Confirmed Teams for Arsenal v Huddersfield – Laca and Auba start together

So now we are aiming for our 21st ubeaten game in a row, and Arsenal fans are expecting a very easy time today against a Huddersfield side that are struggling to get out of the relegation zone.

The injuries are starting to pile up, and with Monreal and Ramsey still being doubts, and Mesut Ozil still in limbo with a bad back it was hard to choose a team from those available. Mavropanos is still out for a while along with Holding and Welbeck, but we can hope to see captain Laurent Koscielny in the squad for the first time this season.

So here is the team I predicted earlier….
Bellerin  Sokratis  Mustafi  Kolasinac
Xhaka Torreira
Mhkitaryan Iwobi Aubameyang

And here is the team that has just been confirmed on….


So the boss is sticking with 5 at the back, which seems to be his favoured line-up at the moment, but with Litchsteiner replacing Holding. I certainly don’t think that’s a bad idea, and it is great to see Monreal return as well, even if it is only on the bench….

This should be more than enough to over-run Huddersfield don’t you think?


Updated: December 8, 2018 — 2:06 pm


  1. Thank f..k iwobis not starting ,not sure my eyes could take another 90mims of his dazzling footwork

    1. Hurrah! Hurrah!! Dazzling footwork ???

    2. He’ll be instrumental coming off the bench. Watch and see ?

      1. I’ll watch but I’m not sure I’ll see it ?

      2. I was told last match he was going be on fire
        Actually tbh I’ve been waiting a few years now for him to show us how good he his ………..still haven’t seen it

          1. It is out of objectivity one would say Iwobi hasn’t impressed cam’on

          2. yeah we can see how those on the pitch have impressed so far

  2. Auba & Laca ?
    Where’s Ozil????
    Come on Arsenal ?

    1. Finally Laca and Auba starting together as strikers! Ozil is playing Fortnite, remember? ? but at home against a weak 17th placed team we won’t miss him.

      1. Haha how could I forget??!! ??
        Well QD I hope we get the job done, as the bench ain’t the greatest!!

        1. Yes, today’s game is a definite win for me. Bench may not be impressive, but it’s sure nice to have Koscielny and Monreal on it.

          1. True… been a while!!

  3. I wonder if we are using a three back system but that to me limits our attacking efficiency.We are better when using four at the back.

    1. We just battered Spurs with 3 at the back, scoring 4, and creating so many opportunities, and we just scored 2 at Utd, could have easily have scored 4 what with Auba’s point blank shot, and Miki at the near post, and we created other chances as well. This was against 2 quality sides, and Spurs have one of the best defences around! I’d say we look even better attacking wise with 3 at the back.

      It’ll be good to see how 3 at the back fairs against an easier opponent.

      1. We pass out from the back better, when we go with three CB’s, and wing-backs widening the pitch.

        1. I believe we will beat Huddersfield but we are far better using a four back system.This three back system is more suited for Kolasinac(LWB) than any of our players hence why a lot has come down his side.Kola was a WB but unfortunately he’s not like those who are good at playing LB and LWB.

      2. I think Emery must be changed formation when Laca came on.We struggled to create clear cut chances when we were at Utd prior to coming on of Laca who is more of a goalscorer.At Bournemouth I felt we made things difficult for ourselves with the formation.We could’ve easily thrashed them with a four back system.

    2. Not necessarily, Holding used to push up ahead when playing 3 at the back. If our opponents do not give us a lot of trouble our defenders can bomb foward.

    3. I wonder why people always complain. Kev, if you think you know better than our coach why waste your talent posting on Justarsenal? Put it to work elsewhere and allow Unai to do his work.

      1. Not complaining.Just stating my opinion.I’ve also not said anywhere I know better than Unai Emery or even spoken in a way which implies such.

  4. Looks like 532 or 352.

    Come on you Arsenal! Good luck lads.

  5. Will be interesting to see how Torreira, Guendozi and Xhaka line up in the middle. Can’t see it working myself but a good time to try it

  6. Am very happy with the line up today! Couldn’t have asked for anything to be changed. 3 points COYG!

  7. This is not going to be a easy game,I think we will struggle to create anything in the middle and on the wings,how many matches have we played without Ozil,so please stop saying it as if he’s something special.

  8. There seems to be a lack of creativity in the middle
    Also very defensive with 5 defenders plus Torreira and Guendouzi
    So I think this will be a low scoring match

    I still expect us to pull out a win

    1. Yes, Emery is too cautious by using five in the back again

      But maybe it is 3-4-1-2, instead of 3-4-2-1?

      ….Lichtsteiner . Mustafi . Sokratis
      Bellerin . Torreira . Xhaka . Kolasinac
      …..Lacazette ………….Aubameyang

    2. There’s a certain CM in our squad who’s been dreadful today.Funny enough I haven’t heard much about that.Once Emery changes the formation this Huddersfield team would be run ragged.

  9. Emery did not include Ozil three games in a row

    There is clearly a big problem between them

    1. Or he’s injured like everyone as been saying all week

      1. Yes. I agree . My gut feeling is Something isnt right between them
        Im hoping when Ozil does come back that the break pushes him to play better

  10. Huddersfield are looking disciplined. Doing a good job of stifling our play from the back. Good pressing. Come on Arsenal, turn it up a notch.

  11. No such attacking quality right now in team except Laca and Aubameyang…

  12. I think we need to bring off a CM player and bring on a wide player. Come on you Gunners!!!

    1. Guendozi is ineffective so far

  13. Love Matteo but this first 30 minutes illustrates
    how short on quality attacking options this club
    has @ the moment. Arsenal need Miki and
    Ozil to find there form quickly or Emery may
    be forced to cut ties with both in this January window. I really thought Miki would be that
    #10 to complement Ozil whenever the mercurial
    German decided to go on his random
    walkabouts but sadly the Armeian has been a
    shadow of the player that dominated the
    Bundesliga in 2016.

    Fornals, Malcom on loan and a quality CB are
    necessity buys in January if Arsenal are serious
    about Champions League football next year.

  14. Red card incoming if it carry’s on the way it’s going

  15. BS officiating, 3 games in a row now

  16. how can FA keep turning a blind eye

    1. They’re all bent & have their favourites

  17. Bs again, why did spuds get a penalty but we get a yellow

  18. Lacazette certainly misses like Cavani..hope he will score like him too.

  19. We are absolutely disgusting.

    Playing against the worst team in the league at home and still crumbling.

  20. Worst refering… Arsenal should have been ahead… Laca had clear goal… Initially it was offside bit as soon Huddersfield player touched the ball, then that should have been counted…

    1. After what we’ve seen in the last week, you wouldn’t think it could get any worse… but it does!

    2. I suppose the question is when does an offside player stop being offside.

  21. Another dodgy refereeing decision, how many times do we have to overcome this crap. Auba, Laca, lads, come on the F.

  22. With the likes of Mustafi, xhaka, and kolasina, in the team they should give Emery a medal for what he has managed to do up until now.

  23. mickmematethemasterfarter

    100 million strikers easy chances missed var needed asap lacazette onside 4 goal,mustafi dive in box lol

  24. Just what I thought at the start. Not enough creativity.
    defensiely we are good but not enough in attack
    May need to bring on Mkhitaryan/Iwobi
    We need to do something in Summer to fix creativity in central midfield

  25. What is it with us & first halves ?

  26. Game is a bit of passing between fouls. They are not interested in playing football; they took tactics right out of Stoke city playbook.

    It’s up to Arsenal and Emery to adjust for their foul first tactics and parking the bus. Time for Emery to show his quality with tactical change and subs. We need some creativity in the midfield; Mhki needs to step up and drag us to a win today. Otherwise, forget about him until he’s offered up for sale in Jan.

    TBH, Mhki is robbing the club; championship quality on PL wages. Now is his opportunity to make his mark, but I’m not confident he can or will.

    1. I mentioned earlier in this thread that both
      Miki and Ozil(unless hes seriously injured) need
      to carry this team creatively in December. If
      there performances or Fortnight related injuries
      continue then Arsenal should but ties with both
      come January. Paying over a half million pounds
      for these two is criminal.

      Would love to see Arsenal sell Ozil, Miki and El
      Neny with Fornals and Malcolm replacing them
      @ the Emirates. Mainland Niles can adequately
      cover the Egyptians minutes. Jonathen Tah from
      BL would be my preferred CB.


      1. Me also Ace. I like Ozil, but he has been quite underwhelming this year. I think Mhki has shown up for 3 games since he signed for Arsenal. Guess Sven was wrong on that one; Mhki been absolute disaster since putting on the shirt.

        We need a winger in Jan, a CB with Mustafi going off now, and sell Mhki (if possible and Ramsey) and bring in a CM who can be a threat.

  27. Henrikh for laca WTF!!!

  28. Huddersfield have played well in that half, I must admit. They are clearly trying to stop us building up any rhythm. They’re positioned well and are on top of us very quickly. Lichsteiner is affecting our passing game, they are too close at times, it is making it easier for Huddersfield to press. Three CM, and none of them are taking the ball from our CB players without losing their marker. I feel Emery has picked the wrong starting team, he gives Huddersfield too much respect. It might be that he believed Huddersfield would overload CM. Commentator was right, Laca and Auba are too close and they aren’t getting the support that they were supposed to get from our wing-backs. Wingbacks need to be acting like wingers but because of our difficulty building up play, it is not happening. We need three forwards so we can try to pin Huddersfield in.

  29. The ref is infuriating!
    First time he has reffed at the Emirates and blowing his whistle like a virgin would blow his load, every few seconds.

    Nice how torrents took an elbow to the head but play in, a head blow… But the ref stops play because one of their players is holding his wrist… That example is a typical decision call from the ref so far.


    1. Torreira not torrents, bahhh, auto correct on phone.

    2. It’s getting beyond a joke… look at what has gone against us this last week…unbelievable

  30. It seems we would drop points today…

  31. Was that on ?? Another shit decision by referee

  32. Is it going to be one of those days??? ?

  33. FFS, get him off the F field.

  34. No way another defender gone WTF are we gonna do

  35. Complete off day for Arsenal….

  36. Iwobi a touch of an elephant and xhaka wouldnt be a good Sunday league player

    1. That’s being to kind

  37. Iwobi is showing desire and has good dribbling skills but until he improves his decision making will not be a good player for us

  38. If the score remains the same it will be terrible result
    Please SCORE

    1. THANK YOU

  39. Some predictions earlier said we’d win 6-1, 5-1 ?

  40. We need creativity henrikh is not doing his job

    1. Currently no one is not doing there job on attacking front…

  41. What’s this diving all about? Clown.

  42. Torreira literally has to do everything lol. GOAL

  43. BOOM torreira

  44. Torriera!!!! The one Fuking trier.

  45. Brilliant wee man!!!!!

  46. Matteo provided the creativity we needed I don’t why is henrikh in the team

    1. i have no idea why Emery put on a player he routinely takes off at HT. He’s been no good this season. Iwobi is also going back to his old, indecisive, ways. Poor performance from Arsenal even if we get the 3 points today.

  47. Thank you Torreira.. what a player!! ?

  48. Phew!
    Football is not mathematics at all??. Sometimes 5+5 results in 1 or 0, or even -1???.
    All I want now is 3 points.

  49. Iwobi brainless

  50. Sorry but iwobi is not for me. He has had all the chances but… …

    1. Believe me Bur, you’re not the only one who thinks that way

      1. He has been very poor of late, and today, he honestly looked like he was new to the game. Not sure what happened to his confidence. He did have a long run of very good form, which I can’t say for everyone. I’m going to put it down to confidence issues and it being one of those patches, which just about every player will experience. If he can get his confidence back and start beating his opposite number again, I’ll be glad. He needs to take care of that and practice his passing game. He could still have a large part to play this season, form is temporary, and we know he has ability. He looks panicky right now.

        But I will say, our fans today were poor. Their frustration and nerves were feeding our players. Not just Iwobi, a number of our players looked on edge and erratic going forward. I believe allot of it came down from the stands, even when there was over thirty minutes left. Pity, seeing as Emery, called for our fans to get fully behind the team, because he believed it was going to be a difficult match.

  51. What did the ref smoke? 9 yellows in just one match?

    1. I thought he was a very good ref, the best I’ve seen this season. He made sure the game didn’t get out of hand. He stopped the time wasting, which allot of them don’t. He called all the dives for what they were. The linesman, that is a different story. The guy who came up with 7 minutes, I wonder if it was still goalless, would he have given the same amount. But this ref, he done very well, not biased at all, and he is new enough. If we had lost, I might have called him a wnkaer, for not given any bias towards home advantage team. I think the yellows were probably yellows. Pity he didn’t referee the Manu game.

  52. Yes!!!! Nice one, was very very worried. Delighted in the end. Talk about frustration. Torriera, you little beauty!!!!!

  53. Where would we be without that little warrior Torreira!!!! Absolutely brilliant ?
    It was a long wait for that goal, but what a goal it was! A clean sheet too! Phew… can stop biting my nails now!

  54. Great goal but the performance was absolutely shocking.
    Two players booked for diving, more pass backs than I don’t know what and Iwobi with the first touch of a trampoline. This game is best forgotten.

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