Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Newcastle

Unai Emery has named his Arsenal line-up to take on the Magpies tonight, with Xhaka and Laurent Koscielny missing out due to injury.

The Gunners will be looking to climb back into the top four with a win today, with the three points setting us clear into third after the Spurs loss yesterday, and some consistency now will see us cement a return to the Champions League for the first time in three years.

Aaron Ramsey makes his return to action having missed the international break with injury, and he will captain the side, with Guendouzi taking up his place next to him in midfield.

Aubameyang also misses out on the starting line-up with Lacazette selected to play through the middle, but he may well ind himself coming off the bench to make an impact late on.

Will this team make certain that Newcastle leave the Emirates pointless? Are the Magpies one of our bogey teams who we must be cautious of?

Pat J


  1. gotanidea says:

    Emery plays safe:

    ……………..Mustafi . Sokratis . Monreal
    Maitland-Niles . Ramsey . Guendouzi . Kolasinac
    ……………….Ozil ……………………. Iwobi

  2. St sass says:

    What ever the line up is it’s going to be a win a 2 goal margin. COYG

  3. Vincent Ogwara says:

    Why is Auba not in the starting line up!

    1. Declan says:

      He was ill at the weekend and Emery said he does not want to risk him.

      1. He made it to the bench mate.

  4. Jah son says:

    I pray we win today looks like 3-4-2-1.
    It’s hard for me following Emery but the arsenal remains my forever one true love. Good luck to our boys. I think ozil will get the sticks today as the quality around him is poor.

    1. gotanidea says:

      I hope it is 3-4-1-2 with Lacazette and Iwobi upfront

      Lacazette, Kolasinac, Iwobi, Ramsey, Guendouzi and Maitland-Niles are not poor outfield players

      On the contrary, Ozil is an aging player that has to be replaced by a younger one next season

      1. Jah son says:

        What sense would that make when iwobi is afraid of scoring?

  5. ToluCOYG says:

    Iwobi should better wear his thinking cap today. At this point of the season, no room for indecisiveness.

  6. Jah son says:

    For me the right hand side of the pitch is so unbalanced it scares me. Niles,Must,and Ramsey or Gwen all on the right. This just spells trouble for me against Benitez. But fingers crossed we will pull through.

  7. I’ve waited to see us play for so long! Finally I get my fix tonight. Am expecting a win..easy or scrappy I don’t care I just want the result. COYG! St. Totteringham here we come!

    1. Sue says:

      It’s been ages QD… I hope it doesn’t disappoint ?

  8. ForeverGooner says:

    I would be happy with any win ie 1-0, 2-1, 4-3 etc but I feel like a blow out tonight. I hope we score a lot.

    Wish our top goal scorer and Golden boot contender was playing tonight

  9. Ackshay says:

    I wonder if favorite Liverpool would have had that goal canceled. Probably not

    1. Rkw says:

      Worry more about a hapless opening 25 minutes .. No energy no shape no precision

  10. Kedar says:

    We are missing Xhaka with his long range passing

  11. ForeverGooner says:

    If I had the choice of keeping just one of Ramsey, Xhaka, or Ozil, I’d keep Ramsey.

    His best position is back of CM.


    1. Rkw says:

      LOL …me my guest .. He took the goal nicely but I haven’t seen as many misplaced passes in a long long time … Happy to see back of him
      Need to remove Iwobi at half time and score another … Mustafi is an accident waiting to happen

  12. Gavana says:

    We’re number 3!

  13. Roachie says:

    How much realistically could we get for mustafi caus I’d settle for a bag of quavers

  14. Sue says:

    Good first half…. should be 2-0 though COYG

    1. Sue says:

      Nice goal Rambo

  15. Declan says:

    Mustafi goes to ground all the time and commits fouls.
    Sokratis is always holding the opposition grabbing shirts and gets a goal disallowed.
    Iwobi has the first touch of a trampoline.
    Our best player is off to Juve.
    Our defence is gonna give me a heart attack.
    Hey, we are winning, but we must get Auba on.

  16. Rkw says:

    Why is Iwobi still on the pitch?

  17. FootballIsTrivial says:

    English referees are jokers. The incompetency is baffling.

  18. Ackshay says:

    Mustafi having good match so far, some very good tackles while having some difficulty playing from the back.

  19. Rkw says:

    Just deserts .. Best player on the park for me

  20. FootballIsTrivial says:

    Hahaha what a nice goal

  21. Ackshay says:

    Insert Aubameyang / lacazette cheat code

    1. Sal says:

      no prob X, L1 triangle, L1 O : )

  22. FootballIsTrivial says:

    How the hell was that Lacazette’s fault? Referee drunk

  23. avenger says:

    justice is being done right into third ….Everton next…..

  24. Gily says:

    We are expelling them from that 3rd position today.
    This is an embarrassment to the epl – to have lost 10 matches and still be 3rd in the league.

  25. ToluCOYG says:

    Laca doing the shakushaku….

  26. Sal says:

    that’s how you win despite the ref!! a yellow card for montreal for what? two goals disallowed, anyways never in doubt boys!!! COYG 🙂

    ps: ramsey was immense we should just stop offering contracts played like a captain, and laca what a goal beauty!!

    1. Danny b says:

      Funny enough, all those who had their goals disallowed ended up scoring minutes later. We seem unstoppable right now. Common gunners. Bad ref

  27. killamch89 says:

    Totteringham day preparations shall commence

  28. Gunneraddict says:

    referee Anthony Taylor *spits on him* confused as fxxxk
    we occupy third
    Goodison park next

  29. Sue says:

    We’re 3rd baby yeah ?
    MOTM performance from the one & only Mesut Ozil
    Beautiful goal from Laca
    Clean sheet
    Great goal from Rambo (grim reaper time)
    The only thing that was disappointing tonight was Anthony Taylor (surprise surprise)
    Well done boys…. and how fine is Kolasinac ?
    Is it St Totteringham’s Day yet?!!

    1. Declan says:

      St Totts day a little way off yet Sue, not until it’s mathematically certain they can’t catch us.
      Özil was all over the pitch, motm for me.
      Can’t believe It, the keeper punches it into his own net ref gives handball against Laca! He scored a beauty though.
      Auba should have started.

      1. Sue says:

        I wanted to punch Anthony Taylor ?? I agree Declan, he should have started, Iwobi was poor.. cue onslaught……

      2. Sal says:

        he had a great game declan but i would have given it to ramsey not because of the goal, but the tracking back and closing the space he was everywhere before he got subbed, bailed out a couple of his teammates as well…to me ozil loses it to ramsey for 3 reasons:

        1) the pass he had from laca in the open space, shift your body to the left place that ball on your right and try a shot, cmon ozil try your luck

        2) we are closing down with 3 players sometimes, it’s like some sort of pincer move i love it, but he is still afraid to get stuck in he backed away from the challenge at least three times that i can count of, we could have grabbed possession if he attempted the 50 50

        3) i know very harsh on him with the game he played he was great, his passing was what we expect of him but he is WC or is payed like one so i’ll judge him accordingly.

        ps: just pointing out why i would have given it to ramsey, not dampening the mood in anyway shape or form , very happy with the lads 3points in the bag 🙂

  30. Tissiam says:

    Great win!but still some fans won,t be sastified,they,ll try to find faults,players not being good enough,wrong selection…..anyway the players are doing their talking on the pitch,we are now third who would have thought?COYG!!!

    1. NMC says:

      There is no doubt there are still improvements to be made, namely Guendouzi and Mustafi. But good performance toda, great result, onwards and upwards. Yeah

  31. Lenohappy says:

    MOTM for me is Ramsey,what a professional this guy is,he heart,weldone boys,one down seven to go.

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