Confirmed Arsenal team to take on West Ham – Big changes!

Arsenal have confirmed the line-up which will be starting today’s London Derby against West Ham, and there is a few surprises to look at.

The Hammers enjoyed a fine derby win over Chelsea at the weekend, and we will be looking to give a knock to there newfound confidence.

Shkodran Mustafi and Aaron Ramsey have been ruled out of the match, and Arsene Wenger has opted to make wholesale changes, reverting to a back-four and using a 4-3-3 formation also.

Could this be our new formation moving forward? Did our absences lead to the change? Will this team have enough to overcome the Hammers?

Pat J


  1. McLovin says:

    Wow, thats a,new formation. Maybe Wenger is feeling the heat.

    1. Maks says:

      Big changes, but after the game we can confirm that there was no only one BIG change needed – Wenger OUT!

  2. Sue says:

    Maitland-Niles & Iwobi in the same team?? Oh Christ ?

  3. Otunba007 says:

    Wow Wenger has got some balls…. like really!! This line up again a team that just won the champions last week ?

    1. Sue says:

      Think he wants to lose!!!

      1. Admin says:

        If we win we will call him a genius!

        1. Sue says:

          That’s a very big if Admin!

          1. Westham have won only 1 of our last 18 fixtures (W1 D3 L14). This is literally the easiest game we will play in the league so chill out and put some cash on it if you can free money.

  4. gotanidea says:

    Hopefully it is going to be 4-1-3-2, with Xhaka as the defensive midfielder and Giroud-Sanchez upfront, supported by the creative attacking midfielders (Ozil, Wilshere and Iwobi). It is good that Wenger is willing to take high risk by using a new formation in such important and tough away game, this is very unlike him.

    The 3-4-2-1 formation was a surprise for many opponents, but now most of them are already prepared for it. West Ham in particular, have managed to handle Chelsea’s 3-4-2-1, so I admire Wenger this time for changing the formation.

    1. TH14atl says:

      I have a feeling it’s a 4231
      Hector – LK6 – Nacho – MN
      Xhaka Jack
      Iwobi Sanchez

      That team would at least be balanced in my opinion, and have the majority of guys in their preferred starting positions on the field. We’ll see though.

      1. gotanidea says:

        If it is 4-2-3-1, it could be another disaster. Remember how shaky Wenger’s 4-2-3-1 is and Carroll alone has beaten Arsenal when they used Wenger’s 4-2-3-1.

        Because Xhaka is not good when defending, while Sanchez and Iwobi often cannot penetrate from the wings.

        1. TH14atl says:

          hahahaha damned if we do, damned if we don’t it would seem. Only one common denominator it would seem

  5. Vijay says:

    is holding injured?

    1. Sue says:

      Don’t know Vijay

    2. shark says:

      Holding is still being mentored by Mertesacker. Both of them will be in the stands, chewing gum from Bould.

  6. dutchy says:

    If this is what the players want they have to show up tonight. Can’t wait! COYG

  7. Paul says:

    Bad selection, but I’m finally happy I get to see ozil bow to Wilshere…………waiting to analyze that ozil is over-hyped again tonight

  8. tatgooner says:

    so please westham beat chelsea and wenger plays monreal at cb and starts maitland and iwobi?
    Taxi for wenger

    1. Sue says:

      Gonna be a disaster!!!

  9. Liam says:

    Was praying for some tactical changes and personnel changes however this is just stupid !!! Why is Saed the first wing back to be dropped when Bellerin has been poor for nearly 2 seasons? Why is Monreal and Kos playing when they both prefer the left side ? Why is Iwobi playing? I would put Ozil in that position next to Wilshere with Alexis and Laca playing off Girioud

  10. Gunners says:

    I would have preferred Holding at center back, Niles and right back and rest Bellerin, his contributions and defensive work has been poor

  11. Sue says:

    It’s the EFL cup next week Arsene!!

  12. Nothing changed says:

    Terrible line-up. Kolasinac on the bench? He would do great in the 4 at the back. Giroud is poor when he starts. Xhaka needs a break. Iwobi should be on the left and Sanchez on the right.

    But great to see Wilshire in there.

    This should still be a strong enough team to win but Arsenal always finds a way to surprise both on the upside or on the downside.

  13. Ox says:

    2 nil to the gunners iwobi giroud you heard it here first put your house cardboard box whatever on it Coz the ox is a winner ?

  14. Rkw says:

    Don’t get it . It’s attack minded but not sure these players will be up to a physical derby .. And just how badly must bellerin and xhaka perform before being dropped? But Looking forward to seeing if ozil Sanchez and wilshere can click

  15. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    If there ever was a cry for help this is it. Someone give the guy a hug.

  16. ThirdManJW says:

    Defensively, it’s a nightmare waiting to happen. Monreal cannot play in a back two, and has proven that on numerous occasions. Not his fault, he’s a LB.

    Maitland-Niles completely out of position at LB. Yes he’s been doing okay in that position in Europe, but one has to take into account how poor the opposition have been.

    Finally, a back four (back two once the wing-backs push up), has been consistently exposed on the counter-attack in the past because of no DM…and there’s DM playing tonight.

    I don’t mind Wenger switching up the formation, or the tactics, but one still needs the correct personal to really pull it off, which we do not have again tonight.

  17. Alkali says:

    Can anyone suggest where i can stream this from? I’m not at home currently…

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      I’d avoid it and read a nice book. Trust me – you’re not missing much

      1. Alkali says:

        Thanks mate..

  18. GB says:

    Niles haś already crossed the ball more than Kolasinac did in 90 minutes.

  19. Mitch Connor says:

    I don’t like this lineup
    Specifically, Monreal CB, Xhaka and benching Lacazette. I think Giroud scores more often coming off the bench
    However, I’m open minded and any lineup that wins us the match is a good lineup lol


  20. Rkw says:

    How many fing misplaced and mistimed passes can xhaka make in a game .., at least elneny is neat and tidy

  21. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Have to say – Kos looks much more likely in a back 2. Take back Mr saying he is past it because he is obviously not comfortable in a back 4. All the boss keeps doing is switching systems where in one some players play well and in the other they don’t. Not exactly taking any steps forward.

  22. Eat Pie says:

    Leicester doing to Southampton what we could not.

    Van Djik looks like an amateur

  23. Eat Pie says:

    I would like to see

    De buchy for Bellerin
    Coq or Elneny for Xhaka (loser cough cough ;))
    Lacazette for Sanchez

  24. Roachie says:

    It’s not against the law to pass the ball forwards. If the league was settled on side to side passing we’d be miles ahead

    1. Rkw says:

      Too true 66 per cent possession .. Half if it backwards and a third sideways

  25. sanmi.marvellous says:

    Southampton 0-3 Leicester City.

    Does Wenger watch videos of other teams?
    Leicester city is a good case for him.

  26. Rkw says:

    Wilshere doing fine with ozil and Iwobi ok til he gets in to the box .. No offensive threat with Sanchez and giroud and defence is all over the place …

  27. Eat Pie says:

    I’m liking Niles offensive, but defence needs much work

  28. Eat Pie says:

    Sanchez is a shadow and needs to be benched, his work rate is not what it was, he just doesn’t care anymore.

    Rather play Lacazette there or move Niles up and kolasinaic at lb.

  29. Mitch Connor says:

    We are late to the party. Typical lol
    Leicester, United, Spurs, City, Everton all leading.
    COYG please

    1. Eat Pie says:

      Yes, we better wake up.

      OG looks dangerous with crosses, put more in.

      Ozil and jack look good, the rest meh!

  30. Ronny says:

    4 at the back is okay with the backs pushing on if the dm is good xhaka isn’t. Wenger keeps playing him!
    The disallowed goal he almost played arnoutavixh onside bit didn’t even know he was behind him. Liability. Says it all when you see him dicking around in the tunnel before the game I want to see the players focused as noble was.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      I rather see Coq instead of Xhaka, it’s he’s best position, and you’re absolutely right about the offside goal, Xhaka clueless

  31. Vijay says:

    jesus we need to sign some wingers

    1. Dark Pope says:

      who was the last winger we signed?

  32. Rkw says:

    Another 45 minutes of utterly feckless football …lethargic is the word that comes to mind … No passion in this team …none .. Wilshere cares at least but the rest can do what they like as laurel and hardy sit on the bench wondering when the 59 bus will pass by ..Can take xhaka and giroud or Sanchez off at half time

      1. Lexynal says:

        By the time Carol comes in and Giroud is out …you will be asking…why did he sub Girous

  33. Roachie says:

    I’m finding it a bit boring tbh

  34. tatgooner says:

    all the changes have flopped terribly.
    Too much laziness in this team
    Monreal far from convincing.Koscienly looks like age is catching up with him

  35. Vijay says:

    watch giroud come off and we’ll start crossing the ball in the box.

  36. shark says:

    Wenger wants to show the Spain manager that Monreal is better than Pique and Ramos.
    How embarrassing is Bould looking with that cap on?

  37. Ackshay says:

    1 am here and that football is horrendous, lol to think that i blasted canalplus for not streaming this shit game. I’m really getting pissed off with iwobi, the boy thinks he’s ozil or messi, defends when he wants, not in phase with his teammates.
    I liked him when he started but lehmann really need to drill some discipline in him, atleast ozil when he returns to help the defense has the tactical knowledge to know what to do.

    1. Ackshay says:

      i’m going to kill iwobi, loses another ball, cant be bothered to track back and cant be bothered to make a run for a counterattack when his teammate clean his mess. throw him in reserves and put nelson in his place, atleast he plays not jog all match.

  38. Jim A says:

    since when can you block a shot with both hands over your head?

  39. Sue says:

    Iwobi is so crap

  40. Rkw says:

    Un fing watchable … What the fcku does wenger get paid for …

  41. Rkw says:

    The only player winning 50 50 balls is wilshere is actually shocking for a team that cost this much to put together

  42. Rkw says:

    Would any of our players get in to the man city team?

  43. Rkw says:

    Get Sanchez off he is disgraceful

  44. Nomad says:

    If you are smart enough to figure out, believe it or not, this team is missing Theo Walcott. His goals are missing from the equation.

    I wouldn’t let Sanchez to be part of this team.

  45. Gunners says:

    Welbeck is so inconsistent

  46. Eat Pie says:

    Wtf is Welbeck doing!

  47. Eat Pie says:

    Welbeck thinks he is superman or the invisible man or something.

  48. Paddy Gooner says:

    goal for chicarito anyone?

  49. Rkw says:

    Two points from the last 3 games is a bottom half of the table team

  50. Gunners says:

    It looks like we are working very hard not to win this game, infact we are working hard to lose it

  51. Rkw says:

    Wenger has to go this is utterly unacceptable both in results and quality of football … Utterly utterly shocking

  52. Dark Pope says:

    comical farce

  53. Rkw says:

    Xhaka will probably score

  54. ks-gunner says:

    Wenger just go away

  55. Lexynal says:

    Giroud must start next Match….yes he did. We need Wishere….yes he played…all 90mins,

  56. Ronny says:

    What organised but we’re bloody rubbish.
    We are lacking cazorla, rosicky magic.
    And where our overlaps on the flanks shame debuchy isn’t fitter bellerin is dreadful at the moment. When sanchez and ozil work to rule if you like,(do the minimum or go through the motions) this is what we are.
    7th in the table now and nearer to Swansea than Man city.

  57. Ronny says:

    No width and quality ball in we missed kolasinac today but kos passing across the goal three players staring at the ball. What is the story with our defence?!
    Personally I’d like to see xhaka dropped and Ramsey and Wilshire on the park at the same time.
    We could have done with poldis left foot tonight, cazolras magic, gibbs place down the left.
    We’re going backwards not building.
    Wenger needs to go and someone else start again with this weak sqaud.

  58. mobella says:

    West ham did so well to earn their deserved point. Thank God. Kos did not give them all the 3 points. What was he. thinking, boot the ball of the stadium. It nothing but pure arrogance to think he can find his. tm.

  59. Ronny says:

    I can only imagine what pep G would do at Arsenal.

  60. arsenal#7 says:

    Another confirmation of the clueless manager in charge of this group of overhyped
    divas. Where can anyone begin? From the idiotic back line selections , to leaving your major signing on the bench for 80 minutes?
    He subs players in to get width at 80+ minutes when the entire game begged for it since the first 15 minutes. The lack of ideas and direction is starting to be annoying. You could watch Arsenal and at least watch some entertaining football. This is far from it.
    Predictable,boring full of individual and team errors. Tactics are a crapshoot and even the physical effort of most players is lacking.
    Without some major infusion in January we will be playing nowhere in Europe next year. Europa league almost out of reach of this group.

  61. nosa says:

    well organised , we weren’t just lucky

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