Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Sporting in Lisbon tonight – Ozil and Lacazette benched

We are all waiting with bated breath to see what team that Unai Emery picks for our second of 3 games in 6 days, which would stretch any squad to the limits..

So here is the team that I predicted earlier…..

Bellerin….Holding… Mustafi…Lichtsteiner
Elneny … Guendouzi … Mhkitaryan

And here is the team that Emery has chosen….

Yay! At least we have Sokratis back, and we have Xhaka in as a makeshift left-back. It’s good that at least Ozil, Torreira, Iwobi and Lacazette are all getting a rest….

Come on you Gunners!



  1. I says:

    Not a bad line up.
    Go on and make it 11 straight wins guys.

    1. Sue says:

      Bench ain’t bad either!

  2. Auba Arsenal of Lagos says:

    Its a win

    1. Th14 says:

      3-0 Arsenal

      1. sanmi.marvellous says:

        3-0 ?

        We haven’t won in Portugal since Adam Smith died.

  3. Rapheal says:

    Go go go go arsenal

  4. Grandad says:

    An eminently sensible selection. I was pleasantly surprised by Xhaka’s performance at left back against Leicester where he added balance to the back four.I don’t see him bombing forward in Lisbon where a draw would be an acceptable result.In the absence of his 2 recognised left backs and AMN Emery has little option but to turn to Xhaka particularly as Bellerin is overdue a rest and Lich was not effective on the left against Leicester.

    1. gotanidea says:


      Interesting to see Xhaka as a left fullback. He is actually quiet fast, as seen in some matches when defending from the opponent’s counter-attacks

      Maybe Xhaka is the ultimate left fullback we have been looking for

      1. Trudeau says:

        I’m a Xhaka fan but can see this experiment ending very badly.

    2. kev says:

      Auba should be at CF and not LW.Xhaka should also not be played at LB in this match,moreso with Auba at LW with him.

  5. Raja Danish says:

    Xhaka at LB today?

  6. Southwest says:

    We gonna win this, really positive. It might be tight in the first 45 but the bench will put the nail.


  7. Okiror says:


  8. manoj says:

    Any online Links ? here in US its not live

  9. sauce NY says:

    Ramsey is garbage— nothing but a black hole in possession! can he please just stop over complicating things?? he wants to be Ozil so badly…

  10. avenger says:

    Arsenal 28” minutes first half waiting for a miracle will happen
    please make it happen shoot to the goal sometimes from somewhere
    perhaps are waiting for Sporting to score first……….

  11. Sue says:

    Still not impressed with Lichtsteiner

    1. gotanidea says:

      He is good defensively as he stays behind more often than Bellerin and more dominant in aerial duels, but his attacking abilities are disappointing so far

      He used to be one of Juventus’ main wingbacks in 3 CB formation, but I think his age has caught up with his pace and stamina

      1. Yes, he looks VERY OLD!

  12. gotanidea says:

    Xhaka and Lichtsteiner are disappointing as attacking fullbacks. Elneny and Ramsey are not skillful enough to be the CMs in 4-3-3 formation

    I think Emery would change it to 4-2-3-1 after Sporting get tired, with Ozil, Iwobi and Jenkinson as substitutes

    Unfortunately he doesn’t have good attacking fullbacks to penetrate from the wings

  13. Chabaloah says:

    Arsenal lack quick decision making in midfield and that is costing us. As much as I like Goundouzi and he can pick a fabulous pass, he’s being caught in possession because he expects too much time to pick his pass or receive the ball.

    We also aren’t using our width well and makes us congested through the middle trying to play it through there.

    Defensively we have been very good though, Rob holding has had a very good game so far

  14. manoj says:

    guandouzi is the week link , cannot hold the ball

  15. RSH says:

    Sporting players are a disgrace with their time wasting

  16. Break-on-through says:

    Good man Danny!!!

  17. RSH says:

    Dat guy!! Well deserved. We have been the better team

    1. Sue says:

      Nice nutmeg Welbz ?

  18. manoj says:

    Ramsey , wats happening . terrible game

  19. Sue says:

    11 wins in a row ?

  20. avenger says:

    well at 78” Welbeck scored ….we scored first they didnt a win is a win ….
    I take it …..

  21. Abel says:

    And the positive records continue!
    Me thinks we on track to pull a ‘Leicester’ on the EPL.

  22. Olaszy says:

    Nice win from the gunners. Now on to CP on Sunday

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