Confirmed Arsenal team to take on West Brom – Martinelli starts up front

Mikel Arteta has got to try and pick up his disheartened Arsenal players for this eveningโ€™s meaningless game against West Brom this afternoon, although mathematically I guess we have a very outside chance of moving up a couple of places in the League.

Although after Thursdayโ€™s defeat, Arteta made it sound like half his team were either injured or exhausted, so I am expecting his to try a bit of rotation and experimentation to prepare for next season.

The only (official) injuries are to Luz, Mari and Xhaka but I think our youngsters need a long rest after their exertions this season, with maybe Arteta could try to give some gametime to previously excluded reserves.

Anyway, here is the team that Patrick predicted earlier, and he is usually pretty close with his line-ups, but I think it is nigh on impossible to read Artetaโ€™s mind today.

Chambers Holding Gabriel Cedric
Ceballos Elneny
Pepe Odegaard Willian

So here is his official confirmed teamโ€ฆ.


  1. Perry ames says:

    Who really cares

    1. Sue says:

      We can relegate Big Sam!!!

      1. Vinod says:

        @Sue did you watch the performance of Villa Women against ours to avoid relegation? Their goalkeeper literally put her life on the line (shame I don’t remember her name). We can expect such a performance from Big Sam and co.

        1. Sue says:

          I didn’t watch it, Vinod, kept an eye on the score online.
          That is all you want from your team – putting your life on the line!! Good on them too, beating the drop!
          Well, if Big Sam doesn’t beat us, I’m sure we’ll do a damn good job of doing it for him!! ๐Ÿคฃ

          1. Vinod says:


    2. Declan says:

      I care, every game , I bloody CARE!.

      1. Trudeau says:


    3. ACE says:

      Honestly why are you posting this on a FANS

      If you’ve thrown in your Arsenal towel please
      don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.

    4. SueP says:

      In 64 years of my life
      Come what may over those years I have always cared

  2. Dan kit says:

    Thought he might have played Luiz upfront on crutches as a false nine .

  3. Dan kit says:

    Will add that is a awful looking team when there is still a slim chance of European football

    1. instrooments says:

      Dan, he needs to leave , am so tired of the clueless guy….slim chances to still be in Europe…then he drops his strikers again…

      How can we as fans, not even know our strongest eleven after 30+ games till now….changes every match, no consistency…

      Prolly saka would play left back , keeps confusing young players trying to define and develop their football

    2. Jimmy Bauer says:

      Slim hope??!.. C’mon Dan please don’t..

  4. Vinod says:

    Does that “internal issue” has got anything to do with Cedric’s absence?

    1. Sue says:

      I’m perplexed as to what’s happened to Cedric. He was hospitalised with a stomach bug prior to Villarreal – but before that who knows!! Got himself back in the Portugal squad, then bang! Dropped!!

  5. gotanidea says:

    A win will motivate the players for the match at Stamford Bridge

    1. Nickerless Bender says:

      Like the win against Newcastle motivated them for Villarreal CF.๐Ÿ˜ณ

      1. Sue says:


      2. gotanidea says:

        Villareal were lucky because we missed several sitters

        1. Nickerless Bender says:

          ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ GOI you do make chuckle like when I watch you’ve been framed and anything with Ant & Dec in it.

          As you can see I can be as ‘tounge in cheek” as your last comment.๐Ÿ™ƒ

          1. gotanidea says:

            I’m telling you the truth. You could re-watch Smith-Rowe’s shot to Villareal’s goal and our other shots that hit their posts

        2. Stephanie says:

          Emery is better than Arteta tactically, more experienced and a EL Champion. That’s why they won

          1. gotanidea says:

            Emery’s defensive tactic in the second leg actually almost didn’t work, since we dominated the game and we got more golden chances than them. Villareal’s on-goal shots were mostly not too dangerous, as compared to ours

        3. Perry ames says:

          You are really getting on my nerves with your constant talk of how good we are please shut up

      3. Mogunna says:

        West brom without AMN is why they lost so much, winning so muchbwith him but too late for Sam.

        We will win it but what a team pick again. Saka as a LB. Xhaka probably showed Arteta he is not sacrificing for his losing plans…Season’s over..

        Chelsea will smash uz down for mast scpectics to still believe in Artetamaking it to Europe, no matter how far we are lost sinkinh in EPL football’s troubled waters…

        Let’s now hope to equal last year’s infamouss record 8th spot…

        The losers play EL, we are the losers’ of the loosers finoshing after 7th spot, midtable club is our relegation in less than 6 months with Arteta

        But cup win we can only rely on had him rewarded to Manager spot!

    2. TH14-TW14 says:

      Confirmed: Gotanidea is a big troll. He’s catching a cruise with all of you and your emotions. Can’t stop laughing.

      1. gotanidea says:

        I think I’ve been here longer than you

        1. ArseOverTit says:

          Not me though!

          You are either a troll or highly medicated!;)

          Arsenal currently making West Brom look like Brazil.

          Still masterstroke to play Martinelli upfront by MA (see we can all do irony;)

  6. DaJuhi says:

    And NOW he finally plays Martinelli upfront but just had to play ESR as false nine in our biggest game against Villarreal.

    Unreal. Just unreal.

  7. Kats says:

    I guess ARS 0-1 ALB WB. Then MA sacked tomorrow

  8. Nickerless Bender says:

    Is he taking the proverbial, by starting Martinelli up front when we was screaming for it in the first leg of UEL?

    And Saka looks like left back… and wtf is ceballos playing. What is he bringing next season?

    Do you know what. I give up.

    It looks like he puts slips of paper in a hat and whatever he pulls out dictates his team.

  9. Matthew says:

    Come on you baggies….

  10. mickmematethemasterfarter says:

    william ceballos my god starting with 9 men,.,holding captain of AFC this could get messiiiiiiiiii

  11. Declan says:

    Youโ€™ve given up? Bye bye, donโ€™t come back!

    1. mickmematethemasterfarter says:

      thick& thin mate but this is the pits…..

  12. Matthew says:

    Gotanidea is a clown

    1. gotanidea says:

      Why are you so mean

    2. Declan says:

      So are you, Co Co.

      1. gotanidea says:


  13. Herbz says:

    This to me looks a more balanced starting 11 than all these left-footed players he’s been trying to fit in the team…..

  14. Sean Williams says:

    Now I know Arteta is a lunatic. Willian and Ceballos start. Well at least Martinelli is playing.

    Willian + Ceballos = 1 player, so we have 10 men.

    1. instrooments says:

      Spot on Sean…prolly has mental issues from over thinking…the arteta is brilliant tag earlier is affecting his reasoning…

      He wants to make arsenal unpredictable blah blah blah, has gotten players confused cuz they don’t even know if the d play the next match so form doesn’t count much as pepe once complained about…

      Stick to a consistent defined eleven and subs…look at solksjaer ,klopp,Rodgers ,Moyes teams…only ring changes for absences and all..

      But with arteta I just don’t know…damn

  15. Nickerless Bender says:

    All I need is Michael Owen as Co commentator on BT sports and it will make my afternoon

    1. Nickerless Bender says:

      Even worst would be McManaman

      1. Sue says:

        The mute button is a wonderful thing ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Dan kit says:

      Just stream it mate
      Fck spending money on that crap ,personally havenโ€™t payed for a match in 10 years ,well maybe a few on now tv.

    3. Nickerless Bender says:

      TFI for that. ๐Ÿค”

      1. Kedar says:

        I have better….
        Don Hutchison

  16. Sean Williams says:

    Today is the first time EVER…I want us to lose. Just to get rid of that ‘Shmuck’, Arteta.
    What is sad is that probably tens of thousands of Arsenal supporters are praying Arsenal lose today. I wonder why. Insane isn’t it?

  17. Marty says:

    Why doesnโ€™t Balogun at least get on the subs bench and why is Cellabos playing when he has openly said he will be back at Madrid next year.

    1. gotanidea says:

      I guess because Real Madrid loanees have a certain required starts, minutes or games, written on their loan contracts

    2. PJ-SA says:

      Exactly…seasons over lets use the time wisely to get the youngsters experience like Balogun and Azeez

  18. indian gooner says:

    Give some opportunities to our academy players like balogun, azees and other kids instead of those who haven’t had done anything for the club in this season . Whats the use of chance given to ceballos a loan player who will return to real at the end of the season i dont understand, and willian( i don’t know whats the role of him in this club) this game result will not effect any advantage to us.

  19. Skills1000 says:

    Even if we win this game by 15:0, it still does not change the fact that Arteta should be sacked ASAP

  20. Sue says:

    Come on guys, cut it out, gai has an opinion just like the rest of us. You may not agree with him, but there’s no need to be rude. We’re all disappointed with the way things are….

    1. gotanidea says:

      Thanks Sue. Let’s enjoy the game

      1. Sue says:

        Going by that suit has Big Sam got a part in Peaky Blinders lined up? ๐Ÿ˜„ Knowing our luck the Baggies will play a ‘blinder’ ๐Ÿ™„

        Willian to [finally] get off the mark??

        1. gotanidea says:

          Big Sam looked really disappointed ๐Ÿ˜‚

          1. Sue says:

            Love it, gai ๐Ÿ˜

  21. Grandad says:

    So you want us to lose Sean?In that case why can’t you find another more appropriate Club site on which to display your intellect.I was under the impression that this site was established for fans who support Arsenal FC The owner and Manager are merely custodiers, but real fans ,who are supporters for life, would never hope we lose.Perhaps, in hindsight you should withdraw your comments because, despite the intensity of your bitterness towards the current custodiers, I realize that you are a true Gunner at heart.

    1. Sean Williams says:

      I want us to lose because it’s the only way to get rid of your hero Arteta. You make out you are wise…but you are not. I’m also over 70, but I care about this club, but it’s clear you are gullible and not the supporter you claim to be.

      1. ACE says:

        Again with the personal slight directed at
        probably one of the most rational and
        respected contributors to this site?

        Perhaps you might want to read a few
        more of Grandads opinions on the state of
        AFC before you question the mans love for
        the club and his supposed devotion to
        everything MA. Might learn a few things mate

        But in the meantime thanks for proving my
        point on how unreadable this site has

    2. ACE says:

      Well said Grandad, as a a long standing
      contributor to this site I honestly have never
      witnessed such a collection of SO Called
      Arsenal fans that have successfully polluted
      this board to the point that it is practically
      unreadable. The incessant Kroenke OUT,
      Arteta is a mug, Willian is an abomination,
      Luiz is a clown posts are bad enough but the
      recent personal attacks on fellow posters
      has honestly taken this site to the depths
      of something shocking. All Arsenal fans
      are disappointed and heartbroken by
      the state of our beloved Club, and have the
      right, possibly even the obligation to discuss
      there frustrations here on this wonderful
      site, however there is no place IMHO for
      the senseless emotive and personal
      GARBAGE that has dominated this once
      great site recently.

      All of can and should do better

      1. Sean Williams says:


        Total condescending rubbish

        1. ACE says:

          From a supposed fan cheering for AFC to


          Do some of us a favor and take a few threads

      2. Dan kit says:

        May 8, 2021 at 2:52 pm
        You have not got a clue about football given your ludicrous comments concerning Kieran Tierney .Have you ever kicked a ball in your life?

        Might want to retract that Ace ,seeing grandad is just the same as the rest of us .
        Every fan as a voice donโ€™t make him
        Out to be any different

        1. ACE says:

          Probably in response to one of our resident
          experts excoriating KT for no reason other
          than senselessly emoting.

          1. Dan kit says:

            That was a response to me and Iโ€™ve been on here for quite a few years buddy way before he posting
            Also called me out for not being a Arsenal fan because I called for Arteta to leave .
            All Im saying is donโ€™t make Sean out to be less of a Arsenal fan just because you donโ€™t agree with his opinion ,we all deal with football differently it does not make us less of a fan even if I donโ€™t agree with what Sean posted

  22. fan in Hong Kong says:

    @Sean William’s

    Count me in! Arsenal to lose…Arteta!


    1. says:

      I made the mistake of started watching William now I’m just winding myself up!
      Getting bundled over not showing for the ball and looking lost on the pitch.
      I know he’s clearly bereft of confidence but knowing he didn’t want to leave Chelsea and that he’s on a mega wage under a long contract you’ve got to winder what is going on with football.
      Any other job they’d say you’re not even getting close to fulfilling your contractual obligations and be able to rip up the paperwork and sack him.

      Ot shame willock isn’t available tonight could do with his energy.
      I read Bissouma wants arsenal!! Let’s hope so.

      Only one thing matters atm and that’s Kroenk3s out! If that happens then all focus is on Arteta who then will have nowhere to hide.

  23. Reddb10 says:

    Our worst home defeat record since 1929 and Arteta still has a job.

  24. Jimmy Bauer says:

    Arteta the Pep wannabe..
    It’s so sad how bad things turned out..
    Arteta Arsenal is like that relationship you worked hard to make work ..You made lots of sacrifices.. but still bit the dust..
    I’ll celebrate the day he lives AFC..
    Who’s with me for some chill champagne?!..๐Ÿ˜„

  25. Bur says:

    Why is Willian on the pitch? Why is he even at our club.? In fact why are 9 of the starting team at Arsenal?

    1. Gmv8 says:

      Why are Saka and ESR on and no one to support them?

    2. says:

      I understand issues with quality and nerves today but what I expect in.abudance is effort workmate and hard tackling.

      I’m hearing leno won’t sign and extension not surprised!

      So next season keep or leave for
      Torreira, gunedouzzi AMN and willock

  26. Bur says:

    ๐Ÿ˜”jeees this is poor!!!!

  27. Dan kit says:

    Conor Townsend looks a good player ,someone else mentioned him last week ,could be a good bargain to be had seeing they are pretty much down .
    Goer need a left back next season ๐Ÿ‘

  28. Raw1 says:

    Pepe is one of the most brainless footballers I have ever watched in the top flight … he has no and I mean zero understanding of the game … will have to take a 50m loss and shovel him back to Ligue 1 where he belongs

    1. Dan kit says:

      Iwobi โ€œhold my beer โ€œ

    2. Dan kit says:

      Also that comment to age well did it buddy

    3. ACE says:

      Showed a little fuotbol brain with that
      incredible finish eh?

      SMMFH over and over and over

    4. Declan says:

      Oh dear how you are going to be proved wrong

      1. Rw1 says:

        Did you actually watch the game … he was useless .. pereira scored an amazing goal too but wouldnโ€™t pay 75 m or indeed 25m for him either …

  29. Mickmematethemasterfarter says:

    Pepe William wouldn’t get in the baggies 2nd team

  30. instrooments says:

    Wow… Its really getting worse ….we are actually defending against westbrom, a Sam allardyce team….

    People actually feel arteta would turn things around…damn ..SMH

  31. Phil says:

    23 minutes of the dullest insipid rubbish gone. We are playing a relegated team who are the better side so far. Just how low can Arteta take this side?

  32. indian gooner says:

    Arteta still in charge that’ll tell the whole story of our club, even the relegation team is dominating the game in our home,

  33. MartinelliTheBench says:

    ๐Ÿฅฑ Yawn…..

  34. Mickmematethemasterfarter says:

    Players look lost no pattern of play its on the GAFFER. Smith Rowe martinelli playing. cb minutes ago

  35. Sue says:

    ESR ๐Ÿ˜

  36. Sue says:

    Where would we be without our Hale Enders?!

  37. Mickmematethemasterfarter says:

    Saka Smith Rowe we have a future

  38. Sue says:

    What a goal!!!

    1. Vinod says:

      Martinelli next

      1. Sue says:

        Or even Willian ๐Ÿ˜œ

        1. Vinod says:

          Finally Willian is having a good game.

        2. gotanidea says:

          Willian is great today

  39. ArseOverTit says:

    Great goal Pepe..

    All a bit late though eh…

    Why donโ€™t they show up when needed and not just when playing a relegated team and there is nothing to play for…

    Mind boggles

  40. Stephanie says:

    ESR & Pepe๐Ÿ’•

  41. ArseOverTit says:


  42. ArseOverTit says:

    Great goal by Pepe and ESR but why oh why do people only show up and do the business when there is NOTHING to play for against a relegated team.!?

    Canโ€™t agree that the future is bright at all despite our two goals against a relegated team.

  43. ArseOverTit says:

    Great goal by Pepe and ESR but why oh why do people only show up and do the business when there is NOTHING to play for against a relegated team.!?

    Canโ€™t agree that the future is bright at all despite our two goals against a relegated team.

    1. Sue says:

      ๐Ÿ‘ Typical Arsenal… the most inconsistent team in the land!!!

  44. Kev82 says:

    Kroenke will be preparing a new contract for peps cone boy after this ๐Ÿ˜„

    1. Vinod says:

      We need to sack Steve Bould before Arteta.

    2. Sue says:

      Your comment scared me more than ‘Drag Me To Hell’ last night ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

      1. Kev82 says:

        Haha hide behind the sofa moment Sue ๐Ÿคช

        1. Sue says:

          Too right, Kev!! Spent a lot of time there recently ๐Ÿ˜†
          No clean sheet>no surprise!

          1. Kev82 says:

            Haha haven’t we all ๐Ÿ˜‚ oh I know we don’t usually do clean sheets Sue but Willian scored a beaut and about time ๐Ÿคช

          2. Sue says:

            *Bang.. hit the deck* ๐Ÿคฃ
            I thought he would after Thiago scored last night – finally!! It was worth the wait!!

          3. Kev82 says:

            I knew he would come good Sue ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ well the chavs on Wednesday my birthday on Tuesday maybe they’ll give me a nice birthday present ๐Ÿคช

          4. Sue says:

            So it is, May 11… I had remembered ๐Ÿ˜‰
            Steady on now, Kev, you’re getting too carried away ๐Ÿ˜‚

          5. Kev82 says:

            That’s only because your favourite Arsenal player abou diaby has a may 11th birthday too Sue ๐Ÿคช haha yeah it’s not likely to happen is it ? ๐Ÿ˜†

  45. gotanidea says:

    Arteta’s tactic worked very well in the first half, but Martinelli was struggling in the front. If our CF is like this at Stamford Bridge, we’d likely lose the ball possession there

    If Martinelli will be assigned as a CF next season, he’ll needs more games. Hopefully Balogun can do a better job

    1. Stephanie says:

      Pity Arteta’s tactics didn’t work more all season. Especially against Emery and Villarreal. His tactics only works once in a while. He isn’t consistent at all. Very inexperienced and clueless

      1. Kev82 says:

        Facts Stephanie ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  46. PJ-SA says:

    Nice goals but overall we still look quite bad even though we winning

  47. Gily says:

    Seing how Arsenal is now toying with WestBrom makes it difficult for anyone to convince me otherwise that they did not simply sell their match with VLR, because WestBrom is actually better than VLR.

    And sorry to say it here; that humble guy Elneny is everything I haven’t seen in Partey.

  48. says:

    For the spurs fans on here that wanted is to lose must be gutted now!
    If we lose it impacts the confidence of some of the young good players we have.
    Arteta won’t be sacked until end of season so best accept that I reckon.
    As much as I get the sentiment it sickens me to hear people say they want us to lose.

  49. Trudeau says:

    How about we have a thread where we dont rip fellow fans apart and accuse them of being trolls and not understanding football. Pot shots at Granddad and GAI, smh…

    Back to the game, can someone remind me what Xhaka brought to LB that Saka doesn’t?

  50. says:

    Agree I never get involved with that sort of thing but I felt compelled tonight due to grandad and Sean throwing stones.
    Where’s admin?
    Everyone during this difficult time will have differing opinions and all of them should be respected.
    You can say almost anything as long as it’s said with respect and decency.

    Well be back at the days of with holding the football when bellerin calls for it otherwise, dark days!

  51. says:

    On the lb situation this does worry me that arteta couldn’t see this along with how exposed partey was the other night and why martinelli wasn’t getting game time.

  52. Phenom says:

    Martinelli has been unanimous in the 1st half. This goes to show how difficult it is to be a striker at Arsenal. It all down to MA’s system.

    All our attacks have been on the wings. It’s so frustrating when we don’t play to our strikers strength.

  53. Logic says:

    Now all the Areta fan base will come out from under the rock now that we have beaten mighty WB and how good Arteta is. Can’t wait to read the comments of this lot.

    1. ACE says:

      Long way from being over my friend

    2. Stephanie says:

      Agree. It’s about the whole season. And Arteta has shown his inexperience. I have nothing against him personally. However, he isn’t a good enough Manager

  54. Sue says:


    1. ArseOverTit says:

      You watch… we will be hanging on for the win now. WBA have a sniff and the AFC players will be nervy as hell.

  55. PJ-SA says:

    Cellabos slower than a week in prison

  56. Bur says:

    I don’t believe that. Frig me we are pure shite!!!!!! Can no one go to an attacking player. All organisation has gone out the window!!!

  57. mickmematethemasterfarter says:

    get dat clown ceballos out of our club take him off arteta b4 the red

  58. Stephanie says:

    Ceballos isn’t good enough. He shouldn’t have started

  59. Dan kit says:

    Is Ceballos the slowest player in professional football history ?
    Iโ€™ve seen big Dave on a Sunday morning after 15 pints and 6 kebabs the height before get back quicker ๐Ÿ˜‚
    In all honesty I have no idea how the fck he got a second season on loan here

  60. mickmematethemasterfarter says:

    is w ill am still on

  61. says:

    Ah 3 defenders backing off!

  62. Dan kit says:

    Comedy club with a comedian as a manager

  63. mickmematethemasterfarter says:

    piss off back to la liga ceballos u fraud

  64. says:

    Subs arteta subs! We need to freshen it up!

  65. mickmematethemasterfarter says:

    my god william is embarrassing

  66. mickmematethemasterfarter says:

    party looks knackerd after 10 mins

  67. Sue says:


    1. Dan kit says:

      Haha bet 10 quid at 18/1 he would score anytime sue
      Knew it was coming ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜‚

      1. Sue says:

        Sweeeet!!!! ๐Ÿ‘Œ Nice one!
        Better late than never, hey?!!

  68. mickmematethemasterfarter says:

    william ur the man LOL

  69. says:

    With you sue and glad it has but a set piece is the only way he would score.
    Earlier on he actually ran at someone went past them and then he passed laterally to.martinelli who shot, why didn’t he just shoot?
    Never seen a player fall so fast when you consider he is still in the pl and still in London. I feel like he needs a good shaking!

    1. Sue says:

      ๐Ÿ‘ Totally agree, never would’ve happened from open play or dare I say when it mattered ๐Ÿ˜ฌ Could be floodgates now though… hahaha!
      Another of our frustrating players!!

  70. RSH says:

    Can’t stand some of these players, gunna be honest. The second all the pressure is off and there is nothing to fight for in the season anymore….

  71. Gily says:

    Congrats to William for his first Arsenal goal. He played well this match. Everyone did until Martinelli’s substitution.

    Arteta should be mindful of his substitutions. He nearly had himself to blame again today.

  72. Dboy says:

    To those who keep making a noise on here shouting Arteta out!! Please sit down, he is not going anywhere. We are still in the middle of a purge. He will still be here next season. We still need to get rid of some parasites in this team.

  73. says:

    I agree I always wanted him to succeed and felt even woth his lack of experience he’d do well at the club. Eventually.

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