Confirmed Arsenal Team to take on Wolves this evening

The teams are out for tonight’s Premier League clash at the Molineux where Arsenal will take on Wolves.

The Gunners will be hoping that their January woes are behind them having failed to win a single fixture, but they arrive here fresh of a training excursion in Dubai, and will hope to have fresh legs and fresh minds going into today’s matchup.

We will be coming up against one of the strongest defence in the division, and a goalkeeper who deserves to be talked about in a similar way that Aaron Ramsdale is after joining the club this summer also.

Neither side will be taking anything for granted this evening, especially with just two points currently separating the sides in the Premier League table, knowing that this result could well prove to have a major effect on how the European places are decided come the end of the term.

Thankfully we have a strong squad of options available for today’s fixture, with just Tomiyasu missing out, meaning Cedric comes into the side at right-bacl.

What are your scoreline predictions after seeing the team sheet?


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    1. Something is brewing underneath with Leno. We may have seen the last of him in that fa cup match against NF.

  1. Luckily, Wolves don’t have Traore anymore. Hopefully our attackers and midfielders can make some creative passes

    1. Just curious…does this line up mean that Cedric is considered better than Holding by the Arsenal coaches, or do you think Arteta has a specific strategy that incorporates his speed? I was very surprised to see Cedric as RB versus White, with Holding then covering the center.

        1. Cedric is more attacking than White? I would take White at right back. but Cedric can certainly run line to line I guess.

  2. Hopefully we get back to winning ways, We take advantage of our opponents slipping yesterday.
    We really need this win.

    1. Yes Jon.
      Wolves defensive record this season is so good.
      Our attackers need to take their chances.
      This math will be a tough one

  3. No surprises in the starting 11
    Shame ESR as been benched for Odegaard who along with Xhaka are the 2 weak links
    Hope to see some good football after all the rest the players have had

      1. Skills @
        Would any of the other top 4-6 have Odegaard as their playmaker ?
        Regarding ESR I can not remember when he was last injured ,and I believe he is still are top scorer this season .

    1. All I keep seeing in peoples’ comments is ..hope and hopefully. I thought we are in the safe hands of Arteta. I’m becoming scared more of what has become my darling club. Jokes apart I hope we claim all the 3 points tonight.

  4. The side I predicted.
    I would take a draw but am hopeful of all 3.
    No red cards, pens, own goals or defender errors.
    No referee or VAR decisions going against us.
    No worldlies by Wolves attackers or defenders.
    And no bad luck against us.
    Then we are totally sorted 🙂

  5. Not a game to take lightly .. they have a serious manager and a well drilled compact team … not a big scoring threat and much depends on who controls middle of park .. arteta predictably can’t imagine a midfield without xhaka … could be the Achilles heal in this game … turns out we could have sold elneny in window and brought in a proper midfielder … time will tell how costly such bumbling management will prove … would take a 1 all draw in this game

  6. White’s positioning is so problematic at times, which is why I would have opted for him to move out wide and have Holding play centrally

    1. You going to upset people with the truth. Every game he’s caught out of position and isn’t great 1v1 either.

      His speed saves him many blushes.

      1. is it me PJ, or does it seem like Laca’s strolling around the pitch like a headless chicken so far??

        1. It’s looking like our normal half hearted high press,leaves Lace in no-mans land. Tactics I can’t understand. I remember u11 football and we were taught how to press as a team.

          Love Laca but would rather have ESR or Pepe on, both a much bigger goal threat.

          1. I want to see ESR tried in that position again – I think he can do it well. Not likely to happen unless laca gets injured or needs a break before the end of the season

        2. Laca missing his bromance with Auba. He looks miserable. He did say “see you soon” in his farewell post to Auba. Maybe his head is completely out of the club too.

    1. the movement and the pace of that corner was top drawer…would have been a shame if the goal had been disallowed, as that was nothing more than a reckless mistimed dive on the part of the Keeper

      1. Beside the goal though mate it’s same old same old .
        Nothing exciting and the game can go either way .
        And that is where I have issue with Arteta .

        1. I’m afraid. I looked at this depleted team and I’m thinking. Is this the team that wants to make top 4? Only saving grace is our rivals for top4 are being sloppy atm.

        2. we actually look far more like the Wolves than City, tactically-wise, which certainly isn’t a good thing from a goal-scoring perspective…they play out wide, flood the box with crosses, rely too heavily on deeper sitting DM pivots and allow teams to regroup defensively, following the loss of possession, due to their lack of direct play, which is it made no sense to keep Traore…these similarities are deeply disconcerting, which is why I believe we need to offload Xhaka and have ESR start ahead of Ode, so it forces Arteta to put on his big boy pants, tactically-speaking

    1. Don’t blame him. Blame the idiot that can’t wait to have him in the starting line up. If that was in the penalty box, straight up penalty. Same mistakes every damn time from xhaka, he gets a red card, arteta slots him right back in. That gives the player the confidence to keep making the mistakes, damn the consequences. His lover isn’t gonna drop him but put pẹpẹ in the same predicament and we are looking for a new club for him to go on a free whilst paying him off. Lol, what a joke of a club and manager.

  7. bull in the china shop Xhaka is back again plying his trade in dangerous areas of the pitch…I just don’t get why when we’ve got the opposition on the back foot we intentionally slow down play and get ourselves in trouble unnecessarily

    1. His lover doesn’t obviously see what we and the refs see. Because it’s easy to make stupid mistakes get multiple cards, with the backing that the manager has cemented your spot in the starting line up

  8. There was no improvement, but luckily we scored. If we don’t replace Xhaka in the second half, he’d likely get the second yellow card

    I expected more control from Odegaard. Maybe Patino or Hutchinson can give him some pressure next season

  9. Played some good stuff at times and Cedric has been surprisingly good. Martinelli needs support and unfortunately Tierney is not having a good game. Gabriel and White have been excellent.

  10. Really lucky to still have Cedric on the pitch.

    If Partey is being played as a single pivot (assuming from the Xhaka positioning higher up the pitch), why not try ESR instead of Xhaka?

  11. Why are we time wasting? Such negative tactics.

    We are the better team! Lets act like it!

    I know it’s about 15 mins too early for MA but a sub might be a good option.

    1. Apart from the countless times refs don’t make that call for other teams. Same with Xhaka we are now in double figures of worse challenges that escaped red. Least foul rate, highest red… riddle me that especially in a double yellow scenario

        1. As in what I watch week in week out with other teams. I’ve been documenting this for ages as I said we are in double figures of Xhaka vs city challenges that were worse and actually made contact that escaped red.

  12. Wow.
    One yellow card is enough.
    Martinelli should keep his emotions in check.
    Lacazette should have scored that.

    1. Our red card count is a joke!
      Before tonight we’ve more red cards than the other 19 sides in the pl combined, joke!

      I also think the officials start to look for it, oh arsenal the indisciplined side!

      With auba not replaced we vant avoid to have players banned for games.

  13. Laca’s had more service in key areas in this game than Auba saw in his last 3-4 matches, yet not a single goal to show for it

  14. There’s 2 of our problems
    1. keeping 11 men on the field
    2. Forwards missing great chances for 2-0

    We will throw this advantage away again it’s what we do, for this top4

  15. 2 deep midfielders and a CB on a yellow + Martinelli red

    I don’t care what anyone says, consistent discipline issues is a managers responsibility…end of story!

    The odd, out of place red or yellow no problem but consistent issues….manager.

      1. With that logic, a manager can never ever in the history of football be at fault for anything!

        If you could read, and more importantly comprehend, you’d see I said consistent issues.

        If Mark 2.nothing disagrees with you, it usually means you’re mentioning facts.

          1. only in the sense that I’m actually having to interact with such pom-pom wielding lightweight as yourself

          2. Hope more have the courage to comment like you, drown out the negative. We are more or the crowds wouldn’t be the way they are at games. Not perfect but no such thing. It’s been way better than I expected year long.

  16. Better team by miles. 1st times Wolves have looked good is since we went to 10 and we still missed the best chance in that time.

        1. Bet you’re hoping you can find MA’s underwear in the trash so you can add it to your shrine.

          Arsenal FC > MA – for fans of the club anyway.

              1. Come on Angus your getting worked up over nothing bit of football banter there are more important things in this world

          1. Me too you cheer on the opposition because you hate arteta, good fan. I said start of the year if were not in the race for top 4 Arteta would have to go. Im not putting my personal opinion of Arteta above results you are

  17. Wow!
    Please move Arteta on.
    His Arsenal are awful. Time wasting, niggly and playing for one nil. He is simply not good enough to grace the club.
    A decisive, winning, experienced manager is required and not a rookie.

  18. Disappointed that Martinelli got sent off for a stupid reaction. Stupid stupid stupid! 11 men is best and our chances are slimmer
    We had an advantage handed to us after last night

  19. the tactics don’t look that dissimilar from the usual course of action if we were up one in the 60th minute with 11 men…I guarantee you that our ridiculous time wasting tactics impacted the thought-process of the ref when it came time to deal with the Marts situation

      1. look who crawled out of his cage just in time to deliver up another nonsensical word puzzle…at least you could provide some clues to this mind-bending word soup you’ve created

        1. not complicated. your negative absent of results. im tired of it so i stay away. Your 1st argument that arteta would be gone nov and we’d be out the top 4 race and the year wasted has already lost. you lost, no salad. You were wrong, completely. We’re 5th 1 point behind the team we have 2 games in hand only spurs can top if they win all 3 of their games in hand but with inferior gd they have to draw/win against us in our game for that to matter. That is reality. Difficult for you but it is.

            1. It’s the reason I left they lost the original argument and still talk to me like dirt every time despite being wrong.

          1. you must have me confused with someone else, which seems difficult to believe as you’re always such a level-headed and commonsensical poster…anyways, you can continue to spew your nonsense ad nauseum and it won’t impact me whatsoever, minus providing me with the occasional moment of levity, as you’re clearly nothing more than a glorified cheerleader

            1. No you were not one of those targeted me like others did but you still always respond like you have here whenever I respond to you. Not confused. I assume then start of the year you said we’d be in the top 4 race come Feb? Otherwise what are you saying?

                  1. you do talk nonsense on a fairly regular basis and nothing you’ve said suggests that I was incorrect in my assessment of the situation, as I’ve always talked about the all-important “eye test”, which we’ve failed on the vast majority of occasions, minus a handful of outings…the fact that we eked out a victory against a side that has struggled for goals, doesn’t change the fact that this experiment has yielded lukewarm results at best…I want us to actually be a team of consequence again and not some tactically-negative and naïve squad fighting for scraps

                    1. Ramsdale? Ode? Top 4 challenge? I said it already above and your pretending what exactly? Your commenting on this game negatively and ignoring everything else why?

                    2. You can try to be clever but you stated that our signings were terrible and that we wouldn’t be in the top 4 race. Might even of been you that called me a wannabe super fan because I said United aren’t as bulletproof as they look and top 4 is achievable before the season started, might not be can’t be bothered to go back and look. Do know you were negative about the summer business. Any contrition from you for being objectively wrong? Of course not. No, you just frame it as negative now and pretend you didn’t directly predict it would be way way worse right now. We are 2 behind Chelsea if we win our games in hand ffs. One of them is against wolves at home who we just beat away. Seriously?

                    3. like I said originally, I wouldn’t have spent over the number for Ramsdale, without selling Leno, as we had far more pressing needs, which wasn’t a crazy notion whatsoever…of course, I’m pleased that Ramsdale has performed exceedingly better than he had in the 2 years prior to his arrival

                      as for Ode, he’s not the answer if we hope to meet the challenge on offer against the other top clubs, as he’s too slow, defensively poor and doesn’t present enough in the middle of the pitch, which allows Arteta to lean into his already overly negative, wide-side, possession-based inklings…I would have much rather that we had acquired someone who would have given us a more direct midfield option

                      as for our supposed top 4 challenge, it’s too early to make that call, but I would suggest that this possibility has far more to do with the ineptitudes of our closest competition than our ability to raise our level of play on a consistent basis

                    4. Couldn’t be bothered before, you made me so. Real Vieira Ramsdale quotes alone
                      “for all those fans who kept reminded us about how Arteta had shored up the defence last season, maybe they could now explain why we’ve spent over a 100M on 2 defenders and a backup Keeper”

                      “why would a mid-table team looking to change their fortunes take a chance on a Keeper that has backstopped consecutive relegations, who is a bang average shot-stopper, poor with the ball at his feet and an oft-times bumbling nightmare?…I pray your assessment of the situation is spot on, so we don’t shite the bed again when it comes to our Keeper position”

                      “the only revelation in this most recent of several articles involving our supposed interest in Ramsdale is that at least the valuation is far more plausible…even still, I wouldn’t pursue this course of action, as I’m not sure he’s the Keeper to take us forward…I would suspect that his mere presence will be disastrous for both Leno and potentially the club, as every time he commits a blunder a considerable proportion of the fanbase will be quick to call for the hook…if that were to happen, this would negatively impact Leno’s market value moving forward, which would once again put us in another untenable situation…even worse, we pull him then Ramsdale sh**s the bed, thereby leaving us with another Keeper quandary and two devalued assets…as such, we need to run with Leno for the season, get a manageable experienced back-up, for the time being, then properly address the situation at season’s end…that way we can earmark all available funds towards far more pressing NEEDS”

                      on an early positive ramsdale article “way, way too soon to draw any conclusions, especially in a one-sided affair…looked shaky early on, especially playing out from the back, which really isn’t his forte, but he did make a couple decent saves, caught a couple of set piece crosses and actually used his hands to disperse the ball quickly, which we’ve sadly missed since you know who left…only concern is that if he supplants Leno early days, how will we ever fill our coffers with much-needed funds if our present starter becomes a disgruntled afterthought”

                      “if we end up shelling out a boatload of cash for the underwhelming and ill-suited Ramsdale, I want to apologize to you personally for insisting on us not signing Ryan as a backup Keeper…I would gladly have him, at least for the upcoming season, as our alternative Keeper, than having this much-relegated Keeper on our roster for the foreseeable future…my bad”

                      “that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever…so according to your infinite wisdom we should wipe the slate clean and simply assess the player from the point of purchase going forward…now that could make some sense if we brought him in on a free, with a modest wage to boot, under the presumption that he was acquired for the sole purpose to be a cover Keeper for this season…unfortunately we paid over the number, considering his performances up to this point, with the logical assumption that he’s our future number 1, yet he doesn’t even possess the proven “play out from the back” skillset that our manager appears to covet”

                      “such a vitally important point Brad that some on here seem to be ignoring…why the f would you ever sign any Keeper, backup or otherwise, who didn’t exhibit the very attributes that you desperately crave, tactically-speaking, especially after our obvious struggles with the ill-suited Leno…people seem to just want to gloss over that fact simply because it doesn’t fit their particular narrative…mindboggling”

                      “we should avoid this signing like the plague”

                      Not even everything you said on ramsdale but enough right?

                    5. Also next level mental gymnastics. 10th of Feb is too early to say we are in the top 4 race…… hahaha…. seriously? What chance do City have of winning the title? Norwich being relegated? Curious?

                    6. once again you’ve showed your glaring lack of maturity as I still believe that the largest transfer window kitty EVER could have been used more wisely, but even the quotes you have cut and pasted together expressed logical concerns based on historical evidence, which many very intelligent pundits agreed with, and likewise included some positive notes about my hopes that he proved me wrong…I have never had a problem being wrong about anything so long as it meant that our team greatly benefited from whatever decision was made, but only a half-wit would spout off in such a ridiculous fashion this early in the process, especially considering the inconsistencies we’ve witnessed thus far…I would have gladly lowered myself to your level but your posts are barely legible at the best of times so it would have looked as if I had ate a bucket load of scrabble letters then puked them up all over my computer screen…btw this would have been far more understandable if this diatribe occurred at the end of the season, we were consistently playing free-flowing football and finished in a top 3 position, instead of on the heels of another largely negative performance, even before the sending off, against a team that has struggled for goals under the best of circumstances.

                    7. 1st they were not cherry picked they were your direct responses to Ramsdale being linked and then signed. I didn’t edit any of them you said exactly that on those articles. As to the rest of your rant so you were right on your preseason predictions at this point? Right on summer signings? And we are not in the top 4 race 1 point behind 4th in Feb? And your final argument having said we would not ever finish top 4 this year is my statements will only make sense if we finish top 3? Do I really to pull up your quotes on finishing 4th? Goalpost move much? Sense… nonsense others can judge for themselves.

                    8. Also you were speaking on the team with the 2nd best defensive record in the league behind city and ahead of Chelsea/Liverpool/Brighton before us so? Expert?

                    9. Also if you want to have a conversation on football inflation and what was actually our largest transfer kitty ever, i’m game. Guessing your out your depth their and have no idea what our largest kitty was football inflation adjusted.

                    10. it’s so interesting, I mean predictably pathetic, that you would harp on one particular point, yet you intentionally omitted the very posts in which I actually spoke very highly of Ramsdale’s commanding presence and shot-stopping abilities…thereby admitting that I was wrong about that specific aspect of our summer dealings…of course, we had that with Martinez, so we could have sold Leno and used those and the Ramsdale funds to further strengthen, and the fact that MA wouldn’t give Leno the same flexibility regarding playing out from the back as he afforded his replacement, but nonetheless I gave Ramsdale his due when he had earned it…so even though I never said you cherry-picked my quotes, as that was a figment of your imagination, you did strategically ignore the very posts that didn’t fit with your deranged stalker-like narrative

                      so here’s a few golden oldies from your checkered past little guy, which will show just how much of a bag of toys you truly are…some will be pure grammatical nonsense, whereas others will display your utter ignorance regarding both football matters and life in general…so sit back and enjoy the Angusland dumpster fire:

                      -We not get relegate you absolute (insert insult.)
                      -Otherwise we need a Lokonga signing but one we’re less impressed with hence why Lokonga was signed 1st.
                      -With respect, I suspect Arteta has a far better grasp on the quality of Mari, Soares and Luiz than you do.
                      -Stones/Otamedi/the guy that failed completely and without looking it up there might be more.
                      Honestly fans like you make life no concept of reality(justifying the Mustafi acquisition)
                      -Why would he leave Leipzig? They are backed by the Red Bull sports machine. They could very well replace Bayern as the dominant team in Germany. They get 1st refusal on Haaland who everyone is looking at and will get him at a huge discount just like they do with all talent coming out the various Red Bull clubs. (regarding the future of Naglesmann)
                      -He’s our best full stop no argument anyone else gets involved they are excluded because its so not close that nuance doesn’t come into it. It’s literally dumb or not in regards to Mustafi standing.
                      -Hes had a long successful career that had very few mistakes, penalties conceded or red cards. (Luiz)
                      -Really hope Arteta sacks us off wins another titles and takes Everton next year they will be bigger than us anyway (by rights from history not for wenger they still would be anyway.)
                      -It’s the most competitive arena one earth and it’s not up for debate the idea you just turn up is born out of lazy people who half-ass their day jobs, ear poorly and turn up for sunday league with no training and somehow think pro-football is a little a like that. (WTF)
                      -It’s crazy how high he performs compared to others and gets slated particularly as his big game record isnt that bad across the bad and is straight fantastic in ARSENAL PLAYER terms.
                      Willian would of picked up far more assists without such wastefulness and his assist total already looked good compared to our players. See him playing 10/8 for us and he fills an important gap for us. (Willian assessment)
                      -These with exception of Silva perhaps are not false platitudes they are detailed high praise
                      It is good fit for the team bcuz than Luiz and mustafi them can wake up (WTF??)
                      -You guys are so delusional it’s not even funny. Mustafi is OUR BEST DEFENDER BY A MILE
                      -Are suggesting Emery needs sacked?
                      Emery is probably a better man for the role than Wenger.
                      -End of the day fans blamed Wenger for Chelsea/City getting rich that is it
                      -Cancelling the league serves zero purpose except false virtue signalling. Certainly not a scientific, moral or logistical one.(early days covid chatter)
                      -You have to question why a Raul type wasn’t brought in sooner though
                      -(Gazidis) had power since day 1 your delusional to think otherwise and he hasn’t gained any with Wenger gone. He always held the purse strings. Nothing has changed. It’s not hard to piece this together either
                      -French league will not recover for decades from the legal/financial fallout if the Germans, Italians, Spanish and English press ahead. Will be destroy french football that is all
                      -Still think Emery is better suited to the club long term
                      -And all the powers be in entire world football Didn’t want mavro at a bargain?
                      -As to 10 mil for Ramsdale, Sheffield paid nearly 20 mil last year for him. He was a regular starter that they would like to keep. 10 mil is obviously absurd. 20-25 with a few performance clauses is fair enough. If they want 30+ then we move on which seems to be the case. (how ironic)
                      -Martinelli didn’t even make the bench for Brazil’s b team at the Olympics the majority of the time but you think he should start regular?
                      -To be precise after he had wanted to leave in Jan under Emery he said “The fact that I’m still there today is thanks to coach Mikel Arteta.” pretty straightforward.(about Xhaka, like it was a positive thing)
                      -Auba worked with Klopp/Tuchel? Surely he’d of known to leave the rookie learning his trade behind right? Especially at the end of his career?

                      your superior predictive and cerebral powers are clearly there for all to see in this little trip down memory lane…speaking of lanes, stay in yours little guy

    1. Exactly and it doesn’t help our players either,losing focus, concentration and discipline,it is not very Arsenal like I have to say.

  20. Lacazette could’ve ended this game, senior player letting the team down again. Rush hour ATM. If we come out of this, then I don’t know else it’ll be

  21. Complain, complain, if we when still complain. Site is awful these days only came back because of my anger at the ref and its exactly the same. Little bubble of negative fans.

    1. 4th is literally ours for taking, we’re above west ham if we win the games in hand. Spurs can go 3 clear of us if they win theirs but have inferior gd so when we play them if we win we’re above them guaranteed currently. Top 4 was the aim yet everyone is up arms, largely the people who said we’d be 10th right now. LMAO.

              1. dont need to humble when you were right and those that opposed you then talk down to you in every comment since despite being wrong

            1. on this site it was lockdowns and the season finishing and arteta wait until nov/dec when we were directly in the top 4 so…….. what? haven’t made a prediction since.

  22. good on the boys for hanging in there, thank goodness we were playing a team who has struggled for goals this season…expected far more from a team who’s had a ridiculous amount of time to prepare…let’s hope the next 9 days, before our next match, are used more wisely

    1. At this point I will point if we win our 2 games in hand we are 2 behind Chelsea and 3 clear of United two teams everyone said was miles ahead of us.

    2. You expected far more than 3 points away from home at a top 4 contender’s stadium?
      An ugly win is a win.
      It’s dogs fight.

  23. If this is how we are going to play the rest of the season (second half before red card), it is going to be horrible to watch.

    Feel sorry for ESR. Ultimate humiliation for Eddie, when you are coming on as a striker the opposition takes off their defender.

    Happy with 3 points but a night to forget.

    If we somehow qualify for champions league next season, we might get knocked out in the group stage with a double digit negative goal difference.

  24. At this point I will point if we win our 2 games in hand we are 2 behind Chelsea and 3 clear of United two teams everyone said was miles ahead of us. Funny old game.

  25. Arteta – “You ask me if I’m happy with the decisions we’ve had this season and that’s a conversation I will have with officials privately.

    ‘I want explanations about VAR and what happened tonight. They are conversations that are going to happen very soon.

    ‘Everyone says it is the most disciplined group they have seen in the last 10 to 15 years, but we are still getting red cards.”


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