Contrary to the rumours, Granit Xhaka is not leaving Arsenal this summer

Arsenal fans could be forgiven for thinking that Granit Xhaka is set to leave Arsenal this summer, with Jose Mourinho’s Roma mooted as a near definite deal.

Headline’s like “Granit Xhaka ‘fee agreed’ with Roma as Arsenal set to boost transfer kitty” (Daily Mirror) and “£100K-A-WEEK ARSENAL STAR HAS TOLD MOURINHO HE’S DEFINITELY LEAVING EMIRATES” (HITC), may have given the impression that the Swiss international was extremely close to a departure from the Emirates.

But according to Xhaka himself, while on international duty with Switzerland, who are preparing to face Wales on Saturday, he has no intention of leaving Arsenal, with two years remaining on his present deal with the club.

‘There are always rumours at the end of the season, that’s for sure,’ Xhaka told RP Online.

‘But I still have a two-year contract in London and I am very happy with my family here.

‘First of all, I’m looking at a successful Euro 2020 with the national team.’

Well, that doesn’t sound like Xhaka has any intention of entering talks with Mourinho or anyone else, especially as his wife Leonita has just given him his second child. In fact I think there is much more of a chance of Xhaka going to a team in Germany, if anywhere, as his wife’s family lives on the Lower Rhine.

As much as Gooners seem to like the idea of Xhaka moving on, I would suggest that there is little chance of that happening this summer….

Sam P

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  1. Chris Wheatley reported he’s agreed a 5 years deal this morning? Fee between 18-20 Million. It won’t be the first time a player would deny a transfer only for them to pack their bags the next and say goodbye.

    I just hope we get a proper and better player than Xhaka not someone who can’t even do what Xhaka does

      1. A click-bait? C’mon GAI. Is that not a real quote from Granit Xhaka?

        Please explain what you think is “click-bait” please?

        1. A contradicting news just came out, shortly after this one. So why post a late and irrelevant news, then post another one that’s contradicting to the previous one, just a few minutes after that

          1. You know I am not the only writer.

            And until the RUMOURS are verified either way, how do you know if I’m the one that is wrong?

            The only FACTS we have so far is my quote from Xhaka himself….

  2. I disagree with the article writer. It has been reliably reported that Xhaka has alreadyagreed to sign for Roma. Even IF this proves to be false reporting, it is clear that MA no longer wants XHAKA and he will still leave this summer in my opinion and I could not be MORE THRILLED at that happening.

    We are now close to at long, long, last getting some pace and mobility in our midfield again, once this immobile tortoise leaves.

      1. Well if he leaves, good luck to him, and good for us too. If he does not leave then let him”honor his contract” like the other PAL did. You know, there are two sides of the contract, the club has to honor………………, blah, blah and more blah.
        Finally, if we are going to get rid of him for 15M and sign Neves for 35M, then better Xhaka stays, we save 20M over a player who is out of favor for a club that finished below us. Seems like Cedric Soares ver 2.0.
        And then try to offload another deadwood next year!

    1. JF
      what have I told you before
      DO NOT compare us tortoises with xhaka
      The day he leaves is the day we come out our shells and start playing decent football

  3. This article should be be taken down just for your sake or are you waiting for Fabrizio Romano to confirm it?😂

  4. Transfer confirmed at 10.15 am today. £15 million up front with add ons to possibly £20 million.

      1. I’ve looked on sky and there as been nothing posted on there as of 13.15 even though Jim whyte works for them .
        Could be true (hope it is )but as of yet nothing .

      2. An obstinate reluctance to accept the news that is plainly happening is not something done by true thinkers and wiser fans, I’d suggest, Admin PAT. Even you son Patrick, aka Gooner Boy, accepts he is leaving but still you refuse to accept it. Odd, ID SAY!

  5. Ruben Neves is better than Xhaka but I don’t want him because he’s not needed. Bissouma is the guy we must sign. When Arsenal had Vieira and Gilberto Silva we didn’t see anyone complain of long balls and their combination was a defensive minded midfield. That duo could still dominate the league today so I see no problem with Partey and Bissouma. The real issue will be with the No. 10

    1. 👍 Spot on, kev! Matheus Pereira as #10 to rotate with ESR, and Joe Willock as back up box to box midfielder and Arsenal already looks a more balanced team.

  6. Xhaka will leave. If not, Arsenal will play the same sideways, backwards football that Roma will now play. Mourinho is going to get a big surprise……slooowwwww football.

    1. That means we will surely get him as he will come on cheap lol!. I am not talking about quality of player but anything cheap or on free can bet your house on that Arsenal will be there waiting in que 😂🤣

  7. The only senior midfielder who should stay is Partey .

    Replace Eleney with bissuoma,
    Sell xhaka and give willock and Guendouze a we have


    Replace odegard with Matheus Pereira. So we have

    Smith Rowe
    Matheus Pereira

    Bring in Mavropanos and Saliba at CB.
    No need to buy CB now.If they don’t performed sell them in January and buy a proper CB.If they perform you have save money.

  8. Admin Pat says one thing, GoonerP says the opposite, talk about having all bases covered so JA can say they were right. What would we do without all the rumours to keep us amused during the close season.

  9. Regardless of what happens in the coming days… XHAKA to Roma is happening!

    Our style need to change to a fast, silky, positive-sexy & entertaining football we’re used to.

    Roll on the transfers with quality & positive minded players.
    Bissouma NEXT!

  10. Just think Partey with Cazorla or Partey with Xhaka!
    We need a mobile technician in there a Verrati type player who can drop his shoulder go past someone and push towards goal.

    I like the names I’m hearing at #8 got a feeling Julian Brandt will come for odegaurd.

    1. Kieron, Matheus Pereira is an EPL proven ACM with 12 goals from 34 games for a poor West Bromwich Albion last season. Julian Brandt has 4 goals from 45 appearances for Borussia Dortmund in the 1920/21 season and is unproven in the EPL.

  11. I hope we buy a quality replacement not just another over the hill player or stop gap. It would be interesting to see how we do next season that might change some ppl views about Xhaka (including mine). The thing is when Partey came he was hailed as the biggest signing in decades in terms of need and a lot of ppl said he was the player we were missing for so many years, the position Wenger neglected…a proper DM. Well it turned out not such a big signing is it? Also does not look like fans and pundits who thought DM is the position because of which we have lagged behind other top clubs was the issue because with him in the team we have actually had our worse season in years. It’s all down to tactics and how you utilise players. Chelsea can give us Kante tomorrow (what a player) and he will struggle as well. All is down to team setup and tactics, till we get that right buying X,Y,Z will only make minor difference to us on field. We got Conte and Zizu available ditch unproven failure called Arteta and sign one of those. We will again miss the boat, have another miserable season then Arteta will leave by then we will be in state of mess again and everyone will be talking about who and how we are going to clear this 2 years of mess left by Arteta and Edu.

    1. Logic, Thomas Partey was not a DM, but a box to box midfielder in the style of Patrick Viera. Arsenal still needs the replacement for Gilberto Silva at DM.
      Not only has Partey taken time to perform to his obvious talent, but changes in partnerships in midfield and injuries haven’t helped. The signing of Yve Bissouma and Arsenal should be very competitive and combative in midfield.
      Then it’s a matter of a #10/ACM to take the pressure off ESR. My choice would be Matheus Pereira, but other people including Edu and Arteta, may have different alternatives.

  12. i say recall the one and only LEO. if you want a good rumour then LEO was the man.i do miss all those lies. maybe he is here under another name, although i could not see him staying quiet about transfers. i really liked the way he told the transfers, brought a bit of a laugh on here.

  13. Do’nt know who this LEO is but Arsenal do seem to attract these types who often seem to have a hot line to the manager or that such and such a player has just bought a house in the Noorth London area. It mostly come to zero unfortunately, May they dream on.

  14. Some Gooners seem upset at Xhaka possibly leaving. Although he has improved recently, He is still too slow and apt to make terrible give-away passes. For a central midfielder he also does not score enough goals. Therefore we need to replace him and the way Joe Willock played for Newcastle then we already have him

  15. I would like to sell Xhaka after the Euros and hope he has a complete blinder of a tournament. So he can push those offers up to nearer £30m. Arteta should only buy if he can improve on this line up.

    Chambers Saliba Gabriel Tierney
    Willock Partey
    Pepe Smith-Rowe Saka

    He should though be able to improve on the back up

    AMN Holding Mari Kolasinac
    Torreira Guendozi
    Nelson Willian Martinelli

    Okonkwo Bellerin Cedric Mavropanos Xhaka Elneny Nketiah Balogun

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