CONFIRMED AT LAST – Woohoo! Declan Rice is an Arsenal player

It is definitely about time that Arsenal have finally confirmed that our record 105 million GBP signing Declan Rice.

West Ham couldn’t wait any longer and made it public this morning while Arsenal did their usual dithering.

Now the Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has finally come clean and he announced on “We’re really happy that Declan is joining us. He is a player with tremendous ability, who has been performing at a high level in the Premier League and for England for a number of seasons now. Declan is bringing undoubted quality to the club and he is an exceptional talent who has the potential to be very successful here.

“Declan has great experience in the Premier League at only 24 years old. He has captained a very good West Ham team and as we all saw, he recently lifted a European trophy. The responsibility and role he has taken on has been very impressive and we are really excited that he is joining us.”

So at last Arsenal fans can relax that we have managed to sign our three most important signings ahead of our preseason tour of America, so they can all get used to their team mates and start to see if they can understand Arteta’s complicated tactical ideas ahead of the start of the season.

Now it is time for Arsenal to start trimming down the squad to make room for our versatile arrivals, and we can see enough departures hopefully we will have enough cash for Arteta to bring in yet another marquee signing  before the end of the transfer window.

One things for sure, Arsenal fans will certainly be happy with our business so far….

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  1. It is very refreshing to see Arsenal getting the signing they want early instead of dithering and other clubs pouching there top targets. The players have enough time in pre season to adapt to tactics and team mates. I hope all 3 signings can have great impact in the coming seasons.

    1. Yeah now we can sit back, focus on training and selling players not in the squad. Unlike the past terrible transfer window.

  2. Ridiculous how many people can’t understand that Arsenal waited for Rice to return from holiday and do his media duties, sign the contract then announce it.

    Bunch of whining crybabies.

    1. Well you’re a happy chappie…not!
      I think you need to fact check before posting, Mr Angry🤣

  3. We certainly forced WHU to show their hand and I hope that, if we sell any player to them, we go about it in exactly the same way as they did with DC.
    Welcome to the home of football Declan, can’t wait to see what MA has in store for us this coming season….. OH and thanks to the Kronkies for supporting the club with this incredible outlay of money since backing Mikel to the hilt.
    HAPPY DAYS and I’ve got my CS tickets as well!!!

  4. Great times to be a gunner!! I believe the process was worth the wait and we can only get better with Mikel Arteta calling the shots🫡

  5. At last it has happened but it was worth all the wait. I would perhaps not be wrong if I said no player has ever attracted as much publicity as Declan. This coming fast on the heels of Jurrien Timber and Kai Havertz is very indicative of our clubs ambition for a good many years.
    May I say welcome to the trio of Declan, Jurrien and Kai. What a time to be an Arsenal fan!

  6. Tavares and Pepe didn’t appear in Arsenal’s latest YouTube video. I guess they will be shipped out first

    1. Got a feeling this won’t be the last signing can see another midfielder and a forward coming in!

      1. I hope the new guy won’t be another midfielder because we’ve got too many of them

        Juventus have to sell Vlahovic first to buy Lukaku, so Arsenal may approach him soon

        1. @GAI you often go like “we’ve got too many players in a particular position“ and that we need not to buy extra. But I realize you don’t bother whether those too many players you refer to are of high quality and fit for purpose.
          We may have too many players in a particular position but if there is an upgrade elsewhere, I see no reason why we shouldn’t go for them and sell/release sub par materials.
          It must be a matter of quality and not quantity per say.

          1. I must rephrase my sentence to “we’ve got too many high-quality midfielders”

            We have Rice, Jorginho, Partey, Elneny, Havertz, Smith-Rowe, Vieira, Odegaard, Nwaneri and Trossard, who can play well in various central midfield positions

        2. We definitely need a another midfielder, two if Partey goes.

          As it stands, out an out DM/CM that we have are Partey, Rice, Jorginho, Lokonga. Only three realistically given Lokonga needs to go. Then we also have to factor in that Partey is injury prone. So if he’s out, we’re only left with Rice and Jorginho.

          Unlike last season when we could rest players for most of our European games, we cannot do that in the CL, which is another reason we need extra players.

          1. No need, because we’ve got the too many good central midfielders for three central midfield positions only:

            – For one CDM position: Partey, Jorginho, Rice, Elneny, Sambi-Lokonga, White, Zinchenko

            – For two AM positions: Odegaard, Havertz, Vieira, Smith-Rowe, Trossard, Nelson, Nwaneri + All those names above

            1. GAI, Jen makes the point that should Thomas Partey depart the midfield is markedly weaker. A like for like replacement is required, of which the alternative midfielders do not reach the same standard. Therefore every effort should be made to retain Partey. Rice, Partey and Odegaard will be a formidable competitive midfield.

              1. Ozzie, there are only two AMs and one CDM in the starting lineup. If Odegaard, Rice and Partey start together, Havertz would have to play CF and Smith-Rowe would be benched again

    2. I think Tavares sould have been put on the transfer list within months of him coming in, he was that bad. Pepe will turn out to be another Ozil situation. Both players are likely to yeald very little in sales imo. Infact it may cost us to ship them out!

  7. We’r seeing a Real change of transfert policy compared to the Wenger Era….A Real ambition is shown to sign quality players even if it’s costly some times

    1. Wenger would’t go for DR(too expensive) nor Timber(we do Indeed have good defenders in the same position) ……In Wenger own words AFC is spending a lot of Money since his departure

        1. Perhaps the Emirates build and the Kronkies backing might have something to do with it Pires, as it wasn’t until 2014, when Ozil arrived and we started to win trophies again, that money was forthcoming and invested in the team.

          Let’s hope that the reported £200,000,000 spent so far this window (£500,000,000 since MA’s arrival it seems) will see us winning trophies again as it did when we spent the reported £42,500,000 on Ozil.

          It’s a completely different ball game (excuse the pun) under MA and AW was shrewd enough to recommend him for the job…shame it took Kronkie two years to accept his words of wisdom.

      1. Wenger was terrified of spending money.. Seemed to be afraid of if those big money signings flopped or became too egotistical.

        1. Iirc, Wenger spent just over £100m in his last season, and one of the signings was very egotistic.

          1. Who cares about egos lol. Jeez. He scored tons of goals and was probably the main reason we won our last trophy. God fans can be fickle

              1. Oh dear, you don’t know Arsenal history, yet claim to be an Arsenal fan.

                To educate you – clubs sign players all the time that their respective manager’s did not request, which was the case with Auba. Secondly, the board had already decided or had almost decided that season was to be Wenger’s last.

                1. You haven’t got a Scooby how it works. Managers choose what players they want. It’s the Head Coach, which is what Emery was, that doesn’t have complete control on who is signed.

                  No need to thank me for educating you on the difference between a Manager and a Head Coach.

                  1. So you honestly believe that the board (who already decided or were on the verge of deciding to sack Wenger) sanctioned a massive January signing at the request of Wenger?

                    1. Yeah it’s never happened before. Oh wait. Chris Kiwomya, Glenn Helder and John Hartson 🙄

                    2. Jen, some fans will blame Wenger for the price of season tickets going up for this forthcoming season, or the bottling of the PL last season, even the increase price for a hotdog comes under the “blame Wenger” umbrella!!

                      Remember that Gazidis and Kronkie took the buying of players away from Wenger, before Aubameyang and Emery even appeared on the scene?

                      That’s why UE wasn’t allowed to get Zaha, his choice, but was presented with Pepe instead.

                      Anyone remember the three musketeers that Gazidis brought to the club?
                      Scooby had nothing to do with it and Aubemeyang was neither a Wenger or Emery signing.

          2. HD, in Arsene’s last eighteen months, it was Gazidis who controlled the buying of players, their contracts and that decision was met with great enthusiasm by certain fans.
            Strange that you don’t remember that and say it was Wenger who spent £100,000,000 in his last season.

            So who spent a reported £72,000,000 on Pepe?

            1. Ken, we need to find Sanheili and interrogate him over the price paid for Nicholas Pepe.

                1. Exactly OG.
                  That signing, along with Aubameyang and seven other players who were signed just before Unia Emery took over, were nothing to do with him OR AW and those fans who want to knock either of them, conveniently forget those facts.

                  A least MA can choose the players he wants in or out and, unlike UE, can be judged on the success of those players.

            2. Ken, do you honestly believe that Wenger, a man with over 30 years of football management, and with strongly held principles, would sign a new 2 year contract knowing that he doesn’t have the final say on the signing of new players ? You do surprise me.

              1. HD, nothing surprises me in football!!
                It was clearly stated and announced that certain areas of Wenger’s portfolio was to be taken away by Gazidis, including the buying and contracts of players… it was an official club communication for heavens sake!!

                You doubt AW would have agreed to that before signing his two year contract?
                Then you don’t understand the mindset of the man – he was Arsenal through and through and believed he could still bring his glory days back to the club he loved.
                Unfortunately he was wrong and Gazidis, yet another Judas, and his associates made a pigs ear when they took over.
                ask you again, who was it who signed Pepe, along with eight other players when Arsene left the club and before Unai Emery took over?

                Of course, Emery, himself a successful manager, joined The Arsenal, knowing he also didn’t have a say in who the club bought – I am equally surprised that you cannot see the parallel situation with Wenger’s last two years and Emery’s time at the club.

                1. Ken, I’ve spent hours trying to find the so called official club communication about Gazidis taking away right to sign players, couldn’t find anything.

                  What I did find though goes against what you posted about 8 players being signed between the day Wenger left and the day Emery took over.

                  The signings were.

                  Hein 23/5/18.
                  Lichstiener 1/7/18.
                  Leno 1/7/18.
                  Sokratis 2/7/18.
                  Torreria 10/7/18.
                  Greenwood 11/7/18.
                  Guendouzi 11/7/18.
                  Lopez 19/7/18.
                  Flores 27/7/18.
                  Emery was appointed Head Coach on the 23/5/18, so no players were signed during the time you mentioned.

                  Btw, Pepe was signed the following season, on the 1/8/19.

  8. Just like last summer we have got all our main targets in early ready to have a full preseason with their new teammates, allowing them to integrate into the squad and get up to speed so big credit to the club.

    Now we need to trim what is an already bloated squad before hopefully adding maybe one or two more players(CM,FW) which would be the icing on the cake.

    Welcome to the Arsenal Declan Rice and Jurrien Timber 🔴⚪

  9. Saw this on BBC sport and thought it was funny.

    Ramsdale Holding Saka White Rice.

    Personally, I would have said ‘Saka Holding Ramsdales Uncle Ben’s White Rice’

    But however you look at it… Still quite humorous

  10. Am I right in thinking we still retain the youngest team, have even brought down the average age in this window, that we have arguably the best CD, 2 wingers and now CDM in the PL, a squad of players packed with potential and good squad depth. And that we have that whole core locked into 5 plus year contracts. In nearly 50 years of support I don’t think we have ever been in this position, now for the season to begin and the performances to enjoy. As a minimum we are going to see some fantastic games of football this season. I don’t want to get ahead of things but we don’t need anymore signings(unless we lose key players like partey) and I predict silverware. If we win the title this season coming others will say it was bought. The board have at least shown we act like a big club once again.

  11. Good signing. Too expensive though. I fully believe if we sell partey it’ll be all for nothing. We need him and rice in the midfield. Havertz and Jorginho should be the ones off the bench

  12. I wish him success in the years to come. This is one footballer IMHO who is very humble, future captain material and carries very little baggage around him. Can’t wait to see what he brings to the team.

  13. Now our focus should be on a goal maching, a striker that can give us 25 to 30 goals, Victor Osime is availabe, we should go for him.

    1. Lol. When Napoli say that Manure and Chel$ki can’t afford him, only PSG then I think our odds are very slim.

        1. How many more times do you want us to break the bank? Anyway, goal scoring is the least of our problems.

  14. No excuse for failure this season as Afc is one of the biggest spenders in Europe in the past few season. The transfer policy of theclub has totally changed from the old Wenger’s era(im pretty sure he’s been scratching his head looking at how the club’s doing business right now). Arteta has been given plenty of time and money to build his own team. Now is really the time for him to prove his worth. Arsenal should be considered as the elite team in Europe (top 5), backed with the so called genius Arteta. The beginning of the new era.

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