Contrasting reports tell me PL return is far from close

Contrasting reports are emerging about the possibility of Arsenal and the Premier League’s possible return, while a number of sources remain adamant that this season will be completed.

Today’s report claimed that PL clubs have agreed on eight stadiums which are to be used to play out the remaining fixtures, which will all be played behind closed doors.

On the flip side, West Ham and Brighton have both voiced concerns over the above. The Seagulls have claimed that playing at a neutral venue could be detrimental to their side, and harm the ‘integrity’ of the campaign.

You can completely understand Brighton’s concerns, especially with home ties remaining against Man City, Man United, Arsenal and Liverpool which could decide the club’s survival.

“Clearly, we must all be prepared to accept some compromises, and we fully appreciate why playing behind closed doors is very likely to be a necessary compromise to play our remaining games while continuing to fully support the government’s efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus,” Brighton chief Paul Barber said.

“But at this critical point in the season playing matches in neutral venues has, in our view, potential to have a material effect on the integrity of the competition.”

Frank Lampard has also voiced his concerns at the current obstacles which present themselves in attempting to restart, including obtaining the test kits to test all these players and staff, as well as not being keen on taking any of these potential kits away from the front lines.

It certainly sounds as if while the clubs are keen to get the go-ahead to get back into action, claiming that there is an agreement to return is somewhat bleak.

Players are also said to be worried about returning to action amidst the pandemic, and one club has apparently told players that they have the option to opt-out of a return to action over health and safety issues, which places a whole cloud over the claims that a return is close.

Are clubs trying to make these decisions without consulting coaches and players? Could there be uproar from the players if the go-ahead is given?


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  1. jon fox says:

    Its a total irrelevance what the PREM LEAGUE thinks, as the government will make the ultimate decision not to allow a contact sport for ages yet. I ACTUALLY DOUBT NEXT SEASON WILL EVEN HAPPEN IN ANY BAR A MUCH SHORTENED FORM, IF THEN.

    As for this season , as I keep having to tell the fantasists on here, it will not be finished this summer. In the non realistic scenario that it DID CONTINUE, THE DAMAGE DONE TO FOOTBALLS FUTURE COULD WELL BE FATAL. So many fans would leave the game for ever with disgust, that it may not survive at all. Strange how only some can see that though!

  2. stevo says:

    One solution I favour is to start next season in February.
    This would allow this season to be completed safely say from Oct – Nov. which is when France for example are looking to reopen facilities.
    This would give countries more time to contain the virus.
    This would also tie in perfectly with the Quatar world cup in Nov Dec 2022. It would also mean that football world wide wold be on one calendar. European clubs would not now lose African or Asian players to their respective confederation tournaments during the European season as is the case now. This ultimately means we avoid the contentious issue of deciding placings for this seasons league. The players will decide not the FA. The French and Dutch leagues can easily reverse their decisions to end their seasons for the sake of fairness.
    So there it is an easy and fair solution is available. let us run with it.

    1. jon fox says:

      stevo , Whatever you, I, or even the Queen of Sheba, may “favour” is of total irrelevance, BECAUSE not one game will restart until this virus is properly and safely under control. THAT MEANS EITHER A VACCINEOR A CURE IS AVAILABLE. There is nothing right now and only vague hopes by informed medical experts for even September. Personally, I DOUBT FOOTBALL WILL BE PLAYED THIS CALEDAR YEAR, unless either of my above caveats apply by then. And finally stevo, is is untrue that “the players will decide” The government will decide, no on else!

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