Confirmed teams for Arsenal v Burnley – Ozil, Laca and Auba up front

So the Gunners take on the Clarets at the Emirates today in a game that should be easy for Arsenal, except for the fact that we have hardly any recognised defenders left.

Here is the team I predicted earlier in my Arsenal v Burnley Preview


And here is Emery’s selection….

I can’t say I’m unhappy that Maitland-Niles is starting ahead of Lichtsteiner, although he is another one playing out of position, but VERY surprised that Elneny comes in for Torreira, although the Uruguayan did say the other day that he wasn’t used to playing so many games so he is probably getting a bit in need of a rest.

Xhaka is back in his rightful position in the middle of the field, and we have the so-called dream team of Ozil, Auba and Laca up front. If all three of them come back into form today we should be in for a treat!

Come on you Gunners!


Updated: December 22, 2018 — 11:39 am


  1. Team enough to get a win. COYG

  2. Glad to see Kolasinac 😍 and Ozil.back! Hope Auba & Laca bury their chances….

  3. @ Sue
    I hope you’ll be smiling after the game for Arsenal’s sake our club is wobbling

    1. I hope we all will be Jah Son!

  4. Good to see captain Ozil back.

  5. You won’t know until the match starts, I hope Xhaka’s not the CB, I prefer Elneny there over him any day… Torreira shouldn’t even play today, we’ll need him on Wednesday and Saturday against Liverpool. Still again with the 5 man defense, Lol… Well I’ll take the win

    1. Guys I have a weird and kinda scary thoughtπŸ˜• What if Torriera plays on Wed gets a yellow card and misses the Liverpool game? What manner of f##ery is this??πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I change my mind, let him come on today and get that Yellow so he doesn’t play on Wed.😸

    2. If Torreira plays vs Brighton and picks up a yellow he will miss Liverpool.

      1. Oh Christ!! We can’t go to Anfield without that little beast

        1. The Brighton game is more important, no-one will be surprised if liv beat us. Even if we play our best performance with a full team, no-one would be surprised we still lose. Today’s points and Brighton’s points we need to take care of, then we see if we can get lucky at Anfield. The most important thing is going up to pool with two recent wins. I get why people suggest that yellow, it would be smart, but I don’t think we are in that position to pick and choose our best players for league games.

    3. GuysI change my mind, let Torreira come in today later and let him get a yellow because I have a weird and kinda scary thought, what if Torreira plays on Wed and gets a yellow card and misses the Liverpool game?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚What manner of Fvckery will that be?

  6. Good to see he’s gone back to a back four and Xhaka in midfield again.

  7. Emery make another mistake today xhaka is not centre back.

    1. Xhaka is not in CB

      1. He is one of the worst players I remember at Arsenal and in combo with elneny it’s a non midfield … Enough to beat burnley but nowhere close to a CL combo

        1. We’ve had so many dreadful players but I don’t see the point of him tbh.We are wasting AMN at RB and people tell you it’s good he plays there because he’s a utility man.A young player learns new things in a position he plays and it will be better for him to learn those things at CM.Remember also that the more he impresses Unai at RB, in Emery’s eyes the more he stays there.Also,Unai can’t wait for him to fully develop into a star because in a normal circumstance he’s in Arsenal to win things not to milk players.If this is the case why not use this season to determine if AMN is good enough at CM.This will inform him on to spend the money for a new CM and the kind of CM to buy since Ramsey is leaving.

  8. Where is Alex? A lot of people will not be happy this morning 😱

    1. He’s on the bench!!!

  9. Three grafters behind Ozil, lets see how he fares today.
    I hope he does well, this formation is specially made for him imo…
    The trio behind him have to do all the work defensively giving him all the freedom he needs

  10. Let’s go got it morale boasting win 4-0 my prediction

  11. Ozil will score today sue πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜

  12. Kolasinac assist πŸ˜‰

    1. But pure 24k class from ozil

  13. You see passes like that are what Iwobi and Mhiki can never do… And some people on here will keep saying he’s worse than Mhiki and Iwobi.. Pure hatred won’t let you speak the truth, Ozil has to go but until he leaves, There are some matches that we can’t bench him

    1. πŸ‘

  14. πŸ‘πŸ‘

  15. One headless chicken (iwobi) for another headless chicken (Elneny)

    1. Elneny is just bang average, he was OK as a squad player. now guendouzi has to take his place and we need to buy a ready made midfielder to partner torreira.

      I don’t mind an isco signing also

  16. Worse sue just worse

  17. How the hell did he get a contract xtension?!

  18. We were missing kolasinac help un attack

  19. Kolasinac is playing like a beast

  20. Who got contract extension??

  21. WTF is going on another injury

  22. Xhaka elneny and maitland niles make Iwobi seem like the quickest witted player in the team … We can’t have players like this in Arsenal team anymore … We need a midfield that complements attack … This is 90s football .. Watched bits of pool and Dortmund yday .. And we should be aiming higher to be frank …and it’s shocking how low energy AFC is … Understand this is a sad legacy from wenger era but should have seen a change by now …

    1. Agree to a certain extent but WTF is Emery
      supposed to do with the collection of AVERAGE
      talent that he inherited and an owner unwillingly
      to financially support him from. Xhaka, El Neny,
      AMN, Iwobi, Welbeck, Mustafi, Ramsey aren’t
      suddenly going to blossom into WC players.
      They’ve NEVER been good enough for Arsenal
      and quite frankly NEVER will.

      Keep in mind that Liverpool spent more on VVD,
      the best CB in the world ATM, than Emery was
      given to spend the entire summer.

      GN was right in his assessment that it’s going to
      take a few transfer windows before we can
      judge the real impact of Emery, Sven and Raul
      @ AFC!

  23. Elneny of coz

  24. I just love the rough play of sokratis, lich, torreira, kolasinac, xhaka. No more soft gunners.
    Even Guendouzi is no soft kid despite his age

    1. Me too…. Sokratis doesn’t take any cr*p

  25. Arsenal fan base are full of winers, even when winning. It is pathetic, go support Man United or another.

    1. You lead them

    2. Pathetic go support a team with low ambition like stoke where fans do not expect improvement. This season our aim is 3rd place but to improve on that we need a better midfield to challenge Liverpool and city.

      1. It’s because of fans like him that some players will never improve.Its kind of shameful that people don’t hold this team to a very high standard such that it’s made to look like we are being gifted a good performance instead of warranting them.

        1. And it is because of your endless wining here they will improve, even when winning. Learn to enjoy football, life generally and stop been frustrated every time. Some of you only have satisfaction when you criticize certain players even when they are doing not wrong in a match.

          1. Learn to read and understand people’s comments instead of basing your judgement on assumption.We have some very bad players and until they are sold we will win nothing major.This season is about top four so we can afford to have them in the team but from next season we need to sell them.If you want success you need to go hard.

    3. It’s because of people like you that players refuse to improve.Its because youre always content with less even though there can be more.The more a player and team are criticized the more they try to also improve to probe them wrong.

    4. winners?
      winners or whiners?
      There’s a difference lol

    5. You are happy with a team holding on at home against a team in the bottom three … Jesus with fans like you …

  26. Finally, leading at half time.

  27. Very nice play from Ozil. Thought Xhaka was brilliant as well before he was shifted to CB. AMN and Kolasinac playing well too.

  28. Auba Auba Auba!!!

  29. I don’t why arsenal fans always hate on xhaka even when he gives decent performance.Xhaka and kolasinac both are improving under improving and have potential to be really gud players for us

    1. I see it too mate. Xhaka and Torriera appreciate the others higher points. Kolasinac adds steel and he helps attacking players as much as any other player does. Our control in many games, when we control the tempo and dictate the play, Xhaka esp and Kolasinac have been apart of that in a big way.

  30. Nice one, Auba and Laca still have their gentleman’s agreement.

  31. Lacazette has to be the most unlucky striker this season. There always someone or something that prevents him from scoring. It’s always nearly in

  32. mickmematethemasterfarter

    xhaka no sense of danger pub player at best,.

  33. My god I thought our defense was clueless under wenger but some of this is suicidal ….

  34. Dirty git Ashley Barnes

  35. Iwobi on for Laca jeez πŸ™„

  36. Emery must recognise the defensive weakness of Arsenal.
    We are very strong going forward and pretty good in midfield.
    Often this is wasted because we are so susceptible defensively.
    Its the same pattern every game – time to ditch Wenger’s defence and build a new one….

  37. Iwobiiiii!!!!!, I don’t know what I’m seeing, yaaaay!!!!!

  38. I have been trusting emery for subs boy today I slapped my self Iwobi for lacca’s about time lacca finishes a game for his confidence

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