CONFIRMED – Joel Campbell goes on loan as Arsenal swap for Paulista!

Well we have all been waiting for the announcement on but as usual we have been informed by other sources that the signing of Gabriel Paulista has now been agreed, and the Gunners are sending Joel Campbell over to Villarreal on loan until the end of the season as a sweetener on the deal.

Paulista tweetBoth of these cannot be confirmed until Monday when both players will be having medicals before confirming the details, but Villarreal posted on their official website an hour ago:

Villarreal CF @VillarrealCF
Principio de acuerdo de traspaso con el @Arsenal por Gabriel, quien se despedirá hoy antes del partido.¡Mucha suerte!

CampbellThis was swiftly followed by: Welcome @joel_campbell12! Villarreal and @Arsenal agree to loan the player until the end of the season!

This is obviously a bit of a shock, especially as it is late on Saturday night before a big FA Cup game tomorrow. It is even a bigger shock that Arsenal managed to close the deal at all considering Wenger’s usual transfer dealings! What can we say but, Well Done Wenger, and welcome to the Brazilian who is obviously destined to have a much greater future than Andre Santos – lol!

And hopefully Campbell with score loads of goals in La Liga and come back to challenge Theo Walcott for his first team place next season!

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      1. The one thing that stands out the most, both from the clips and having watched him half a dozen times on TV is pace, anticipation and interceptions. I should have said PACE, never mind Mertesacker, I’m pretty sure he would leave Kos flapping in a vapour trail. Lets see how it goes though, nice and easy, get settled in etc etc.

    1. Also……..City, Chelsea, Spurs, and Southampton all knocked out our cup, while United and Liverpool draw at home. Win tomorrow and quite a weekend it’s been for a gooner 🙂

      1. We still won’t see Gnabry for a good month though I think. Wenger said he has to train and play U-21 matches since he’s been out for I think since the beginning of last summer. I think Gnabry fits into EPL style of play more than Campbell, who is much more technical. It may be another Vela case. Either way I hope he does great at Villarreal and has a future at Arsenal, because he’s a great player.

      2. Let’s nip this in the bud….Gnabry will barely feature for the remainder of the season. Certainly not at the collective level Poldi, Sanogo, and Campbell would have. With 5 days left I’d be surprised if we don’t go for Destro loan or something along those lines? Nice depth at the back now, but we’ve thinned out a little up top.

  1. Whats the need of buying him if he have work permit issue,

    why not go for a player that will go straight into the lineup?

    I dont even know him, is he better that hummels?

    1. Why do you expect someone better than Hummels? Hummels is worth well over £30 million. Hummels is one of the best in the world. In January it’s tough to get WC and Wenger won’t spend that much on defenders.

      Paulista is a good CB. He can also play other positions in defense. He isn’t WC but he is all we need at the moment. A good reliable CB.

        1. Kos has achilles problems so what if Kos is out for another 2-3 months. Paulista is the perfect backup. Yes Merts is slow and his backup is Chambers.

    2. when will some fans get into their heads we never had a chance of signing Hummels -__-. The man himself said he doesnt want to leave, even if Dortmund dont get UCL football. Just because you never heard of Gabriel, doesnt mean he’s not a good player. In fact, he has some of the best defending stats in La Liga.

        1. you really think relegation fighters Dortmund would sell their best defender in January? Hummels seems pretty loyal as well. I’m not acting like his agent, just repeating what he said. Some fans just need to be a bit more realistic about things sometimes. You think we can buy Cavani, Reus, Hummels all in one window and win UCL… just have to be reasonable sometimes. Don’t write off Gabriel just because he was under the radar.

          1. Agree, it’s easy to list the best players in the world and say we should sign them, but that’s OK in some parallel universe. Hummels isn’t moving even if Manure offer £60M coz BD can’t replace him in time. Same with Schneiderlin, another loyal player who will see the season out, and could be bought in summer.
            Gabriel is good quality back-up and young, and can play in ECL matches too!
            COYG win today

  2. I’m glad we are getting Paulista. It’s fantastic bit of January business that we really need.

    However, I dont like losing Podolski, Sanogo, Campbell, and Afobe. Wish Wenger could get another striker in addition to Giroud and Welbeck. Preferably a Top class one.

    1. Akpom is out of contract end of season, he needs convincing to sign a new contract. Would love to see Lacazette come for summer.

  3. Really really really excited by this news. I watched him this week gone and he looks a real top buy…followed by his exclusion from the weekend it has now become clear…Arsenal have there Man.

    I’ve been harping on about the next defender being a real sign of Arsene indication of what he felt about Mertisacter future… Now we know. A player who reads the game, quick, strong, can head the ball and tackle. Solid 3 centre backs and chambers on board to learn. Finally the final pieces of the jigsaw is being assembled, with a DCM in the hunt. I just feel we need another LW top talent which can wait until the summer.

    Happy Gunner 🙂

    1. agree. This summer I honestly think we only need a CDM, (maybe another CAM too depending on Rosicky’s future). An argument could me made for a striker, but honestly, I really am liking the way things are going with Giroud. But Welbeck will need to greatly improve and add goals to his name if he wants to be a reliable 2nd choice.

      1. Summer targets (5 maximum)

        Schneiderlin for the CDM
        Lacazetta as striker
        Mings as deputy left back – Gibbs is too injury prone
        Schar/Reid/Van Diijk – Mertesacker repalcement
        GK replacement

        Sell or out of contract:
        Afobe (sold already)
        Kristofer Olsson (sold already)
        Wellington Silva
        Semi Ajayi

        Sanogo – he needs another year loan.

        And yes – Arteta will stay for another year. He is a good backup player.

        1. You left out Monreal in LB position, who has actually been better than Gibbs this season. I dont think we need 3 LB’s. I’d love Lacazette though. he can also play across front 3. But for sure I would keep Rosicky. He’s the utility player you need to win a championship. The Jenkinson situation should be interesting since we have Debuchy and Bellerin right now. I think Jenko has great potential as well too though and would hate to sell him (maybe with a buy-back clause if we had to?)

      2. Feel a bit sorry for Welbz – he has scored 7 goals for us and surprise, surprise all with him playing CF. Looks like it may be a recurring nightmare for him – stick him on the left and get moaned at for not scoring goals. It will probably take a Giroud injury for him to get any more chances in the centre of the park. Still convinced he is a very good squad player to have though.

        1. Agree he’s a good squad player, but if Giroud were injured and we were playing someone like Bayern, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with him upfront. His goal scoring pattern is pretty random and sporadic. I would like to see him shoot more and take players on instead of just passing. Hopefully he becomes more consistent.

          1. Any great squad isn’t full of just ‘superstars’. You need superstars, very good players, talented consistent young players, reliable professions and up and coming talent.
            While Sanchez is a Superstar, Rocisky is a reliable professional who himself is around for half the season…Welbeck needs to slot into being a very good player like your Ramsays, Walcotts. Bellerin and Bielik is your up and coming talent.
            A good mix with individual goals makes a driven squad wanting to achieve great things.

  4. Fingers crossed for the last hurdle….work permit. Beyond that welcome Gabriel.

    Moving on….Podolski, Sanogo, Campbell loaned out and Wenger replies “Not necessarily” when asked if business was done after Gabriel. Will we see a surprise addition in attack? Here’s hoping, as that’s a lot of talent we could’ve used from the bench in the remainder of the season. 5 days left to go business, I think Arsene will have another go.

    And don’t mention Gnabry like I’ve already started seeing…

      1. Lol…Maybe Sissoko? Wouldn’t command a first team place, but would offer us something different going forward. Idk, just speculating, he’s at Newcastle who generally sell high priced. But I’d be surprised to see Wenger let go of 3 players of their ilk without someone stepping in as cover at least.

        1. Worth a shout as Cavani isn’t flavour of the month at psg.. I can just imagine our dream forward line of Sanchez and cavani.. Well.. We can always dream..

  5. A top signing paulista could be… He could be the one of the 2 last remaining pieces of the jigsaw we are desperate for..
    Well done Arsene – can’t help but feel if we get someone like sissoko.. Our season could only go from strength to strength that will give most of us optimism in EVERY competition..
    Come on things are looking up..

      1. Yep
        Just think he would provide us with an added dimension instead of small technical players.. He’s a true box to box.. A poor mans ya ya toure if you like but
        Would be a really positive signing.. (And he’s an arsenal fan)
        Would be really impressed with Arsene if he was signed..

          1. hes right- a teenager whos played on an off for first team in the polish league for 6 months is better than a premier league an internationally experienced proven box to box bully.

            lol wtf

            1. Muff .. Yes sorry.. He’s right…. We are both wrong..
              Come on beilek will be immense.. Just like Kim Kallstrom ..
              True G- beilek is for the future who will play maybe 3 or 4 cameos when we are like 5-0’up at home to Monaco not straight into the thick of it against the spuds or manure..
              At least sissoko has been there done it and very good at it..for an average newcastle team.. Imagine him in our midfield ….

  6. Does anyone have any idea if he will be successful getting his work permit? Arsene must feel confident about it, but we don’t seem to have been too lucky in the past. Granted mostly it was for young players

    1. I think Paulista has a very strong case. The rules are that you have to have played a certain number of games for your country’s national team before you can get a work permit. Since Paulista is Brazilian, that’s a very tough task, given two of Brazil’s centre backs are in the FIFA World 11 (undeservedly I might add), so he should be granted the permit under the circumstances.

    1. i dont think Villarreal would announce all this if the permit wasn’t a guarantee. Arsenal will probably wait a few days to announce it though, because apparently he has to travel to Brazil first, then London, then medical, and then everything is complete. He’s stil in Spain right now actually. Love how he said bye to all the Villarreal fans at Levante match. I wish things like that were done in premier league.

    1. Yeah spend somemore 😀

      The 3rd Brazilian defender as I remember.
      Paulista is more fantastic than Silvinho + A.Santos!

      Welcome to ARSENAL Family.

  7. Do we still ‘need’ a defensive midfielder? I mean, Coquelin has been great so far, but the Southampton game still showed we have defensive frailties.. If City had Yaya Toure last week, would we have been able to cope as well? Who in our midfield is big and powerful enough to tackle him and keep him under control? I think we could still do with a big, powerful defensive midfielder to give us some more steel, not to mention helping us out at set pieces.

    We dont really have space in the squad right now, we already have 3 defensive midfielders. Personally I’d stick with Coquelin, at least until the end of the season. Let Flamini go at the end of the season and bring in another defensive midfielder in his place. It looks like Diaby will be let go at the end of the season too. Jokes aside, I really do feel sorry for the guy. He has great talent, but sadly I njuries have destroyed his career. It wasn’t his fault after all.

    1. Agree coq is doing a great job but is it and will it be enough to maintain our goals this season..-I’m not so sure..
      That’s y sissoko is a must.. He’s very Similair to diaby.. And would hopefully be injury free..
      I just think strike while the irons hot – if he’s available – sign him.. As let’s face it – diaby ain’t got a future! Unfortunately..

  8. Can’t wait to see Paulista in action! Campbell should do well w/ Villareal once he gets his fitness and rhythm.

  9. Deluxe players are out of reach. We can snap only the the ones who want to play for us.

    Sanchez said no to to others to join us, same goes for Ozil. And we need to get these yes to Arsenal super stars at all cost.

    Hummels is not one of them, he wants to stay loyay to his team who is struggeling right now, and for that i respect him a lot.

    Paulista is a player i have never seen play. 😐

  10. On a complete separate note… Monaco is seriously starting to worry me. They just beat Lille, and haven’t lost a match since early December. After that they’ve won 11 out of 12 of their matches. I’m expecting them to be more than worthy opponents.

  11. Welcome to arsenal GABBY, i hope u add more steel to arsenal defense line. i am hoping that wenger already has the result on the work permit before actually commissioning the buy, would have been nice to have him earlier.

    Now on to other issues i think we are actually short up front, although i do not see giroud getting injured for the rest of the year and welbeck is not really a injury pet either, however with the lost of podolski, campbell and sanogo we are skating on thin ice.

    i would not mind one or two more additions, Sissoko would have to be my number one selection, he would actually compliment Sanchez in attack with his box to box ability and endless energy reserve, another player i would grab up quickly if is cost was actually 2 million would be Edgar Mendez a winger who i think could be transformed into a dangerous striker, he has pace to burn and has the built of a striker, wenger i think would be the right man to get the best from him.

    I am expecting a tough match tomorrow but expect arsenal to win

  12. Welcome gabby !

    Although I will always have doubts about any Brazilian joining the prem , especially defenders …. I am pleasantly surprised with this acquisition , I’m also glad to say I was wrong in my opinion that we would yet again scrape the barrel for the cheapest deals !

    Whether he turns out any good or not , it’s just good to see us going for a player based on his form , not just because he’s cheap or almost out of contract etc !

    …. How strong would we look now with a Sissoko or schneiderlin sat in front ???

  13. I just hope this isn’t another Andre Santos…… All the best Gab,,,,, Joel, keep working hard,, draw inspiration from le Coq,,, never give up…. Now if this transfer is confirmed, Wenger has no more excuses…. I GUESS…. Fans should get behind the team,, it doesn’t always work out well,, but we getting there now… fingaz crossed….
    P/s defeats for Sh*** and Chelski shud be a lesson for our players today,,, DON’T TAKE BRIGHTON LIGHTLY….. COYG,, 1- 4 GUNNERS TO THE GOOD….

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