Confirmed – Arsenal turned down Fabregas AND Alex Song!

Arsenal fans were understandably put out in the summer when Arsene Wenger decided against activating the buy-back clause to bring his prodigal son Cesc Fabregas back to the Emirates, but now Alex Song has also revealed that Wenger turned down the opportunity to bring Alex Song back to the fold.

Song, who was a mostly unused team-mate of Fabregas at Barcelona, said in the Mail: ‘I would have liked to come back, but they didn’t want me,’

‘That’s life. I’m not mad at them.

‘Cesc also wanted to come back to Arsenal, who did not want activate their buy-back clause. It was surprising. When I see what he is doing at Chelsea. He is even better than before!’

Song was magnificent at Arsenal before moving to the Spanish giants and has regained his old touch since coming back to the Premier League with West Ham and at 27 years of age, is probably at the peak of his powers, and if Arsenal had used him as a defensive midfielder he would ave been a welcome addition to the Gunners squad.

Okay I can understand a little bit that Wenger did not really need Fabregas after investing 42million on Mesut Ozil, but I find it very confusing that he didn´t bring Song back. The Cameroonian obviously loves living in London, and would have required no settling in period if he had came back to Arsenal.

Who else thinks Wenger should have brought Song back?

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  1. Squawka EPL team for 2014.

    _Hazard Cazorla Sterling
    ___Toure Gerrard
    Baines Terry Cahill Ivanovic

    1. I have my doubts that Özil will do as well as Cesc in the EPL… Highly doubt it! I feel that Özil can’t make a struggling team look better, but he can certainly make a good team better. Fabregas can do both. I think turning Fabregas down was more of a case of Wenger not wanting to be proven wrong after spending 42 mil! If Wenger doesn’t want to look foolish, then he really must spend wisely on defensive players, either in January, or in summer. It will be a disgrace to have a player of Alexis’ talents in a club only for Wenger to fail to improve the competitiveness of the squad next season.

      1. Cesc did not put up much of a fight to stay a gunner, neither did Song, if they did we wouldn’t be talking about bringing anyone one back now, would we? Who is talking about bringing Gerrard back to Liverpool now?

        1. cesc was clearly being tapped up a whole year before he left, if you don’t know how not only his spanish teammates (forcing that barca t shirt on him) but also players at barcelona were fuelling rumours long before he arrived then you must check out that saga. As for Song he was on I think 50k and asked for 75, if wenger really wanted to keep him he could have negotiated, especially considering he was our most valuable player behind van persie that season.

          1. @Jt, are u suggesting he had a gun to his head when signing for Barca? Poor him. You meet lady who is not being appreciated by her lover, you start dating and give her so much attention, treat her like a queen now she is glowing and looking as attractive as she has ever been, her ex comes calling, piling up the pressure, his sibling are also cranking up the heat, blackmailing her emotionally, she gives in after a while, she leaves you in the cold because you actually have no ambition (perhaps she is right about that part). A couple of years later, she is being taken for granted again, she wants to leave him again, she reminds you of your promise to always be there for her whenever she feels like coming back to you but then you have moved on, you are now married, not happily married but married to someone else, would you take her back?

    2. That’s the wenger i know…ever clueless Fabregas is no doubt the king of assists and song was so cheap and willing to come back wenger instead fooled himself he had ramsey/wheel chair for fabregas’ place and flamini for songs place. What a day dreamer

  2. u make room for fabregas; thats what u do.
    i know wenger may be thinking: i cant have yet another cam!
    but fabregas has been playing better than ozil (and he’s fit); and of course better than cazorla and wilshere. i wouldve taken fabregas and sold wilshere. but i think wenger’s too sentimental to do things like that.

  3. I got a lot of hate for saying we should’ve got Fabregas. But the “we have Ozil….Fab is a traitor” lot quashed that. Not getting Fab in any capacity, and to let him strengthen an apparent rival, was sheer stupidity.

    Alex Song I’m less bothered with. On one hand I would take him in a heartbeat over Flamini and Arteta in the holding role…..but for me there were/are better players in that position we could’ve got. So yes to Song as being better than nothing, but we should’ve got someone like Schneiderlin in the summer when the time was there to invest.

    I wonder how different things would be had we solved Cazorla to Athletico, brought fab back, and made Schneiderlin the first to leave Southampton. Live and learn supposedly.

    1. I agree with you until the part about selling Carzola to Athletico. Personally I dare to think where Arsenal would be in the table, if it weren’t for Cazola. Him and Sanchez had without any doubt been our best players this season. Personally I think Carzola is at his best now.

      1. Just thinking retrospectively.

        Had we signed Fabregas, Cazorla would’ve for sure been sold to offset things. And while Cazorla has upped his game from last year, Fabregas would’ve had a bigger impact without question. I would trade them in a heartbeat, and I’m amazed when Atletico showed an interest that we didn’t do just that.

        Fab is younger and better. Cataclysmic error that is being rubbed in our faces with every goal/assist he gets in blue. Can’t wait to see him lift the premier league trophy with Chelsea…..I’ll be throwing up in front of my TV. Smh

  4. “Usually I don’t do it – I am not a big fan because I feel once the players have gone they have gone.

    Express, 2009

  5. I know ppl will say song aint good enough.but for me he used to play pretty admin mentioned,at his age his best years are ahead of him.not only that he cud giv assists as far as i can remember,he wasnt injury prone either….
    Some of the things wenger does,only he can explain.cant say song left in a disrespectful manner like nasri,rvp,or cesc;then why wouldnt wenger sign him ??

    1. I like Song – But when he was i Arsenal he was more of an CM than CDM, as I remember many fellow gooners, were complaining that Song did leave his CDM place and forgot to stay behind when Arsenal were attacking, leaving the defence wournable.

  6. When Song was here you were all saying he wasn’t a proper DM and left the back 4 exposed far to often costing us games!!!!! Have an opinion and have the seeds to stand by it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. spot on sir. dont know why anyone is getting mad about passing on Song. better to wait for a better player and is a proper CDM.

      1. I think most concur, but we didn’t get anyone so Song on loan would’ve been far better than diddly.

        1. Then people would complain about the wage structure all over again….and talk about rather having no wood then dead wood.

  7. Oh well! So much for that, makes no sense crying over split milk now! Lets move on forward, and get morgan schneirderlin or jeffrey kondogbia! Coyg!

  8. There really is no point harping about Fabregas and song. I think we knew from the moment they stepped out of the club, they were never going to come back. Let’s just move forward and put them behind us.

  9. considering Rosicky, Ozil, Sanchez, Ramsay, Wilshere and Carzola are always injured….

    we should have sign Fabregas to provide more competition and rotate…..

  10. Wenger is an idiot

    1. Not taking back the PL leader in assists, who also scores
    2. Not taking back a decent DM
    3. Not getting a top striker
    4. Loaning off Jenkison and not replacing Vermaelen

    Minimum: if we had Not bought Welbeck and instead got Cavani, Song and Fabregas we would be at the top

    There was always room for Fabregas with so many injuries every year and playing in 4 competitions

    Mourinho just made 2 major additions: Costa and Fabregas. He knows what’s needed to win trophies

    Forget Fabregas and Song
    If we had bought any of these 3 players we would be at the top
    1. Hummels or Schar or Reid or Van Dijk
    2. Benzema or Cavani or Higuain or Huntelaar
    3. Kondogbia or Carvalho or Bender or Schneiderlin

    I supported Wenger until this October because I believed that he was a great manager but was being hurt by lack of funds. Tactically and signings he is clueless

    I feel like a real mugg for supporting him for so long

  11. I’m still not convinced that we should have brought Cesc back. Yes we had the choice, but it would have cost us £30m to bring him back. What would that have meant in the summer? No Alexis? After all, Alexis was the only player we bought that wasn’t just a replacement for someone else leaving.

    As for this ‘Cesc is better than Özil’ rant that keeps coming up, maybe he is, but in La Liga Özil was perfectly capable of going toe-to-toe with the likes of Fabregas, Iniesta, Xavi etc, so who’s to say that Özil wasn’t going to step up this season an recover that form? If Ozil was to perform it meant we would have had no need for Fabregas, so it would’ve made little financial sense to throw out £30m on that chance.

    Let’s no forget a player like Özil needs runners around him and at Arsenal he’s rarely had them – how many times has he played with Alexis or Walcott? People that will run on to through balls. Not often at all, not in his number 10 role at least. Meanwhile Fabregas has had the likes of Costa and Hazard to pass to. In short – yes, Cesc is a fantastic player, but let’s not give up on Özil, he has the ability to be just as good and I see no reason he can’t be.

    And finally, the familiar line put out in the anti Cesc camp: the manner in which he left. Cesc refused to play and forced through his move to Barcelona. He actually paid to leave us. Yes, it was his boyhood club, but how’s that as a way to treat the club that made him into the player he was? Now that his move didn’t work out as he planned, letting him just walk back into our club doesn’t send out the best of messages to our other players.

    Cesc is a great player but let’s not kid ourselves, we didn’t need him and we still don’t. Are we struggling to create chances and score goals? No. Cazorla is doing a fine job of it, as are others. What we’re struggling to do is defend. Would Cesc have helped with that? Not to mention the £30m spent on Cesc would mean we would have even less money to bring in new defenders. The whole ‘we should’ve got Cesc back’ argument is just a lot of fans getting frustrated with our season whilst he prospers at Chelsea.

    1. I dont think we’re struggling to create chances but we don’t have a wc forward who will convert those half chances or the unorthodox goals that require immense technique, like we had in van persie. But cesc is on a different plane, he sees the game unlike most other players I’ve watched, his passing accuracy as well as vision is magnificent and tbh if he had come back and showed the desire he had before he left I’m sure most fans would have preferred that to some of the more disinterested performances ozil gives. I think there is a reason jose decided not to bring ozil with him to the prem but a year later signs a player like fabregas for less

  12. i have not forgotten cesc making us beg for a year to keep him, good bye cesc, sorry you didnt work out at your boyhood club… for some reason, RvP and Nasri are hated for doing the same as Cesc did, me, dislike em all,

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