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Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Qarabag – Welbeck to fire again?

Unai Emery’s team has been announced for tonight’s trip to Qarabag, with Danny Welbeck set to lead the line once again.

The Gunners are looking to continue their winning run in Azerbaijan, in what could be their eighth win in all competitions since their loss to Chelsea earlier in the campaign.

As expected Leno will be holding the fort in goal in the absence of Petr Cech, with Guendouzi returning to the line-up also.


Does this team have enough to put Qarabag to the sword? Would another top performance put Danny Welbeck into contention alongside Lacazette and Aubameyang?

Pat J

61 thoughts on “Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Qarabag – Welbeck to fire again?

  1. Pauladonis

    Yes, The team should be more than able to win this match. I’m actually excited to see what the game will look like seeing Emery has gone for a 3-4-3 formation out there…

  2. gotanidea

    Interesting to see Monreal and Kolasinac start together. Would Kolasinac be a right winger in a 4-2-3-1 formation?

    Lichtsteiner . Holding . Sokratis . Monreal
    ………….Guendouzi ……. Elneny
    Kolasinac ……..Smith-Rowe ……..Iwobi

    Or would Kolasinac be a DM in a 4-3-3 formation?

    Lichtsteiner . Holding . Sokratis . Monreal
    ………….Guendouzi ……. Elneny
    Smith-Rowe ……………………………..Iwobi

            1. Kenny Rolfe

              Sue, you’re forever giving us the right information, we couldn’t do without you. While you’re their, what’s the name of Unai’s sidekick, it’s certainly not Steve Bould. Only whoever he is, he certainly has a large input into our tactics.

              1. Kenny Rolfe

                By the way, I’m wondering what you Petr Cech fans think of the new goalkeeper. On this showing, excellent with his hands and just as good with his feet. What the Cech fans don’t understand is the modern game requires your keeper to be good in both departments. Cech with the ball at his feet is a joke and an accident waiting to happen. Sorry, but all keepers come to the end sooner or later, Cech’s finished, he was at Chelsea.

              2. Sue

                Only name I know Kenny is Juan Carlos Carcedo… not sure if he’s who you mean… although I haven’t seen him chewing gum!!! 🀣 and thank you by the way very nice comment!

                1. Kenny Rolfe

                  That’s good enough for me Sue. What a lovely couple of days first Liverpool beaten then United’s goalless draw at home then Tottenham’s home defeat and now hopefully Chelsea. Goin Vida, whoever you are?

                  1. Kenny Rolfe

                    The Television media are distraught with all their beloveds failing and us winning. Can hear them choking in the commentary box.

  3. Uzi Ozil

    Ramsey not even on the bench. I hope he is leaving.

    Pierre is ill

    Arsenal should win this game but they shouldn’t underrate any team and not the team tonight

    1. Goonerboy

      Some folks are just so good in finding a way to bash Wenger in their post! Am looking at you McLovin
      The formation change makes the game more inviting, wish the boys best of luck.

    2. Babasola

      What is this one saying now?
      Wenger’s never used 3-4-3 ?
      Or as never used 3 CB’s an 2 Wingbacks ?
      Abeg !!!
      This is even our normal formation with Kolasinac as a forwarder, Iwobi will be on the right?

  4. georgie b

    getting ready to watch game here in the states on Gala vision. Spanish speaking. It’s part of our cable package.

      1. georgie b

        Sue, I live in Poughkeepsie, New York which is a couple hours north of New York city on the Hudson river. You can see the Catskill mountains in the distance. Great fly fishing if your’e so inclined. This area has gone for football in a big way. amazing how many people give thumbs up to any Arsenal gear I wear. Now to the game. See you halftime.

        1. Sue

          Oooh nice!! Always wanted to go to New York. Will head there in 3 years when the mortgage is done & dusted!
          Have you been to England?

    1. Declan

      Thanks again Sue, don’t know why I thought it was 8. Missed the goal and first half hour but on it nowπŸ‘

  5. Innit

    i love the defense
    I’d like to see that as our regular starting lineup

    Lichtsteiner . Holding . Sokratis . Monreal

    The attack looks weak but hopefully will be enough

  6. LENOhappy

    @waal2 waal ,talk about imposing yourself and here enters Alex iwobi the man with the killer pass

  7. LENOhappy

    Step by step,match by match,iwobi is proving himself to be a real asset to this team,wow what a different coach can do in the life of a player ,and bang smith Rowe

    1. jon fox

      Iwobi is clearly the Wenger player most improved under Emery. A few more games in this vein and I will be eating my previouis words and glad to do so. He seems somehow older and more grown up. Smith-Rowe is surely destined for a top career though a way to go, as yet. Those two and Leno were our three outstanding players today. Iwobi MotM though!

      1. Kenny Rolfe

        Yeah, have to agree with you again Jon, just shows the difference a new coach can make to a player. Wenger done the same to players in his first ten years but the total opposite in the second ten years. Iwobi looks fitter, slimmer and even wears his socks properly instead of half down his shins.

  8. Innit

    This is another example of Emery’s improvement over Wenger
    Iwobi was very average last season
    Now Emery is getting the best out of him
    He is an asset now

  9. LENOhappy

    Am still waiting to see what ozil will do against this “caliber “according to wall2waal

  10. Innit

    A WIN away
    A clean sheet
    We rested some players

    Well done to all esp Leno, Iwobi, Rowe and Guendozi

    Awesome night

  11. Alldwayfromafrica

    Missing/missed the game…just got online now to find our we won 3-0….how did the guys perform? Especially with the formation?

  12. Raja Danish

    This what a good goalkeeper can do wonders for the team when we were leading 1-0 but we were still some-what sloppy and Qarabag carved out many goal-scoring chances but leno stood to it and made excellent saves otherwise on another it could have been 1-1 or 2-1 in favour of Qarabag.. COYG!!!

  13. LENOhappy

    They all played well,I hope nacho is not injured,I have to admit Qarabag played better than I thought they could,3 straight clean sheet,we are getting there,smith Rowe is definitely gonna be a star,hope he doesn’t end up like a certain wishere,iwobi keeps proving people wrong,weldone to emery for bringing out the true iwobi,ooh and Leno,Leno very composed tonight,but I still think the gueodouzi boy needs some talking to,all in all,a good win against a good team

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