Contrasting reports emerge on Gabriel Magalhaes Arsenal deal

Gabriel Magalhaes transfer could well end up being one of the most long drawn-out moves of the summer, although reports still point towards an Arsenal move.

The Brazilian is confirmed as leaving his current club by Lille boss Gerard Lopez, and is linked most strongly with our club, whilst Napoli and Manchester United are also linked with an interest.

‘The way we work is very simple,’ Lopez told the BBC.

‘We explain to him and his environment, his agent, what we are looking for, and once we get those offers the choice is his, like we did with Nico [Pepe] and Victor [Oshimen].’

‘We are there now, so we told him: ‘Eventually you have to make a decision but we’re not pressing you.’ I think he will make it this week, or next week at the latest. He is leaving, we’ve given the OK for that.’

The Serie A side’s bid is claimed to depend on the future of Kalidou Koulibaly, who they are yet to offload, which is supposedly leaving us in the driving seat, but reports later emerged that Manchester United had come in for his signature.

Despite the late interest, The Times reported are claiming that he has completed a medical in North London with a deal already having been agreed, but the DailyStar claims that no deal has been agreed with the player as of yet, and that we are upping our initial offer to the player in hope of fending off interest from the Red Devils.

While the news sources still insist that Arsenal are in the driving seat, the longer we wait, the more anxious and unlikely the move looks to be. Does it seem like Gabriel is holding out for Napoli or United ahead of our side?


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  1. It could be “ ditch the bitch” he’s playing us.Personal terms agreed with him ,medical passed & fee agreed with what’s the hold up? Smell a rat.

  2. I think so, arsenal don’t hv that pulling power anymore and am sure Man U and Napoli wud present him wit bettterterms including champion league football

    1. So what. Both Naples and man utd offer only champions league. Not champions league trophy. Playing time is important

    2. You are taking the p*ss,if you think arsenal doesn’t have pulling power,though presently we don’t have the allure of champions League football,what we do have is the allure of our history”ask saliba”,the hope of what the future holds,with us keeping our top players e.g auba,and our youngsters coming off age,and getting in players of experience and youthful promise,and a young enterprising coach in the mould of a young pep at barcelona.we are on an an upward curve and these players we are courting can see that.we are still a footballing giant based in only need to see how big our fan base is to know.Am a Nigerian who stays in Nigeria,the arsenal fans here number into the millions,I joke not.the fanbase here is bigger than some countries.

  3. I’d say hes waiting until this week when all the football has stopped after champions League Final.

    Napoli & Utd can offer him UCL which is why I think we may miss out on Gabriel, if he really wanted to join us it would be done and dusted.

    1. Napoli are in the EL next season, they came 7th in Serie A & won their cup so qualified the same way as Arsenal

  4. Well it could just be that 2 days ago people travelling from France to the UK have to go into isolation for 14 days (8 for sporting people) so it could just be that

  5. Agree with Sean.
    Arteta has given him an attre package. Mu might offer slighly better terms but the lureof cl soccer could prove decisive.
    Lets keep our fingers crossed. Anyway
    Mu are overstocked with cd.

  6. We’ll never see easy deals at our club soon for quality players unless for free old or players with injuries 😭😭

  7. If Gabriel isn’t signing he should just let us know, so we could find an alternative, we’re just tired of speculations and rumors

  8. Could someone tell me how he managed to have his medical in London with the 14 or 7 days quarantine in place?

    1. I read that the medical took place in France, Siamous. But tbh I don’t know what to believe anymore 🤪

  9. It’s getting really boring now! Season around the corner and we have offloaded nobody! Aubameyang off on holiday the other day, his contract also becoming a circus! It seems we’re going into the season with more or less the same team.. Liverpool playing pre season today and I don’t even think we are back in training?

    1. You’ll have to watch the women tonight instead, Kev 😉😂 Champions League against PSG… you’ll love it!!

        1. I did indeed, Siamois, was a good read! I shall be tuning in later to watch Miedema pick up where she left off 👍

      1. Haha as exciting as that sounds I think I’ll have a shower when that’s on Sue 😂😂 I’ll watch the other champions League game 😜

          1. All that excitement is too much for one day 😜 did you see Mark Goldbridge actually saying if Chilwell is worth 50 mil then Luke Shaw is worth 100 million and Robertson 200 million, I’m pretty sure he actually thinks Luke Shaw is one of the top left backs in European football! Overweight, injury prone no assists, no goals.. Real Madrid and PSG will be beating United’s door down for his signature 😛

          2. Well that’s why united can’t attract any players Sue who wants to play for a Norwegian PE teacher? 😜 Sweating on 3 teams to win for a beautiful Saturday 🙏😂

  10. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is a snake. Used to be when a player was about to sign, there was a semblance of honour. Solskjaer and United are baying dogs. Shame if the young man’s head is being turned. In reality this shows how weak and limp Solskjaer is, resorting to begging Gabriel not to make a choice yet. My prediction. Solskjaer will get the sack this season. His weak unprincipled attitude will lead to his downfall. United will finish mid table.

    1. I can see that too Sean! Yellow bar on sky sports news Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been sacked by Manchester United 😆 I don’t know why Gabriel is having his head turned, united may have champions League football but they only have it through a generous amount of penalties awarded this season and finished the season with less points than unai Emery gained the season prior to that! Plus most neutrals would rather play under Arteta than a Norwegian PE teacher who was sacked by Cardiff

    2. Man utd and Solkjaer are busy dealing with Maguire, amongst the charges, assaulting a police officer and attempted bribery of a police officer,nice!

      1. Wasn’t he allowed to return home? Nothing will come of it because of who he is, if it was your average Joe he’d be doing a stretch in a Greek prison lol

        1. I think he was,I don’t think he has to appear before the court, I’m guessing that he will be put in a private jet! you’re right had it been a regular joe,we would be talking about a very different situation for sure!

          1. Definitely Siamois 👍 I heard his lawyers only have to attend or something like that! Absolute joke! England and man utd captain flies back home to his Cheshire mansion case over 🥴

  11. YES FINALLY,Gabriel mangalhaes is a GONNER.He signed the 5years contract last night around after 11pm and it was seal,done and dusted but don’t expect Arsenal to announce the capture of our new acquisition immediately but by next week tuesday it would be in the papers.

  12. According to italian journalist Nicolo Schira who follows Gabriel proceedings from italy says the battle has been won by Arsenal.Now our next defensive purchase is Malang sarr.

    1. Are we really going for another CB? I guess then we are offloading quite a few, aren’t we? Any news on the midfield front?

  13. This is a big time move.
    Stiffening the spine of the team is what everyone has been begging for.

    Don’t know if the Partey or Ceballos rumors are true, but if Auba signs and more come in, and AFC finally cuts some driftwood, then dang what a transfer window.

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