Confirmed team for Everton v Arsenal – Elneny in place of Koscielny??

This is an absolute massive game in Arsenal’s race for the Top Four, and the only reason we are not more confident is because we are playing away from home, where we have had an awful record recently, no matter the opposition. If we can get all three points it will give us a bit more confidence for the other four away games to come….

I fully expected Unai Emery to play his very best starting XI in this must-win game for the Gunners, and this is the team that I predicted he would choose this afternoon…..


And we now have the confirmed team that Emery chose that has been published on Sky’s twitter page…

Leno, Sokratis, Elneny, Monreal, Mustafi, Mkhitaryan, Ozil, Maitland-Niles, Kolasinac, Guendouzi, Lacazette.

Well we called Aubameyang completely wrong and so Laca will be leading the line. And has Elneny really been out in the back four? Or is he making up a three-man midfield with Guendouzi and Mhki? I am thoroughly confused!



  1. Obviously I hope Rambo & Auba come on at some point… Ramsey loves scoring & assisting against Everton!!! COYG

  2. El – blooming- neny? Oh no! In Gods name why? HE WOULD BE THE VERY LAST NAME I would ever pick in the whole squad. Sorry but after seeing this line up I predict a defeat.

    1. You can’t be sure which Arsenal will turn up….
      Have Patience… We may go win this game .

      1. But it shows our lack of depth when our best players are unfit. No other top four rival has complete dross like Elneny in their squad and is why I think we are still outsiders to make top four. Had we OUR BEST PLAYERS FIT, I would have said differently. A player of Elnenys very limited ability is right for a championship side, IMO.

        1. Think other way around that Emery might resting Ramsey and Aubameyang for Napoli game…. That game much tougher than Everton

  3. I guess, Mustafi, Sokratis and Monreal as CB
    AMN and Kolasinac as Wing Backs
    Elnenny and Guendozi as CM
    And Mkhitaryan Ozil as Behind Striker
    Little light weight in Midfield… Hope we can cope against Sigurðsson Bernad and company

  4. ….. Elneny, Ozil and Guendouzi in the midfield…..damn, this is not good enough. I am very nervous.

  5. A bit annoying that again we don’t see laca ozil and auba starting ,seeing that the last month they started looking like a proper front trio.
    Like some others have pointed out that midfield does not fill you with confidence.

  6. Incredibly disappointed seeing this line-up. No Ramsey. Elneny starting. Leichsteiner on bench. Hope Emery proves me wrong.

  7. emerys treatment of dino is a disgrace,mustafi,lichtsteiner r deadwood……

  8. Agree Trudeau.Lichsteiner and Jenkinson on the bench but no Mavroponas who travelled?Emery is apparently playing it safe with the likes of Kocielney ,Xhaka and Ramsay after minor injuries but this is as important a match as the Napoli game, if not more vital?A top four spot is to me a priority over the Europa Cup.

    1. That’s the big disappointment. Jenkinson and Leichsteiner bring virtually the same to the bench. Why not Mavraponas?

  9. reine-adelaide ,ismael bennacer, flying now they left never given a chance,

  10. We know Emery is unpredictable but wow… this is a very experimental lineup, now I don’t know what he sees in training so I’ll respect it for now. But again, wow…

      1. Well… their replacements don’t fill me with confidence #sigh it’s looking like another bad day for us today

  11. Guendouzi already off to a rough start. Don’t like this midfield. Why did we get Suarez? This would’ve been a good game to start him.

  12. It’s not new that Ozil doesn’t do well in away games and yet he started him today.. stupid decision so far. A lightweight midfield and an Ozil is a recipe for disaster….

  13. Get elneny off that pitch. If under a little bit of pressure he passes backward scared and puts our defence in danger.

  14. He needs to change something ,no threat going forward and that midfield 2 is weak AF,Kevin friend looks like he can’t wait to send one of our players off ,can just see it coming .

    1. The ref is disgustingly biased, we make 2 tactical fouls 2 yellow cards, Andre gomes makes 2 tactical fouls nothing.
      Yes we are playing bad but that is no excuse for ref being biased.

  15. What a bad start…. not working whatever way Unai has them set up!! They are bossing us tbh

  16. now sokratis is suspended next two matches. this can easily become the game everything falls apart.

      1. Exactly Everton can play rough and hard without repercussions but we are punished every time. No wonder they are all over us.
        Press high and play rough and if we evade their press tactical foul the player especially lacazette because the ref is with them.

      2. I did tell you this weeks ago that we’ll be getting some terrible decisions this stage of the season, this is all instigated by Mike Riley. Just look at referee Friend’s performance in this first half. He’s given us absolutely nothing. His whole body language shows signs of bias. He knew Sokratis was facing a two match ban and couldn’t wait to book him. This bias behaviour will carry on until Riley is forced out and a whole new set of officials are appointed.

  17. When will these millionaire footballers learn how to take throw ins .. ffing embarrassing we lose 50 per cent of our own throw ins

  18. Wrong team selection is costing us dear. The woeful Elneny is blundering around all over the wrong place and clearly out of his depth. Woeful general defending for their goal and out two wing backs forced to stay deep as we stupidly played two creative but non hard working players in midfield. Ramsey should have started , if he is fit enough to be on the bench then he is fit enough to start. Emery clearly messed up this selection and a blind man could have forseen that we would be under pressure with so little oomph in central midfield, too much lack of pace at back and Laca isolated with no service up front. Top four then? No way, imo. I WOULD LOVE TO BE EATING MY WORDS LATER ON BUT REALLY DONT SEE IT HAPENING. As a realist!

  19. Sometimes the coach gets the selection wrong
    He can’t play his best team in two or three matches. He keeps on changing players in every match which Will no guarantee consistent performance. Playing away from home yuu need players that can give better performance not elneny, guendo and mustaphy.these are weaker players in the team. All the same l wish them good luck

  20. This is the type of game where ozil won’t shine because of the way emery as set the team up .one of the leagues top scorers on the bench ,strange decision.

  21. we are playing crap right now, i hope second half will be better. Emery better get his substitutes right cos i smell a red card coming.

  22. Didn’t think it was possible to see a player lose the ball more than iwobi ,but elneny take a bow son .

    1. Yet another prime example of how useless our refs are!
      Well that first half was absolute ???? worst we’ve played in a while… to top it off I’m really pi**ed off….. come on UE… Auba & Ramsey on please, it’s not working & I don’t want to kiss goodbye to the top 4 just yet

  23. I’m all for passing from the back but you need to have players with quality to do it. Elneny mustafi ghendouzi etc are not up to the challenge.
    Anyway thank God for Socrates

  24. Surely if Ramsey isn’t fit than you bring in Suarez who is the closest thinget to a like for like change. Why we are playing five at the back and two holding midfielders is beyond me. Only consolation is Emery has proven he’ll make changes at halftime.

  25. This midfield is getting slaughtered. Predictably so the second the lineup came out. Suarez or Ramsey need to be HT subs. I don’t know what Ozil’s role is in this particular game. He’s been too lightweight today and it seems the only way Laca is going to score is from a Kolasinac cross. Guendouzi has been completely ineffective since getting a yellow the first few minutes too Bad, bad first half.

  26. A typical, shit away performance. Am not surprised, I k ew this was how it was going to be once I saw Guendozi on the line up. The player is the most overrated youngster I’ve seen at Arsenal. For all the hype he gets he does jack squat on the pitch. I never thought I’d say this but, I miss Xhaka!

  27. Really bad selection of players , why give Eleney his first PL start during this crucial period ? I won’t even start him on the bench as he has never been Arsenal quality ! Why a midfield of Ozil , MK , Guen & Eleney ? Out of these 4 , none can defend , this team is out of balance !

  28. the sad thing is everton r a piss poor side,but we started with 9 men, guess who ……..

  29. There must be someone in the under 14s who could take mustafis place ,absolute liability ….

  30. after this game AMN should b dropped to the under 10s ,shameful player mentally challenged lad……

  31. Awful performance we don’t deserve anything from the game. I can’t believe I’m laughing at it as I can’t remember a save Pickford has made

  32. Game exposes limits of emery’s managerial style am sorry to say … u can get so far with endless tinkering that’s the truth of modern football

    1. How on earth can you blame Emery for the players putting in that performance on the actual pitch? You can lead a horse to water but you can’t force him to drink it…

      1. Coz this kind of management doesn’t produce cohesion … we go through boom and busts … it’s fragile football … and emery is to blame for that … which game leads to a downturn u never know but it’s going to happen

  33. Fair play to Emery. He’s certainly worked quickly with this squad. Took Wenger 20 years to get to this stage.Same old Arsenal Hey please do your thing Help me find my missing friend an arsenal fan he was last seen here at Goodinson Park 11mins ago at the Everton vs Arsenal game

  34. Awful game with awful set up & tactics!! All wrong but our away form is something to worry about… Naples away to Napoli, bully us!! Quite obv we have had a decent season considering the squad we have & what Unai has had to work with but he has just been as guilty of a few loses as the players have been this season. Summer will tell alot as we need quite a few signings! Well done Everton deserved the win

  35. If you think arsenal deserved anything from that game then you are either deluded or just plain stupid. We got what we deserved,NOTHING. If you think I’m wrong then say so

  36. dat team against burnley away “lets b havin you” arsenal a team of cry babies,napoli away,watford away etc etc

  37. iwobi caused problems when he came on,but he couldnt outrun coleman whose only got 1 gammy leg…….

    1. Iwobi did more than Ozil and Miki in 15 minutes. He is a decent squad player at best .We have a lot of below par players who are very unbalanced . Compare each arsenal player with their counterpart in Everton and you will see they surpass us at every position except the GK and ST.
      On paper Arsenal should be the hungrier of the two teams who played today as the have a mission but the reverse is what i witnessed ,
      A new CB,LB,RB AM ,CM,LW,RW are needed . We have so many passengers in this team who are stealing a living and making a mockery of the badge . Players like Elneny ,Miki,Monreal,Mustafi ,Lich and even Ozil need to be replaced with either academy players or equally good replacements

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