Confirmed England team to face France with Saka and Foden up front

Wow, what an incredible World Cup so far, with Spain, Brazil, Germany and now Portugal despatched, leaving England with a possibly (!) easy route to the final, if there is such a thing as easy!

Anyway, today is the big day for England fans as they now have to try and get past France to get that coveted place in the semifinal but it definitley won’t be easy against a France team with possibly the best young player in the world right now.

Watch Saka and Mbappe facing each other down the wing, and we will see who comes out on top shall we?

The biggest regret is that we will have William Saliba in the wway of Saka as he goes flying up the wing, I would prefer him stopping Mbappe instead!

I have to admit that I can’t wait. Every other quarter final has been enthralling so I can’t imagine how exciting this one is going to be.

Come on England. Come on Saka!!!!


  1. Lord Maguire’s header will be required to produce a goal or to assist one of England’s attackers. He’s so dominant in aerial duels

  2. What a lovely final this would be between England vs Morocco.

    There is going to be an interesting battle between Kyle Walker and Mbappe

  3. England vs France is a match that will end in disarray. In this match defensive errors will be penalised. It will be an entertaining match of fireworks as if its the finals of the World Cup. It is experience vs young energy and experience will carry the day today. The winner will score at least two goals.

      1. It’s not a prediction. It’s a vision. The person only talks about the happenings but I’ve been dishonestly drawing conclusions about the winners of the matches so now I’ve decided to tell it how he tells it.

  4. So far into the match omit 34 minutes, its 1 nil yo France in the game. But I expect the 3Lionsto come back strongly in the match. And equalise then go ahead in it to score the winning goal or goals that will win the match for England at full-time.

  5. Really gutted as an England fan.
    Referee was poor as were the substitutions made for England. We only have ourselves to blame.

    On the other side absolutely thrilled to bits for Morocco: Ist African country to reach the semis. Their supporters must be at least on the moon if not in Mars.

  6. Neither England or France were able to establish midfield superiority,

    Was hoping for a final between England vs Morocco.
    Had hope Harry Kane went straight down the middle with the second penalty, as it’s never easy in these mind games penalties.
    Bellingham is a truly complex midfielder.

    But am truly happy for the Moroccans, they will be well supported as they kick on.

    Hoping Ben white situation quickly resolved, as curiosity kill the cat.

  7. Once a Spud, always a Spud.

    Let’s hope he doesn’t get over it and the spuds are chipped and deep fried for the rest of the season.

    1. Harsh
      I didn’t look at Kane in the way you did at all as an England supporter too. He had two very high pressure moments and came up short and looked mortified by his miss.

      1. Yes it’s harsh, you’re quite right.

        But I’m looking at it from a purely AFC perspective. I have no interest in England’s fortunes on the football field (or the fortunes of any other country- although these days I (almost) don’t care who beats France or Germany.

        And yes, I also agree when you say “he had two high pressure moments and came up short.” Where we differ is that to me, that’s not ok – no matter how mortified he looks.

        But mostly it’s about how it affects Spurs season (for me).

      2. Yes Kane did look mortified by the miss, he didn’t showed it much until he was off the field.

        Was watching and hoping he blasted it straight down the middle, as the goalie preference to dive on his right is well documented, so in my opinion he’s committed to dive, but a blast down the middle would be a safer option.

        But am happy our young Saka didn’t take it.

  8. The tweet from the official AFC Twitter account regarding Saliba went down like a lead balloon! Someone wasn’t thinking straight when they did that. Read the room next time AFC.

    1. Personally I see nothing wrong with it,they club are supporting their own. They would have done the same for Saka,Martenelli and others.

      If they did not support Saliba and he left saying the club do not support him, what would your thoughts then be?

      I wonder if Kane will now get the same abuse as Saka did a few years ago. His miss is much bigger imo.

      1. My point was at least they should have given commiserations to our other players who are out of the WC now and could have worded their comment re Saliba somewhat more considerately. I thought we were supposed to be a club with class.

  9. Two not so complete teams. England with possibly their best crop of youngsters falling short due to lack of a “thinking” midfielder such as Modric or Verratti and an Achilles heal in McQuire and fellow central defenders. France a mixed bag as well. Not really happy with any of the remaining four teams winning it, although Morocco are a revelation. Definitely not afraid of any reputations and so fast on the break. Would be pandemonium if they defeat France after already waving goodbye to historic colonialists Spain and Portugal.

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