Conte refuses to write off Arsenal for Top Four and is wary of facing Brighton

The Spurs manager Antonio Conte has managed to get T+ttenham into the Top Four for now, but he is well aware that there will be many more twists and turns in the race for the Top Four in this very unpredictable Premier League season.

Of course they are only in Fourth because Mikel Arteta’s side have had a crazy blip, which could happen to any other team as well and with 24 points still up for grabs, there is a long way to go.

Arsenal fans may be despondent, but Conte refuses to write of any of his rivals just yet. Conte told the Metro: ‘But I think first of all we have to think to ourselves and to look to ourselves and not the other opponents.

‘Arsenal have one more game in their hand than us.

‘But it is not just Arsenal in this race, there is Arsenal, Manchester United, West Ham, Wolves.

‘I think in this race you can finish first – in this race – if you don’t make a lot of mistakes.

‘It’s important to feel the right moment to push. For us, on Saturday, it will be a really important game [against Brighton] because we are going to play against a really strong team.

‘We played against them twice in the last period, but honestly in both two games we struggled a lot against them because they are well organised, they have good players, a good manager.

‘In the last game, they won against Arsenal and I watched the game and they deserved to win. They were not lucky, they deserved to win.

‘For this reason, in this moment, it will be very important not to make big mistakes, to try to get three points also if you know very well it will difficult against Brighton.

‘But we are working very well, the players and my staff are working very well, I have seen great focus in this week and hopefully we’ll try to get three points in this race on Saturday, it will be very important to put pressure on the others.’

Tottenham, Arsenal, Man United and West ham all play League games this weekend, and anyone of them could slip on a banana skin, as we have seen regularly lately.

Spurs may have the advantage by playing first, but if Brighton cause another shock and win at the Tottenham Stadium, then everyone else must be ready to take advantage of any slip ups.

I certainly haven’t seen any fat ladies getting ready to sing yet, have you?

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  1. Its like a penalty shoot out till the end of the season. Spurs play then we play. We play Spurs play. It’s game for game who is gonna blink and miss. Great drama. The reality is we will learn more about the Manager and the players in the next 8 games than we did all season. Which players cope with the pressure and which players don’t. Great stuff.

  2. there is a possibility that they(spurs) may not be in the champions league even if they finished fourth because of west ham in the Europa league..

    1. Not true. That would have been a problem if Man U would have won CL and West Ham the EL. There is a max of 5 teams from one league allowed.

      1. Correct. Or if chelsea won CL and slipped out top 4. Anyway as a Spurs fan i agree its far from over of course. It’s astonishing you let Aubameyang go for nothing tho.

    2. even if West Ham wins europa both them and the team that finished 4th will play champions league. what u said can only happen if west ham wins champions league.

  3. Managers and current players have a realistic perspective that fans, ex player pundits and the media in general don’t have and are more respectful to others involved, I believe that they think differently to us and certainly don’t use the exaggerated, inflammatory verbal communication that fans and the media do

    Fans might say that “they have to say that don’t they” and dismiss it and in some cases there could be an element of truth to that but they are a lot closer to these things than us and have a much better understanding of the realities involved

    They also don’t have the hang ups of what has happened previously that affects true assessments of what’s happening now

    Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, like Mourinho was when he was working in England

  4. As a singer myself, in my life I have seen MANY ladies of substantial girth actually sing , not “merely get ready to sing.”

    This well known and bizarrely used phrase is almost always wrongly used to mean something is unlikely to happen , when so very often it does actually happen!

  5. You don’t expect him to say ‘they’ll never be able to catch us fourth is our’s’ c’mon it’s normal to respect rivals’.

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