Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Sporting in Lisbon tonight… Kiwior makes debut

So we are just one hour away from the start of our game against Sporting in Lisbon, and we are all impatiently waiting to see the starting X! that Arteta puts out tonight.

We all know the boss is keen to give some of our lesser-used players a chance to shine, but with a sudden glut of injuries and “illnesses” ahead of the game, Arteta may not have qute so many options as he expected.

The fact is that even with all the facts at our disposal, we still have absolutely no idea what the starting line-up will look like when the teams are finally announced, but as the Sporting boss himself agreed, the team will be strong whoever Arteta picks.

Well, I had a stab at predicting the team earlier, and this was my idea…..

White – Saliba – Holding – Tomiyasu
Elneny – Jorginho – Smith-Rowe
Saka – Martinelli – Nelson

So let’s see if I was anywhere close..


Arsenal XI v Sporting:

White, Saliba, Kiwior, Zinchenko,
Jorginho, Vieira, Xhaka,
Nelson, Saka

Well, I got the front three right!!!

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  1. Well Odeggard, Partey and Gabriel get a rest while we still have a strong line up. I guess at least one of Saka or Martinelli would be on the bench if we didn’t have all our back up injured. Same for Zinchenko and Xhaka.

    Suprised tomi didn’t get the start though

    1. The big Polish was a little rusty.

      Surely the gaffer has to find away for B teamers playing more often in the second phase of the building process.

    1. The Kiwor selection is pleasing and it will be interesting to see how the front three line up.I hope Nelson plays on the right with Saka on the left, his natural side.

  2. Martinelli used to play CF very well in EL two seasons ago. I think EPL CBs are still too intense to him, but maybe he can handle Sporting CBs physically

    If I were Arteta, I would’ve benched Saka and fielded Cozier-Duberry instead. I think Saka needs some rest

    1. I agree absolutely that zaka needs some rest. Arteta could have allowed Viera to play there while allowing ESR to play Viera position.

  3. Schoolboy managing from Arteta why risk injury to Saka. Poor man management. Saka will get injured tonight and man city will win the league. Saka can’t play every game he’s human too.

  4. Martinelli is trying dribble too much here and running into traffic..
    He is not releasing the ball early

  5. Good Line up
    Well done MA for taking this Trophy seriously

    Love that Saliba, Martinelli, Saka, White have started.

    We need a mixture of first and 2nd team and the further we go the more 1st team players may be needed

  6. That’s was poor defending…
    Free header..
    Kiwior didn’t even jump and attempted to clear

    1. I think it was Martinelli who lost his marker there. Not sure though didn’t see the face clearly

  7. Not so good and not so bad..
    Intensity was low
    Poor defending on corner..
    We need to raise the tempo in 2nd half to kill the tie today itself..
    Didn’t create any chances

  8. I think Sporting’s goal happened because of a bad anticipation from Turner

    Martinelli and Nelson should interchange their positions frequently in the second half, because Martinelli couldn’t do hold-up play well

  9. Martinelli went for glory and made selfish decision…
    Viera was free for just a tap in..
    And Martinelli wasted glorious chance

  10. That’s what happens when you don’t take your chances..
    Martinelli had 2 very good chances
    And that hurts

  11. Shocking display by Turner. Keeps pushing ball back into central attacking areas instead of round the post. And as for that simply standing , watching, while the corner was headed in unopposed. NOT REMOTELY GOOD ENOUGH!

    Hope he is only “ring rusty”, to borrow a phrase!
    Otherwise, its “new keeper needed please!”

    1. But I think Martinelli could have easily ended this tie by his own
      He had pretty good chances..

  12. Not trying to be negative but Fabio Viera should be bossing this game.It’s portugal, against a struggling primera division side ffs.I’m starting to think we were scammed again.

      1. True Gabi had two clear chances but Viera needs to step up bigly. He’s been disappointing for a player who according to Edu, was too good to pass for 35 mil. Maybe i’m being too hard on him.

  13. Turner and Viera were both very average. Viera needs to go to the gym, bossed off the ball far too easily.

    1. You are misusing “average,” certainly in Turners case. If THAT was average , I would hate to see him play badly! He was pants, so why not say so! Viera looks like a fourth form boy, in build. FAR TOO FRAIL AND SCRAWNY!

  14. Poor game overall..
    All to play for in London now..
    Martinelli could have ended this tie by his own..
    Had few good chances…
    Overall below average performance…

  15. Happy to see Smith Rowe, this lad fit is like a new signing, he could very well plays a huge part on the capture of the big jug.

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