Confirmed team as Arsenal take on Leeds – Jesus starts

As Dan keeps saying, we are now officially into “squeaky bum time” in the lead up to the end of the season, and we are all hoping that Arsenal continue their brilliant form from before the international break, and get our seventh straight win in a row when Leeds visit the Emirates.

We do know that we are going to missing Saliba but hopefully his back will recover quickly, but if Holding caries on his good form it should not affect the team too much.

We also know that Arteta doesn’t like changing his starting line-up too much, so I am going to be just a predictable as Arteta and say that this is how we will line up today….

White, Holding, Gabriel, Zinchenko
Xhaka, Partey, Odegaard
Saka, Jesus, Martinelli

And here is Arteta’s choice……

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  1. Should be enough beat Leeds…
    Hopefully gap will back to 8 points…
    Cannot afford to drop points..

    1. Try hesgoal . Tv. May work with a VPN or something if blocked. There are other good ones but the names escape me at the moment.

      1. Unless you have Malwarebytes avoid Totalsportek. Lays phishing code. Get a subscription to Malwarebytes before you use Totalsportek.

  2. Bad news is city win, good news is that this liverpool side are 100% beatable.
    We HAVE to beat them.

    1. Yes… pretty much beatable…
      But it’s Anfield…
      Anything can happen..
      This Liverpool side torn Utd apart

      1. They’ve lost every game since then. It’ll be a hard match no matter what but they’re not a team that are actually as good as consistently battering teams by large margins this season. Every single chance they made that game went in as well.

        1. Liverpool’s season is defined by being their perfect normal selves at home beating City 1-0 and United 7-0 whilst losing just one game to Leeds 2-1 and being abjectly awful away from home which is why I held little hope of them doing us a favour even when they went 1-0 up especially going 1 up that early. At Anfield though they are top drawer still so it is what it is a tough game.

  3. I hope Jesus or Martinelli will be the one on the right wing, because Trossard would likely be too slow to play conventional RW at the beginning of the game

    Arteta doesn’t seem to have learned from Willian’s and Nelson’s performances on the right wing. If Saka is unfit, I’d put Vieira on the right wing if I were Arteta

    We could have difficulties at scoring from open-play in the first 45 minutes of the game, because of the line-up. Hopefully we can score from set-pieces instead

      1. I doubt we’d play with other tactic. I bet White will still play the hybrid right CB/ RB role

  4. According to the lineup, I will like to see more of Jesus on the right wing and Trossard through the middle. We are winning this one. COYG..

  5. City have looked scarily good. And what an amazing bench they had in comparison to ours. Viera? Please! Whatever happens today and at Anfield Arsenal will be snapping away and hopefully City’s Champions League commitments will wear them down.

    1. I am assuming that we will win today, so if we win today and at Anfield and then draw at Eithad then almost title is ours

  6. The Citizens 4 Liverpool 1, that’s a huge win against quality opposition to test our mental strength.

    Jon, this is what the legendary Frenchman always refers to when stating mental strength, your competitor playing before and blowing their opponent out of the water.

    1. Studs to Jesus’s knee is not “very soft”. Reckless unnecessary high challenge. Jesus could have gone down under the first challenge. Definite penalty under the current rules of the game.

  7. Martinelli and Jesus overcomplicate simply things. Trossard is not looking comfortable on the right wing.

    1. Trossard was completely absent in the 1st half except few defensive interceptions…
      It is evident now that he is not comfortable on right wing…
      Jesus should have scored another with his free header…
      It was a big chance…

    1. Hangover from the break I think. As well as maybe the players struggling to establish the connections in light of a changed team. While Leeds have looked dangerous Ramsdale looks sharp today and I hope he gets a clean sheet. I think second half we might show more urgency with some change in positions along the forward line. Jesus might try drifting rightward he may get more chances with Ode operating there.

  8. As predicted, we could only score from a dead-ball situation

    Arsenal should’ve kept Marquinhos as Saka’s backup. Since he isn’t around, they’d better assign Vieira or Cozier-Duberry on the right wing instead of a conventional RW like Trossard and Nelson

    I think Jesus will be replaced by Saka in the second half

    1. I think he might still be on atleast for 70 mins to score another. There were a couple of breakaway opportunities for us if Leeds did not come charging in like that. Second half I believe we will be more fluent with Trossard more central and Jesus more towards the right I think.

      1. Yeah. Hopefully Jesus will be shifted to the right side, because Trossard can’t cut inside effectively nor did he have the pace to reach the byline

    2. Jesus should have scored with his header
      It was free header near 6 yard box…
      And missed that..
      That should have been 1-0…

        1. I think Marquinhos is still not ready to compete Saka…
          We need better competition on that right hand side for Saka..
          I still feel Leon Bailey or Olise would be perfect back up for Saka..
          They both are young and nobody speaks of them…
          Won’t be much costly…

  9. Very slow 1st half..
    Leeds were pretty good upto that penalty for Jesus..
    But Jesus should have scored with his free header…
    We should have been 2-0 ahead by now..
    That was very soft penalty…
    Jesus went down easily…
    Made most of the contact..
    Trossard was absent in the 1st half except few defensive interceptions….
    We need to up our tempo in the 2nd half..
    Have to score at least couple and a clean sheet

  10. It’s Hallelujah time this afternoon at the Ems as Gabby has finally scored in the Epl for Arsenal. Alias through a penalty kick after such a longtime he last scored for Arsenal. I hope his goal in the match will see Leeds defensive resolve in the game breakdown to open up for the Gunners to rain in more goals into their back of the net before full-time.
    Arsenal 4-0 Leeds Utd @full-time.

  11. Shame
    I was just thinking about how goal difference might be important at the end of the season. 🙄

    1. Only three in goal difference two behind in goals scored and one behind goals conceded, we take each game as it goes, eight points clear with eight games left

  12. What has gone wrong with the Arsenal match defending in the Epl which has led them to be conceding in almost every match that they’ve played so far this season? Defensive facilities? L have predicted a 4-0 home win in the match for us today against Leeds. But since the Gunners have conceded a fool to them in the game.. They should brazen up in the match to score their 4th goal in the game. So that us will equalled Man City 4-1 home win against Liverpool earlier today.

    1. third behind City on 26 conceded, and Newcastle on 19, nothing has gone wrong

  13. No after-match article? Anyways great game and Zin and Rambo would be gutted if that hadn’t touched it was a clean catch. But great heart by the team to strive on and get the 4th. Amazing ball by Ode to Boom Boom Henry Cavill who heads in his 5th goal of the season! Great overall team performance and it could have been more but onwards and upwards!!

    1. Odegaard’s vision and cross was superb for Xhaka to score with his head.
      Slow start against Leeds United was a concern.

  14. Probably the writers saw this game as a subdued victory rather infactic one. We are spoiled with intricate passing and beautiful chemistry between players. As a result we are not satisfied with some victories eventhough 3 points are what matter. Some people were even angry that we didn’t keep clean sheet.

  15. It took a while for the machinery to click but this team is making these type of games look routine. As a fan it’s a matter of remaining patient and trusting the lads to find their rythme. Sometimes you also have to ride and make your own luck but that applies to everyone. For example I believe City’s win against Liverpool was founded on Grealish sprinting back an untold amount of metres and saving the day. Without his interception his team would have been 0-2 and just about game over. Also a big thumbs up to Holding. He is holding the fort well.

  16. Holding should be winning these aerial battles against Gakpo..
    We don’t need this long balls head on touches in the feet of Salah or Jota

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