Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Palace today with Martinelli leading the line again

There is no doubt that Mikel Arteta will be feeling a bit stressed when deciding who to play in today’s match at the Emirates.

Not only did we see Saliba and Tomiyasu go off injured against Sporting, we also had six of our team playing 90 minutes or more just 60 hours ago, and there is bound to be a bit of tiredness in their overworked legs.

The good thing is that we facing a Crystal Palace side that is seriously lacking in confidence and have had seven defeats and five draws in their 12 games since Christmas, and apparently haven’t had a shot on goal in their last three fixtures.

But the Gunners do have the massive incentive of being able to go 8 points clear of Manchester City if they can keep the momentum to get their sixth win in a row, and can go into the international break for a deserved rest!

Well, here is my team prediction, for the reasons I outlined in my earlier Match Preview….

White, Holding, Gabriel, Tierney
Xhaka, Partey, Odegaard
Saka, Jesus, Martinelli

And now it is time to find out which XI Arteta has chosen to start the game….

Come on you Gooners!!!!!

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  1. Hopefully Saliba and Tomiyasu will recover soon. Fortunately, we still have Reuell Walters on the bench, to replace White if needed

        1. gai you are plainly showing your own inexperience of how football works.
          To suggest a novice playe who had a decent pre season game but who has not yet played a single Prem game yet, as being a “fortunate” thing, is the thoughts of a very junior fan.

  2. I believe Walters is very highly regarded and certainly he impressed me in one of our pre season matches but I can’t remember which one?

    1. The short CB with very good ball control skills, pace and anticipation. He plays like the younger version of Ben White

      1. I still wonder why Arteta wont use Thieney. Zichenko will soon suffer burn out because of the way he plays

  3. We need to win this match, I don’t care how we win, we need to win let’s put the pressure on man city.

  4. It is what it is. We should have too much for CP, although I am not a fan of aRob Holding. I’ll get behind him and hope he has no errors. Glad to see Trossard, Martinelli and Saka, with Jesus as impact sub. Should be a winning line up. COYG.

  5. Can we have a decent ref please as the one on Thursday was awful and let a lot of fouls committed by the opposition go while happy to blow up and issue yellows to Arsenal players. Please no dodgy VAR rulings either….

  6. Was anyone really surprised by this lineup? Arteta doesn’t rotate, which probably doesn’t offer much incentive to those on the bench, as they are only likely to ever get 10-20 mins maximum. What I will say in his defence though is that when he does change things around as with the Europa League we are woefully inept. He simply can’t trust those outside the chosen First XI. Zinchenko was awful against Sporting but the fact that he is in again basically tells Tierney that he won’t be getting in this team at all unless Zinchenko is injured and even then I suspect Arteta would prefer to play Tomiyasu at left-back.

  7. Zinchenko does make silly mistakes, just now holding followed the run of edwards to the wing and instead of blocking the pass route to the mid zinchenko joined holding to be 2vs1 but the pass route to the middle was all clear.. luckily edwards missed the delivery.. but holding is playing very good

  8. Anyone else noticed that Martinelli from that inside left channel of the box is a very accurate shooter? Most of the times either he scores or shoots in such a way that the opposition goalie is forced to push it out in dangerous areas which mean our other players score from the rebounds. The second scenario has happened a lot of times. But on the flip side, his dribbling effectiveness seem to have dropped a bit compared to early season.
    Holding is playing well. Hopr Xhaka is not injured. COYG!

  9. Though I wasn’t pleased with Kieran Tierney bukayo displeased over his dissect to the late British Monarch Queen Elizabeth 11 burial rites ceremony. And which had led me to have written and posted comments against him on JustArsenal. And told the club to sell him for that his disrespect to the late Queen burial.
    But since I did not get support from my fellow Gooners to back me in my dislike of Tierney’s disrespect shown by him to the late Queen burial. I’ve since piped down to limit myself to his football matter as it’s concerned him at Arsenal.
    But since Tierney is a top quality left full-back at Arsenal and he’s been fit for a for longtime now. But though I am not his advocate. However, I hope Arteta continuously omitting him in his starting XI team is based on football reason only. But not selfishly motivated to be leaving him out of his Arsenal starting XI team always

    1. I mean should anything other than his footballing ability even matter if all parties are ok with the political stuff? Also I am not even sure there was any political reason, something was mentioned in JA and it escapes my mind at the moment. Your admission kind of reminds me of the times when a very few posters would call out Ozil because of his political stunts when his bad performances for Arsenal were more deserving of criticism lol.

    2. What o earth are you on about SAA? I realise that English may not be your first language but you really talking rubbish!

      1. Yeah, he usually tries so hard and puts together some decent posts. Not his day, but he’ll be OK.

            1. 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂I hope your not talking about me Jax!!!

    1. Yeah but thats reasonable as people are enjoying the football.. if things are not going well people are not enjoying and taking time to comment

    1. What to do with Tomiyasu??
      I think he can be decent CB
      But so far today Holding is playing absolutely fine…
      No scary moments from him so far..
      Giving hard time to Eduard

      1. Tomiyasu should be kept at all cost. He is a very good rb and can cover both cb and lb. White is just perfect at that unique role.

  10. Sporting CP were more energetic than the lackluster Crystal Palace. Excellent goal by Martinelli and accurate shot by Saka, assisted by White

    1. Obviously..
      They have better quality players also and we were not playing same starting 11 there..
      That makes a different…

  11. This is another proof of the mentality of our team, every time they are questioned if they can bounce back they respond very well. Plus the fans support at the stadium has been really really amazing this season, they really are the 12th player. You can see what that goal meant to Martinelli and I think in a away that penalty miss will push him on to become an even better player like it did to Saka.

  12. Love Odegaard, he was born to be an Arsenal player. His passes, ball control, vision, goal scoring ability and best of all the shift he puts in as an attacking player is immense. Our front 4 press and defend from the front like Liverpool used to do in past 4-5 seasons.

  13. This season our heading has improved extremely, they win a lot of first and second balls and can keep it under control extremely well

      1. Exactly as plan field day.

        Paul Merson is making a name for his self the player now pundit expected an easy game.

  14. if it was our goal VAR would have taken 10 min to find a pixilated image who looks like handball.

    1. Thats just not true.. Please guys stop it with this ridiculous conspiracy theories.. var and referees just make a lot of mistakes because of a lack in competence..

      1. Krish, Those who believe simplistically, in so called “conspiracy theories” are lacking in IQ.

        You see it all over the internet in all debates and on football fans sites too. They are not worth debating with as they are too thick to understand how things really are. They would rather find an excuse, any excuse, however ludicrous, than face up to the truth.

        1. You are right, especially with the last sentence.. sadly a lot of people dont want to face up to the truth or deal with the reality and instead want comfort through lies and silly theories

    2. They would have done it 10x zoom
      And if it would have been Utd then they wouldn’t have checked it at all

  15. In this matter i think similar to Jon Fox.. I think people who always believe in conspiracy theories lack a bit in Intelligence, not that there are no conspiracies which are true but the VAR conspiracy is just silly.. we literally got a goal after an offside check in this game..

    1. Thinking one is having lack intelligence because his opinion doesn’t align yours itself is lack of intelligence…

      1. Thats.. literally just not true, i dont get how you have such a wrong definition of intelligence,
        so for example if i think flat earthers lack in intelligence its by definition a lack of intelligence? How silly

        1. Krish Don’t waste your valuable time on them. They are far too thick to waste your bright brain on by debating with such as them!

      2. Spot on Kedar.
        Also refferrees are 90% screwing Arsenal and if you don’t understand that then you don’t know football.

  16. There.. the second given goal after a VAR check.. why was it given if your silly conspiracy theory is true? let me guess, because it doesn’t have a change in the points? VAR will just cancel our goals if we lose points because of it?

  17. Can we please stop the name calling and enjoy this great display of resilience and determination, please guys!?

  18. Great result. Partey ends up at RB after White is subbed off and was excellent. Tierney comes on and shows he can fill the Zinchenko role.

    Loved it when after each goal we scored the crowd sung Patrick Vieira’s song.

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