Confirmed Arsenal XI to take on Brighton this afternoon

The teams are out for today’s Premier League clash at the Emirates Stadium, where the below Arsenal XI will take on Brighton.

The Gunners will be desperate to get back to winning ways and keep our foot on the pedal as we look to close in on a return to the Champions League, and the manager has reacted to his latest injury crisis to drop Granit Xhaka in at left-back, with Martin Odegaard and Emile Smith Rowe likely to drop a little deeper than they would like to make up for the absence of the Swiss and Thomas Partey from the middle of the park.

This could be deemed an interesting decision, with and one which will definitely come under scrutiny if it backfires, but Xhaka has operated in the role previously, although it could be a weakened midfield for today’s clash.


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  1. Well that’s our 2 games in hand washed down the drain now spurs can win today and were the ones playing catch up.
    Arteta needed to see today that the side needs freshening up, some of the kids and laca need dropping out from the start and pepe and nketiah should have been brought in, why can’t arteta see it when we all can!

    Oh well at least we’ve got an easy run in with Chelsea spurs and MU to play!!

    When auba went we needed to get a striker any half decent striker on loan for 6 months.

  2. I was once told the good thing about having an opinion is that you can always change…

    Well mine hasn’t so please Artedu, please duck off and let someone else sort this shambles out.

      1. I don’t think it matters too much mate we can barely score a goal and we’ll be lucky to win 2 of our remaining games.

        1. Fella… I’ll take any sort of lifeline at the moment just to make the rest of the season bearable.

  3. Why Arteta failed to use the full width of the pitch until so late in the game is a surprise to me. Introducing Pepe into the game and moving Saka to the left meant we played wider.

    If we end the season outside top 4, then he should not be given a new contract but allowed to see off his contract.

    He has shown he is tactically naive and lacks the technical nouse and in-game management ability when injuries affect his first-team players. This is the game of football and injuries will always happen. How you react with your tactics is what makes a good manager. He overplays the players and expect the fringe players to perform when an injury happens to first-team players.

    I expect at least one of our academy players to get some minutes going forward. Under Emery, they got their chance. I believe an academy player is waiting to explode onto the scene if given the chance, like Bellerin.

    Regarding transfers, the rebuild must continue regardless of if Arteta is staying or not. A tall, physically imposing striker with scoring instinct is a must. A winger that that can play across the front 3 and as a shadow striker like Gapko is a must.

    1. AW like to substitute players at around 70 minutes to let players who are not first team some real training. When the reserve players have no enough playing time, they cannot perform when they are call upon.

      OT: Emery’s team won against Bayern Munich.

      Anyway, we still manage better than Man U. Man U has changed so many managers.

      The problem with this club is the owner. I don’t blame MA as he is our manager because the owner like to save money and employed him.

      Arsenal will always be at current status if the owner is still around. We can only change if the owner willing to select the best manager.

      1. You don’t blame MA? You blame the owner? Wow…who setup Xhaka at left back? Even he looked like WTF….I’m going to fail and hope the crowd doesn’t flail me….

          1. I can’t argue the ownership…I mean, they did win a Super Bowl last season., so they must know what they are doing…But I’m still saying that Kroenke Jr. didn’t set Xhaka at left back. Are you saying, in all honestly, that you thought the team set-up was one to win this one?

  4. I’m glad that I didn’t watch the game. I knew that we would either draw or lose to day. Just depressing! It’s typical of Arsenal to fail when it really matters!

  5. Arteta don’t seem to be making any real progress with this team,i think i have seen enough to finally make up my mind…Arteta out,Viera in

  6. I feel the board should initiate some contact with Patrick Viera and the discuss possible transfer profile he wants. I believe he is a better fit for the job at Arsenal. I had some reservation initially before his stint in EPL and given how he was sacked at Nice, but watching his team shows he knows how to get the best out of the players at his disposal coupled with the balance between physicality and technicality his team are showing at the moment.

    This is an Invicible captain, world cup winner, and multiple league winner. What I simply want is a manager with a winner mentality who can get tje best out of the players at his disposal.

    Arteta is better as a U23 coach not a manager. His man-management skill leaves a lot to be desired. I’m afraid he can’t handle players with big personality, the way Viera or Zidane will do. These are legends any player will listen to and respect the moment they step into the dressing room.

    Appointing Viera will definitely go a long way in getting the best out of the French players at Arsenal – Guendouzi, Saliba and even Pepe.

  7. How many headers have w scored from crosses, short players, no target man, no mix in the team.

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