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Confirmed Arsenal team to take on the Spuds today – Emery goes on the attack

I think we have a very attacking game in front of us today when The Gunners face Tottenham, as both sides are not the best defensively and will definitely be trying to outscore each other. Leno’s performance could be crucial for us today.

So here was the line-up I predicted, which is probably his best side to go on attack from the outset……

Bellerin  Sokratis  Holding  Kolasinac
Xhaka Torreira
Iwobi Ozil Aubameyang

But Emery rarely agrees with me, and we are now just waiting for Arsenal to officially announce his choices….
And here it is at last……

I’m not so sure about Mhkitaryan, but I’m guessing that Emery still doesn’t think Lacazette is fit enough to start. Otherwise it is a great team if everyone plays to their very best, which they will!

Will both sides score today? New customers get 30/1 for both Arsenal and Tottenham to score!

116 thoughts on “Confirmed Arsenal team to take on the Spuds today – Emery goes on the attack

    1. kev

      This derby shall not be lost on formation basis.However, I am quite amazed as to why Emery opts for the three back system.We shall either win this or draw it.Luck and everything has been in our favour so I don’t see how Arsenal can lose this match.

      1. Xxnofx

        How can this derby be not lost on formation ,off it can that makes no sense at all ,he’s playing a formation of a back 5 if he loses then it was the formation .
        It doesn’t help that we have iwobi and miki up top ,not sure what he sees in these two players ,this is same team as last week and we struggled ,and now we are playing a much better side ,I’d be shocked if we come away with any points from this game

  1. kev

    The only problem with this team is that it’s a three back system and some of the players who have been bad still get to start.Having said that it’s the North London derby and I expect that the pride of the players and our team should be more than enough to negate all wrong doings.
    We will win this match or draw it.There’s no way we lose this.

  2. Durand

    I’d go with same line up except switch Iwobi and Auba. Iwobi far better on the left, Auba can be a poacher on the RW. Sokratis and Holding best CB pairing, and Torreria and Xhaka play well together.

    Hopefully Emery agrees and no Mustafi, Ramsey, or Mhki to start.

    1. kev

      Sorry but you’re rather looking at the admin’s predicted lineup instead of the confirmed one.Please follow the link and check it out.

  3. Cool

    Okay i’m shivering right now. Lacazette and ozil are not starting with ozil not even in the match squad. 343 that wasn’t really efficient last time out with loop holes at left back and right back… OH MY!!!
    Fingers crossed on this

  4. Sarmmie

    But whats wrong with Emery?
    What plan could he have in mind?
    But like I said, no plan is a bad idea until proven wrong, so lemme just sit and watch and like Sue said I hope I’m proven wrong too

  5. gotanidea

    The formation would be the defensive 3-4-2-1, the same as what he used against Bournemouth

    This is not going to be a gung-ho tactic, but a very cautious one

    Hopefully the CBs, Xhaka and Aubameyang can capitalize from set-pieces, because I predict that would be the only way to score in this game

  6. Eddie Hoyte

    3 at the back didn’t work in the last match, are we supposed to be defending at home?? Our Midfield lacks creativity. Glad to see Lacazette on the bench.
    Ozil out with his back spasms again?

    1. kev

      Please can down.This is about passion.Even Lansbury and some average played for us in some matches where we thrashed them.Its all about passion and to me nothing matters.This is evident in how the match pans out.This match is about passion and who wants it more.If not player for player they should be beaten us home and away last season.

  7. jon fox

    What a stinker of a team. Laca being unfit is a massive loss and playing three at the back with two wings backs, neither of whom can defend is a mistake. I don’t see where our goals are coming from so predict 0-2 or possibly 1-3. Auba looks our only possible scorer. I approve Iwobi playing but not Mkhi, who is every bit as idle as Ozil but without the magic moments on occasions. This outfield defence is way sub standard for a team who harbour top four ambitions. Thanks a bunch Wenger!!!! When all are fully fit, AM-N must be a regular in central midfield , his true position, with Mavrop in for Mustafi, Guendouzi in place of Xhaka(God knows what ANYONE sees in Xhaka; all I see are slowness, immobility and constant ball losing) and Ozil must replace Mkhi. I truly believe Emery will try to sell OZIL in Jan , along with Ramsey as like many on here- and even though I would have played him today over Mkhi – I am fed up with Ozils laziness, and more to the point, I am convinced Emery is too.

    1. kev

      Don’t worry Jon we will surely win or draw this.We will not lose this match I’m telling you.Iwobi will destroy their RB and shall create numerous chances for Auba.The only problem is Mkhi who I’m unsure as to how he’d perform.

      1. Xxnofx

        I’ll remind you after the match kev
        Not sure how you can say iwobi can destroy any right back ,he hasn’t done that for the last 3 years ,he’s terrible,can’t shoot ,cant play a simple pass ,when he does go past a player he either runs the ball out or passes to the goalkeeper ,and you now say he’s going to cause all sorts of trouble to a strong defensive team like spurs ,did you see him last weeks game against a much weaker side

        1. kev

          What is wrong with you??If you read my comments on many other previous posts then you’d know I’ve been saying that Iwobi is bench quality at best for Arsenal.Infact if I were to be honest I wouldn’t have him in our team along with about five other players whose name I won’t mention.But as it stands currently he’s our best LW only due to the fact that he’s basically got no competition there and he has the skills to beat his man despite being average like Gervinho.Learn to understand posts before replying.Dont act like you don’t know me here.

          1. Xxnofx

            You just posted that iwobi will destroy their right back now you say he shouldn’t even be starting ,what is it ?is he world class
            Or bench quality ,make up your mind and stick with it .i have and I’ve seen with my eyes that’s hes sub standard

            1. kev

              Don’t you get it?I’ve been saying he’s neither world or of the right quality to play for us but in this team Is start him week in week out at LW because he’s the best we can get over there.He’s the only one who can take on his man in this team and is at times so good at it despite being average just like Gervinho.

      2. jon fox

        kev, no disrespect intended but you are among the many on here who are inveterate optimists despite all the evidence to the contrary. I make Spuds clear favourites and even more so with Laca on bench and Mkhi in. To say ” we will not lose” is a triumph of sheer hope over reasoned thinking and RECOGNISING the difference in quality between the two teams. I much prefer REALITY!!! I will be delighted and surprised if we get a draw.

        1. kev

          Inveterate optimists??Then I guess you’ve not been reading my previous comments on posts very well.Im just saying with respect to this match it’s more about passion than anything else and not only quality.For someone as old as you who has watched several average Arsenal teams destroy and come back against Tottenham you should know this.

          1. Xxnofx

            If he plays well I’ll be the first to say how well he played but what I’ve seen from him these last couple of years I know it will be a one off .

            1. kev

              An average player is an average player.Even though people say Iwobi has improved he’s still average.I for one want him in the team only this season only because of how depleted our options at LW are.I wouldn’t start Iwobi after this season.But currently in this team he must start.

  8. Innit

    7 defensive minded players:
    Mustafi on a daily,
    Sokratis baby please,
    Holding and

    This should be higher scoring match

  9. Things are changing

    Ozil surely must be done now. I am not a big fan of this formation and believe we will miss Laca. Having said that the manager has earned my “benefit of the doubt” and respect.

    Effort will go a long way.

    1. ozziegunner

      Ozil not even on the bench after being man of the match in the corresponding fixture last season! His Arsenal career is obviously over as far as Unai Emery is concerned. It’s hard to see where the creativity is going to come from in this line up; Mhikataryan and Aubameyang better rejuvenate their combination from Borussia Dortmund.

  10. I

    I think Emery doesn’t trust Kolasinac in a 4 at the back against teams with good wingers. Let’s give the coach the benefit of doubt.

  11. GunnerZ

    I don’t like this line up at all! We are just inviting pressure from Spurs by being too defensive at home. Spurs will boss and control the critical midfield AMD that is our downfall

  12. waal2waal

    spuds should be 3 goals down…

    iwobi mucking in …

    Auba a handful for their defence… all in all

    we’re in better shape than we give our team credit for.


  13. Leon

    Arsenal working their socks off and go ahead.
    Spurs will minimal effort are back in the game.
    This marks the difference between a top four team and Arsenal.
    My money is Spurs winning this game.
    Arsenal are just an average team.
    With god awful defenders.
    And now they are ahead.
    Well done Holding – what a complete and utter ****ing moron…

    1. Leon

      The idiot Holding should never have made that tackle.
      Don’t blame anyone other than Holding.
      How the f**k can we not find better defenders than this?
      Really – what a useless, waste of space our defenders are.
      We would be better off without them – all of them…

    1. Declan

      You lowlife spud, how dare you bring mental inllness into your inane anti Arsenal comments. I’d love to meet you to discuss this sometime!

  14. avenger

    When Arsenal will say NOT IN MY HOUSE ? ….a team without heart
    will deserve to be loosing shame!!! they just gave up not playing like in the first 20 minutes

  15. Leon

    You have to laugh.
    Beating teams like Bournemouth is not progress
    Beating Spurs would be progress – losing to them at HOME is regression.
    Arsenal are not a team who will finish in the top four.
    I don’t see any improvements over Wenger.
    We needed a complete change in approach
    Emery is not the man to take Arsenal forward.

  16. jon fox

    Half time. A wonderful game to watch with a game of two “halves” all in one half. The old easily foreseen problem for us is once again the weakness at CB. HOLDING, WHY DO THAT? Mustafi also poor .Best players for us Torreira and Bellerin who is superb going forward; such a shame he can’t defend at all. SPURS OBVIOUS EXTRA QUALITY LOOKS LIKE PROVING CRUCIAL, AS SOME OF US REALISTS PREDICTED.

    1. Rkw

      Jon am sorry bellerin is USELESS going forward … 90 per cent of his play is backward … Until we get 2 quality full backs we will not progress … Problem is mikitariyn is simply too average … Needs to be removed and replaced by lacazette aub dropped back

    2. kev

      We bested them for large parts of the half and if you ask me Spurs should be three goals down.Their first goal came from a Leno mistake and not because they were good and their second was a gift.Arsenal should be thrashing this team and the only way Tottenham can win this match is if they make it three goals to one but if they allow is comeback they’re doomed and this is all considering some of the average and very average players in the team.

      1. Xxnofx

        So I’ll come back to what we were discussing. Before the match Kev ,so iwobi off after 45 mins ,now how do you feel about that

  17. Alatari Douglas

    Why are we used to conceding silly goals & why is it difficult for us to carry a win through the 1st half? What is wrong with our players mentality? We score one goal & concede 2 in the first half. It’s either we’re playing a draw @ the end of the first half or we’re losing. Can’t we stop this trend. We now have a steep hill to climb by coming back on level terms & winning the game if we can.

  18. Innit

    Oh ye of little faith.
    Same old Arsenal fan BS

    Down by only 1 goal and fans go to pieces
    Holding messed up. He isn’t a Top CB. He’s only 19-20 years old. In fact we don’t have any Top CBs anymore. Koscielny is the closest. Holding is no Vertonghen or Koscielny

    How many times Arsenal have been losing in the 1st half and went on to WIN or draw.

    We are playing a SUPERIOR team. They have a proper defense and better central midfielders
    But we can still turn it around!

    I will complain and be angry after the match IF we lose.

    Now there’s a 2nd half we need to win


  19. Adajim

    As far as this game is concerned, am not mad at any if our boys until FT. Coyg you can do it boys, you are the better team

  20. Alldwayfromafrica

    Really people… it just one half in which we haven’t played badly just unfortunate with the errors…we still have one more half to go and this whole thing can change in an heartbeat….I can’t fault the effort…even if we lose i won’t got overboard with the criticism…

  21. FootballisTrivial

    Arsenal are clearly the better team. Anybody who doesn’t see it is not very bright. Eff Mike Dean. Dean means shit in my language anyway.

  22. COYG_CA

    I yelled so loud for the goal, my neighbor knocked on my door to check if all is ok . . . . I live in CA and it is 7:25 am here . . . . heee . . . hee . . . COY(F)G!!!!

  23. FootballisTrivial


  24. Palash

    Hahaha xhaka this guy got leadership qualities HR took responsibility to punish And frustrate some spud players now I understand why emery plays him

  25. jon fox

    Game just over. Firstly , HUGE apologies from me for ever doubting our quality. We were superb. More from me on the next thread about the game, soon , no doubt, to arrive on here.

    1. Solwills

      Mr Realist (Jon Fox). Shame on you xxnofx. Kev is the man. I read your comment to sue and the other at halftime when down by a goal. Some here seem to act wiser than they really are. COYG!

  26. Gily

    As the honest ones would always ask, “WHERE IS THE SHIFT IN POWER NOW?”
    London is RED.

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