CONFIRMED – Official team for Arsenal against Middlesbrough

As expected there are only a few changes from last week’s Arsenal team that beat Swansea, with Petr Cech back in goal after getting his usual rest in the Champions League.

The Back Four is the same as usual

The Midfield is missing Xhaka through suspension so we got Francis Coquelin back from injury just in time! He is joined by in place of the slightly injured Santi Cazorla.

Not much change in the attacking four as Walcott, Alexis and Iwobi all got a bit of rest in midweek (not a lot but better than nothing!) Ozil definitely had to play to see if he can carry on his goalscoring feats in midweek.

Bellerin Koscielny Mustafi Monreal
Elneny Coquelin
Walcott Ozil Iwobi


  1. He’s going with Gibbs. Hopefully he’ll rise to the occasion, get forward Gibbs but more importantly be solid. It’s a big call all the same, Monreal has been poor by his standards but it wasn’t all down to him alone. Lets see what Gibbs can do with Iwobi in front of him. It could be Arsene just giving Monreal some thinking time and letting him rejuvenate the batteries.

  2. The ref is none other than s***e meany, only just realised, now I believe we’re definitely after some hard fought points. Get the ball to Alexis, get the ball to Ozil, get the ball to the back of the borough net.

  3. Performance worries me a lot. We hardly look like a team who will win the league. Better teams will punish us defensively. Not at all good

  4. that was absolitely terrible to watch.
    Middlesbrough by far the better side and can rightly feel hardly undone.For not being atleast a goal ahead

  5. Not a great 1st half
    But don’t worry, we can win it in the 2nd with a stronger performance

    Cech saved us from being down 0-1
    Thanks Cech 🙂

    Looking forward to 2nd half 🙂

  6. Here come the doubters. Obviously, write them off for challenging for the title. Wenger out. You know. The lot.

    1. I haven’t read a single “Wenger Out” comment
      You have a very low opinion of the average Arsenal fan

  7. Cech is keeping us in the game.

    Mborough parked the bus and we have tried to break it with long balls, which are dreadful. We are also trying crosses from the flank which is kinda ridiculous because our tallest forward is 180 cm. Long range shooting could be an option.

  8. Step it up! Thankfully we’re not behind yet.

    I think we’ll get the three points. I’m not ready to start bashing Wenger after one terrible, terrible half.

  9. We’re not passing the ball quick enough, that’s the downside of Coq and Elneny. Cazorla sets the tempo, gives the ball to the right forwards at the right time. We played in midweek, hope not resting players doesn’t come back to bite us. Need to come out in this half and press high up the pitch. Need our big players to step up, Ozil Alexis, show us how much you want this title.

  10. Have we ever won a game with that spud ref in charge? ?
    And there’s another jinx… I see that silent Stan is at the Emirates ?
    If wasn’t for Cech and the woodwork, we would be deep ? right now! ?
    Come on Arsenal ffs!

  11. Having an average game and here comes the wave of naysayers.. Boro are playing really well but i believe we will manage to sneak in a game before half time. Support the damn team no matter what.

  12. Teams parking the bus is our undoing if we don’t score early. I believe this could have been a game for Giroud.

  13. It’s time Monreal gets benched, he’ always out-run, out-muscled , failed to intercept, can’t attach Nor defend ! I can’t see any contribution from him at all !

    1. Hahaha. Now Arsenal fans suddenly wants Giroud. This time last year, they called him lamp post and want to him replace him at any cost. As soon as the plan of our manager doesn’t work out in one single game, some fans immediately show us how genius they are by suggesting a change that must have been done or Why Wenger didn’t see that. Why don’t you say that before the game? What did you say when Giroud failed to make any impact in similar games like this last year???

  14. We miss Giroud in games like this. When opposition park the bus we need to put in crosses to someone that can head it in.

  15. sorry to say but a coquelin elneny duo in the middle against lowly team signaled lack of ambition from the outset … middlesboro by contrast just gave their all

  16. Sadly these are the performances that bite ol Arsenal in the but every year.

    Just cant drop points @ home to a side that will most likely be in a relegation battle all season.

    In all honestly Boro had the better chances and probably deserved the 3 points.

    1. Don’t think they deserved the 3 points, we’re still looking better than last year. but we should’ve buried them at the beginning, when we were looking tired and uninspiring, it’s always more difficult when you’re trying to get a goal with time running out. Maybe the squad were tired from Wednesday, but then we have a strong enough squad to be able to rotate.

  17. Stop whining. We will not win every game. We play against teams with 11 players. Chances of winning a game is 50/50 if both teams executes their strategy well. Boro played really good. I just think we should try shooting from outside the box.

  18. Shame but At least we didn’t lose ffs ???
    We are top for now… And that’s about as positive as I’m going to get! ?

  19. Wenger should rotate the squad. Iwobi should have replaced injured Cazorla and Lucas to have taken the place of Iwobi at attack. The players should have been more composed in front of goal. long balls into the area cant beat Valdes. Shoot in the box. They should have figured that out at half time.A disappointing game. Time to rest Walcott and Iwobi and bring in AOC and Lucas.

  20. I didn’t watch d game but I hope we r not gradually experiencing last year problem, “missing Carzola” that’s guy is becoming irreplaceable in d team, where is Ramsey, maybe Xhaka can help. Let d manager work it out so dat we ll not Carzolarise d team once again

    Secondly, I think we still need OG

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