CONFIRMED at last! Aubameyang is an Arsenal player!

Yay there will be celebrations on the streets of North London this evening as Arsenal have made an official announcement that Aubameyang has finally signed after weeks of uncertainty. The statement on said:

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang signs for the club

The 28-year-old has joined us from Borussia Dortmund on a long-term contract for a club-record fee.

Our second signing of the January transfer window, Auba is one of the world’s most highly-rated strikers. He scored 98 goals in 144 Bundesliga games for Dortmund and had a hand in 172 goals in 213 matches in all competitions for his former club.

That works out at an average of 96 minutes per goal or assist.

Auba is the Gabon captain and all-time top goalscorer, and became the first Gabonese winner of the African Footballer of the Year award in 2015.

This deal is subject to the completion of regulatory processes and Auba’s squad number will be confirmed shortly.

Meanwhile Dortmund have also made it official to their fans, while admitting that it had been difficult to deal with hm recently. Their statement said:

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has left Borussia Dortmund to join English Premier League side Arsenal.

The 28-year-old has lit up the Bundesliga in the four-and-a-half years since joining from Saint-Etienne, and departs still sitting second in this season’s scoring charts, having notched 13 goals.

“Despite what happened in recent weeks we’d like to remember Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s story at BVB,” said sporting director Michael Zorc. “He was a success story for four years, scoring many important goals, and was part of the team that brought the DFB Cup to Dortmund in 2017. We wish Pierre-Emerick all the best for his future at Arsenal.”

So now it is all over at last, we can now sit and wait to see if Giroud is going to Chelsea or not. It shouldn’t be long now! Who cares about losing sulky-face Alexis!



  1. Tony says:

    i always liked this guy.very good sticker. this window is not that frustrating after all lol

    1. gotanidea says:

      @kev a.k.a @RememberResource? a.k.a @Resource is da man! He was almost right with Lemar but now we have got Aubameyang!

      What’s next? Evans, Lemar, Carrasco, Draxler, Golovin or other players?

    2. Guneal says:

      Am not believing that until Auba is in the lineup!
      Hey don’t blame me!

  2. gotanidea says:

    Welcome, Aubameyang. His face looks similar to Henry, but he is bigger and taller than Henry, hopefully he will score like a madman in Arsenal.

    Now Arsenal can use the tall target man tactic again and play long balls like when they have Giroud. Lacazette and Mkhitaryan would benefit from having a tall, strong and pacey striker in front of them. Can’t wait for the next match at the Emirates!

    1. muffdiver says:

      erm hes the same height as henry mate
      but as long as we cant defend and have xhaka in our midfield we wont get anywhere

    2. McLovin says:

      Don’t want to be “that” guy but Henry is actually little taller than Aubameyang.

      Muff gave a great shout at Max Meyer, who’s free in the summer. Would be a great addition NOW.

  3. gunner442 says:

    Super signing. I’m really excited. But please go get a right winger, DM and CD. Then replace Wenger while you’re at it.

    1. Maks says:

      Well said… or we should look forward to the next season.

  4. Billy says:

    Praise the lord we are back. Only the start of things to come

    1. Konstantin Mitov says:

      Praise the lord, when we get rid of Wenger, because only then will we start going forward.

    2. gotanidea says:

      Praise the Supreme Leader Wenger for making our wet dreams come true

    3. Tun Ad says:

      All hail Arsene

  5. Ronny says:

    Well despite still feeling flat from last and wondering how I can get my hands on xhaka to give him a good shake……I’m delighted to see we’ve got some electric pace back in the sqaud after theo leaving. This guy however knows what to do when he gets to the ball!
    Abameyang I must admit I thought was out of our league and that the likes of Real, Barca and Bayern would get him, not sure what to make of the fact we won for today I’m trying to forget last night and look forward to seeing Batman/Spiderman masks at the Emirates soon 🙂

  6. miker says:

    Auba, auba, auba, auba…….. Phew. My dream. For how many years I’ve been shouting out my lungs for him. Now we’ll see if I have been right or wrong, goals gonna flow or as some people said he’ll flop.

  7. Ackshay says:

    Superb news now sort out that midfield mess, without wilshere and unfit ramsey our midfield was bad. You cannot count on both to have an injury free season so a new midfielder ala kante or xabi alonso type is a must with all the attacking quality we will field now. City have fernandinho to balance their team we have xhaka lol.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Wilshere did not play last night. Has he become another contract rebel that forces his way out? Will he be the last surprising clearance sale in this window?

      1. Dee23 says:

        Gotanida, Wilshire was ill he would have played otherwise. Wilshire loves Arsenal and bleeds for the club.

  8. barryglik says:

    PEA an Arsenal player at last 🙂

  9. barryglik says:

    Now sign that super reliable DM
    Alex Sooong 🙂

    1. gotanidea says:

      Has Alex Song become better than Elneny and Xhaka at the CDM position?

      1. barryglik says:

        No but fans are angry about our
        defensive frailties yet again.
        If we don’t get Evans then Song
        would be a suitable temporary
        consolation pick up on a free.

        1. gotanidea says:

          Why not sign Mohammad Sissoko or Eric Djemba Djemba instead? 😀

  10. The cassette says:

    Good business..would still like to see a defender come in though, clearly our problems are not upfront but at the back and in midfield. Not celebrating this until we sign that def!!

  11. mark says:

    Can’t wait to see what he can do, especially with some combination of Mkhitaryan/Ozil/Wilshere in the attack. He might even spur Lacazette on a bit.

    Still need to sort our team defending though. It’s all being blamed on the defence (and yes there were some howlers last night) but I think the midfield is lacking some steel.

    Honestly, I’d like to see a more solid midfield which may give our defence a bit more balance.

    All that said, if we score more goals than we let in I couldn’t care less..

  12. Ackshay says:

    interesting info william carvalho has popped up on football whispers, wasnt there before and we havent heard rumour about him this winter. They are pretty reliable on transfers so there might be a search for that elusive defensive midfielder we have waited for since wenger decided to make song a deep-lying midfielder instead of the destroyer he is. just like with coquelin, the man has no clue what a defensive midfielder i bet he would have sold makelele if he played for us because he didnt bomb forward at every attack.

  13. Koss says:

    Wooow! Welkam Auba

  14. Jay Dee says:

    Really hoping the David Luiz for Giroud part swap is still on. Luiz might not be world class as a CB, but we could sure use some presence and he actually is better than what we have. If Giroud is confirmed without Luiz, it means no other signing this WINDOW. That thought breaks my heart. We have so much we need but somehow we bring in one player a window. We need a worldclass CM and DM, we need a CB, GK and a proper RM. Ozil shouldnt be expected to play there (asRM OR RW) becaoz his creativity needs him in the middle. Just hoping the Riyad Mahrez saga is Arsenal trying

    1. McLovin says:

      £18 million for Giroud + David Luiz on loan would be better than just selling Giroud.

  15. Ronny says:

    What’s strange is we’ve announced Abameyang signed but batschaui is completing but won’t go through unless Giroud goes to Chelsea.
    If we have actually legally got PEA we could retain Giroud how pissed off would Bvb be!!

  16. Jadon Spirit says:

    AOL… Aubameyang, Ozil, Lacazette.

    Wilshere, Ozil, Mikhy7, Aubameyng, Lacazette. Our goal ratio should improve tremendously.

    Now Bould and Wenger better solve the Midfield and Defense problems, it has become a real shame how even bottom clubs find it easy to get past our midfield and defense.

    1. gotanidea says:

      LMAO : Lacazette, Mkhitaryan, Aubameyang, Ozil.

      Now Arsenal’s opponents would think thrice before gung-ho attacking us again.

  17. Maks says:

    YES! Looking forward to the next season.

  18. cboy says:

    I used to be excited about PEA coming on board, but having seen yesterday’s performance, aubameyang wouldn’t make much of a difference in the team. This squad has a lot to offer but with the right management. If the board don’t change Wenger this summer,they should just stop signing players and promote their academy players to the 1st XI. Revamping the squad, pushing out the deadwoods and bringing in really good players won’t make a freaking difference so long as the Senile moron remains as Arsenal’s manager. Most of our players are good, and can even be world class(in my opinion) but it’s apparent wenger’s tactically inept/less motivational methods are making them look mediocre. It’s like there’s no pressure from wenger on them to give their all. They just go to the field dance around and get a pat on the back regardless of the outcome. Lacazette had an impressive goal scoring record with Lyon, Xhaka was a beast/assist man at monchegladbach, kolasinac was bundesliga’s best LB last season, mustafi was a decent defender for valencia and Germany,  So why are all of them underperforming at arsenal? It’s simple, WENGER’s method. Look at man utd’s team atm. 2seasons ago with van gaal, save for de gea and Valencia, none of their players would make the gunner’s 1st XI. Today those fringe players are totally different now and on fire under Mourinho. Take xhaka, mustafi, kolasinac,ozil,lacazette to utd or city and see what their current managers would do with them.They’ll be full of energy and life..They’re dead under wenger.  Spurs are another example, 50% of their current squad played under villas-boas and tim sherwood, and they were stale till pochettino made them unique(dembele,eriksen,rose,walker,lloris,Mason,kane).
    I’m fed up for real with wenger. He should just leave. No one should blame Aubameyang in the future if he fails to deliver under wenger.

  19. David Rusa says:

    Much as we condemn our comical defending more blame should be apportioned on our strike force which hardly puts the opposition under pressure. It is ineffective forward line that emboldens our opponents to attack us persistently. If they were scared of our forward line they would not venture so much against us and hence our defence would not come under sustained attack. Hopefully with the combination of Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan, Ozil, Lacazette and Welbeck we shall start to break up stubborn teams. There is another piece of good news around the corner that Ozil has agreed to sign a new contract. That will indeed be marvelous for Arsenal. After winter there is always spring. Maybe Arsenal’s spring has begun.

  20. Midkemma says:


    I have watched this guy since he joined BvB and we was linked to him 1st time, he wow’d me and I have been a fan ever since.

    I think he could help Laca rediscover his scoring boots, we have looked blunt at times when trying to penetrate the opposition and someone like Auba and how Mkhitaryan was pushing…. we could have some potency in attack to slice through oppositions defenses and cut out more chances.

    Slightly diverting but who else was screaming at Rambo yesterday?
    Ozil was more of a CM than him which was infuriating as AFC couldn’t stamp authority on CM, more so after ElNeny went off. No DM to win the ball back and Rambo was more like a 2nd CF from what I was watching… Even Mkhitaryan dropped deeper than that CM and was driving us forward from deeper more than Rambo.

    I thought Ozil was fantastic again, he is looking like he could be one of a 3 man CM if we can get a DM in alongside Jack… Ozil/DM/Jack now that could be a sweet CM for behind Mkhitaryan, Auba and Laca.

    1. The cassette says:

      Fam..i’m still trying to figure out what position Ramsey played last night. Dude has no discipline whatsoever. Wenger to blame though.

  21. mysty says:

    enof of this curse… lets drop the sky blue kit please…. when ever we use it somhw someway we lost the game no matter who the opposition are….

  22. Koktafo says:

    Exciting for next season

  23. Ronny says:

    Everyone’s now listing defensive midfield players were linked with every window.
    Not being funny but why not bring AMN into dm, Wenger said that’s why he’s been playing in the back train to become defence aware.
    Someone who’s fast can tackle and actually pays attention to opposition players Is a significant upgrade to xhaka in this position.
    Elneny nice guy but looks confused and disorganised as a dm. Personally think he’s not good enough to be at Arsenal consistently at least.

    1. Ackshay says:

      Niles would be perfect as dm as he has the workrate and attitude to defend, is fast to recover and has enough attacking qualities to satisfy wenger clueless approach to defending. The problem is wenger will never drop xhaka for Niles because he dropped 40m on xhaka and wenger cannot accept his failures which contradicts the younger wenger which would prided himself on having a academy player instead of a big-money signing.

  24. sol says:

    Yesssssssssssssss next season epl for Arsenal

  25. Henrikh Mkhitaryan says:

    Auba welcome guy best of luck

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