Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Newcastle this evening

The teams are out for tonight’s fixture between Arsenal and Newcastle United, where first will take on third in the division.

The Gunners have the chance to go 10 points clear at the top of the Premier League table when they take on the Toon tonight, and have the advantage in the personnel department also.

We are without key striker Gabriel Jesus, but Eddie Nketiah has more than proved his worth with goals in consecutive starts since Christmas. The English forward gets the nod once again to lead the line, while our rivals are also without their main outlet in attack in Alexander Isak.

We were predicting an unchanged line-up from the one which took on Brighton on New Years Eve, and as you can see we were spot on.


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Mikel Arteta talks ahead of tough Newcastle clash

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  1. Newcastle tonight….then Spurs and Man U in the EPL

    If we can get through Jan with 2 wins out of 3 I think we’ll be in for a very good chance at winning the league.

    Tonight is a very big potential banana skin, let’s hope we are up for it. We only have 4 games in the whole of Jan so resting players and fatigue won’t be an issue.

      1. We can and I would but we don’t really have to. How many games have our players played in the last 2 months? Not very many compared to a normal schedule that time of the year.

  2. Today we need to bury our few chances and stay sharp in defense for 90 minutes. No more brainfarts Saliba and Gabriel, please!


  3. This was once a fixture where you could light your stove and put on your pot and know three points was coming to put in your pot

  4. I bet White and Saka can handle Joelinton, but Saint-Maximin’s trickeries in the second half could change that. This is why we need to score in the first twenty minutes of the game and I believe Martinelli/ Saka can do it

    Newcastle players bullied our players physically last season and I expect them to do it again to Odegaard, as they know Odegaard will make diagonal passes to their left wing. Unfortunately, we don’t have Smith-Rowe to play the right AM role differently, but Partey might be able to do it

    1. I don’t know if you’re right GAI but I don’t think we will be pushovers this time around.

      1. Smith-Rowe is more physical than Odegaard and he could surprise Newcastle if he replaces Odegaard in the second half, because his playing style as the right AM is different. Unfortunately, he is still injured

  5. This is a must win game. We need to convert our chances. Scoring Early goals in the first 30 mins of the game is key.
    3 points to Arsenal

  6. Football is not all about analysis, most times we analyze nonsense and witness something else…. I only hope and wish our team the best. COYG

  7. I couldn’t watch the match…… Pls if wanna comment on the match. Try not to give me heart attack

  8. Good first 10 minutes, we’ve looked flat since then and very slow.

    Saliba and Partey having a very solid game . Eddie is playing well but he’s looking quite slow, struggling to get away from anyone.

    Wilsons challenge on Saliba was terrible.

    1. We’re struggling a lot in 1v1 situations and they’re making it awkward. Trying to influence the ref, who’s being inconsistent. Not a comfortable watch tbh

  9. Am not sure Arsenal can win this Match,because of Newcastle defence and once they score that’s the end

  10. The referee doesn’t seem very bright to me. Newcastle should have had two more YCs.
    Hope he doesn’t make a game altering stupid decision.

  11. Newcastle have mastered the technique of time wasting..
    Especially Nick Pope
    The amount of time he is wasting to take goal kick is really unsporting..

  12. Saka has been ineffective due to the two men always on him when he has the ball. Same with Martinelli

    1. True but then that means that 1-2 of our players are free elsewhere on the pitch but our passings been to slow to take advantage.

  13. I think we are playing well, it is just a very tough opposition. The match can go either way but whatever the result I won’t be too disappointed. Another problem is the bench, no game changer. I can see Arteta going with the players for full 90 mins if we don’t get a goal or just bring on Holding and play for a draw later on. It is a tough match.

  14. I think this game will show if we are really title contenders. Everything about this match is what we’ve always struggled to overcome, lets see.

  15. My biggest worry is our bench. No ESR or Reiss Nelson. I hope we score first and only need to make defensive changes to shore up the midfield and defence.

  16. Looking like one of those games that might get away. Tierney could add something to the attack because Martinellii is too quiet and it’s become too predictable with Xhaka not giving much and everything focused on Odegaard and Saka to find a way through.

  17. The ref is the type of people Trump would call “weak and not very strong”. He seems starstruck and players know he’s a wimp. He’s put himself in a difficult spot with his cards.

  18. Expected more from Newcastle on the ball, seems they going to sit back and hope for set plays. Plenty we can improve mainly speeding it up a little and not letting Newcastle or the ref get to us.

    There were enough nearly moments in that half that I am not too worried. If we come out flying like we did 1st half then we should be ok.

    1. Like I said earlier Newcastle are 90% brawn 10% brain dont expect intelligent football from them. Theyre gonna sit back, kick us around and wait for that odd ball or set piece not nick a goal. Never rated them.

  19. This game isn’t gonna end 11 vs 11 with this referee. He has already lost the plot and booking everything. That’s what Newcastle do if they can’t play vs you, they drag you to a fight and beat you.

  20. I think Howe had prepared his players very well to anticipate Arteta’s tactic and they were good in duels

    Our players looked wary of Newcastle’s aerial abilities in set-pieces. This is the type of game where we could use someone like Giroud to win aerial battles

    If I were Arteta, I’d replace Xhaka or Odegaard because of their yellow cards. Newcastle seemed eager to send our players off ASAP

    1. Eddie how didnt prepare for sh*t cant you see we are the only ones trying to play.There’s zero patterns from newcastle.

  21. I think Zinchenko has been really poor, not sure whats going on. It’s also the reason why Martinelli is struggling because he’s getting very little support.

  22. Can see why the gaffer wants this Mudryk guy for option off the bench as the mag rim have this St Maximin and I don’t trust him for a minute.

  23. I would think about replacing Xhaka soonish especially as he’s not been on fire, ref will have an eye on him now. With how this game is going the last thing we need is a red.

    Few options there Vieira, ESR if he’s fit enough, Tierney and shift zinchenko forward. Could use a freshen up here.

  24. Xhaka sitting deep like his old self with zero interest in going forward and it shows, Ode is being completely overrun in the midfield and nothing is being done about it.

    Our bench is not great and that’s being kind. Only think I can think of is bringing Tierney on for the terrible Zinchenko.

    1. Yeah, 2nd half has had less threat than the 1st so far. Hopefully, Newcastle start to tire now.

      GA Table is
      Newcastle 11
      Arsenal 14
      Man City 16
      Chelsea 18

      So we knew going in they have a decent defence.

  25. That wasn’t a penalty? The ref gave yellow cards for minimal shirt pulling.
    Explain this to me please.

    1. Burn or whatever the eff his name is clearly drags and pulls Gabriel there but that effing wimp did nothing! completely ignored it. Stone cold pen.

  26. I’d settle for a point now, we don’t look like scoring and the number of yellow cards is ridiculous.

  27. Would like to see more moves like that run from Eddie by everyone not just Eddie or Saka. When you’ve got a team like Newcastle a couple of dribbles/driving runs can do wonders.

    Will say Almiron as he’s subbed was one of the leagues form scorers and you’d almost be forgiven for forgetting he was on the pitch.

  28. Newcastle is setting up blue print on how to neutralize Saka and Martinelli by doubling on them. Arteta need to find a way out of this, otherwise it will become a common script used against us

    1. Doubling on Saka leaves space it’s only that Odegard has been completely out of the game dont know why. But the doubling on saka automatically opens up space for our AM to exploit and get the pass from Saka.

  29. This match is the perfect example of why we need to buy at least a couple of players in this window. We don’t have anyone on the bench that is a game changer. We need a striker, a winger and CM/DM.

  30. Good effort then by Nketiah but Newcastle so far are showing great defensive resilience.
    I feel that we have been the better side but you have to get the ball in the back of the net and it just isn’t happening

  31. Neville downplaying Arsenal for drawing to a team potentially whilst dominating who have lost 1 game all year and have the best defence in the league ahead of us by 3 goals and City by 5. Barely mentioned their timewasting or their lack of ambition.

    Just annoys me. We absolutely could use added depth in January but he’s acting like this is a disappointment just madness.

    Neville always targets his comments so if the game goes a certain way it will promote negativity among certain Arsenal fans always.

  32. That was a stone cold penalty if ever I saw one. Hit his hand, which was in an unnatural position. Please how can the ref and VAR say that was not a penalty?????

    1. Then theres the disgraceful shirt pull on Gab by that giraffe yet the ref completely ignored it.

  33. Not disappointed with the draw but disappointing that our lack of depth meant that we had no game changers on the bench. I mean in a game like this Elneny would have nothing to offer unless you were playing for a draw. Boy we missed Gabriel Jesus today, but it is what it is.. Unfortunately we are stuck with Eddie.

    1. Agree Martinelli could of used replacing today. We need depth. Eddie/Saka don’t go off until they look tired today as they were playing well. Eddie did to be fair post 80, 1st time I started wishing for Jesus was 86 or something when Eddie collected deep but couldn’t twist and turn his way out of trouble. Otherwise I thought Eddie was decent today.

  34. They came to eliminate that game in hand we had over them. They didn’t even break a sweat. Job done. Big ups to em.
    We’ve become predictable to play…Just sayin

    1. NY-Gunner you mustve been watching a diffrent game! Eddie how is here on Sky saying how tough this game was! They had a game plan but somehow found themselves sitting deep ’cause of our pressure. Saying they didnt even break a sweat is disregarding what we did. They had one chance the entire game!

      1. @fifa is a joke
        They came to neutralise us. Which is what they did. Howe knew we were coming out the box putting them under pressure because, we’re at home. You act as if he hasn’t watched tapes of how we roll and who is our danger men. Get real…

    2. The 3rd place team in the league with the best defence by 3 goals over us in the league came and time wasted and got away with a 0-0 draw. Like us, they have lost 1 game all season. They broke sweat constantly we were by far better.

      The only team in the league all season to prevent us from scoring (we were the only team in the league to have scored every game prior to this) was the best defence in the league.

      Your claim is we are predictable, I say your commentary is laughable and sadly all too predictable itself.

      Your 1st sentence makes no sense they drew… they didn’t eliminate the game in hand. Honestly, how would you even believe that worked in your head? Nothing has changed between us we have the game in hand and are still 8 points ahead of them… Just saying

  35. Good game, two best defences in the league, this was obviously a possible outcome…

    Eddie Howe obviously did his homework on us, totally shut down our front four…

    We do need options on the bench ASAP, and a plan B because we kept doing the same thing throughout the match hoping a different outcome…
    I understand our philosophy of playing till teams open up but dogged teams need a different strategy..

    Probably if we have allowed them have the ball ,spaces would have opened up for counterattacks

    Anyways 1 point against 3rd place is not a bad result considering the form of other teams bar manutd who are currently playing weaker sides and getting results…

  36. Yes we are predictable but how many teams have the discipline to execute the game plan…it ain’t easy to play against arsenal , we will create chances

    Our players were kinda slow today, maybe the games are slowly taking a toll, cuz martinelli and saka couldn’t even outrun players , odegaard precision was lacking….

    Hopefully arteta gets his players soon

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