CONFIRMED Teams for Liverpool v Arsenal – Alexis replaces Lacazette!

Well there has been much talk from Arsene Wenger suggesting that Alexis Sanchez could start for Arsenal today against Liverpool, and sure enough he has been picked – but our new superstar goalscorer Alexandre Lacazette has been dropped to the bench!

It’s great to see Koscielny return at last, and it looks like Wenger believes that Holding has got over his loss of confidence, and Monreal makes up the back 3.

Xhaka and Ramsey have grown to be Wenger’s fave midfield pairing, and at last we are going to see both Bellerin and the Ox bombing down the wings.

It’s a bit of a surprise to see Welbeck back on the wing alongside Sanchez and Ozil, but all in all it looks like a brave attacking side to me!




  1. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

    Might as well go out in style

  2. sniper says:

    Where is laca Where is Giriud we are going to waste chances again with welbeck no mustafi no kolosanic but let cheer the boys

  3. Loki says:

    Is it old age…Is it ego… Is it mental retardation

    I seriously don’t know what is wrong with Wenger.. .!

    1. Godswill says:

      All combined plus another one – antifanism.

  4. victor says:

    i meant not playing in front of monreal

  5. Jay says:

    What happened to starting kolasinac and moving ox to bellerin spot. Take welbeck out for lacazette. The boy cant finish for shit. He should prove me wrong today. For the love of arsenal can we start with players in their position for once.

  6. vitman says:

    It is surprising that neither lacazette nor Olivier is in the team list. all the same I wish them well. And again excluding mustafi has basically confirmed his departure.

  7. AllDwayfromAfriCa says:

    ain’t that something…welbeck ahead of lacazette and giroud..can I still hope for anything?

  8. emmaobi says:

    I expected Lacazette to start ahead of Welbeck and Kolasinac ahead of Monreal. All the same good luck to the Arsenal.

    1. Nothing changed says:

      Laca and Kolasinac should have started.

  9. HA559 says:

    This is the exact thing that cost us top 4 last season against Liverpool (benched Sancehz in favour of Welbeck and Giroud). This manager is deluded. I cant believe people still back him even some pundits.

    Your two summer signings on the bench. A proven goalscorer is benched in favour of welbeck a player who has never scored 10 goals in a season.

    Ox is not signing contract yet you play him instead of Sead Kolasinac. Wenger is bonkers.

  10. Joel says:

    The Manager really has lost the plot.Surely Kolasinac has to play as left wing back.Particularly if the Ox wants to move.Whether Mustafi is leaving or not he has to be a better centre back than Monreal.With Alexis back he could have switched to the left so that Lacazette could play through the middle.Against a counter-attacking Liverpool side Ozil has to be a liability.Wenger really doesn’t know what he’s doing!

  11. Rusty Katana says:

    We know Lpool goin to concede… might as well try to outscore them!

  12. HA559 says:

    Was looking forward to Sanchez, Ozil and Lacazette. But apparently Wenger knows best.

  13. ozil10 says:

    Let’s lose the match boys!!!!!!
    Wenger has lost the plot!!!!!!!!!!

  14. sniper says:

    If we lose this game we get a panic buy,if we win Wenger will be more delusional ,so choose wisely

  15. D.Bergkamp says:

    Are we having a Laugh.
    Why dont liverpool leave salah out
    Season on repeat……………………

  16. HA559 says:

    If Arsenal win this game with this starting lineup it will only boost Wengers ego. He wants to take that credit for him justifying his decision believing in certain overhyped players. He loves that.

  17. Kenima says:

    I think it’s intentional… Wenger hates having a perfect line up. He has totally lost it. Don’t even know what to think of this line up.

  18. Benjamin Godson says:

    It’s a serious gamble, mou can’t gamble in a game like this, sorry for the out come of this match.

  19. caleboo says:

    sometimes I wish I can just stop being an Arsenal fan… WTF
    welbeck ahead of lacazette.
    must he play Bellerin n Oxlade together, one has to be benched.
    Mustafi on bench bcos of transfer rumor n oxlade is playing… who has higher tendency to leave.
    Wenger is a joke… always surprising his opponent at the expense of his team.
    This is team is a total joke

  20. Stevasaurus says:

    Why doesn’t he play a left wing back on the left? Lacazette on the bench when he would score a handful in the same team as Alexis. Wenger has lost it!

  21. ayodeji says:

    Laca on the bench only a deluded Wenger can do that such such a decision, please any news about potential transfer? This team can’t make a top four and if Will lose today we will be playing catch up all season and will be 6 points from table top

  22. Simon says:

    I’m not a Wellbeck fan – but he’s played well in last 2 matches.

    This looks defensive setup to me – which I think is smart move.

    Option to bring more fire-power on from bench – if needed.

    I wouldn’t have picked this line-up not even close. But I’ll cheer on the boys every step, kick and header of the ball


  23. Paix says:

    Joke of a team!
    Hope Alexis win this for us.
    Where can i find a bookie to bet Welbeck will stumble on his own feet over 3.5 times?

  24. Valentine says:

    Seriously, I definitely want Arsenal to win, and if they do win (they usually win when you least expect), I would still be disappointed with this manager’s team list…while Welbeck is a hustler, he is too profligate for a forward. Laca isn’t a lazy player, and with his ability in front of goal, he is quite easily the first name after Sanchez in the forward line.

    Well, I’m not aware of whatever is happening in the training ground or dressing room, but we know who should be in our first/best eleven when they’re fit.

    Our attack should be Sanchez, Lacazette and any other players.

    Our defenders should be Koscienly, Mustafi and any other Defender.

    Well, Goodluck to the team.

  25. Simon says:

    Or 3 at the back?

  26. Simon says:

    Must be-

    Bellerine – Holding – Kos – Monreal
    Ox – Ramsey – Xaka – Wellbeck
    Ozil – Sanchez


  27. Nikkogunners says:

    My personal team under the current squad circumstances remains a 3.4.3 system as below: Well you could consider Welbeck and That brings Lacazette into the centre.


    Otherwise, i will be watching this game with an eye closed…

    1. Nikkogunners says:

      How does this selection upwards look, now

  28. Werner says:

    USELESS Team selection by a USELESS MANAGER.
    All Arsenal good players must leave. Because Wenger got no clue how to win the league. Liverpool to crush Arsenal with this team. Wonder who Wenger will blame after the game

  29. COYG_CA says:

    It’s like watching a guy beat his kid and you can’t do anything about it . . . unbelievable! Just when you think the old guy can’t throw out a crazier line-up, he proves us wrong!

    1. Ayodele says:

      Wenger needs to be sacked for this great club to be the club it used to be

    2. Joel says:

      All our fears confirmed!
      Xhaka left isolated in midfield as Ramsey thinks he’s a centre forward;Welbeck,despite lots of effort,unable to hit a barn door from six yards;Bellerin lost on the left-hand side;Ozil a luxury that most sides can’t afford to have on the pitch and certainly not Arsenal.
      Can anyone explain to me which manager out there would struggle in the same way as Wenger does to get more out of this group of players?

  30. Werner says:

    Sanchez and ox demanding more money. But by the look of it they aren’t worth it. Sell the hole useless lot.Where is all our players. Liverpool is walking all over us.
    Time for Big changes at Arsenal. Wenger out .

  31. Nikkogunners says:

    Wenger chose Suicide…He should know that Arsenal has fans…NKT!!!

  32. emmaobi says:

    Shame on most of u that always thumbs someone’s comment down with proper analysis. I said Lacazette and Kolasinac should have started ahead of Welbeck and Monreal.Just imagine the awful performance.

  33. emmaobi says:

    Arsenal’s performance was abysmal. No single attempt on target. Expect panic buy this week. Mustafi, Sanchez and Chamberlain are probably gone. My fingers are crossed on Ozil. Holding is not good enough, he should be playing Carling cup. Why must Kolasinac be on the bench still baffled me. This Arsenal squad need total overhaul period.

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