Contrasting reports on supposed William Saliba loan deal

William Saliba is believed to be closing in on a loan move to Marseille for the upcoming campaign, with Arsenal supposedly working on a deal to sign Ben White from Brighton.

The defender is currently on international duty with England at Euro 2020, although he is yet to feature at the tournament, and he is largely expected to complete a move to the Emirates once the competition comes to an end.

His prospective arrival appears to have come as a blow to Saliba, as he is now claimed to have decided to go out on another loan move, his third since signing for the club in 2019.

Fabrizio Romano insists that there will be no option to buy included in the move to Marseille however, a deal that the two clubs are said to be in contact over.

L’Equipe(via InsideFutbol) on the other-hand claim that the Ligue 1 side will have a €10 Million option to make the loan move permanent.

I struggle to believe that we would allow such a small fee to be included in Saliba’s deal, with Football.London claiming we paid £27 Million to sign the young French defender in 2019, as I struggle to believe that his value can have decreased by anything close to that amount.


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  1. If that Lequipe report is anything substantial (which I think is not), then Arsenal seriously needs financial consultants and better lawyers and negotiators.
    While I really wanted William Saliba to be given a chance, with multiple reports linking him to a loan move I can only wish him the very best!

  2. It seems like this forum is rejecting my comment simply because I referred to MA as Farteta. Just to test that, I copied and pasted the same comment into another thread and replaced the nickname and sure enough my comment was posted immediately.

    1. Maybe that is warning that Just Arsenal is a forum for intelligent discussion, not childish name calling, eh?
      Leave it in the playground please….

  3. I’d forget that plainly false L’Equipe report if I were you but I am amazed and disappointed to hear that Saliba seems once again to be going on loan. To my mind that makes no sense at all.

    Either it makes no sense or the fact that he was bought for £27 mill three years ago makes no sense Both cannot possibly be right.

  4. Has to be so frustrating for the young man. Followed Arsenal growing up finally get your dream move, and get treated poorly not given a chance.

    Arteta even said he made a mistake not registering Saliba for Europa squad last season.

    So what does Arteta do? Repeats the mistake without ever giving the kid a chance or look.

    Who’s the one not ready here? Arteta thinks he’s fine learning on the job, but not a player.

    Arteta seems to have a real dictatorial approach and an iron fist. Odd considering how poor he’s been at managing; usually it takes a couple years to accrue all the negative records Arteta has achieved this year.

    Yet some would blame Wenger or Emery despite Arteta being in charge for 18 months, 7 new players, and making all player decisions.

    1. 👍Durand, should Arsenal sell William Saliba to Marseille for €10 million, when they paid St Ettienne £27 million, it will be a new low in the incompetent financial and player asset management by this Club.
      This cannot be true!

  5. Wouldn’t surprise me if Saliba was sold for 10m, just another tax saving loss, by KSE holdings. One day people will realise what the owner uses Arsenal Football Club for and will stop moaning about how much the club loses. The owner has no need to make Arsenal FC a profitable part of his empire, because the asset of land in London continues to massively grow, meaning that even though the business posts tax free losses the overall value of the assets continue to rise.

    1. The owner has no input in who is sold or who is bought either.
      He just owns the club, he doesn’t run it.

          1. The point is they are not proving very good at managing the Club in recent years.

  6. I find it hard to accept what is happening to William Saliba. I am sure that even some of you die hard believers in the Arsenal management realise there is something wrong going on. Usually when we see somebody being abused we step in to help. To me there is an injustice going on, as well as it’s costing Arsenal millions of pounds.

  7. Arteta’s reign of chaos continues. First he forgot to complete and return Saliba’s loan forms, then he forgot to register him for Europa: This is how our esteemed manager builds trust and integrity with players. It’s no wonder the players are bolting for the door – even his underwhelming and overcompensated mate, Willian.

    Now he is intent on squandering 50M on White, forgetting the 27M we’ve already spent on Saliba and the 40M plus he himself spent on Gabriel and Mari – two accomplished and talented center backs.

    How to fix your ailing midfield, by Michael Arteta? – blow your limited budget on another center back! (Coming soon to local bookstores).

    1. I’ll grant you that Arteta cocked up with Saliba’s registration – and admitted it, but I’ve not noticed players bolting for the door as you put it. Willian came to Arsenal for the money and was trying his luck with Miami. They won’t pay what he wants so to claim he is bolting for the door because of MA is ludicrous to me. It’s about remuneration or the possibility that Arteta having given Willian loads of chances thinks he was a bad purchase

      Arsenal paid 27 million for a very promising youngster who was immediately loaned back. On his return, Arteta felt he wasn’t yet ready for the first team. Cock up with the Europa but he is still not ready for this season coming apparently, and is going on loan only. No option to buy. That says to me that between them, Arteta and Edu are thinking he is for the future but perhaps needs some more fine tuning. My annoyance is that it’s not an English club that he is going to but this seems to be Saliba’s choice

      1. How long will you remain biased SueP when it comes to Arteta? Did you give emery and wenger this much chance when they were here?

        1. Kstix
          What has bias got to do with it?
          Emery, an established manager, lost me when he lost the dressing room.
          Wenger lost me during his last two years and not before
          Arteta has nowhere to hide if the first couple of months of the season show no improvement. I’m not embarrassed to have supported him. He was the rookie, the newbie to management. Mistakes aplenty but his greatest achievement was bringing discipline back apart from winning the FA Cup which was amazing. No surprise to me that once the disruptive element moved on and could no longer influence the training ground that things improved

          The club chose inexperience and IMO Arteta has done pretty well as such. As I wrote above, it’s Arsenal before Arteta or any other manager come to that

          You said I’m biased but you may just be biased against him. It goes both ways

          1. I still don’t see Sue p where the improvement has come. Things are absolutely no better. In fact truth is they are worse, we have not been in this poor place for years. Players we dont want on big contracts and our best youth being sold off or ignored, just for starters. Not forgetting our league position and out of Europe. I dont see any improvement anywhere.

          2. Well Reggie,
            Those who spend time with stats go on about our improved defence and I consider 8th an improvement on 15th when we were definitely in the do do.

            I maintain that the trouble within the camp that brought the club to its poor position was mitigated by their welcome departure in January. It didn’t go un noticed to me that the remaining players have shown support to Arteta and although the quality on the pitch was missing and you rightly point that out, I hold the view that it was a tall order to bring Arsenal back into contention quickly.

            He has a short window to show that he has learnt from mistakes that were made. He does not have my infinite support, but as the season hasn’t started and departures and arrivals haven’t taken place then I don’t feel that I can honestly judge Arteta until a handful of games into the new season.

            I was quick to dismiss Emery a few games into his second season, and I will do the same to Arteta too if he cannot show improvement.

            Then of course, the sack race starts……

            That said, I am not happy that the club is not where it should be

  8. I am puzzled myself. MA, please give Saliba chance to shine. He has lots of potential and hew has shown it in both loan spell in France. And whats with 50Mio bid for White? Its to much cause our priority should be midfield and striker.

  9. The whole Saliba episode is a sad commentary on the way Arsenal is being run these days! We buy a quality young player for 27m and three years after, he is yet to kick a ball for the team.
    By the time this Marseille loan deal ends next year, the man would be in the penultimate yeaar of his 5-year contract. Then we would be struggling to tie him to a renewed contract which he would resist because of the way he’s been treated.
    He would then be sold of in panic for peanuts; and he would go to another club and become a superstar.

    1. 👍 CM, loaning Saliba without the protection of a contract extension to retain value is sheer lunacy!

  10. Well.. This is the process we are supposed to trust. I Wish Arteta fans can remove their rose tinted glasses and admit when they’re wrong in believing this man is capable of leading arsenal back to where they belong. “Trust the process”, they said.. Yeah right.

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