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CONFIRMED team for Arsenal v Chelsea – A new back three for the future!

So we are getting closer to this absolutely massive game and I simply can’t wait. The butterflies are getting stronger!

Arsenal v Chelsea is one of the biggest games of the year for me, and although we have a very makeshift defence it reminds me of the FA Cup Final when Mertesacker played his first game of the season and we still beat them.

So here is the team that We predicted earlier…

Bellerin  Chambers  Mustafi  Maitland-Niles
Iwobi  Xhaka  Wilshere
Ozil  Lacazette  Alexis

And here is the Confirmed team…

I don’t see any differences except the formation means Holding joins Chambers and Mustafi in the three at the back, and Iwobi drops to the bench.

I am keen to see how this defence works out against the Chelsea team, as we all hope that this is the future line-up once Koscielny Monreal retire, which won’t be long.

Otherwise we don’t look very weakened at all. I have a good feeling about this game….


92 thoughts on “CONFIRMED team for Arsenal v Chelsea – A new back three for the future!


    What needs to happen for Wenger to drop Xhaka??????? Coquelin or Elneny would have been better

    1. muffdiver

      massive game for chambers and i noti..wait…IWOBI?!
      xhaka in the middle again..

      u know i remember being kicked in the testicles for the first time…it was a warm summers day 1997 the tr…anyway i learned from that
      wenger u should not need someone to chun-li spinning bird kick into you hairy gonads to see that theres players that have not warranted there places

      you must know something we dont…hope your right

      im nervous

      1. muffdiver

        HOLY SHI*
        chambers and holding with mr bottler himself as our defence
        this is ballsy

        give the old man his due
        takes troy deeneys: that does

  2. Vijay

    thats defence of ours wow!
    hope chambers and holding put in a great shift and make that permanent

  3. John

    I like this team selection……..young defensive team……….give the future a chance in a big game……….good luck Arsenal,…….

    1. Alkali

      ?? I’m honestly shaking in my boots, I’m glad my Chelsea buds ain’t coming over for the game.

  4. Tatgooner

    Banter lineup.
    Seeing chambers holding mustafi maitland niles starting must surely be an epic feeling for conte.
    Morata hazard and pedro willrun riot and quash this team like bugs

    1. muffdiver

      eat a mans appendage .do it slowly and with the commodores playing in the background

      WE CAN WIN~!!!

  5. GunnerWin

    must say its great to see 4 english boys playing!..however, i am not looking forward to hazard and morata running at that defence. Chambers will struggle with the pace of their game i think.

    But look great in attack, so lets go COYG

  6. gotanidea

    I predicted the same line-up and the same formation, it turns out to be 100% accurate. I knew Wenger will apply man-marking to Chelsea players, like what he did in their previous encounter and he did the same thing to Manchester City (use the same 4-3-3, which failed badly, because City players were to agile to be man-marked).

    I will predict about the result, it would be 2-1 for Arsenal. Because this match would a podium for the expiring contract rebels like Sanchez, Wilshere and Ozil, to showcase their abilities in front of Conte. COYG….

  7. Rkw

    At least NM is in position … but xhaka and bellerin are going to have to do a Bonnie and Clyde before being dropped …. xhaka can’t match kante and bellerin will struggle with their pace men … I just hope they put in 80 per cent of effort that man city players seem willing to do … if we can contain hazard and morata we have a chance but it’s going to be though!

  8. Innit

    I think Wenger believes he MUST play Xhaka every match because he paid £35 million for him. That’s one of his problems. He has too much faith in his average players. Xhaka has been very average this season.

    I would play Coquelin and Wilshere instead of Xhaka and Wilshere.

    Also Niles should not play on the left. He has played RW, RB and central midfield. Wenger is making the same mistake he did with Oxlade. Instead of playing Ox on the right or centre, he played him lw or lwb. Oxlade hated that. Oxlade was our best squad player and he could have made RW his own last season if given the chance

    1. All 3 CB are actual CB specialists innit
    2. Ozil, Lacazette and Alexis is our best attack
    3. Wilshere behind Ozil is his best position. Wilshere will work very hard to get the ball forward to Ozil

    Anyway, i shouldn’t be ranting. Its game time soon innit

    Lets just hope we WIN

    1. gotanidea

      Actually Chamberlain prefers a central position than a wing position. That was why he moved, he believed he could have better chance playing in a central position under Klopp’s guidance.

      He also believed he would be much a better player if playing centrally. Too bad he gave up on Arsenal and Wenger, like Van Persie, Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy, etc.

      But I am happy that they finally can get major trophies with their new clubs, something that Arsenal and Wenger could never give. Whereas Arsenal fans have to wait for more than thirteen years to get another major trophy…

  9. Eat Pie

    1. Glad there is no Iwobi starting
    2. Would have preferred back four
    3. Would prefer De Buchy to Bellerin
    4. Would prefer Coq to Xhaka

  10. Grandad

    Given the injury situation Wenger had little room to manoeuvre. However let’s give him credit for playing Holding instead of Mert. Forecast draw.

    1. pires

      the problem is the back three tactics.Even the players compalined about it and I DO (you are seeing that i can critisize wenger)

  11. shark

    Unless a miracle happens, it will end at least 0-3. Cech is older that all the defenders together, the defense is inexperienced (Wenger’s excuse if we lose), no DM to protect the defense or to recoup Alexis’s lost balls. If Chelsea will neutralize Ozil, it’s done for us. On the other hand, it’s the best line-up that we can have.

    1. Eat Pie

      Agree with most of what you said, but definitely not our best line up.

      Coq should be playing this game, maybe we dominate possession, but Xhaka can’t tackle or read danger. For me.this is where we lose the game,because Wenger won’t drop Xhaka for Coq.

      1. shark

        In the last games it seemed that Coq is played out of any position. He doesn’t look anymore like the DM that we brought back from loan. Also, we all know that Wenger is not dropping Xhaka no matter how many assists (for the opponents 🙂 ) he has.

  12. Sue

    One thing’s for certain… Cech isn’t getting his 200th clean sheet tonight!!
    Glad Ozil’s back & glad Iwobi isn’t starting

  13. sfgunner

    even though its january 3rd, theseason seems to be on the line oday. win and defend your home, you have a good chance to finish top 4, loose or draw, it feels like a sinking boat. I knew the year Klopp, Mou, Conti and Pep were signed that it was a new age coming. Competition for top 4 is very tough now. Used to be if we played, we made it to 4, if we played decent, we made it to 3, if we really played well, 2nd, and when we were invinsible, we won the league. Those days are gone.

  14. Anko

    These days you don’t know what you get with Arsenal anymore irrespective of the players. I just wish us well.

  15. Ackshay

    Arsenal playing beautiful football, ozil and alexis look very game on today. Lacazette a little isolated but he was bought to be that selfish striker that shoots instead of sideways passing.
    Niles is a gem, when kola return he can be played in central midfield he will bring more to our core than xhaka. A niles- Ramsey Base is good with Ramsey being more disciplined this season.

    1. Ackshay

      Defense is shaky but its the 1st time this back 5 is playing together against a good morata and hazard. Cech is saving us the match

  16. Rkw

    Please please sell xhaka this January …he is a joker …only wenger would play this guy regularly … With him and bellerin it’s like ten against eleven

  17. GB

    We should have re-signed Fabregas when we had the chance.
    I was against it at the time but he is class!

  18. Rkw

    Decent half of football … Both teams should have scored but we look more vulnerable at the back … Ozil,best player on pitch … Hope that’s not the shop window …bellerin and xhaka should not be in this team

    1. gunnerman8701

      He’s actually kept us in the game for a change. The last time he was this decent was his first season with us.

  19. Avenger

    And that’s all for the first half. Laca can not find the ball
    players at the front to far away only 2 shoots in the first half
    Arsenal have to be more aggressive !!!!

  20. waal2waal

    …i think jack is playing well i had doubted he could return to this level – i was wrong. seems also maitland niles is a cool calm influence on young shoulders he is doing a fine job too #COYG

  21. gunnerman8701

    Ozil makes me mad! He’s such an amazing player! Why can’t he run the game like this consistently????

    1. It it Rkw

      Then xhaka gives ball away … They should score … Fing unbelievable … Just need a new manager asap … The man has no clue

  22. Eat Pie

    No contact and they get a penalty, when Niles goes down they don’t give it.

    Refs have it out for Arsenal.

  23. waal2waal

    …in our last game someone pointed out that czech need only stay in the middle to save penalties – had he done so he may have been spared the indignity of being found out on so many occasions with routinely diving in the totally wrong direction. we need ozil to step things up and laca to finish this once and for all. #COYG

  24. Ackshay

    Bs pen again, ref are clearly playing against us. Worse they aren’t even hiding their bias now.
    I really hope now that some crazy arsenal fans beat the shit out of them. They dont answer for any mistakes they do so its unfortunately the only way they will learn not too f##k with us.

  25. It it Rkw

    Sad … We played well but with a shit manager we will never get back to the top … He should resign after this … 4th place out of site ….

  26. waal2waal

    we’re not quite there yet are we – we need more quality. sanchez is our weapon but we need something else to add to our offensive. greater stability in central mid has been a concern too. its at this stage i find myself in a suppressed depression. what a gooaaal!!!!

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