CONFIRMED – “Arsenal want to buy me this summer!”

It has been said for many years that Arsenal need to buy a “beast” of a DM, and even though Francis Coquelin has since emerged from the wilderness, the Gunners still need an effective backup now that Arteta and Flamini are getting on in years.

Most Arsenal rumours have been pointing to Arsene Wenger wanting to bring in Southampton’s Morgan Schneiderlin but it seems that Arsenal are more interested in his Saints team-mate Victor Wanyama, according to quotes from the Kenyan himself.

The £20million-rated midfielder said: “Wenger has been talking about me. And he has let it be known he would like to sign me this summer.

“Arsenal are a great club and I’d love to play Champions League football as I loved being on that stage with Celtic.

“But we’ve had a fantastic season at Saints and I want to stay focused on helping the club qualify for Europe.

“Then we’ll see where I end up in the summer.”

There were many previous rumours that Arsenal wanted Wanyama before he moved from Celtic to the South Coast, but he has now proven that he is well suited to the Premiership game and has helped Southampton to some dizzy heights in the last couple of campaigns.

He is a very similar player to Coquelin, so should Arsenal bring Wanyana in as a backup, or real competition?

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  1. Holy sh*t if this is true i did not see this coming. Honestly I was expecting schneiderlin or kondogbia before victor but I would love him at our club.

    He is such a different DM to coquelin and they would not only push each other to get better but they could compliment each other when we play away and wanna use 2 DM’s.

    Victor has a lot of polishing to do but he has a lot of potential and is only 23 plus wenger knows best.

      1. @ abk

        Well well well look who it is, I’m surprised to see you back on this site. Did you miss us or something?

  2. I remember when we were linked to wanyama before the 2013/14 season where his dad said ‘Van Persie went to Arsenal then moved on later to Manchester United. Victor can do the same if he goes to Arsenal. And I believe that is what he wants. He wants to go to Arsenal.’ f**k you wanyama we’re not a stepping stone.

    1. Quotes in a tabloid, from his dad, and you want to lambast Wanyama for them? The logic is strong in this one….

  3. He will be a very good addition . He can be a back up to Coqulan and also can complement in tough away games. Schliderine and Kongbodia if we buy, it will be not so good for Coq as he is currently better than those and those two will warrant a starting role if they are to sign
    So we need some one like Wayanmen who can bully others and will have no issues playing second fiddle to Coq.
    We are liknke with Isco, I know he is world class player, but I dont know whome will he replace

  4. He really said that?

    Suprising how these family members/friends/agents quote can damage a players reputation! Im just wondering how it was published in the first place :S

  5. I don’t remember any “Wenger wants me” stories ever coming to fruition, and I have the same reservation in the legitimacy of this one.

    But if I were to bite for a moment – he could be a very good acquisition, physically dominant but has underrated passing ability. Been a fan since his days at Celtic. I call bs on the story though and still expect someone more along the lines of a Schneiderlin/Illaramendi.

    Most encouraging aspect, if true, is the targeting of another DM/Holding player. Wenger may finally be addressing the core needs of the team which is only good news as I trust his judgement in quality from whomever he recruits.

    1. I really hope wenger doesn’t bring in illaramendi he just doesn’t seem that great to me and the money RM would want for him would be probably the same to by kondogbia schneiderlin or wanyama.

      Ever since illaramendi went to Madrid it seems like the move has ruined and they just brought in Lucas silva so that should tell you that they don’t rate him still

      1. Get what you’re saying, but if Wenger fancies him i’d trust that. It wouldn’t be the first time RM have taken brilliant player in there young and stifled the crap outta him. Would be more optimistic with a Kondogbia/Schneiderlin though I’m with you there..

  6. Not shock at all. Arsene is looking for CDM that has Coquelin characteristic on his style of play. He could be think that Wanyama has more similar to Coq than Schneiderlin is. At the same time, AW might working to land Ilkay Gundogan from Dortmund. Those two these transfers is a brilliant reinforcement to our axes of play which role by Santi-Coquelin axes. AW wants to preserve our current attacking style. Ilkay is Dortmund’s Cazorla, and I don’t see anyone similar than Santi apart of Jack Wilshere. We can’t rely on Jack fitness through seasons can’t we?
    Clear to me, Wanyama similar to Coquelin, and Ilkay similar to Santi. Exciting to see where this story will end up. One things for sure in my opinion, Ilkay Gundogan is a must buy this summer.

    1. I’m willing to bet any figure you like we do NOT recruit both a DM and a B2B. I’d also be interested to know why you think Gundogan is a “must buy”?

      1. Gundogan is playing the same role as Santi at Dortmund along side Sven Bender or Kramer. As long as I can remember, this is new role for Santi at Arsenal but it is routine work for Ilkay. Quick look provide on youtube. We need two of Santi-Coquelin axes to sail seasons, through possible injuries. That’s my point!

        1. We have Jack Wilshere to do Santi’s role when he’s not fit. But really, with his injuries record, we can’t rely on him for a consistent basis.

        2. Where does Rambo fit into this team of yours?

          DM: Coq, New Dm
          B2B: Santi, Rambo
          AM: Ozil, Jack

          There’s no room for Gundogan unless he’s getting converted into a deep-lying playmaker a’la Arteta…..and a big no thanks there, we’ve seen how necessary a defensive specialist is at the deepest part of midfield.

      2. Do some of you guys even think about your squad before you buy certain players? this is real life and not some football manager. Why would arsenal buy Gundogan? We have jack and rambo probably fighting for 1 position and the best idea you got is to add Gundagon to that?
        Some of our players like Rambo and Jack are really unappreciated by many fans on here . Most of you will be shock at the clubs lining up for jack and rambo if there was ever to leave our beloved Arsenal.

        1. Jack can go he will not be miss,just like now we don’t need him,sell him to Man City for 30.M and get Isco,Wiltshire 95 games 4 goals and 5 assist and 130.000 week and injury prone,!Isco 94 games 38 goals 56 assist and not smoker just 60.000 week do the maths and look the stats.

          1. Not too long ago it was said other way round, except saying Ramsey can go to hell and Jack is future Arsenal and England captain and as good as Xavi potentially or good enough to replace anyways.

    1. I don’t usually agree with hafiz. Wanyama is worldclass at what he does. I don’t get why people talk about passing the ball forward. Our team does not need a DM that is a technician. The squad is loaded with loads of technicians like Ozil Cazorla Jack Rosisky. What we need is a pitbull or Police officer whose only job is to stop the Arm robberes and Rapist from stealing our goods.

      Wanyama is terrific at that. The way he takes the ball from guys like Ozil and cazorla is great testament to his game. And then he gives it immediately and retrieve into his position. Physically this guys is a monster. Imagine Him and Coq infront of our back four in and Away Game?

      I prefer Wanyama to Morgan because wanyama is more defensive. We don’t want another Song of a DM who starts thinking he is Ronadhinho.

      1. This idea a DM doesn’t need ball-playing skills is complete and utter nonsense, a starting DM for Arsenal needs to be excellent out of possession when we have the ball, and great with the ball at his feet. Period. I’ve seen this comment a lot and it’s just ignorant.

        No the DM doesn’t need skills like Ozil, but he most certainly needs to be able to play through the first lines of midfield….that’s trademark Arsenal, and the sole reason Arteta was put there. He lacked the physicality coquelin has shown we missed, but he had bags more about him on the ball than coquelin – and we subsequently had more possession, which is again our game.

        Pretty bored with the sloppy view of what a DM should be, if it was simply a tacklers role you’d see defenders shoved in there.

        1. tend to agree with Champagne Charlie abit, DM play an important role in creating defence to attack…Arteta was not the best defensively but he does possess good ball distribution skills. Having said that, it also was a lot more sideway passes, Coq is abit more direct which I think helps us move forward quicker.

          1. Exactly, I agree with you gunner and by the way, Wanyama is also good on the ball,if you watched him first half of the season when they were above us on the table, just because he is big doesn’t mean he lacks ball playing skills

          2. @Gunner. Thats exactly my point. A dm like Coquelin and Wanyama makes us more dangerous as when they win the ball they give it immediate to the better technicians. Arteta on the other hand will recycle Possession alll over the pitch before making a forward pass. I stand by what I said above. We don’t need a deep lying play make type of DM. We need a pitbull ball winning machine.
            Coq and Wanyma fits the bill. Between wanyama is good on the ball. But he should not be like Arteta before we think he is good.

          3. Judging by the results of Arsenal could be a new way of Wenger playing more direct.Coquelin certainly has changed Arsenals way of a midfielder worker. CB

        2. So accaording you mr Champaign we should bench CoQ now that Arteta is back. What a Joke. I look at the great Milan daimond with Kaka Seedorf and pirlo. They needed general Gattoso to complete the marriage. gattosso was never the best passer of the ball or the great dictator of play. But he was a nuisance .

          By the way Wanyama is a very good ball playing midfielder. My point was that he does not have to be like Modric or Ozil or Busquet. That doesnt mean he can’t pass the ball.

          We would never have had this run of wins with arteta. We would only have had more possesion in games as Arteta is and experts at recycling the ball. But defensively he is a wanted man. truth be told just like Gerraad in the Fa cup semi final Mr Arteta’s legs are gone.

          1. Yea spot on champ, “He (Arteta) lacked the physicality coquelin has shown we missed”…. CLEARLY preferring Arteta having said that about the situation ayy bud.

            Then you go on to compare Wengers Arsenal to a Milan side as if all the pieces should mirror one another. We play possession-based attacking football, so how you’re going to compare that to a classic Italian outfit is beyond me. Also, you’re selling Gattuso massively short seeing as his passing was pretty damn good within the parameters of what a good passing Dm is.

        3. But you know that the role is much, much more than “a tacklers role”. When DMs are only making 2-4 tackles on average a game that leaves about 89min and 30secs a game to find something else useful to do. Positioning, anticipation, stamina, discipline, reading the game all more important than the actual act of tackling. It seems pretty clear to me that Wenger doesn’t want FC getting involved in any fancy build-up play or intricate passing – he is there to do a very limited job. I suppose the question is; is this how Wenger ultimately wants to set up the defensive side of his midfield? The 4-1-4-1 appears to have happened through circumstance rather than design. I agree with you that the 2 in a 4-2-3-1 formation need more about them than FC is showing in terms of all round ability – although he is clearly putting a lid on showing any ability he has in reserve. I can think of many “water carriers” whose passing wasn’t the best but play/played valuable roles; Makelele, Gattuso, De Rossi, de Jong, Deschamps, Mascherano, Van Bommel. If we persist with 4-1-4-1 then I disagree with your analysis. If we are looking to return to a 4-2-3-1 then I agree with you.

          1. You just labelled the following as “water-carriers who’s passing wasn’t the best”…
            Makelele – Gattuso – De Rossi – De Jong – Deschamps -Mascherano – Van Bommel

            I think all future conversations with yourself are off the table with insight like that. I’m doneeeee LMAO ohhhh noooo.

            1. Cantona’s ironic reference clearly beyond you. Check it out before getting all offended and hissy. So you’re saying they were the best passers around? I’ll join you for that LMFAO. So tell me who in that group had passing as their chief attribute in the class of say an Alonso or Pirlo? Come on man give me some help here. By way of a single example, Deschamps was a decent passer but with Conte, Jugovic and Zindane amongst others at Juve he was not providing defence-shredding passes or 40M raking cross field balls all day long. Say any of those players names to anyone with a single footballing brain cell and “mate, he could pass” ain’t gonna be the first thing you hear. But you’re “doneeee” so let this be the last thing said.

        1. watch Southampton, wanyama is the one venturing forward. i never once said wanyama is not a dm the point I was making was that you think schneiderlin is a cm when in fact he’s the shield for the back 4 while wanyama goes forward when needed

  7. He is great player a good Athlete and a very good Anchorman he is an upgrade of Song he can get the Job done,and like has been said earlier he can also work well with Coquelin to form a very robust midfield against Stubborn teams

  8. He’s a good DM but not really a step up from Coq particularly. In our team he doesn’t add enough to warrant the outlay I’d say. Either go for a strong DM with added quality or don’t go fishing in that pool. Schneiderlin or Kondogbia. Plus – I would imagine this is him trying to build some media attention if he even said it – I very much doubt Wenger would be happy with a player going public!

  9. Honestly, I can’t remember Wenger talking about Schneiderlin but its encouraging that Schneiderlin has opened the door or made his feelings about Arsenal public. At least it’s a stronger possibility

    I will welcome Schneiderlin with open arms if he decided to come. He is top quality. Schneiderlin and Coquelin would cover us for the year in DM. It would be nice if Chambers became a DM and CD understudy/sub. And Jenkison 3rd RB.

  10. I think we should be going for kondogbia instead. Anyone who watched him against us and against juventus will notice that he was very impressive and will push coquelin to the limit. This will only be good for our team.

  11. Wanyama said today that this rumour was a load of bs and that he has never even spoken to wenger. Wouldn’t believe anything from the dailymail anyways…

  12. Sounds like agent boll*cks to increase his wages/contract/transfer fee. We live in a cynical world..

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