‘Considering retirement’ – Legend claims Evans will be reeling after Arsenal performance

Ian Wright has claimed that Leicester defender Jonny Evans would be considering retiring from the game after being run ragged by new Arsenal striker Gabriel Jesus at the weekend.

The Gunners were in an emphatic mood as they stormed off into a 2-0 lead at the break, although the Foxes had their chances to break the deadlock early on.

Jesus grabbed both goals in the opening half, one with a deft lob over the goalkeeper amidst a a packed out box, and another from the back post where he was waiting for the corner to be knocked on.

Wright has now claimed that if he was the Leicester defender Evans then he would be considering whether to play on for much longer.

‘I’m not being disrespectful to Jonny Evans, but the fact is it was the kind of game where you start thinking, “maybe I need to start considering retirement”,’ our former striker told his Wrighty’s House podcast listeners.

‘I remember playing against people like Phil Babb and Rio Ferdinand, and I couldn’t get time or space against them and afterward I started thinking, “my time is short”.

‘The goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale is able to go long and then the way he [Jesus] can flick it on and get the flick on before the defender [Evans] has got to it, and then go and get the shot away.

‘Evans will be thinking, “wow, I’m losing my powers”. After a game like that you’re in the dressing room and thinking back to a time where that doesn’t happen.’

I’m no professional footballer, but I can see where our club legend is coming from. Jesus must have made Evans think that he no longer cut the mustard at the top of the game after such a bad showing. On the other hand, we are just two matches in, and it would be much better for his own mental state if he was to consider that he just may not be 100% match fit just yet at this early point in the campaign.


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  1. Gotta say Jesus looks really good ,I mean really f..k..g good in the short time he’s been here .
    I was sceptical when we spent that amount with only 12 months on his contract ,but I’m happy to be proved wrong ,hope it continues .

    1. @Dan Kit
      The play that Wrighty mentioned, was sublime. Jesus had me on the edge of my seat hoping he’d score to put the icing on the cake…

      1. He’s given me those Sanchez and Auba vibes when they first rolled up .
        Never saw it when he was at city over those 5 years ,probably because as a non fan you dont watch every minute as you would do with your own team ,but got to admit after just 5 games this could be a signing that makes a difference from getting 5th (which I predicted)to getting a top 3 spot ,first time in 4 years in our first 2 matches where I’ve actually started to get those good old goosebumps while watching .
        It’s taking a while but I’m hoping I can get on board this season,but like I always say caution is my biggest concern because of past experiences with Arteta and getting hopes up .
        But just maybe ,Jesus and the team Arteta as now assembled I will get me back to where I want to be as a supporter .
        MAYBE 😂

  2. What isn’t mentioned is the way Martinelli turned Evans inside out as well.
    One incident in the first half saw Evans desperately trying to stop him, by grabbing his shirt – he was left stumbling and nearly falling over.
    Mind you, I think many defenders will struggle against us this season and I’m really looking forward to the liverpool and city games.

    1. Agree Ken
      But Martinelli completely made a fool of Fofana in that first half ,not only his skills ,which we are accustomed to but the way he just keep pushing him off the ball ,a new Martinelli with strength.
      Wont blow my own trumpet (which I never do ),but I’ve said for the last 3 seasons how good this kid could be and after 2 games he looks the part ,love how he plays and made Fofana look like a little kid ,cannot believe Chelsea might pay
      A British record for a defender him when you look at Saliba who looks like grown man compared to him .

  3. Mikel will ensure many EPL managers consider their retirement too! While the clueless Erik tan Hag searches for answers within the wealth of MU, the “novice”, “rookie” “Pep’s cone man” has assembled a team of show stoppers. We just need a cover for Partey and Saka and we are sorted out for the next 3-4 years. Hope they can ship out Pepe, AMN and Bellerin this month. Meanwhile Mikel has worked his magic on Martinelli & Xhaka, needs to be given a huge credit.

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