Contrasting reports regarding Arsenal’s pursuit of Leeds’ Raphinha

Arsenal are being linked with a move to sign Leeds United’s Raphinha this summer, but depending on which sources you believe, the deal could be going either way.

While rumours have been increasing in recent weeks, with Barcelona seemingly losing their grip on his signature following the Yorkshire club’s survival from relegation, and with the asking price seeming to be out of reach of their budget, we appear to be ready to come in with our own bid.

The supposed asking price could well be an issue for us also, while reports in Spain (via claim that we have now pulled out of the race for his signature after striking a deal with Manchester City to sign Gabriel Jesus this summer.

Fabrizio Romano claims that things are going the opposite direction however, claiming that we have now scheduled a sit down with Leeds for next week where we can discuss the terms of a potential deal.

I hope that the latter proves to be true, as I see Raphinha as an exciting addition to our attack, and one who will undoubtedly bring a fear factor to rival defences.

I’d be a little surprised if none of our rivals came in with their own offers, with him seeming likely to move on this summer, but we currently seem to be at the head of the queue.


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  1. What i will say is, we are not one day interested and the next day not. It doesn’t work like that.

    1. We are definitely still interested it is just a waiting game right now. Barca is still Raphinha’s #1 choice but they cannot afford him. Dembele decides his future this week. If he stays, that ends Barca’s pursuit. If Dembele and Frenkie leave, then they might have the funds and will become the favorites for Raphinha. By next week i think things will become much more clear.

  2. this might not be the prototypical off-season, but there’s definitely a weird vibe…it might have something to do with the fact that we were actually engaged in a 4th place race, so there’s more people actually following our TW pursuits, but if you sit back for a second and look at what has really transpired, we’ve got a lot of business left to be done if we’re going to challenge again

    so far we have acquired a backup Keeper, a future prospect, a potential depth piece, who most didn’t even know existed, and seemingly Jesus, yet if you read half of the posts on here you would think we were the one’s who picked up Haaland and Phillips(I specifically mentioned those two as those were our most pressing needs, from a positional standpoint) not to mention, we haven’t totally figured out the Saliba situation or shipped out the myriad of players who aren’t part of our plans

    I guess maybe the plethora of rumours might give some the misguided impression that more significant maneuverings have either occurred or are ongoing

  3. My suggestion is that arsenal should look for an alternative because raphinha choice is Barcelona, you don’t go for a player who doesn’t want to join your club, it’s a waste of time and money, Gabriel Jesus for exam wants to join arsenal despite not in the champions league, those are the player we want, they’re human being if they don’t want to come look for players who really want to join you with his heart,
    Thank you

  4. SPANISH REPORTS ARE NOTORIOUS FOR THEIR LIES! I automatically discount ALL Spanish sources as they talk nonsense virtually all the time.
    A crying shame that JA still reports them, but I disbelieve any Spanish report on sight.

  5. If dembele stays then Barcelona aren’t buying raphinha. Frenkie De jong’s money has where it’s going to already. It’s definitely gonna be used to fund lewandowski transfer as Bayern are requesting at least £55m.
    Which I see dembele staying put and frenkie de jong heading to man united and lewandowski joining Barcelona and raphinha ending up at the emirates stadium ’cause I see our gabriels convincing him in joining with them so chilled guys

  6. Just imagine Martinelli, Gabriel and Raphinha in the Arsenal attack. That’ll definitely make sense.

  7. No doubt Raphinha is a good player, but the price is too high. Arsenal must negotiate with Leeds for some balance in the asking price. Secondly if he has his heart set on Barcelona and even if he comes to Arsenal because Barca cannot afford him, would his mind be at Arsenal. Many things have to be cleared before a transfer. If there are doubts, better invest in another player who is interested in playing for Arsenal or promote the Academy players, atleast they will give it their all for the club.

  8. If he wants to go to Barcelona, let him. Or let Chelsea/Spurs have the problem at that high price. He looks like the next wantaway Auba from what we’re hearing.

    I prefer players who’ve been through the Spanish Flu and become immune. Odegaard has seen that being there isn’t the be-all and end-all of football, for many it’s a career graveyard, sitting on a bench hoping to get some game time and often ending up on the football scrap heap. Ask Bale how he feels it worked out for him while he’s polishing his little tin CL medal – and he’s by no means the worst off player on the Spanish scrap heap.

    If they want a lot of money to warm a bench then that could be a good place, Bale did that in spades, but if they want real football and a challenge, Spain is a place to avoid.

    But we’re talking about kids in their 20s – they’re just like everyone else at that age, most people learn the hard way.

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