Confirmed Arsenal XI and preview of Atletico Madrid away

With an extremely tough task awaiting Arsenal in the Spanish capital this evening, Arsenal fans will be hoping that things go our way tonight instead of the disappointing turn of events that saw Atletico Madrid leave the Emirates stadium last week with an undeserved 1-11 draw.

The players really need to pull a great performance out of the bag tonight, with the defence needing to stay focused and strong and the attackers needing to make the most of their chances rather than squandering them as we did last week.

On what could be his last European games as Arsenal manager, we need Arsene Wenger to get his team selection right and to get the 11 players chosen to approach the game in the right way. So a lot needs to go our way but I do believe we have a great chance against an Atletico that is not the formidable force of recent years.

The fact that Arsenal know that we have to score helps I think, while the home team may be caught in two minds. We are better going forwards anyway so the job ahead suits this Gunners side. That also makes Wenger’s team choice a bit easier.

Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal
Xhaka, Ramsey; Wilshere
Ozil, Welbeck; Lacazette

subs: Cech, Chambers, Kolasinac, Maitland-Niles, Iwobi, Mkhitaryan, Nketiah.

So the boss has opted to stick with Danny Welbeck and keep Mkhitaryan in reserve, which may prove to be a vital sub later on. The defenders that made the mistakes that put us in the position have been given the chance to redeem themselves and the whole team will be expected to create chances and dominate as we did last week.

There is also the threat of Costa to consider and that is not likely to be easy for Arsenal, so can we do it? Of course we can. COYG!!!



  1. so AMN plays amazing against Man u, Movo is outstanding and Miki scores the only goal and all 3 on the bench ?

    lets hope wenger has this right, TBH Mustafi and Xhaka have been due a class game for two seasons

  2. Frankly speaking we are nog going to loose this tie because our team is weaker than A.Madrid… Our team may be better or at par with there’s o paper…. We are just going to be knocked out Because only one difference between these 2 teams…
    We all all know what is that different….

  3. I am dissapointed mkhitarian is not starting.
    He scored on sunday meaning he is match fit for this match.
    I know welbeck is good but he does not give us the penetration for this matchx

  4. they’ll have a field day with mustafi and that other clown next to him who’s name i can’t spell…

  5. One defensive error would be fine, as long as our midfielders can create good chances for the attackers

    I think Liverpool’s backline made more errors than Arsenal’s defense, but their midfielders can create solid chances for their attackers

    The problem is our creative midfielders are usually dull in tough away matches like this. If they are out of ideas like in the first leg, Arsenal better kick these expensive midfielders next season

  6. Ultimately Wenger is too economical with taking any forms of risks…I wonder how he wakes up in the morning…Does he start refusing to step out for fear of risks? He should have played the form players…anyway, he will be gone after a few matches and let’s hope Arsenal board do not succeed in replacing Arsene with another Arsene!

  7. Atletico’s team is really strong… if we win this I will be buzzing!!!
    I was hoping to never see Costa again ?

  8. We need to believe that we can get a result at even if it will be difficult. Gutted mkhi got that knock in the man u match he will be important to reduce to creative load off ozil. Com on gunners we need to get to the champions league next season or it will be difficult to get good players.

  9. I think arsenal are always surprising there fans in an unexpected match. I they will surely do it again.

  10. Damn koscielny it looks bad if it is a ruptured achilles thats 8 months out. His last world cup gone and next season out for us.

  11. They allow us to play our game in the first leg but there are going to totally dominate lack of quality what happened to the second highest paid player in the Premier League ozil

  12. When will people wake up to the fact that we need 2 new full backs plus a Centre half?

    1. and a goalkeeper and a DM and a proper playmaker and a decent medical team and a chief exec and a new owner

  13. Ozil disgusts me with his lack of work rate. I hope the new manager shows the guys his place.

    1. He creates … opportunities and space for others … with welbeck Ramsey and xhaka around him even Messi would look lazy and average

          1. no mate you are. if you get the big pay cheque you need to deliver more consistently thst the way it goes for any job. If you think ramsey and welbeck are the problem when its obvios they are the ones doing the work then you should watch snooker. its on another channel

      1. With almost 0 contribution to defensive duties his output is hardly what I expect of a 350k a week player. Hope he is sold in the summer.

  14. so comfortable for Madrid. Possible chances if Laca and Monreal had better touches. Need to be way better. It’s all in front of them and WAY too slow.

  15. poor passing does not work in this system, can not maintain possession, game set, match, series…

    1. that goal didnt change the fact Arsenal needed a goal. Now it just forces ET. Still, it was always hopeless because Arsenal play right into Atletico’s hand. Couldn’t have written the script any better. Posession, posession, 1 counter at end of half and goal.

  16. Utterly utterly shambolic … bellerin is the second mist overrated player I have seen at arsenal .. after xhaka … wenger at this moment going out on the kind of bum note that sums up the last decade of his reign

    1. Hahaha Wilshere and him are called as talented playmakers but they cannot control the tempo at all

    1. think there was someone coming down the middle too. Bellerin shouldve been tracking Costa and he makes a run right while he’s taking a nap.

    1. He went through Koscielny as if The Boss was nothing and tossed Monreal like a piece of paper

      Strong, tall and fast, typical Mourinho’s player

  17. Bellerin need to learn how to cross the damn ball and please sub Ospina no disrespect to him,but he is so usless in this match every cross is dangerous for is. And cech is better one on one

    1. Ospina makes every simple thing look like maximum effort. And what’s with him acting like hes dead every time opposition lays a finger on him? Cech not much better but does the simple things cleaner.

  18. Ospina is an average gk even cech on his worse form wouldn’t have gone to ground like a scared kid giving Costa an easy goal.

  19. Bellerin is so mediocre, I wonder what pple see in him. Cant even use his main strength, funny that a footballer’s main strength is speed!
    Sale him

  20. thats the difference…Atl Madrid, when they defend, tehy defend!, when they attack, they attack, with porpuse, with determination, they know what they are doing..arsenal, in the other hand, dont know what to do with the ball…lots of possetion but pasives, they dont hurt nobody…i would love to have an liverpool aproach…this arsenal cant score, aside middle table teams.
    Where is ozil?
    Why is welbeck with the ball trying to make the pass?? he should be finishing the move…or trying….

    1. Ozil and Wilshere were supposed to control the tempo and break Atletico’s defense as playmakers

      But they are clueless again tonight

      These so-called world class playmakers could not break a ten men’s defense at the Emirates, let alone in a tough away match like this

    2. Arsenal are just happy to have the ball. This is so comfortable for Atleti. All infront of them, slow, predictable passes. They couldn’t have asked for an easier game. They do this in their sleep. Ozil is not world class, nor is Wilshere. Have no idea why they have a good reputation. Ramsey back to being average as well. At least he makes runs but his forward passes today have been poor.

  21. We should just forget about this game cos we can’t win it or draw it the way I’m seeing it. We can’t even break their defense OMG Arsenal.

    1. We’ve been close and one goal and we are on level terms.
      The negativity on here is pathetic.

  22. I felt 2-0 Madrid, so halfway there. Pathetic, typical first half display from Arsenal.

    1. we tried to spare our fellow fans the heartache. It was over in first leg. Was never being negative, just realistic. 45 minutes left for me to look like an idiot, and I hope I do.

  23. Im just happy Wenger is leaving, but hopefully some of the cowards on the pitch will follow him!

    1. Hopefully the new manager is watching this, so he can kick them out ASAP

      Jardim, Emery, Tuchel, Buvac, Ancelotti and Enrique have made themselves available

  24. It never looked like the players are going all out for the club. All are contended, nobody wants to take risk. We call ourselves a passing side and we can’t handle a little press from opposition. We will play a 100 passes, the ball will go to bellerin or nacho they will hit a horrible close and the possession ends. Why the f can’t we give the pass to an open person. I don’t mind if we lose, it’s a game somebody will lose, but the way we lose is pathetic. I want them to put up a fight, give this match their sweat and blood, if they still lose i will wear the jersey tomorrow morning with a smile. But this performance making me miserable. Comon guys you are better than this. COYG

    1. They all are just a reflection of their manager, afraid to take risks

      Even our so-called creative midfielders do not dare to hold the ball more than two touches and rarely created through balls at the Emirates, let alone at Wanda Metropolitano

    2. With the exception of Lacazette all players are not good enough to play for Arsenal and i dont care anymore even if we loose by ten goals as long as wenger is leaving thats make my day there is no way we are going to win europa cup with this group of players – just look at Liverpool forward line and compare with arsenal you get the answer

  25. and this is why mr wenger must leave, this squad looks like a 6th place team, would danny welbeck start for athletico? no, then how does he help beat them, how about xhaka? these are mid table players at best, and the results show it…

    1. One goal conceded and ranting has started. When will you believe in your team….only when winning? Believe…it’s only 0-1 and 40mins to play. Commoin – get behind your team. We can still do it!

      1. because a 6th place team w 6th place players are playing like a 6th place team on thursday night,

    2. For wenger analysis this current arsenal group is better than barcelona we just been only 3 players to win everything – the man is out of his mind same shit has been said our ten years

    1. We have miki .., the ffing fossil stubborn and stupid to the end .., let’s just celebrate him leaving and start again …

  26. Someone nailed it on here the best sides transition effortlessly from Defence to attack and vice versa.
    We can do one if camped or the other bit forget ourselves when trying to manage both.
    Whoever the coach is I’d like to see a German defensive coach with our coaching team the German National side slot in and cover for each other and make it look so easy.
    This could actually be a Cazorla situation for Kos at his age, good luck Kos!

      1. I hope that will be the end of his career he is useless! and our home game on sunday vs burnley we should announce our new manager nothing to loose

  27. One goal conceded and ranting has started. When will you believe in your team….only when winning? Believe…it’s only 0-1 and 40mins to play. Commoin – get behind your team. We can still do it!

    1. That’s a trivial observation. Of course we can still do it. But it’s apparent that this team has not learnt from its past undoings and is repeating the same mistakes in this game.

    2. Last week we were playing against 10 men for 80 minutes, we all believed it’s our game to win only to draw.. we are today away, they are 11 and one nil down, what do u expect?

    3. Wilshere that makes sense .. one of players actually doing something with the ball … Ramsey utterly absent but let’s keep him on

  28. This team has no vision, no intent, no goals no nothing. they are yet to register a call on target

  29. I can’t believe he hasn’t brought on an attacking option I just can’t … F off wenger no sad feelings on my side just relief

  30. this is the 2nd place team in la liga, ahead of real… they will be in UCL next year anyways

  31. Chambers is playing well up this point, good blocks rarely eliminated one-one. Have to give credit when its due.

  32. Watching the goal again bellerin fell asleep mustafi unaware and sacked across and Ospina weak goalkeeping. Stand up or slide out at pace and go through both players.
    I used to be a keeper and Ospina goes down predictably and says there you go Diego put it over me.

    Saying all that smart smart play from Costa loitering quietly on the touchline.

  33. The only trouble is the new manager has the dross Wenger left him – what a legacy to leave…

    1. No, just get a manager who is suited to modern game – Saidio mane/mahrez they were both available but still mr failure in chief decided to keep walcott

  34. Bellerin is a childish fool. Pace is all he has.
    Pi**ed me off before the game even started being more interested in saying hello to gabi as they lined up to come out. Gabi rightly was focused and was like ‘yes hi, under his breath fook off!’.

  35. This tells us what we know though we’re currently a Europe League side who unfortunately came up against a cl side that dropped down.

  36. Ramsey has thoroughly embarrassed himself in this game with all his non chalant flicks; all of them failing miserably.

  37. This arsenal squad will let u down when u desperately need them to deliver bt it’s ok as long as Wenger is leaving, I only hope the next manager will discover the weak links quickly and solve arsenal’s problems. It’s jist a shame right nw cos we’re nt doing anything 2 win or draw this game. Sad days ahead…..

    1. GREAT days ahead. This is the last of this drivel! Then we can start rebuilding to actually be competitive and not a joke.

  38. Regardles of the todays outcome for me this year is a success as i know that i want see arsene again in charge and surely some players will find yhe exit door as well

    1. spot on. Well done to the fans. Objective accomplished. Wenger is finally out and Arsenal can become a real club again. Final days of this complete drivel. Couldn’t be happier!

  39. Arsenal is shit under Wenger right now and every Arsenal fan should know that so don’t expect any magic in this match cos it won’t happen

  40. Well that’s Wenger after all these years true to form. Can never win a big game. I’m so glad he’s going. Too many years of heart ache. Thanks for the Invincible’s

  41. Look at monreal just look at him are you f stupid for hitting the ball like that

  42. Let’s start the party for the end of the wenger era … I for one am really looking forward to the next season which is something I haven’t said for years … good riddance you won’t be missed

  43. How come ozil didn’t play was he injured?!
    Sorry to single him out but he is the one who has clear quality at his disposal but he decides when and if he wants to turn it on.

    Shame but would we want cl in a rebuild year?
    Let’s get the new manager in make some signings and go again.
    # excited gooner for 2018/19

  44. Arsenal needs Athletico madrid back 4 type and Liverpool offensive type and new goal keepers and DM and new manager we will be above anybody for wenger i am glad we didnt win he doesnt deserve to go in high and thats the price he deserves to pay

  45. Arsenal FAIL.
    That is all Arsenal do is FAIL
    It doesn’t matter anymore.
    Our future is laid out thanks to the American terminal diagnosis that is keoenke and the senile blunderer – Arsenals future is laid out and it’s depressing…

  46. If Enrique or allegri is announced I’m excited it must mean ambition and money available?
    If Arteta or klopps no2 come then ot will be same old same old…….tight budget and gazidis and kroenke ruling the Club.

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