torreira and Leno before they turn into deadwood ?

      1. ozziegunner says:

        I agree, very hard to fathom why Torreira and Lichtsteiner fail to be selected given Arsenal’s defensive frailties.

    2. Janebrix says:

      Am not sure Torreira was ever an Emery target. He was already a target of the club before we knew who would replace wenger. So am not surprised he hasn’t started him yet.

    3. jon fox says:

      I agree it seems extremely weird to buy quality players to replace Wengers crap players and then not to use them but instead keep playing the dross Wenger left behind. With Torreira and Lichsteiner in the squad, there is zero justification for playing Bellerin and Xhaka. I have to now presume that Emery did not choose these new buys. All evidence points to that being the case. Torreira, after a decade without a proper CDM, should be the very FIRST name on thr teamsheet. So why isn’t he? He is clearly match fit and it make zero sense to prefer Xhaka. As for Bellerin, well…… !

  9. Invisible says:

    What 442, or is it 442 with xhaka and guendouzi playing where, and ozil and Ramsey where, with auba and cassette. with that line up, it’s more like 4 1 1 2 2, no width. With bellerin and monreal providing width, who’s gonna protect mus and sok. We need torreira, play lichsteiner and use bellerin as winger. My God, I don’t know football like my palm but it seems like just anybody can manage a club. But it seems like the pressure of it makes them opt for the stupidest options.

  10. Xhaka starting again! Emery why?!

    1. Ks-gunner says:

      Bec he is not full of sh.. to listen to the likes of you, lol

  11. Invisible says:

    Why the fox unicorn cat kite no lichsteiner, torreira.
    And why the fox unicorn cat kite deploy ozil on the wings when he is most effective as a no 10. And why the #&@$ use Ramsey when he is unwilling to sign and not performing

  12. ade says:

    Guys give it a break, complain too much on this site. Someone even said torierra should put put transfer request, wat kind talk is that. Pls allow coach to do his job. Up gunners.

    1. l says:

      They always know more than the coach

  13. GanjaMan says:

    Please don’t remind me lol. Yet every other top 6 team is being shown live.

  14. gotanidea says:

    Interestingly, there is no any English player starts for Arsenal today

    Arsenal have become similar to today’s Chelsea and Inter Milan in the past, where they were very short of local first team players

    The other top teams start with at least three English players. I want to see major improvement in Englandisation in the next couple of years

    1. Comeatme says:

      And what’s the problem here?? If they are not good enough they don’t start.. Simple

  15. Ka-gunner says:

    Comon Arsenal. Tired of gettIng mini heart attacks all of the Time. Today i want to see this team do good and win in comfortable way. 1:3 for us worse case 2:3

  16. ade says:

    Newcastle won’t play free flow football with us, they will be more defensive n depend on counter attack.

  17. RSH says:

    hard to tell the difference between an Emery side and a Wenger side honestly.Just less side passing, but still we struggle greatly with creativity away from home. Little to talk about that half. Hopefully more entertaining 2nd

    1. Dee23 says:

      “Hard to tell the difference between an Emery side and a Wenger side”

      Wenger tends to play his new additions, especially his most expensive ones even when they were not in form. So a Wenger side would of looked different if Sven brought in those players for him. Torreira, Leno would definitely be playing given how much they cost and Lichtensteiner would have been used more due to his versatility. In the one game that he played for us he improved the defense even though he was playing out of position. Oh yeah, and Ozil would be playing number 10 instead of Ramsey.

      1. RSH says:

        I’m referring to playing style. This game doesn’t look any different from games we played last season. The lineup may not be what AW would have chosen but they play exactly like that. Arsenal don’t look prepared for this game or that they have any purpose with their play. It’s just passing around and hoping somebody finds some space. Defensively, we look just as poor as last season as well.

  18. gotanidea says:

    Now we know why Xhaka had the most forward passes last season, far beyond his teammates

    He is going to have the throne again this season, if he keeps starting

  19. avenger says:

    We need badly changes in the middle in the second half Ozil and Bellerin as usual useless …..

  20. GanjaMan says:

    I’m trying to figure out what we’re trying to do and what are we trying to be. We look like a team with no identity stack with average players.

  21. GB says:

    Midfield doing ok, Guendozi excellent, attack not very good, defence ok, Sokratis and Mustafi getting an understanding. Watching live stream on Total sportek link 1 if anyone interested.

    1. Invisible says:

      Most totalsportek link don’t seem to work, got a few working stream but they got cut at any moment. Was watching stream of BEINsports but suddenly got cut off at around the 70th minute.

      1. GB says:

        Had the same problem on sported but up till then was good feed.
        BEINsport always good but couldn’t find it today.
        Up the Arse!!

  22. Someone says:

    Pathetic performance they make any little opponent looks like Bercelona many errors and shaky on the ball this is very childish of Arsenal . I cant imagine how we gonna face Liverpool or even Spurs with such performance

  23. Skills1000 says:

    We should just go back to a 442 formation. Midfield of Torreira, Guendouzi Ozil and Mhkhitaryan. Lacazette and Aubameyang. Diamond midfield. By the way, Hazard and Giroud are forming a formidable partnership. We need to raise the tempo of this game. Ramsey should have picked a pass but is looking selfish.

  24. GB says:

    Can’t believe the amount of moaning on here. We need to accept we are not the team we were but I still think we’ve got this, 2 nil to the Arse.

  25. RSH says:

    instant impact from putting torreira on. He sits deep, Xhaka can play as a CM and go forward more. Massive difference. Xhaka was never a CDM. His movement led to 2nd goal as well. 2-0. But Emery always seems to go back to benching Torreira tho. Please keep this permanently.

  26. kenneth Noel says:

    Xhaka looks so much better when torrier is on and he is going forward

  27. avenger says:

    Right thats the change we need Torreira in that will change the spectrum
    Ozil goal my grandma who is 92 can do it……

    1. GB says:

      WTF does “Ozil goal my grandma who is 92 can do it….. “ mean exactly?

      1. Namo says:

        Just another Ozil hater.

      2. avenger says:

        means retire Ozil for good!!!

        1. GB says:

          Why ? Oh of course you hate him even though he just won it for us and think your grandma could do better. You silly boy.

  28. Gily says:

    Absorb strategy I think Emery applies. Bring on Tor when opposition is a little tired.

  29. Sue says:

    Phew!!!! Another 3 points…. clean sheet would have been nice though

  30. ade says:

    So arsenal won the match with all these ridiculous moaning , unnecessary complaints n baseless hate on players here. Something has to be done on our fans here. These negative fans should accept d fact that they r arsenal fans not coach. Well I am happy we won, tanks to d players , d coach n all d positive fans.

  31. Innit says:

    Ozil haters sound off even when he scores and helps us WIN

    1. avenger says:

      Ozil lover reminds me To Wenger Lovers even if we have a
      lousy win like today

  32. RSH says:

    Not a game we learned anything new in. It’s a known fact Torreira needs to start. Our defense still leaves much to be desired. Happy to see a re-energized 2nd half, but watching that first half was worrying. Many times last season we didn’t show up to games until it was too late. What is the reason for Arsenal being such slow starters? Anyways positives, is Xhaka and Ozil looking more decent this time around. I love Lacazette’s work rate too. Still, I wait for a performance that shows me what Emery envisions doing with this side. The question of where he is taking us still lingers. ?

    1. RSH says:

      my last sentence got deleted strangely. * Job done, happy for three points! *

  33. HA559 says:

    Mustafi can’t even judge the flight of the ball when it’s crossed in.Moments before we concede Joselu was he one that took advantage of Mustafis inability judge crosses and almost scored.

    Our defence is so bad, one of the worst in the league already, it’s going to cost us many games this season.

    1. GB says:

      Almost scored but didn’t so let’s just moan about it anyway.
      We won ffs!

      1. mobella says:

        When it comes to arsenal some fans can’t be happy, win , lose or draw phew!!!!. If they know so much about coaching and are better footballers why are they here. These guys should be in red and white on the pitch or dugout in SJP.

  34. Stylish says:

    Our dear coach is playing a very dangerous game. If top teams face us proper we wont have any leg to stand on. We need a proper winger in our team auba is not a winger ozil is not a winger either playing those two is dangerous especially against the top 6 teams.

  35. Phil says:

    The sign of a good team is winning when not playing well.We lost at SJP last season so three points is an improvement on the result if not the performance.If we beat Everton (which we will) that’s FOUR wins on the trot.The results are what matter at the moment with the standard of performance hopefully improving as the season progresses.I still believe we have a good team with the Tactics still a mystery.I wasn’t able to watch the game but from what I understand Newcastle pressed as we played out from the back.EVERY side will do this to us this season so we need to hope things start clicking soon.

    1. mobella says:

      Phil, from where i was watching, i saw a well controlled game from arsenal. 3 points is in the bags and i can’t ask for more.

      1. Phil says:

        Mobella-a clean sheet would have been nice.We need to stop conceding at some point.But agree those three points are what we needed and the team got the job done.
        Level on points with the Spuds as well.

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