Confirmed teams for Arsenal v Tottenham – No kids allowed

Wow well it looks like both Arsenal and Tottenham are going for it in tonight’s EFL quarter-final. It just shows how much both teams are desperate to win the match after the Gunners destroyed the Spuds in the League two weeks ago. It looks like the EFL Trophy is not such a small deal after all!

Unai Emery has put out probably the best team available to him, although Ozil is not even in the squad (his poor back!) and Lacazette is Emery’s secret weapon on the bench as usual…

And Tottenham are going all out as well. Although Harry Kane has a cold he is still on the bench, and Pochettino has still out a very strong side….

Considering this is only a Carabao Cup quarter-final this has all the makings of a fascinating contest.

Come On You Gunners!!!!!



  1. RSH says:

    The lineup is….. well…. idk what to say about it really.
    Xhaka at CB over Kos, or Lichtsteiner is quite a sign of how bad our options are.
    Upfront, I can’t even tell you what the shape is going to be
    And Ozil is completely out of the squad which says it all
    Let’s hope the crowd can get behind the team at least and we can pull off a win. Aubamayang must take his chances today. COYG

  2. Sue says:

    Shame Kolasinac didn’t make it… and Laca on the bench, hoped he’d start COYG

  3. LENOhappy says:

    Where’s ozill,,maybe he’s been rested for the weekend match..I love this lineup

    1. RSH says:

      he’s been left out for “tactical reasons”…. (emery dont want him)

  4. Identity says:

    Stop playing xhaka out of position.. We are on short one already

  5. Goonster says:

    What other bullcrap excuse is the Ozil PR team together with his very hormonal fan-girl following going to come up with for his absence in the team tonight?
    Rested because he is too precious and crucial to the team? Lol

    1. Xxnofx says:

      What the f4ck you going on about

  6. GB says:

    Xhaka in defence is suicide

  7. LENOhappy says:

    I don’t see us loosing this match,auba to score 2 goals…

  8. Henrykamp says:

    Emery’s team selection sometimes does boggle the mind.

    Why NOT have AMN at LB and shift Monreal to pair with Sokratis, then Lichtsteiner at RB? That would have made more sense; especially considering the fact that the Spuds front line is their best (only without Kane).

    I hope this Xhaka at CB decision doesn’t come back to bite.

  9. Eddie Hoyte says:

    How much experience does Xhaka have at CB? Elneny is a better option than Xhaka at CB. Or rather play Monreal at CB and Xhaka at LB.
    By the way I hope this formation ain’t a 5 at the back thing.
    Why isn’t Lacazette starting?? The same scenario under Wenger, he should start. But it’s all good, I expect Aubameyang to have a nice game because Ramsey will support him today. Iwobi, Iwobi, Iwobi I hope he doesn’t give me reasons to cuss my TV tonight

    1. Sue says:

      ? don’t hold your breath just yet about Iwobi, Eddie!!

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        Sue I feel like he’s gon give me an heart attack??‍♂?

        1. Admin says:

          Hi everyone. I just need to tell you all that I am full of “man flu” just like Harry Kane lol. And although I’ll try and watch the game in bed, there is no way I’m going to be doing any reviews until the morning.
          Come on you Gunners!

          1. jon fox says:

            Rotten luck Pat. I have also been feeling rough for a fortnight and know how it feels. Hope you are better in time for Christmas.

  10. st sass says:

    Ramsey is the only difference today, looking forward for an early goal from him.

  11. LENOhappy says:

    @RSH,I think you are wrong about ozi,why risk your best player just because of a stupid and worthless cup,considering the number of matches he’s played this season I think it’s wise to rest him,we don’t want him getting injured now do we.

    1. RSH says:

      he’s not even on the bench. If he were on the bench I’d agree. No Ozil for a NLD in the squad at all, at home. There’s clearly something going on

    2. jon fox says:

      He is not being rested. He is not wanted, as he is lazy and Emery , unlike Wenger, wil NEVER tolerate lazy players. You should learn that lazy players in any team sport are poison. Emery knows that and has acted accordingly.

  12. jon fox says:

    Revealing! Ozil fit but not even in the squad! He is clearly finished with Emery and quite right too. I see no way he will still be here next season and he has only himself and his lack of spine to blame. Pleased to see that Emery, unlike the whole last decade of Wenger, RIGHTLY REFUSES TO PICK OR INDULGE LAZY PLAYERS. IN THE WIDER PICTURE, WHATEVER HAPPENS TONIGHT, THAT IS CLEARLY CORRECT.

    1. Sarmmie says:

      Let’s see how the hardworking players will fare tonight

      If football is mainly about being hardworking, Elneny, Welbeck, coquelin would be teams like Barça today

      1. jon fox says:

        Perhaps I took as read the well understood fact that real quality must accompany hard work. THOSE YOU MENTION HAVE NO REAL QUALITY BETWEEN THE LOT OF THEM, THOUGH THEY ALL TRY.

        1. Sarmmie says:

          And how many of those that play in the attacking positions except the forwards have real quality?
          Mkhitaryan?, Iwobi?, Ramsey?

  13. LENOhappy says:

    I still don’t believe ozil is fit,I think he’s injured,or he’s being rested for the weekend,why risk the best no10 in the world for this silly meaningless match.

    1. RSH says:’s not a meaningless match, espescially for Emery because its a chance for him to win a trophy in his first season
      2. you know what im gunna say

  14. Jah son says:

    Been saying it all along Emery’s got a problem with handling big name players Lacazette on the bench he’s playing the guys in and out of form only consistency is iwobi starting now Xhaka is our new center back am too scared to watch this one I think am going to lose today

  15. Sue says:

    Jesus all this Ozil bashing really pisses me off…. like to see you all out there doing a better job….. no one knows what’s going on behind closed doors… give it a rest & change the record… it’s getting really bloody boring

  16. LENOhappy says:

    Thanks sue that’s what am saying I really don’t know why they keep talking about him,it’s really boring,lets just talk about iwobi xhaka mustafi,bellerin those aren’t boring,please let ozil be and stop talking about him it’s getting boring…

  17. Th14 says:

    Forget Ozil… we have Iwobi to the rescue

    1. Sue says:

      ??? just knew you’d come out with that ??

  18. avenger says:

    Iwobi as a CF god find us confessed……………

  19. Charlie Nick says:

    Great run by Iwobi…

  20. avenger says:

    Bad run by Iwobi Arsenal started loosing in his own field shit!!!

  21. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Mhiki had one 1 vs 1 with the keeper and fluffed it.. Took the ball very poorly! Iwobi making his runs, seems OK so far. One goal down

  22. Raja Danish says:

    Emery needs to sign these players in next transfer windows
    Hector Herrera (CM/CDM) Free as a replacement for ramsey
    doucoure(CM/CDM) 15M replacement for elneny
    pablo fornals(CAM/RM) 20M replacement for ozil
    miguel almiron(CAM/LM) 15M replacement for mkhitaryan
    leon bailey(LW/RW) 30M
    kalidou koulibally for centre back but he is very expensive however we can still sign him if we sell ozil at good price.
    This team will be full of fighters and players of high work-rate and stamina and they will suit emery’s demanding high pressing game.
    Thought on this guys??

  23. Me says:

    Ozil cannot get in the squad and yet Iwobi plays practically every game.
    Either Iwobi is very convincing or Emery is blind or an idiot.
    How Iwobi is even at Arsenal baffles so many.
    Never will you find such a useless player.
    Better off sticking a traffic cone on the pitch.
    I was hoping to see an improvement in our defending, becoming a team other clubs would dread to play but we are anything but that.
    Seeing what Emery has done I don’t really see much improvement over Wenger.
    Except running around a lot more which suits Iwobi – running around like a headless chicken…

  24. ROshan says:

    Why the F are we playing Xhaka again at CB!!!! Keep him in the midfield!! If we don’t have fit defenders I’d rather bring in Medley and give him experience, at least he’s a defender! Xhaka is not!

  25. ROshan says:

    I also wouldn’t mind keeping Ramsey now. Playing him at CAM he’s a better option than Ozil and at least he gives his all. Sell Ozil keep Rambo

  26. Me says:

    Lets be honest here and say that Arsenal are not a very good team.
    There is more chance of hell freezing over than us challenging for anything.
    Come on – when you have to rely on Xhaka in CENTRAL DEFENCE and Iwobi is a more of less guaranteed FIRST STARTER you know you are crap…
    Emery is a joke…

    1. avenger says:


  27. waal2waal says:

    …watching this (through my fingers) is… sickening

    and it’s at the emirates too. Well its bound to be an uphill struggle from here…

    1. Sue says:

      Just not our night… gutted

      1. Me says:

        Not our night?
        So its got nothing to do with the fact that we are shit?
        And Emery is second rate?

      2. waal2waal says:

        i guess it’s one way of looking at it @Sue – also its not a league game (that helps)..thanks Sue.

  28. Me says:

    You have got to admit.
    This is hilarious.
    Emery was brought in to bring massive changes.
    I see no change except a different clown as manager.
    And spurs proving they are much better than us and with minimum effort.
    I want Wenger back….
    I don’t have any faith in Emery…

    1. jon fox says:

      You want Wenger back eh? How sad that your lover has ditched you. And at Christmas too. Try sending him some flowers and a love letter if you want him back.

  29. Sue says:

    Dell Alli ?? what a kn*b

    1. Me says:

      He is going to win the game – that is all that is important.
      Dele Alli plays for a club that qualifies regularly for the CL
      They play Barcelona and will play Dortmund
      We will be playing Bate what ever the **** its name is.
      The point is this – We won’t get top four.
      We won’t win the Europa League.
      Not with that manager and this team.
      So as much as I hate it – he has the first and last laugh.
      You and I will be watching garbage on a Thursday night for years to come – if we are lucky…
      Emery should be revitalising Arsenal.
      I see no evidence of that…

      1. waal2waal says:

        …he’s on been in post (10 minutes) and here you are berating him? You need to ride the highs along with the lows like the rest of us. Unfortunately things had to be shown to be wrong in order for Emery to put ’em right.

        Agreed WE ain’t the best (currently) …but we ain’t as bad as you pessimism suggests.

      2. Sue says:

        Qualifies regularly??
        Well you’ve spoken we won’t win Europa or get in the top 4… the whole team are sh*t & we have a clown for a manager… so what’s the point.. and I’d better not hear anything about being a realist either… as gutted as I am, I’ll always be behind my team, even if we were in the national league! Oh but from what you’ve said, give it a few seasons & we’ll probably be in that league

      3. jon fox says:

        No evidence eh? After all those long years here as manager too and the fortune that KROENKE HAS LAVISHED ON TOP PLAYERS FOR HIM TOO. NOTHING TO DO WITH THE RANK POOR DEFENDERS HE INHERITED AND THE LONG AND SUDDENLY HITTING INJURY LIST , so thank you for telling us the awful truth that our 22 match unbeaten run was just a fluke done with a poor manager. Are you free by any chance to manage us from now on!

  30. Me says:

    Arsenal 0 Spurs 2
    Bottle thrown at Dele Ali
    Arsenal humiliated AGAIN
    It gets no worse than this…

    1. Sue says:

      I bet you weren’t complaining on Dec 2…. Oh no we weren’t shit then & Emery wasn’t a clown then…

      1. kofiken says:

        Sue forget these fans who only comment when we’re losing. now let’s beat Burnley on saturday. COYG

  31. Uchman says:

    I think we should blame Wenger

    1. Sue says:

      Yes & Ozil…. it’s always their fault

  32. arsenal314 says:

    Xhaka at the back again?Emery not learning

  33. Alldwayfromafrica says:

    This site is getting depressing…used to be that we all come together and find comfort in each other comments…but now it’s just insults on our players everytime we lose .. .take the L and move on.. all these negative thoughts would harm your health….we didn’t play all that bad as the result might suggest….couple mistakes here and there was the differential…it’s going to take awhile but I for one believe in this coach…maybe we could go on another run now

      1. kofiken says:

        Well said Mr Alldwayfromafrica.

  34. olayinka314 says:

    Always play Lacazette from the start…resolve whatever issues u’ve got with Ozil…..clearly better than Iwobi n Miki

    1. kofiken says:

      At this point I believe Auba needs some rest too. Laca should start on saturday but hey Emery is the manager. I can only hope

  35. kofiken says:

    It seems to me that some players are getting very tired. Auba and Torreira are prime examples. Emery could at least start Laca on saturday and bring in Auba from the bench. Ozil should start too else his confidence in general might go way down. I still support Arsenal and yes we can make it to the top 3 this season. Cheers fellow Gunners. COYG

  36. kofiken says:

    But really our potency in attack in the first half, when we had some glorious opportunities, came down the left, IWobi. He played quite well and gave Trippier something to think about all the time. I realised after he was subbed off, bar the chance AUba had, Trippier was so less busy and disturbed. we lacked width after iwobi went off

    1. jon fox says:

      Not to mention that we lacked headless chicken after he was subbed , too!

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