Confirmed by Sky – Arsenal close to first January signing….

Well I have seen this Arsenal transfer rumour quite a lot lately but I thought it was just another made-up media story concerning a player I had never heard of…

But now according to Sky Sports it seems that a deal is almost concluded to sign the Greek centre-back Konstantinos Mavropanos from PAS Giannina, but it would appear that he is not going to be coming straight to the Emirates.

The Sky report states: Arsenal are in advanced talks to sign 20-year old centre-back Konstantinos Mavropanos from PAS Giannina.

It is understood Arsenal want to tie-up a permanent deal for the promising Greek defender before sending him out on loan to German side Werder Bremen.

According to the Arsenal correspondent from Goal, Chris Wheatley, he laso has some information. He tweeted this 45 minutes ago…

Wheatley posted an update just 5 minutes ago saying that Arsenal are closing in on the deal….



  1. John Ibrahim says:

    No news from kev or resources but from sky

    1. muffdiver says:

      kev/resource please sit down….after last window which u failed perhaps sit this one out

      im hearing he will be loaned to bremen as hes not ready so not to come in now
      sven mislintat is friends with his agent sooooo….

      1. xxnofx says:

        liverpool spend 75 mil ,we spend prob 2 mil on some unknown sounds about right
        GG wenger GG

    2. Nayr says:

      Waiting for PIRES to comment here and say how this guy is better than even otamendi/varane/vertonghen/ramos/boateng..hell even better than the likes of maldini.

      bunch of brainwashed fans we have like pires who believe that arsene wenger is such a miracle worker.

      1. Admin says:

        You are getting close to being personally abusive now. He is entitled to his opinion as much as you are, and I think you will find that many Arsenal fans think your opinion is also idiotic, but the rules are ‘live and let live’ and don’t abuse fellow Arsenal fans….

        1. Nayr says:

          let the people speak.

          thumbs up for admin if he is right.
          thumbs down if he is wrong

        2. Nayr says:

          @ pires meant no offence mate.
          am sorry

          1. pires says:

            i respect you mate and i ,for once ,no reply to you

          2. pires says:

            will not reply

          3. Simon Says says:

            Does he vote for Trump too pires?

          4. pires says:

            you share ,with all my due respect , somthing atleast with Trump: ABUSING THE MANAGER.he is anyway one of the can be PROUD

          5. Simon Says says:

            Hahahahaha what? So anyone who doesn’t want Arsene Wenger to be manager of Arsenal either now or in the near future ie when his contract finishes shares similarities with Donald Trump. Admin that’s personal hahaha

          6. pires says:

            i am talking about ABUSING HIM not wanting him to be gone. TRUMP once said that wenger can go to hell. may he burn in hell

        3. xxnofx says:

          the last few articles pires as been commenting on he as been quite abusive ..maybe read through them

          1. pires says:

            I respect ALL arsenal fans, we share the same love for the same”women”,but it’s W.O.B who arenot showing any respect for a men who has served the club for 20 YEARS

          2. Simon Says says:

            No you don’t mate

          3. xxnofx says:

            Yes but he shows no respect to us either ,i respect what he did 10 years ago .But now hes ruining it .Dont you want the club to move forward? or are you happy to see us go further away from the top year after year .i would love to see a poll on here what the fans want .i would guess 80% want change .

          4. jon fox says:

            Several polls in recent times have Wenger outers as well over 80%. If, as i expect, we lose to Chelsea tonight, expect that “Wenger must go” fans to increase. I firmly believe that within a very short time now, when it becomes obvious that we are not going to make top four, nor even come close in points, the Wenger out campaign will increase vastly and regularly. To me , that seems obvious, looking at and weighing up all the factors. I welcome it!

        4. pires says:

          THANK’S ADAMIN can i ask you?? where are our friends SUMO, NY GUNNER ,ARSEN IS YOUR DADDY, HAFIZ RAHMANE ,and others .I miss them. even if some are W.O.B

        5. jon fox says:

          Sorry Mr. Admin but strong views are not by themselves personally abusive. I and surely others, say that to call someone “brainwashed,” as I too have often done personally, is well within the bounds of normal fan speak and accepted as such. We are not, in the main , snowflakes on here and strong opinions either way, fully debated and returned, is healthy. Swearing, filthy and threatening language is beyond the pale though. Any form of over zealous censorship will kill this site and force those who keep it alive by giving their true opinions -totally unlike the club official programme , which is a sham, with it’s bland non news – to find other sources for their opinioins. Opinions are healthy, censorship deeply UNHEALTHY. However, an article a few hours ago on here called Mike Dean a cheat which is libellous and could prove actionable. A skilful Admin would easily recognise the key difference. Please think again as you risk losing this enjoyable site by over zealous warnings. You also risk scaring off contributors who do not wish to write bland tripe. BTW, I do not say that you write bland tripe, even though I feel free, as do others, to tackle you on occasions. But that is healthy, surely?

          1. Admin says:

            Nothing is disallowed. But i have always drawn the line at swearing and personal abuse which puts people off coming to the site if they will be vilified for not having the same opinion as others. Respect your fellow Arsenal supporters in a healthy manner even if you don’t agree with their views.

  2. Innit says:

    I hope he is more promising than Gabriel was. I think if he came to us, with him we would have plenty of early 20s CBs ie Konstantinos, Chambers, Holding. What we need is another Top experienced CB.

    If we want to play 3 at the back then we should play 3 specialist CBs, not 2 CB and Monreal. Even if we go back to 2 CB, Koscielny is getting older and Koscielny & Mustafi are not enough.

    But at the moment CB is not a priority. In the summer it will in my opinion. We need a replacement for Alexis and central midfielder innit

    1. gotanidea says:

      Gabriel Paulista have brought Valencia to the third position in La Liga so far. He could not do it for Wenger’s Arsenal, maybe there is a massive language barrier or maybe the coach could not convey his concept properly.

      1. dutchy says:

        Maybe Gabriel should have had more regular playing time but when he was on he played like he could get a red card or give away a penalty at any time. Football in England is just a bit too fast for him..

        1. Fortis_gunner says:

          Too Fast for Gabriel but not too fast for Per Metersaker

    2. muffdiver says:

      gabriel was quality for villareal and now valencia – wenger just wasted his talent.
      the fact koscielny is dealing with recurring injury an per is being used tells u we desperately need a cb-now
      are defence has been a joke for a supposed ‘european side’

      “you told wenger take off your jacket..he said babes mans not hot”

  3. gotanidea says:

    He is very tall and very young, which would be very good for Arsenal and Kroenke’s pocket after two or three years later. But what happened to Bielik?

    1. Simon Says says:

      One for the future no doubt

    2. McLovin says:

      If he goes straight to a BUNDESLIGA team, it would appear he’s not that bad and ‘one for the future’ might come as early as next season!

  4. Gelz says:

    Its good to hear that Wenger is taking our defensive deficiency seriously, on a player ive never heard of from a team I didn’t know exsisted, with a review of he could be good.

    1. Simon Says says:

      He obviously views our defensive frailties as his top concern doesn’t he

  5. McLovin says:

    Doesn’t concern us at the moment. If he signs, we will be go on loan. If he signs and therefore moves to Werder Bremen, he would seem promising as Werder are a Bundesliga team of many years (not like Takuma Asano going straight to 2. Bundesliga).

    If there’s one thing Greeks can do, its defending.

    Anyways, I hope this doesn’t end like the last Greek defender we were linked with (Manolas, who went from Olympiacos to Roma and is now regarded as one of the best CB’s in the world).

    And as mentioned, Mavrapanos’ agent is the same as Sokratis’ so this seems like Sven Mislintat signing… And I trust Mislintat (not Wenger though).

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Wenger does not scout players….a manager usually listen to reconmendations to scouts especially the chief scout

      1. dutchy says:

        You said it yourself ‘a manager usually listens to recommendations from scouts’

    2. jon fox says:

      Silly and bordering on racism, though not quite, BUT certainly nationalism to compare two different people just because they are Greek. That is as silly as saying two people are similar because they are English, eg Adams and Walcott, French, eg, Viera and Squillachi and so on. American , Trump and Obama? You get my point! To say Greeks cant defend is akin to saying English can’t feel emotion as they are too reserved. The rest of your post is fine but please think about this mass generalisations, as it is what bigots and racists do, though I DO NOT CALL YOU A RACIST, merely careless with words.

      1. One Arsene says:

        He said Greeks CAN defend….This is Sparta!

    3. Midkemma says:

      Messi was unknown at one time, SoNoGoals was unknown at one time (and many wish still unknown lol).

      This kid might be a gem, Mislintat has a reputation and I will not moan if we spend a couple million on a kid for the future which could save us a LOT of money.

      I hope we don’t get a window of nothing but potential but I like how we are not forgetting the future at the same time.

  6. Gelz says:

    Was just wondering, is he the exceptional player that can give us a plus Wenger was talking about.

    1. Peterhos says:

      Of course not, just another budget buy never to be heard of again. Bring back Park and Imamoto!

      1. Simon Says says:

        I’d forgotten about those two gems

  7. big g says:

    this is why arsenal will not win the premiership with the hierarchy we have. we buy too many players that have supposedly potential for the future without buying good enough players for the here and now when we need them.

    1. Simon Says says:

      When was the last time one of our “players for the future” lived up to their potential? Massive failure of our coaching.

      1. big g says:

        You could say Fabregas but i would go back to George Graham’s era when he brought through the likes of Rocastle, Merson, Adams ect. but the difference was that they came from our youth ranks unlike today.

        1. Simon Says says:

          I thought cesc as well actually and dare I say it van persie?

    2. jon fox says:

      Gosh! I have heard that TRUTH a few thousand times before. Sadly It has never occurred to Wenger to do something about it and change tack!

  8. ClassyGunner says:

    Sometimes I wonder, that may be the problem lies somewhere else. Rob Holding started brilliantly, looked better than John Stones. Then, one bad game, looses confidence and all of a sudden a worldly talent becomes ‘no good’. Similarly Gabriel started well, but transformed into ‘not good enough’ . World class Ballerin for some reason hasn’t progressed of late. Suddenly he too now is average. Eddie Nkethia is nowhere to be found, Christian Bielik is not in the picture.
    Question is how do so many promising players suddenly “loose confidence” and never get it back. Can the manager/management not counsel them?

    1. Simon Says says:

      I don’t believe Tony Adams was wrong when he claimed Wenger can’t coach and that he’s a director of football in the dug out. The problem with our defence is they are all individual players and don’t work as a unit, that’s coaching. You don’t have to have the best defenders individually (of course it helps) to have the best defence.

      1. pires says:

        what Tony Adams has done as a coach champion of KAZKHISTAN….HALILLUJA!!!!

        1. Simon Says says:

          No not a great deal but he has captained Arsenal in a team with Arsene Wenger so although you are right, he’s no success as a coach, he is far more qualified than you or me to talk about Wenger as he has played for him, unlike me and you.

          1. pires says:

            yes he even admitted once that WENGER SAVED him from alcholism.he should be thankfull instead

          2. Ivan says:

            No he didn’t. Stop making things up

          3. pires says:

            i agree a little bit ,may be, in the tactical aspect he’s not the best (compared to mourinho or Benitez) but he’s good in other things( diet developpinng players…..)

          4. Simon Says says:

            Oh Pires, when was the last player he took and made better?

          5. pires says:

            1-KOSCIELNY isfar better than when he first arrived (although he has a dip in form recently)
            2-SANCHEZ has scored far more goals with US than with BARCELONA
            3- MONREAL is FAR better than when he fisrt arrived
            4-GIROUD became an absolute BEAST with US playing eveb better than BENZIMA with l’EQUIPE DE FRANCE
            5- VIEIRA ,HENRY, G.WHEA were not discovred by George Graham WHO IS CONSIDERED BY TONY ADAMS BETTER THAN WENGER

          6. Simon Says says:

            Apologies I just read your reply.
            Vieira, Henry (you mentioning weah isn’t relevant and proves you are a fan of Arsene FC not Arsenal FC) were obviously world class and quite rightly legends of our club. But where is the next henry and the next Vieira, they were over a decade ago now. Sanchez wants out and the others you mentioned aren’t in my opinion good enough to challenge for a league. I do not want Wenger out and forget about his first decade I want Wenger out and for Wenger to remembered as the fine custodian of our club he has been.

          7. Simon Says says:

            Instead of just doing a thumb down maybe you could answer the question

          8. pires says:


          9. Ivan says:

            That is not what he does Simon, he does not seem able to do more than quote random things, some true and some not, and then he moves on to the next person a bit like a 6 year old with ADHD.

          10. big g says:

            Tony Adams did have a big drink problem and spent time in prison (i think for drink driving) though i’m not 100% on that. He also spent time in rehab and that is the only reason Wenger let him continue at arsenal or he may have ended up playing for Man utd.
            Such was the culture in British football back in the 80’s, most players used to drink, some the night before a game and played with hangovers.
            There are pictures of Paul Merson celebrating scoring a goal by drinking a mock pint on the pitch, Robbie Fowler simulating sniffing a line of an illegal substance down on the ground next to the chalk line.
            These things have been going on for years and i suspect still go on today.

          11. pires says:


          12. Ivan says:

            Your caps lock had got stuck Trump

          13. jon fox says:

            Wonder of wonders; I actually agree with you!

          14. Simon Says says:

            You do realise that was before Wenger don’t you?

          15. jon fox says:

            WHAT A SILLY AND SPITEFUL THING TO SAY. THAT SORT OF COMMENT WHICH IS YOUR REGULAR STANDARD, REVEALS YOUR LOW INTELLIGENCE. Have you never thought of thinking something out properly before writing your usual nonsense?

          16. Simon Says says:

            Hahahaha yeah thanks Jon!

    2. dutchy says:

      We see this all the time at Arsenal. Chambers played well at first, took a looong time to get back in starting 11. Holding played like he belonged last season. Not in the picture now. This inconsistency is normal for most young players but at Arsenal i would say there is trend..

  9. Sandziso says:

    Personally, I would go for Nathan Ake. I have watched him for sometime now. He young, good with premier league experience. I think he is better than the player mentioned.

  10. Peterhos says:

    After watching a succession of pathetically weak transfer windows for AFC I have a new idea for Wenger. Sell all our best players when they peak e.g. Walcott, Wilshere, Coquelin for top money and use that money to buy some real winners. At the moment we watch mediocre players have a good season, reward them ridiculous contracts, and then we are stuck with them. Sell, get big money in and then spend properly. At the moment this club is being managed down the nearest drain.

  11. Sue says:

    Can’t he just buy someone to go straight into the first team rather than loaning them out!! Our defence isn’t the greatest right now

    1. Peterhos says:

      I like you Sue … you have the same name as my wife, and also you see what everyone apart from Wenger sees. I have been saying for 20 years now that if we had bought the best, e.g. Rooney, Fedinand, Cahill, de Gea and others then we could have been unbeatable. Now just look at the relegation zone in the table and ask how many points we dropped against. Teams destined to struggle to avoid the drop. I preferred wat hing weak Arsenal teams of the past, at least the players gave their all. Now we pay mediocre journeyman millions per year. Pass the sleeping tablets please … I will have a snooze rather than watch this lot.

      1. Sue says:

        You might have to pass me some tablets tonight!! I totally agree with you Peterhos!

  12. Me says:

    We paid £2.5 million for Ian Wright in 1991.
    If he was any good would the big clubs be looking at him?
    Perhaps the reason no one is looking at him is because he is not very good.
    But this is ambition to some…

    1. Peterhos says:

      We all got excited about Bielefeld and Zelalem. What on earth happened to these guys. Going back a bit I am still having nightmares about Alliadiere and others.

    2. Sue says:

      Ian Wright not very good?? You’re having a laugh Me ?

      1. Simon Says says:

        Hi Sue, I’m not sure if I am right but I read it as in “wrighty costs us the same years ago and we’re still spending the same money” if I’m wrong I’ll take it all back!

        1. Sue says:

          Thanks Simon! Oops!!

      2. Paulo says:

        Wrighty proved himself in the 1990 FACup final and i for one would love a new Ian Wright at Arsenal.watching the Chelski’s game tonight I’d take a Wrighty over Morata any day, Morata is useless, Bellerins goal was superbly H a shame the ref was cheated by Hazard and I hate that Marcos salon so with his feminine little streaks in his Barnett, ponce.

  13. Peterhos says:


    1. Ivan says:

      Or the wonderkids Jermaine Pennant, Carlos Vela, Joel Campbell or David Bentley.

  14. Skills1000 says:

    Arsene Wenger is the problem with AFC. We need a new Manager ASAP. As for January, Buy Mahrez and a mobile/aggressive DM. Sell Sanchez and keep Ozil.

    1. Midkemma says:

      We do need quality signings.
      Signings like Wenger made when Dein was CEO, not like the signings made as Gazidis being CEO.

      Players of Pires ilk, yes we would have to rival RM to get top players but we did with David Dein.

      Year after year we got quality to the point that our squad was filled with quality, David Dein was our heart and soul.

      I hope that Raul (from Barca) guy can have an influence this transfer window, he knows how to get a target and he has connections from what I have read (and can believe considering his experience), we have missed someone like that to get transfers done.

      Wenger can spot talent, AFC can not get that talent, not like when David Dein was with us or before Gazidis joined. Prior to Ozil the last record signing was done a couple months after Gazidis joined and paying for stadium debt…. no record signing till stadium basically paid off, WTF?

      Then the record signing we have made was pushed to completion by Wenger. Ozil confirms as much when saying he called Wenger up when he decided to leave RM and Wenger made it happen. Alexis confirmed it was Wenger who talked him into joining us over liverpool. Xhaka spoken to Wenger 12 months before AFC bought him and in the meantime ElNeny was bought and instantly replaced by Xhaka. I know Xhaka has been poor for the hopes he came with but we did spend early in the window to get him and no denying it was Wenger who wanted him.

      Wenger hasn’t had ultimate say in all transfers and that is part of the reason why we have many average players in the squad.

      Wenger is to blame for tactics, wont deny that. He is to blame for playing Xhaka every week even though his form doesn’t warrant it. He is to blame for bringing off Lacazette when he doesn’t need to. There is a lot he is to blame for and I am looking forward to life without Wenger as manager.

      Getting Raul from Barca could be the biggest thing Gazidis will ever do for AFC and this change is one I am eager to see take place and develop, this could be the turning point for our club.

      I just refuse to blame Wenger for 100% of the problems.
      Gazidis has some of that blame to share by filling the squad with average players like Welbroke and ElNeny.

  15. Arnold says:

    If what we do was the opposite (i mean established players) who could walk straight and help 1st team in term of squad depth we could have beeen able to compete. the manager seems to lost his mind completely!! for him up is down

  16. Midkemma says:

    Wenger can train well rounded players, if the player has a good football understanding then he can develop that player into a truly class player.

    What Wenger can not do is drill players, he has been likened to a teacher multiple times so this should be known by so many of us, Wenger is not a drill sergeant.

    The def is not drilled on how to deal with specific situations, they are taught instead the theory and let them refine it in battle (match day), while this can develop players who can read the game well… it doesn’t create a unified group.

    Wengers best defs have had a def that was trained away from Wenger who was the leader, who organised the back line, an Adams or Campbell. Campbell is the perfect example as he was partnered up with Toure who wasn’t bought as a CB but converted to a CB by Wenger and developed by Wenger but he had a leader who knew the drilled side to organise the backline, Toure followed orders but he was a good player to follow orders.

    Kos would be perfect if he was alongside Adams or Campbell (and not injury prone), he has fantastic qualities which Wenger did develop but he needs a leader to get the best out of him.

    So after that ramble about how Wenger can’t drill players, I want to see our young defenders go out on loan and get that side of training before it is ‘too late’, Wenger isn’t leaving before his contract is up and by then it could have cost us millions, loan out Holding ASAP to give him game time and confidence while being drilled in how to defend.

    I hope we keep teaching players how to play football but we also need to drill players in how to deal with issues so they can work as a unit better.

  17. amb1709 says:

    This is a Mislintat signing, if it goes through. Read a report from a Greek journalist saying that Mislintat was tracking him and another Greek player in the summer at the u20 championships. From a few youtube clips (not the most reliable source) he is very aggressive, good in the air and is very mobile. I am all for signing young, unproven players as there is very little risk and the potential for high rewards however these signings MUST be supplemented with incoming players that can improve our first team XI, as our starting XI is seriously dire. The fact that Bellerin and Xhaka have started every league game this season says it all. Squad needs a serious overhaul including a:
    GK- long term replacement for Cech (e.g. Butland/Lafont/Perrin)
    RB (e.g. Ricardo Perreira/Henricks/Weiser/Cedric/Mario Gaspar/Odriozola/Hysaj)
    CB (e.g. Manolas/Sokratis/De Vrij/Gimenez/Tah/Rugani)
    CDM (e.g. Danilo Pereira/Nzonzi/Carvalho/Romeu/Doucoure/Gueye)
    CM (e.g. Jorginho/Seri/Weigl/Ceballos)
    Replacements for Ozil and Sanchez (two or three from the following: Draxler, Lucas Moura, Mahrez, Zaha, Pastore, Di Maria, Guedes, Bailey, Brandt, Lozano, Pulisic, Malcom, Lemar, Fekir)

    This obviously won’t happen but one can only dream.

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