Confused opinion: Does Arsenal’s win mean Spurs could miss out on European football next term?

As much as I would love to deliver you with COLD HARD FACTS, my investigation has left me gazumped as to the the conclusion, and answers will need to be given on whether our win today means that Arsenal could well leave Tottenham Hotspur without European football.

Our side were deservedly triumphant over our London rivals today, coming away as 2-1 victors over Chelsea at Wembley, and will be granted entry into next season’s Europa League because of it.

On the losing end, Wolverhampton Wanderers will now NOT qualify for European football via their league standing, but here is where it gets interesting…

The Premier League states that a country can only have a maximum of seven entries into Europe for any single campaign, while also stating that the Premier League could potentially have five Champions League entries, given that the winner of the CL or EL was a team that finished outside the top four of the English PL.

This leaves us with some confusion, as far as I have delved into the rules and regulations, that this may not have been a scenario that was to be have been expected, but a reporter for Football.London seems to believe that he has had confirmation that England would receive eight European places if Wolves were to pull of the amazing feat by winning the EL this summer.

Until I hear this from an official channel, I cannot simply confirm the above as the truth, especially with the official Premier League website telling us that no more than seven teams from a single division are permitted to enter into Europe.

Reading into what we are told, am I alone in thinking that Spurs could well become more of a laughing stock by losing out on their European place thanks to our triumph today?


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  1. The competition winners in the champions league and europa league sit outside the qualification in an individual country, unless they have already qualified through their own league or domestic cup position. If that happens, the additional place is just lost and does not pass on to the next placed team in the league. Therefore whatever happens, Spurs will be in next years Europa league no matter what happens in the European competitions this year

    1. Spurs will be in the Europa League, but they have to start in the qualifying rounds instead of the Group Stages.

  2. Yeah I read the other day if Wolves win Europa Enland essentially forfeit their extra spot so Spurs are safe

    1. I thought EL guarantee you a place in UCL, so why changing the rule now? So we would have miss a chance on UCL had it been we won uel too with 8position

  3. Kaiiii… I would’ve loved that Spurs do t qualify!
    This way, I would have a good Laugh
    Arteta almost gave me a heart attack. Rob Holding & Midlan-Niles were visibly tired at about 75-80 minutes 😔😔

  4. Spurs are in qualif stage which is good thing for english football.

    Must put that Spurs Gunners war aside and think of Englisg football interest.

    The more presence we have, more chance we stand to win these trophies.

    If we do so we make a Europ spot available which can benefit Arsenal in the end. Hope they reach EL final and we beat the crap out of them as Chelsea.

    Let’s ook at the big picture & bright side.and forward to that final…

  5. Why not just bathe in the glory of Arsenal winning the FA Cup for the 14th time? Why lower yourself to look to use the opportunity to belittle and put the boot into Tottenham Hotspur,or any other club?
    Arsenal and its supporters should have more class than that.

    1. Ozzie, A fine and moral post but surely an unrealistic hope! We football fans , in general, are nowhere near as evolved as humans, as we would need to be to fulfill your hope. Just the reality of fanhood, I am afraid. My better side much agrees with you but TBH, I love taking the rise out of Spuds, Chelski, United and a few more besides. But then, as with others too, I am also human and therefore fallible!

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