CONFIRMED team for Arsenal at Ludogorets

So here is the confirmed team for Arsenal away at Ludogerets.

It looks like we are going to have two strikers in Sanchez and Giroud, and surprisingly Wenger has also started with Ramsey, despite the Welshman only playing a cameo role at the weekend.I personally would have thought he would only have played half a game, but maybe Wenger intends to take him off at half-time?

It is good to see Jenkinson back in the side as he has earned the chance to callenge Bellerin, and >Gibbs is also aiming tocementhis place ahead of Monreal.

Coquelin and Xhaka give us a solid midfield and Ozil, Giroud and Alexis give us great options upfront. Fingers crossed we will have more than enough firepower in attack.

So here is the confirmed line-up…

Ospina, Jenkinson, Mustafi, Koscielny, Gibbs, Coquelin, Xhaka, Ramsey, Ozil, Alexis, Giroud.



      1. When we have two players on the bench that can very well do well on that wing and give us good edge. Those guys will not be scared to attack us. Sanchez is the only fast player out there that can run when we counter

    1. you live a sad life dont you? you only come here to be sad as soon as the form of one player/ our team goes up you are disappointed as hell xD

  1. Ramsey on the wing I guess? Would’ve liked ozil and/or alexis rested. The NLD is a must win if u ask me, we need a good start to November!

    1. Putting aside the fact that there have been plenty of wins and impressive performances with Ramsey playing on the wing, I’m disappointed with the choice. Would have loved to have seen Ramsey in for Ozil role playing where he excelled in the Euros.

    2. lol absolutely wrong assessment for the start the game where the 6/7game where we played the same 11 started 2 seasons ago i think ars-liv 4-1

  2. Wow really? We have a derby match against a team who haven’t lost in the league this weekend.
    We could play Monreal for Gibbs and Elneny or Ramsey for Coquelin but no lets not rest our key players including Ozil and Sanchez. Then also playing our only back up striker knowing Lucas is out. Lets just hope we could win and the players are injury free and fresh enough come weekend.

  3. And you would be the first to come on here blaming the manager if we slip up and come 2nd in the group, hence facing a much harder opponent in the next round. Smh

  4. For all those going on about dropping Monreal and playing Gibbs, you’ve just seen why that’s a bad idea. I’ll take Nachos couple of bad games over Gibbs any day. Gibbs can’t defend.

    1. was here to say the same. I like Gibbs going forward – he offers a lot there… but he got absolutely done on that second goal. He is simply not very good at 1 v 1 defending.

    2. You’re a fool to believe Nacho would’ve covered that cross, he pretty much loses every duel he gets into. It was Mustafi at fault.

  5. The familiar comments have already started,I said we should focus on this game,maybe someone wasn’t listening.

    1. we might but not the point … we are struggling again against a third tier european team while kidding ourselves that this is the season when we finally put aside the decade of failure …
      giroud ramsey jenks gibbs at the end of the day are mid table quality

        1. thats right pathetic fans want their team to win stuff … what a weird thing to be … only 4th place junkies are real supporters … as to the idolisation of ramsey …well of course its part of being a 4th place junkie … copenhagen basel beisktas rostov have all qualified for the CL so did zagreb et al… but top teams rarely screw up against them and certainly not every damn season

          1. chelsea liv spurs man u bayern have lost to basel in the last 5 years , barca lost to celtic, man city drew with celtic, Krasnodar beat dortmund etc. etc.
            if you dont know better better keep you mouth shut.. you obviously dont know anything about managing expectation, support and accolade.. with this mentality of yours you will only upset every friend/family and people you expect something from.. but what am i trying to teach to a conservative small-minded football fan.. football fans are generally not the brightest out there

            1. yawn … keep looking up google its all your knowledge of the game amounts too … youve been wrong every bloody season ive been on this site

      1. It’s called Champions League for a reason. Every team here fought hard an entire season to make it and it is foolish to underestimate any of them, especially at home

      1. i just dont get the hate, its not that the fans who dont like him are wrong he IS a showboat and he tends to be selfish but i always think that in every team there needs to be that one guy who can be selfish and for some matches that one will be the most important.. i hate robben but a great quality of him is that he is selfish and sometimes thats the missing ingredient

        1. @Krish
          Besides Ozil and Santi, Aaron is our only other “unpredictable” player…When it works, it’s a good thing. But when it doesn’t…

  6. and what is with ΓΆzil and the volleys this season πŸ˜€ did you see his awesome volley which was blocked? πŸ˜€

    1. Yes, looked like he hit it perfectly. Just defender got in the way.

      This is still our match, we are back in square 1. One goal in a quickly fashion will make Ludogorets come out of their shell.

  7. For me,Wenger should have used the same tactics he used against sunderland. Hopefully we get something out of this

    1. imo the tactics werent the problem of the 2 goals they scored, we were surprised and just didnt defend well and its normal its impossible to always keep a clean sheet

  8. You have got to now accept that Olivier brings his own unique qualities to the team. Great cross from Ramsey, great goal by OG,

  9. There is a wave of so called supporters here that just waits for things to go wrong to pounce on their keyboards and insult players and the manager. Even in victory they complain..

    1. yeah this side has a real steel on to it that lets you believe that they wont falter and will just play their game and dont care about the score πŸ™‚

  10. Ozil has been the best player so far. I think if Wenger also rested him, and we were 2-0 down, we would’ve lost.

  11. I still think Ramsey should not play on the wing…somehow the game does not feel right with him there…

    1. not sure hes got so many doubters at this point. If so, they are hiding right now. That was pure class.

  12. As predicted, matchday 5 will most likely be decisive match. We’ll need a win to make things easy for us. Good job to come back today though! Had a good feeling we would be able to do it. It was much harder than we wanted, but I think it will only benefit us later on. Shows this team doesn’t give up πŸ˜€

    1. I am sorry all of you Ramsey lovers but your boy is hot garbage..I don’t think I have ever seen anyone be the catalyst for our opponents counter attack than him..he is a cup player, nothing you start him over Iwobi or even Ox I do not know..he must be the greatest practice player ever..mind boggling

      1. here we go, whenever things dont go our way, it’s always somehow magically down to Ramsey. Gibbs was terrible, and Koscielny was surprisingly off today, but it all comes down to Ramsey, obviously. Xhaka had a slow game in midfield overall, you won’t mention that. And before you say he scored, Ramsey assisted (also not shocked you didn’t bring that up). Alexis was worse than Ramsey today too. Ozil was really our only good attacker, Giroud decent. How you decide that Ramsey is the “hot garbage” player of the day is baffling when there were so many players that had off games today. Would Ox have done better today? You can’t say for certain, because Ox is probably the king of letdowns in this entire squad… I’m no Ramsey lover, but you are clearly a Ramsey hater who has something bad to say every time he touches the ball. Wouldn’t be surprised if you got upset when he sent in that lovely ball for Giroud.

        1. No idiot I actually praised him..answer this, who lost the ball high up the pitch in both of their goals? who was consistently in the middle of the park leaving Jenkins on exposed all game? One good pass does not make up for two goals, giving the ball away in dangerous positions at least 7 times, leaving our right back hopelessly exposed after a year not playing and slowing down our attacks by ALWAYS taking his first touch away from goal

        2. You obviously weren’t paying attention close next time maybe keep your dim witted comments to yourself

  13. Now we can enjoy the night,then focus on spurs. We definitely need to beat PSG at home,that’s one of the safest way to top this group. It would help our mentality going further in the round of 16. Speaking of mentality,some of our fans are mentally fragile,luckily they are not the ones going out on the pitch.

  14. Someone tell me Hector will be fit for Spurs game, because Jenko just hasn’t got it. I literally have never seen him play well…accident waiting to happen

    1. @Charlie Nick
      It seems as though Carl and Chambers are cut from the same cloth when it comes to defending. They both rely on strong arm tactics…

      1. His crosses were great but Ramsey didn’t even attempt to help him by being out of position and not getting back fast enough when he would inevitably give the ball away..Jenks will be fine, you can tell he is not fully match fit

  15. if there is anything we learnt today its

    Jenkinson is match-rusty
    Gibbs hasn’t shown why he should be starting ahead of Monreal
    and most importantly, starting Giroud is a bad idea, his lack of mobility and pace makes our attack blunt and one-dimensional (side passes, more side passes and more side passes and cross), no penetration.

    hopefully alexis gets some rest cos he looks so jaded, wenger should have started him instead upfront with Ox on the right, then bring in Giroud and Ramsey early in 2nd half when the pace of our attack must have given us a comfortable lead.

    1. @Wilshegz
      Yet, it was Olivier who tracked back and won the ball, enabling Elneney to put Ozil through on goal…

      1. probably he did that n scored a header but it’s so obvious u can’t deny it, arsenal’s attack is one dimensional and outta ideas when the pointman is Giroud.

        That game was our worst performance by our attack this season against a team that didn’t park the bus.
        we lacked mobility upfront.

  16. Excellent Team selection considering upcoming games. Needed the returning players to get match sharpness. However our best team is the team we played against Chelsea.
    Also feel more comfortable with Nacho in his overall defending.

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