Conte says Arsenal and Spurs need a miracle to make top four

Tottenham manager, Antonio Conte, has maintained that it will be a tough task to make the top four in this campaign and he even thinks it might require a miracle.

The Italian’s club alongside Arsenal and Man Utd are fighting for the last Champions League spot on offer.

The battle has been fierce and several of the clubs have suffered setbacks in their bid to grab a Champions League position.

Arsenal is currently fourth on the league table, but there are still more games to play and they could still lose that spot.

The former Juventus boss said as quoted by Standard Sport: “It’s right to underline that this target is very, very difficult.

“We are not the only team that wants to try to do this miracle. There’s also Arsenal that in this moment has an advantage, and then there is United.”

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Conte has won titles in England and Italy and has been a manager long enough to know that getting a top-four spot will not be easy.

The Spurs gaffer’s opinion is candid when you consider that we have some tough matches to play before this season ends, including facing his club.

But we are in good shape and we should be confident that we will earn enough points to help us win a spot inside the top four.

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  1. According to Conte’s article in todays Mail, he says he is confident his team will finish in top four.

  2. I don’t care wat Conte thinks….for me Arsenal can make it to finish top 4. The game changer could be the fitness of one Bukayo Saka….that’s my biggest worry!!!

  3. INCORRECT and plainly wrong misuse of our rich English language – as in “miracle” instead of say, tricky or difficult – may well be excusable by non first language English speakers, such as Conte.

    But when it is misused, so often deliberately too, for misleading effect , such as by Ad PAT, I find it inexcusable.

      1. Ad PAT , NO, NOT a “miracle” at all. Just that as a truthful and totally, even ruthlessly honest Gooner on here, you know as well as I DO that many will always agree with my to the point and above all TRUTH SEEKING posts.


        1. You’re wrong. I like the truth, but your problem is that YOUR version of the truth is the only one you allow. You need to be more tolerant of Gooners that don’t follow your doctrine young man….

          1. YOUNG MAN, EH? How old are you then Pat, as you call me “young man”? 85 plus perhaps?!
            More likely around 60 or so I suggest , sonny boy.

            As for truth PAT, YOU TREAT IT WITH DISDAIN, whereas I never have done and never will.

  4. Mates, do not believe Conte for a minute.

    Deep in his heart he sets is target on even that 3rd spot.

    He is merely trying to take the pressure off his team, that’s an old trick tried by many before him.

    Gun Smoke take what he is saying with a grain of salt, its six teams after two spots.

  5. This MIRACLE

    Just pure mind game

    Disappointed it work against Newcastle to a devastating effect

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