Confirmed – Pablo Mari is now officially an Arsenal player

Arsenal has officially confirmed the signing of Pablo Mari

It was a bit of a rollercoaster but it is now official, Arsenal has completed the signing of Flamengo defender Pablo Mari.

One minute the transfer was on, then it was dead in the water, there was different reports on Arsenal changing the agreed terms and Flamengo not really wanting him to go but now, he is an Arsenal player.

I like this signing, he has done very well for Flamengo and the little I have seen of him (since Arsenal’s interest in him was revealed) has impressed me.

It is hard to think that he could be any worse than some of the defenders currently on the books and he does arrive with no baggage.

Mari is a winner, he has tasted success in South America and was named in the team of the year. Hopefully, some of that winner’s mentality will rub off on his new teammates.

This is Mikel Arteta’s first signing and hopefully the beginning of the rebuilding process in terms of personnel.


    1. Happy days indeed sue😃😃 hopefully he turns up like a certain martinell than a lechstiener🙊🙊

        1. Yup wants to stay in london, I see this happening to be honest 😭 saying now on sky were in for soares of Southampton 🤔

  1. The players’ foot preferences seem to be a big deal for Arteta. He must have learned this from Guardiola

    I think Arsenal wouldn’t get another left-footed CB like Matviyenko, but it would be nice if we could loan two left-footed CBs and compare them till the end of this season. The most performing one would be rewarded with a permanent deal

    Arsenal should have applied this method to all foreign players who play in weaker leagues. They can save a lot of money by assessing the targets directly at the Emirates first

      1. One of the criterias that a new player should have is the characteristic not found in our current players. Arteta seems to find this important for his system and I’m glad Arsenal listened to him

        Unfortunately Arteta just saw how Mari played on the videos. I bet Arteta’s first choice was Matviyenko who played against Man City, but the price tag is the issue

        1. Gotanidea
          He’s got a great left foot apparently
          I read an interesting article about him and his career including ex managers players ect
          Sounds like he’s got great mentality
          And confirmed what I saw of him he’s a great interceptor especially in the air which is good for us
          Very physically athletic
          So all sounds good just hope he can keep that going in this league

        2. Arteta was well aware of , in fact worked with, Mari at Man City so a little more than knowledge simply via video.

          Also it was “reported” City we’re mulling over buying Pablo back in ( and this not from the parent club attempting to drive the price up).

          Personally I like this type of initiative.

          Players plying their trade in South America are often full of hunger, aggression and desire to “make it” and get their big break.

          Welcome, and all the very best Pablo.

  2. A short but extremely welcome article and how good to be able to appreciate it and to agree with every word written for once. Welcome aboard PABLO, and you can never even begin to know HOW VERY HUGELY you are welcome and especially since it means you replace one of our several clowns. Hallelujah! It was clearly Arteta who forced this to be completed and that makes me, and surely many thousands of others too, very happy. I trust ONLY him in our club right now(I don’t include the players)!

    1. Trust Edu; his track record is good so far with Martinelli. Arteta knows Pablo Mari from Manchester City. South American team of the year, good performance against Sari et al for Liverpool in the World Club final, seems like due diligence to me. Where is the evidence of panic?

  3. Read the comments in The Mirror about this player by the expert in South-american football the prestigious Tim Vickery,a british jounalist stationed in Brasil also bring good news.At the same time in France playing for the Cup, Saint Etienne defeat Monaco with our Saliba being the best player in the match after coming back from a long term absence due to injury.Looking forwards for next season with theses two central defenders.

  4. Where is Moguna
    This is an interesting signing as a calm naturally left sided center back will eliminate the need for Xhaka dropping into that left back roll. I think fans are about to see a system change after the winter break. Arteta clearly showing he’s not satisfied which are good signs of things to come.

  5. He will do well for us, because it’s not possible to be any worse than our current crop of rubbish at CB!

    Welcome Mari!

  6. @gotanidea Arteta did not know Pablo through videos. They were together at City for sometime. So I think Arteta have some ideas with him. Welcome MV5.

  7. Impressed me when he played against Liverpool.Rugged ,physically powerful,good in the air and seems to read the game well.Not very quick but he is a left footed version of Lewis Dunk of Brighton.Let’s hope he can match Dunk in terms quality in the PL.

  8. Good to see he couldn’t get a game when playing for city. I’ll reserve judgement till I see him in action. I do love how people say it’s Arteta first signing. It isn’t it’s the clubs signing and the coach was consulted. A six month loan deal doesn’t inspire confidence that the club has faith in him but let’s see by his performances

      1. Dan’s Point is important, because under the current regime, has to coach the players provided to him. Emery did not get the players he requested, but hopefully Arteta is given input.

  9. If Mari doesnt work out, i hope we get Matvieyenko in the summer. He looks very good and a perfect partner to Salilba who is the towering CB. Matvieyenko is the smaller more nimble CB.

  10. I previously wrote about the group of 27+ year players adding the quality and dressing room experience we require.

    This could be another one in that list. I havent seen him play, I also will see how he will slot in but I feel this is the type of signing we needed.

    Let’s hope it works out the way we all want. I suspect the fans will help him settle in with our support

  11. Welcome to the Gunners family and feel free cuz you’re now at home to work for success… please be a solution to the family not a problem…..

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