Saka starts of course… Confirmed Starting XI for England v Senegal -Predictions?

So, here is the big day when we see if England will go through to the World Cup Quarter Final against France by beating Senegal, with the whole of England sitting in front of the telly right now…

Of course for Arsenal fans everyone has been discussing whether Bukayo Saka was going to start instead of Rashford , but I never doubted it, especially as he got a rest against Wales.

Obviously Southgate has picked his best team in his eyes, but he has an abundance of talent on the bench, with Maddison, Rashford, Mason Mount and Grealish available if needed if England need more firepower.

But with Saka, Foden and Kane up front, I am feeling pretty confident that England will be far enouh in front for Southgate to give every striker a chance to come on tonight at some point.

So what is your prediction? For me I think England 5-0, with Saka getting two of them…

Come on England!

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  1. AdPat I’ve rushed so much that I was scared to tell you the Cameroon result. Now there is nothing new under the sun. Africa and Senegal will cry today. England have at least two guaranteed goals today. There will be one goal from the corner and another where the goalkeeper will not see the ball early. The ref will check the one of them.

  2. Good goal and it didn’t come from a corner and the keeper saw the ball all the way. So much for Mystic Meg (Kev) 😂

  3. I said England have at least two guaranteed goals. So I hinted at more goals and in the first half England have already scored two goals. Also I didn’t say the first goal will be from a corner kick. I’m not mystic meg or whatever. The match has already been played. I knew Cameroon were going to beat Brazil.

    1. What on earth do you mean the match has already been played?
      It’s only half time on my tv 😂.
      Like most mystics/clairvoyants/chancers, you cover your “predictions” with vague scenarios as in a goal from a corner? Obviously a good chance of that happening and the ref checking a goal? Happens in every game! And you said Cameroon would win? When was that exactly? As I said ….. chancer.

    1. Southgate is always highly cautious. Luckily, England were superior in aerial duels, Kane is a world-class CF and Bellingham is a powerful central midfielder

      I’m sure Smith-Rowe can play like Bellingham, if he is allowed to compete with Xhaka for the left attacking midfielder role

  4. Bellingham’s dribbles initialized England’s goals. I think no club can afford him now

    Kane is accurate at shooting and he showed how a world-class front pivot should link up with the midfielders. I wish Arsenal didn’t release him years ago

  5. Excellent goals and build up on all 3 goals. Well done to Kane, Saka and Henderson who thankfully made the breakthrough
    Foden good & Bellingham was excellent. So strong and commanding.

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